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      Stumbled across this lovely chart the other day. The core fact most people, including the folks in the “best every world” Panglossian movement (like Pinker) don’t seem to understand, is that even if they were right (questionable), the prosperity we have is based on burning down our house. “Sure is hot! Hottest it’s every been!” […]
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There are 17 investigations going on involving Donald Trump.


I’m assuming most of you have read the WaPo story about how the Russians manipulated social media. But I think large news media might have overlooked where they themselves were manipulated. Specifically in the comments sections of the articles they ran on the candidates in 2016. I’m convinced that those sections were swarmed regularly by Russian or Republican infiltrators. The narrative in the comments sections could be shaped within minutes, the swarmers liking and promoting that narrative, leaving readers thinking that they were outliers in their support of Clinton.

People don’t like feeling like they don’t belong. It makes them uncomfortable. It even happens to me. Oh heck yeah. I read those sections and started to think I had BO and bad breath and was an ugly old post menopausal unfuckable who couldn’t string two thoughts together in any rational manner. Not true, BTW, but so what if I am? Am I not a citizen with a vote, entitled to representation?

I mean, there we were, characterized by the NYTimes and it’s readers as unenthusiastic supporters who could barely gather the energy to shake our Geritol bottles at Hillary’s rallies.

Then I realized that that’s exactly what the swarmers have in mind. If they can make you feel bad about yourself, you project that onto your candidate and start to question your fealty. It’s not so much to get you to vote for the stale orange marshmallow peanut as to make you feel embarrassed to align yourself with the good guy.

It worked brilliantly. Being an outcast, an irrelevant outcast, is too painful for many people. They don’t want to broadcast their support.

It just made me dig in.

Anyway, he’s a crook. It was clear from the beginning that he doesn’t even see his supporters as human beings. He’s spent his life doing what he wanted, taking what he wanted, and getting away with it.

But Mueller has checkmated him. He’s spun out investigations to the southern district of New York, northern Virginia and DC. The New York AG is pursuing an investigation into his charity and business practices. Maryland is doing emoluments. There won’t be anywhere for him to hide. No amount of money will make it go away. His whole underwear drawer is about to be sorted through publicly.


He’s not getting away with it this time.


I disagree with Rudy Giuliani that no one was robbed by the illegal payments to Daniels and McDougal that were intended to prevent Trump’s affairs from coming out days before the election.

We all were robbed of competence in government. We were robbed of our reputation, standing and influence in the world. Even the Trumpers were robbed. If they don’t know it yet, they soon will.


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