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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d hate to be this DOJ lawyer…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d hate to be this DOJ lawyer…
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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on This part is interesting…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d hate to be this DOJ lawyer…
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If you don’t like political acts…

… don’t run for office.

There’s nothing I like less than some sanctimonious Republican POLITICIAN like Liz Cheney decrying the decisions and remarks of POLITICIANS for being POLITICAL.

Let’s kill this meme du jour.

Shout out to Rep. Chris Smith from NJ who said constituents have a right to be angry.

Yes, we do. And the longer Republicans act to undermine the government, the better our chances to replace every single one of them in 2020.

So, keep it up MotherF***ers.


29 Responses

  1. If Jake Tapper did not follow up (I didn’t watch the show) and take the motherfucker Mulvaney to task about his propaganda, Tapper is not doing his job. This tweet is less effective if the interviewer in the situation did not already correct and take the mfers to task. Media is the problem.

  2. All this constant stream of news coverage over likeability and profanity is useless and it is lazy journalism. There is so much going on that is wrong and is so one sided (on the Republicans), these lazy journalists don’t know or care how to handle it. Shutdown has faded and has become normal after these last two weeks with coverage over likeability/profanity and 2020 Dem candidates and so on. And now it is the state of emergency that the motherfucker can declare over his absurd demand taking federal workers hostage. Carnival of the motherfuckers who are corrupt, incompetent but at the same time dangerous. The only solution is to remove this motherfucker who is responsible for all these chaos.

  3. Republicans’ only interests are putting as much money as they can in their pockets before the economy completely collapses; getting as many Far Right people on the Supreme Court as they can; and stopping Democrats from voting. so that they can win elections no matter what they do.. They have no interest in their constituents, nor in the country. Everything they say is merely propaganda, to be used as befits them. When Clinton said or did this or that, it was decried by them; when Trump does far worse, they support it. They vote in the Senate for a bill to keep the government open, but when Trump lets Fox News convince him not to sign it, they refuse to put the very same bill on the Senate floor, because it would pass, and then Trump would have to veto it, and there would be a vote on overriding it. This would look bad for him and them ,so they would rather take paychecks away from people. because they do not care about anyone who is not themselves, or rich donors.

    . Apparently McConnell’s new code of Senatorial conduct (after telling us two years ago that a sitting Democratic President should not get to have his Supreme Court nominee even brought to the floor ten months before the election), is that no bill will be brought to a Semate vote which Trump would not sign. This effectively renders the Senate a complete arm of Trump, and no longer an independent body; much like the medieval Parliaments which loved to act important, but would always do exactly what the king told them to do. Republicans do not care about turning Congress into the compliant arm of the Republican executive, and the complete obstuctionists to any Democratic executive. The general media pretense that they are thoughtful legislators, is what allows them to continue this. The only reason that they would ever consider getting rid of Trump, is if they thought it would help theirs and their party’s election chances. I am all for removing every one of them from office. And I am tired of hearing about bipartisanship, because they have no interest in it, they want a one-party perpetual dictatorship.

    • Bravo… 100% agreement

    • Can’t say it any better than that. Just a party full of treasonous dirt bags who are defecating on their supporters and all the rest of us just so they can profit both financially and politically.

  4. Idiot running the country

  5. Good observation and we noticed that same attitude in calling out Republican BS from the Parkland kids.

  6. Watch this video. Making hostages out of federal employees to save face. That is all there is to this.

    • I do believe the good people of Texas voted for both Bush and Trump and just reelected the wonderful Ted Cruz! If they get their land stolen for this wall then so be it. As for the other border states if you voted for Trump then you are getting what you voted for. Californians certainly wouldn’t deserve this fate but there already is border fences and walls there.

      • I saw an electoral map of Texas and some of the border counties appeared blue/purple. The stupid wall will never be built even if he gets the 5B now. This is all a game for the WH squatter and now, he is going to give a primetime speech tomorrow. Some of the agencies are working through shutdown but don’t know for how long they can keep it going like this. Worrying stuff for little people but he buffoon does not care about them.

        • I don’t think he really cares about anything other than his pocketbook. Therefore, I think that he wants the wall so that he can get lots and lots of kickbacks.

          • It would be good for Maddow like serious journalist to put together where all his business money came from and to tie it the profit he is making by being president and allude to what those kickbacks maybe if the wall thing happens. Connect some dots, please. Enough of this corruption. Some of us left our countries because of this and to find it here again is deplorable.

  7. People must pay attention to this.

  8. There is a twitter exchange on Preet Bharara’s TL. A trump supporter saying he does not even live in America and why does he think all this pertains to him. She did not know who Bharara is and she was only going by his name about where he might be. Even after some education, she only acknowledges that ok, he lives in America without any idea who he is. Unbelievable that these people in the minority are given power.

    • I have found that these folks revel in their ignorance. It is a badge of honor to be proud of. I literally had a guy once argue with me about something in Biology after he knew I had just graduated with a masters in the subject. His rationale was that supposedly he had a teacher in high school who once said something different even though he was a long, long way out of high school and that he was so entirely wrong that no legit student of Biology would ever take his points seriously. But that is where we are today. People who have zero knowledge about something just blatantly dismiss facts with no regard for the truth and if you point it out they’ll just curse you, belittle you and tell you to f-off.

  9. Beyond lazy journalism. Incompetence and even corruption of journalistic ethics given what is going on in the country effecting 100s of 1000s of people, shutdown for one.

  10. OMG! This motherfucker is going to burn down the country before we remove him from office.

    • They shouldn’t broadcast it. As Nicolle Wallace essentially pointed out, if a Presidential speech does not contain news, it does not get free network airing. President Clinton had something he wanted to broadcast to the nation once, and the networks would not give him the free airtime. President Obama wanted to address the nation about immigration in 2014, and they would not air it. Both of those surely had more intended information in it, than Trump’s propaganda recital, full of completely incorrect facts. But they’ll air it because they want the ratings, and they are afraid of the right-wing blowback if they don’t. So he’ll get to lie to several million people. Any station which refuses to show it, earns my respect.

      • I did not watch the Trump speech. So I don’t know if it had messages in the middle of it. Probably not. Presidential speeches usually don’t have messages in the middle of it.

        But it probably had messages before the speech and after the speech. That is the way how TV works. And because Trump is popular with some and entertaining to others, the audience would probably be big. And that big audience would probably watch the messages before the speech and after the speech. And because the audience would be big, the TV companies could sell air time for the messages for a lot of money.

        So of course the TV stations were going to carry the Trump speech. Would you leave all that money on the table if you were a TV station?

  11. Can Mueller drop an indictment on the motherfucker tomorrow morning, please? The way this Congress is so feckless, and the media acting like the musicians on the titanic, people ought to be worried and alarmed. This is not a game. trump supporters are chipping away at democracy, rule of law, and the Constitution in this country. Why are people not alarmed?

  12. Why isn’t a Dem lawmaker on every damn fucking TV show saying this. Republican senators are not doing their job!

  13. From The Daily Banter:


    Donald Trump Was Never Vetted Because Hillary Was “Supposed” To Win

    “Why bother investigating a clown who had no chance of winning when you can spend all of your time attacking everyone’s favorite punching bag?” 😡

    • Thanks, IBW. Even though that article told us what we already knew, it is comforting to read it in print. The media has sooo much to answer for.

  14. The wall is just another Trump manufactured FAKE Crisis, Fake Crisis, Fake Crisis. While there are real immigration, security, humane and Constitutional concerns that need remedied participating in this gossipy media tRrump goat rodeo is beyond unproductive.
    Yes I agree, the House needs to communicate what they are accomplishing certainly the good stuff, but not dwell on tRumps delusional dark swampy madness, maybe a daily press briefing focused as they did during the mid terms.
    Sending people to CNN or FOX, is a waste, a distraction, a spokesperson would maybe discuss heath care and then those genius talk show host would respond like Tapper with a bored smirk and his duh but what about, MF, Nancy’s dress color, Hillary’s email, or Warren’s likeability comeback.

  15. House should pass the same bill (without wall funding) that the senate passed before this fake crisis and they should do it before his speech tonight and make the Senate Rs the problem. Highlight who is the problem in Congress before the speech and use that in their rebuttal to trump lies.

  16. Their response be solid and without ambiguity about what trump is all about, corrupt, incompetent and now malevolent shredding the constitution. Simply put very bad for the country and should be removed from office.

  17. Ideally, no one who is not a Trump cultist should watch this speech; the networks obviously do ratings, and they should show a massive drop at that time, and then no pickup after that for any of their later shows. It is obscene that they give him free airtime for what will be a propaganda speech full of lies. But as we all know, they gave him billions of dollars in free campaign advertising in 2016, which led to this nightmare.

    And I agree with Malcom Nance; if he declares a fake state of emergency to divert government funds for his own agenda, there should be impeachment, plus an immediate appeal to the Supreme Court. If allowed, it would mark the end of checks and balances, since a President could simply make up a state of emergency, and then override the entire budget passed by Congress. Does anyone remember how Trump and of course all the Republicans screamed bloody murder about Obama using some Executive Orders? Trump has tried to turn the government into a dictatorship by using Executive Orders far beyond their constitutional history The Republicans have of course gone right along with it. The stacked Supreme Court is poised to create an unconstitutional empire here. If the Democrats win back the White House, they should pass all sorts of Orders, act as if they have taken over the monarchy in the Middle Ages. That possibility might be what stops the Supreme Court from acceding to what Trump wants to do.

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