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      I haven’t written about this because others have been dealing with it well and pandemics aren’t something I know a great deal about. It does look, now, like the Coronavirus stands a good chance of turning into a pandemic, and I think we should discuss preparation a bit. Our world produces most goods in a […]
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Rep. Ryan Rips Republicans

Here’s what Trump has to look forward to today: Losing, weakness, humiliation.

There’s no support for the border wall in the Senate. Trump either has to sign the CR to keep government open or he doesn’t sign it and it closes and the markets tumble even more.

The sensible thing would be to sign it. But the minute he does that, his hard core base of right wing crazies will accuse him of weakness. Right now, those crazies are the only ones keeping him in office. Once he loses them because he can no longer deliver and placate them, and Republicans are no longer afraid of them, Trump will be in serious trouble. Pelosi will have beaten him. He will be beaten –by a girl. An old, unfuckable girl. One who has a lot of power right now but a girl nonetheless. She’s not even Speaker of the House yet, the Republicans are still in charge of everything, and she beat him. She set him up last week and he took the bait.

And no one is chanting “Lock her up!” about Pelosi.

How does that look on Trump? Yep, he looks like the big orange limp dick that he is. Not only that but our global allies are pissed off at him, the market is collapsing and his defense secretary ripped him a new one in his resignation letter.

So, he’s boxed into a corner he didn’t even see coming because he thought he could make himself look big and scary and the Democrats would quake in fear when in actuality, the election of so many determined and resolute women has stiffened their spines. The bill goes to the Senate where it’s going to go down because Republicans haven’t got their own shit together to fund this stupid border wall. They’re waiting on Democrats to do the dirty work for them. But Republicans own the place right now. If it doesn’t get done, either because they don’t want it themselves or they failed to negotiate with Democrats in good faith, it’s all on them.

But why should Democrats help Republicans after 2 years of Republican swirlies when a.) they think the border wall is a stupid, ineffective idea that’s bound to line Trump’s pockets in some way and b.) this is a perfect opportunity to crack Trump wide open and expose him to his base as the tiny, weak, ineffectual infant that he really is who is throwing a tantrum and threatening to take the whole world down with him.

Let’s not forget that there’s something seriously wrong with his administration that was present from its inception. Its legitimacy is increasingly being questioned. A federal judge has used the “T” word this week. He’s seen what’s underneath all that redaction in the documents. We don’t know what it is yet but it sure sounds serious. That right there would get any other president escorted off the premises in normal times. No legislative branch would tolerate it. And we’re not even talking about how the TREASURY department was infiltrated by Russians through a Gmail account in 2016. That hardly got a mention yesterday and it should have alarmed everyone. What were the Russians looking for in our tax returns and finance information in 2016? Who did they succeed at compromising?

We don’t live in normal times. Before today is over, we may see the justice department decimated by a lackey and a new, even more infamous Friday night massacre. But the damage to Trump is done.

He will release his sound and fury and the walls will come a-tumbling down.


This one’s for all of us who’ve been holding on and not accepting the “new normal”. Hold hands, look both ways before crossing, take care of each other.

27 Responses

  1. I loathe the media people. Their narrative that he ran on these things like leaving Syria, Afghanistan, tariffs, NATO, … he is doing it. But what is their impact? Further weakening of America and each is a stupid idea. People who voted for him think the wall is a stupid idea and he didn’t really mean it. If the media could not alert people then, what are they waiting for now knowing that each of these ideas are a gift to Russia and China and certainly not in the interests of America. And, big and, how did this man who never reads anything and does not consult with people in the know come up with these during the campaign and now implementing them. If they are legit ideas, why has he not been able to communicate to other people in his administration instead of doing these stealthily via twitter? He is a puppet, Pootie’s puppet. We think of collusion as some Moscow project for election interfering. But there is more and he got/gets more ‘instructions’ to do stuff from Pootie during the campaign and now. That Chinese guy is instructing him too. So, media people don’t motherfucking simplify this whole situation to campaign promises.

    And the way the RW crazies are going about the Wall, there is something else nefarious going on here. Any reporter out there who can crack it?

    • See what I mean?! These were not campaign promises, these were instructions to him during the campaign.

    • We need to go a step further and ask why he does that instead of concluding ‘so weak.’

  2. Wow, looks like Erdogan threatened trump and trump slunk away. Kurds are the good guys here, the underdogs whom US typically would protect and Kurds are also the ones catching ISIS fighters.

  3. Dems: we campaigned that the wall is a stupid idea and won. We are keeping our campaign promise.

  4. oh my! He will get a good thrashing from the authoritarian wannabee, no?

  5. Whose side is trump on?

  6. And yet, YOU hoisted on the Democrats a fucking loser like Bernie Sanders to muddy the choice. You are responsible too. Own it, apologize and reform.

    • Pm, please tell me you responded to Chris Hayes’ tweet! He deserves to be called out.

      • I don’t have a twitter account, 😦 but saw others like ”Hillary Warned Us” calling him out.

  7. People are having a lot of fun with his stupid steel slats aka the wall.

  8. I hope he is right. But notice this Donnie Deutsch guy didn’t say much of this while the campaign was on in 2016.

  9. Bob Corker is now pissed and revealing things. But I am sure he can do a lot more damage to trump if he wants to but he won’t.

  10. Republican Base and their Orange Ogre appear as the pathetic, desperate and impotent people they are, again scraping their very narrow shallow barrel of things or groups they can actually unfairly screw all by themselves in yet another feeble cycle of delusional revenge ginned up to make themselves feel great again.
    How narrow and shallow you ask our military dead are players in this latest farce.

  11. Do you ever wonder what more you could have done to help Hillary instead of deliberately hurting her in 2016, or to sound a legitimate alarm about trump then while you look in the mirror?

    • I detest Barnicle.. and Mika and Joe. They did NOTHING to stop trump and defend Hillary. I still remember the stupefied looks on their faces when they asked the buffoon who he would talk to on on foreign affairs issues since he did not have expertise in that area. HIs answer: I think I will talk to myself first because I am smart and I know things. Seriously, it was that moronic and they did NOT challenge him or even laugh out loud. I kept thinking, if Hillary had said anything remotely that insane, they would have ripped her to pieces and ridiculed her for months. I spit on Barnicle.

  12. Ah, she warned us again and again. This was in March 2016!

  13. Wow, Pootie is trying to systematically purge US presence and influence around the world. trump’s decision to withdraw from Syria made me think about how the US sits in these different places as gatekeepers, keeping away more rogue and authoritarian regimes from invading, pillaging, and killing. A Turkish general was heard saying that they will go in and put all Kurds in a ditch. That is the kind of thing that the US presence in Syria prevents. But where it gets weak for the US is that the American policies are not consistent and trump is making it worse by just pushing us into isolation and leaving the bare open fields to authoritarian regimes.

    • huh, hear it from the experts…

  14. I don’t like saying this. But the current Rs in Congress will never abandon trump in these two years. They are eyeing that sixth seat in the SCOTUS (though Roberts is siding with the 4 for now). They are like the evil spider in the Butterflies game on my phone which positions itself to devour the butterfly.

  15. I have a family member (through marriage) who voted for trump citing ISIS. Now what?!

    • Rukmini!

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