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    jmac on Impeachment Hearings Day …
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    William on Impeachment Hearings Day …
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    • It’s Not OK To Think Everything Is OK Or Getting Better and Better
      I’ve discussed the better than ever world argument before. I find it questionable, for a number of reasons and if that interests you read the linked article and the articles it links to. What I’ve been watching is WHO likes and buys the argument. They fall into two groups: the first are techies; the second […]
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If we’re all still here in the morning…

… the place is going to be different. This is the strangest and most disturbing day in American History that I can remember. Nixon’s resignation seemed orderly in comparison. I was too young to remember much of JFK’s assassination but I’ve seen the footage and it looked like Jackie kept us all together.

This time? Well, we can’t trust anyone in the Republican Party to do the right thing and the First Lady is a Slovenian Cruella De Ville wannabe who wears “I really don’t care” jackets to survey the places where we stash the little Honduran kids who’ve been separated from their parents. She’s probably still pissed off at the way we made fun of her Christmas trees.

Well, what should be done, people? This sounds like the perfect scenario for invoking the 25th amendment, now that our Jaime Lannister is leaving. Trump seems determined to take us all down with him. Someone should stop him.

Addendum: Any guesses as to whether Bob Mueller and Rod Rosenstein survive this putsch?


Yes! I have been waiting for the magic formula of an all female podcast that I am compelled to listen to. The ideal podcast would let a group of intelligent, insightful, articulate women with a good sense of humor talk about current events without making me think of The View or Coffee Talk or some pink version of the news mixed with how you can make grilled cheese sandwiches with an iron in your hotel room for your picky eating kids on your next trip to DisneyWorld.

You know, unlike the kind of male dominated podcast run primarily by DC aristocrats, cultivated young opinion pundits of the future, or Obama bros, that feature a single female whose expertise is drowned out by dudes with whiny voices crackling with extreme cases of vocal fry.

And I think Virginia Heffernan at Trumpcast might have put together the perfect cast. It had to be Heffernan. She has a light hearted snarkiness, combined with a deft interviewing technique, that gives the podcast character but also momentum and focus. Sorry, MuellerSheWrote, I know you’ve got loyal fans but the structure of your podcast is meandering and leaves me feeling like I have ADD. I just let the episode play itself out like I’m listening to an Audible book that had great reviews but was read by a cast of distracting narrators. Nice try but no thank you.

This latest episode of Trumpcast titled A Foxhole in the Cyberwar features author Karen Schwartz and cyberwar expert Molly McKew. This episode was riveting. It’s like the three of them are working on a jigsaw puzzle, contributing pieces that the others were missing, to give the listener a picture of an America run by a cabal of criminal oligarchs. There may not be a single smocking gun. What we may be looking at is not so much a conspiracy as a lifestyle as experienced by jet setters who do not respect international boundaries any more than a “caravan” of Central American immigrants. They think there is no law that they can’t subvert. Our justice system is being put to the test to see if they’re right.

Check it out and tell me you don’t think they’re as good or better than Pod Save America or The Weeds or Political Gabfest. I dares ya’. I’ve been searching for a podcast that I’d actually be tempted to fund. There are so many out there that want a subscription but I can’t pay for every deserving podcast (sorry Preet). I’ve got other bills to pay. If I’m going to pay for a podcast, I want one that I’ve never heard before. I want to give money to one that would otherwise be drowned out by an ocean of already comfortably appointed and heavily promoted guys.

Run with it, Virginia.


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