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      I’ve always felt that the last thing which came out of Pandora’s box, hope, was the worst thing to come out. People wouldn’t put up with the evils of the world so readily if they didn’t feel hope. Most recently, in America, Obama ran on “hope” and did, well, very little to help most people […]
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Pearl clutching and Freshmen

Rashida Tlaib said something she shouldn’t have. No, it wasn’t the mother****** word. It was that the House is going to impeach the president. This is incorrect. The House drafts the articles of impeachment. Then the House has to vote on those articles to “impeach”. The Senate does the actual impeachment trial and conviction and the bar is high. Two thirds of the Senate must vote to convict. The House alone is incapable of throwing Trump out of the White House.

She should apologize for getting that wrong. Also, she should defer to her Speaker who said that there would be no decision on impeachment until after Mueller had reported to Congress. There are good reasons for that. You want there to be a excess of evidence of a serious nature so that it doesn’t look like the frivolous political stunt the Republicans pulled on Clinton. Also, if you’re going to bring down someone powerful for good reason, you want to make sure there’s no resurrection. He’s got to stay down. So Tlaib was rash and thoughtless.

If I were Tlaib, I’d get right on that public apology for freshman hubris and irrational enthusiasm.

Apologize for calling Trump a mother******?

Not on your life. Not to a guy who thinks of Tlaib as a pussy with a score and not much more. Maybe if he apologizes to Africa and Haiti for calling them shithole countries. When he does that, then Tlaib should apologize. Not a moment sooner.

Hey! Someone has compiled a video of Trump’s greatest swearing hits. Let’s watch: