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Rod Rosenstein is leaving

According to ABC News, Rosenstein is expected to leave when the new attorney general is confirmed. That is expected to be Robert Barr. The timeframe is “in the coming weeks”, whatever that means. I’m guessing life with Whitaker is not much fun right now.

Rosenstein was overseeing the Mueller investigation. No idea what happens now. But there have been some interesting things that indicate that the investigation is wrapping up. For instance:

Mueller asked for the grand jury to continue past its expirations date of last week. The grand jury can only be extended another 6 months.

Mueller says he’ll write the report by mid February.

There’s a mysterious foreign company that has been resisting a grand jury subpoena and yesterday Supreme Court Justice John Roberts said it could no longer defy the subpoena and must testify or pay a hefty daily fine.

Yesterday, Paul Manafort’s lawyers forgot to lock their e-document before submitting it to the court and some clever filings watchers were able to peek under the black redaction bars to discover that Manafort had given polling data to Konstantin Kilimnic during his tenure as Trump’s campaign manager in 2016. Manafort says that meeting didn’t take place until after the election, which seems improbable considering the Russians would have less use for it AFTER the election. So, yeah, I agree with Mueller. Manafort probably lied about that. Interesting that the document was unlocked. It’s almost like they wanted it to be discovered. Hmm…

There’s an article in Vanity Fair that reports that Rudy Giuliani says the report will be “horrific”. I’m assuming he means horrific for Trump but he could mean horrific for the rest of us. Who knows. This was followed by someone who knows Giuliani speculating that, “You’re already hearing people speculate Trump could do a deal and resign.”

That would be good. But given that he used his speech last night to raise funds for his re-election, maybe someone might want to clue Trump on what the plan is.

Anyway, it looks like the end is near. I think the revelations are going to rock our world. Whether it will be enough to dislodge Trump remains to be seen.