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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d hate to be this DOJ lawyer…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d hate to be this DOJ lawyer…
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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on This part is interesting…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d hate to be this DOJ lawyer…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d hate to be this DOJ lawyer…
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Pearl clutching and Freshmen

Rashida Tlaib said something she shouldn’t have. No, it wasn’t the mother****** word. It was that the House is going to impeach the president. This is incorrect. The House drafts the articles of impeachment. Then the House has to vote on those articles to “impeach”. The Senate does the actual impeachment trial and conviction and the bar is high. Two thirds of the Senate must vote to convict. The House alone is incapable of throwing Trump out of the White House.

She should apologize for getting that wrong. Also, she should defer to her Speaker who said that there would be no decision on impeachment until after Mueller had reported to Congress. There are good reasons for that. You want there to be a excess of evidence of a serious nature so that it doesn’t look like the frivolous political stunt the Republicans pulled on Clinton. Also, if you’re going to bring down someone powerful for good reason, you want to make sure there’s no resurrection. He’s got to stay down. So Tlaib was rash and thoughtless.

If I were Tlaib, I’d get right on that public apology for freshman hubris and irrational enthusiasm.

Apologize for calling Trump a mother******?

Not on your life. Not to a guy who thinks of Tlaib as a pussy with a score and not much more. Maybe if he apologizes to Africa and Haiti for calling them shithole countries. When he does that, then Tlaib should apologize. Not a moment sooner.

Hey! Someone has compiled a video of Trump’s greatest swearing hits. Let’s watch:


36 Responses

  1. It would be rather amusing in more sanguine times, to see how the media inevitably focuses on junior high school things. Somebody said a bad word, someone made a remark which might offend someone who is looking to be offended. The morsel of the day; easy to understand and react to. BTW, what happened to the caravan which was covered every hour for about a month before the election?

    I wasn’t even aware of this Talb story. Of course, the problem isn’t the inelegant use of language, but the obvious efforts to use it against Democrats; i.e, they are all a bunch of bad people. That is the point of all such stories; the right wing is expert at finding some comment a Democrat makes, and then running it all over the airwaves. Why would I care if Warren said she had some Native American ancestry? Or that O’Rourke once had a DUI? The goal is to encapsulate every Democrat in this manner, and thus dispose of them. The Left does it, too, “Hillary made a speech to Wall Street!” So? “She said ‘superpredators!'” She wasn’t talking about Black people, she never would in that fashion. How does this differ from my remembrances of junior high? As to Talb, I think that language is not helpful. But there are far more important things to deal with. As to impeachment, it is grimly amusing that most of the media were so fascinated by the idea of having President Clinton’s consensual affair tried on national TV, they didn’t focus on the fact that Republicans and their lackey Starr had been trying for five years to find something to impeach Clinton on, and finally hit on the affair, which of course had absolutely zero to do with the chimera of Whitewater. As always, Republicans were not concerned with how ludicrous it was to try to remove a President for having an affair and lying about it. They just wanted the spectacle to humiliate him. Democrats are far more cautious.

  2. “Then the House has to vote on those articles to “impeach”.”

    Right so far.

    “The Senate does the actual impeachment trial and conviction and the bar is high”

    Yes, but at the point it goes to the Senate, the President has already been “impeached”, he just hasn’t been *convicted*. Both Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were impeached. Neither was convicted.

    The relevant sentences from Article I are:

    “The House of Representatives shall choose their speaker and other officers; and shall have the sole power of impeachment.”


    “The Senate shall have the sole power to try all impeachments. When sitting for that purpose, they shall be on oath or affirmation. When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside: And no person shall be convicted without the concurrence of two thirds of the members present.”

    Or, as the font of all wisdom (Wikipedia) puts it:

    “Impeachment in the United States is the process by which the lower house of a legislature brings charges against a civil officer of government for crimes alleged to have been committed, analogous to the bringing of an indictment by a grand jury. ”

    The House can certainly “impeach the motherf***er” so I don’t have any issues with her comment whatsoever – save that there’s no evidence that Trump and his mother ever had that sort of relationship. His daughter, maybe, but not his mother. I think it would be unwise to do so, absent enough evidence to persuade a large number of Senate Republicans to vote for conviction.

  3. No pearl clutching here. I want that McConnel motherfucker to choke on a pretzel. Why do these people survive and live well when they bring so much ugliness and harm to so many people?

    • This shutdown thing is getting to me! This is not how it should be. Further weakening of America and all for what? One incompetent motherfucker’s (who is by all measures a puppet of a foreign adversary) vanity and ego?

      • pm317,

        These m’fers live well and have no shame nor hesitation in causing harm to others who have done NOTHING to deserve it because they have been in power way too long. The slowly deteriorating boy’s club in both the senate and the house has been their fiefdom and not in representing the best interest of the people. The overwhelming cognitive dissonance that must take place daily in the republican party is why they continue to stay in lock step with the head m’fer himself and it will be up to the people to continue to protest, have town halls, march in the streets until we rid our country of these poor excuses for human beings.

        I hope you get a chance to watch Joy Reid interview Speaker Pelosi tonight. She was asked about the Tlaib expletive and she handled it beautifully. She did not stab Representative Tlaib in the back but had her back. Pelosi also reminded everyone that what trump said about Senator McCain was far, far worse. What she said that I liked best about the situation was that “women needed to have each other’s backs!”

        • Yep, I watched Pelosi’s interview and she did handle that well. We should start calling all these evil men, Motherfucker trump, Motherfucker McConnell, … they don’t deserve any respect whatsoever because of their own behavior and the harm they are causing to 100s of 1000s of people.

  4. Agree with this.

  5. HR1 is a great bill, but it will never become law. This is very frustrating, but it is the political reality. The only value is that maybe, if the media actually keeps covering this, more people will realize that the Democrats are for things which help more than they very rich. But the way that this country has been set up electorally, the small Red States have immense obstruction power. What we desperately need is to win the Presidency, and then somehow flip at least three Senate seats. If Republicans hold either house of Congress, or the Presidency, nothing positive will ever get done. I am not even sure if all the new Democratic members of the House, in their eagerness and determination, understand how the system is so stacked against them that McConnell will not even bring their passed bills to the Senate floor. He’s not even bringing the funding bill, because it would pass, and embarrass Trump.

    We’ll never change the electoral system, and the very Red small states give Republicans a consistent inherent advantage. Somehow a way must be found to marginalize these Red states, so that their voters will get tired of voting for Republicans. It may sound harsh, but the Democrats in the House and hopefully one soon in the Presidency, must simply starve out the Red states; not literally, not so they have no sustenance, but so that their disproportionate small state power is diluted, because nothing will ever pass that benefits them, until they elect Democrats to the Senate.

  6. Whys is not the media repeating this? and why are they not reminding that trump had two years to do get his damn wall and didn’t which makes this shutdown a ransom holding everyday Americans as hostage. Media, do your fucking job!

  7. These people are incompetent motherfuckers.

  8. What an ignorant buffoon, really! How did the mighty USA, super smart, super literate, super wealthy get into this shape? 2016 was like jumping off a cliff and there are people who still don’t understand what is happening. This guy is a disaster.

    • This article also references, as have several others I’ve seen, Trump’s attempt to characterize the shut down as as “strike.” Whatever shreds of support he may have had from unions will go up in smoke, seeing as federal employees are heavily represented by collective bargaining units. Institutional labor will not take kindly to that descriptor.

  9. One man has caused so much misery with his buffoonery and incompetence, a rich entitled baby who wants his toy “wall” and throwing a tantrum without care. Republicans in the senate have to pay a price for it. Why are they not? Why is not the media blaring this?
    Senate signed a bill before the baby started the tantrum and Pelosi has got the same bill passed now. Why is not McConnell doing something? Why are the Rs not feeling the heat?

  10. Where are the articles of guys/gals affected by this government shutdown? They could write plenty, right? Just show all the garbage piling up in front of the Capitol. Talk to a TSA employee or a furloughed Air Traffic Controller or a National Park service ranger…. Where are those damn articles?

  11. With media motherfuckers like Jonathan Chait, we lose again. In 2016 people (including me) thought trump was easy to beat and what a disaster it has been. For 2020, no, no, no! It is better to run against another sane R (if there are any) than to run against this known evil motherfucker. Let us get him to resign and walk away if not put in jail. We have seen enough.

    • pm317,

      Always remember that trump did not WIN the election, the Russians stole it for him! If he had won fair and square, I would really be worried about the country, but his so-called “win” was the 70,000 electoral votes spread over 3 states. Based on how easily voting systems can be manipulated to change the vote without detection, I would bet the Russians did more than hack the DNC and Panetta’s e-mail! They hacked the voting machines.

      • I agree but we can’t have him run again in 2020 and take the same chance for another steal.

        • I agree and am counting on Mueller to do his job and the leaders of the House to act accordingly. We can only hope that the report will be so damaging to trump that even the republicans can no longer participate in the farce that he is the legitimate president and deserves their loyalty.

          • If Mueller has something sufficiently damning, I would hope Trump would take a Nixonesque deal and either resign or decline to run in 2020 in exchange for a pardon.

  12. Feces, waste overflowing on our country… Metaphor for Trump’s Presidency.

  13. Be nice if Democrat’s could stop stepping all over their tits too.

  14. So true. Ignoring areas/functions of agencies or putting incompetent and corrupt people in various agencies of the government hurts the little people more instead of helping them and not to mention getting hard earned money from those same people in the form of taxes. To sustain a healthy democracy we need robust and expansive middle class.

  15. CORRUPT Motherfucker in the WH corrupting agencies.

  16. Mark my words. When the motherfucker in the WH realizes that it is like paid vacation if the federal workers get back pay during this shutdown, he will do everything to not pay them back pay. Cruelty is the word. Then he will crow, he saved money from the shutdown.

  17. This would be possible if Motherfucker McConnell was not such a motherfucking cockroach.

    • A veto-proof majority in the Senate happens to be the same supermajority that’s required to convict in an impeachment trial. Why stop at a temporary solution if you have the means to implement a permanent one?

      I think the Republicans are too badly fractured and too afraid of their own base to be able to take any responsible action.

      • This will keep the corrupt motherfucker grifting and irrelevant and no stain on the party because of impeachment. A stop gap measure but like you say, Rs are not thinking about the country but their party survival.

  18. This is not a fucking game. Why do we even have to go with this faulty premise? Articles should be written about gender neutral strategies to win elections, not perpetrate and perpetuate the same stereotypes.

  19. trump will go … he won’t ever know what he has done to this country. He won’t ever feel the shame and he will delude himself. But people who worked with him, especially young will have their whole life ahead of them. They won’t be lucky because people will not forget how these people enabled this evil and incompetent motherfucker.

    • Thank the Ascended Madoka that he IS incompetent. If he were as smart as his master Vladimir… 😮

      • True but if he ever was that blatantly competent at evil, there would have been a quicker resolution. USA is not Russia. Right now he is a bumbling idiot and people are assuming he will go in two years and no drastic measures have to be taken.

  20. Off topic: I think we all know someone who deserves this special gift: 😈


  21. Well, what do you know! But he is another cockroach.

    • “Wall” was never meant to be a wall. The 70+ year old stupid motherfucker does not know it.

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