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What nobody asked so far

Let’s just say for the sake of argument that Vlad the Puppeteer really hadn’t hacked the election. It’s all a complete misunderstanding. They were only Russian business men or some such folderol. 🙄

First, we know for absolutely sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that *someone* broke into the DNC’s servers in 2016 and stole emails that conveeeeeeniently got released at the best possible time to help Trump.

We also know that an overwhelming amount of false information was planted by Cambridge Analytica on Twitter and Facebook and any other social media platform you care to use. Plus, there were the notorious trolls.

That much we know.

And we also know that the election registration systems in 39 states were hacked.

But for the sake of argument, let’s assume that Russia had absolutely NOTHING to do with it.

Work with me here.

Even if it’s the case that Russia had nothing to do with it, isn’t it the responsibility of the Trump Administration and the Republican Congress to allocate funds and personnel to prevent future hacking from whatever country did it in the first place?

I mean, it could have been an attack by the Mongolians in Ulan Bator. Does it matter? Don’t we want it to not happen again?

But instead of saying “I Donald Trump, POTUS, will make sure it never happens again regardless of the disgraceful attack on our election system by the horseriding throat singers of the steppes, or any other ne’erdowells”, he absolved Vladimir Putin from any culpability.

Putin. The guy who murders journalists, poisons defectors on foreign soil and regularly takes a cut of ever oligarch’s wealth.

Putin who wins all of his elections by disqualifying his strongest opponents from running.

Putin who had Pussy Riot jailed for blasphemy.

THAT guy, he’s the one Trump let off the hook.

But ok, maybe he didn’t do anything.

Someone clearly did. Why wouldn’t Trump be all over that?

Unless he thinks that he can do it again and make sure Republicans win again bigly in the fall with the help of someone.

And then there is the ultimate question:

Would President Hillary Clinton have screwed our allies like Trump has and then given Putin absolution to a global audience?

Hell, no. She would have been impeached before AF1 touched down on American soil. They would have had her head.

Remarkably, Trump is still very sensitive about his “win” in 2016. As if repeated his alternative narrative somehow makes it so.

It sounds so much like some defense mechanism. What if he really didn’t win fair and square? Could his behavior be weirder?

29 Responses

  1. One thing you didn’t see today: You didn’t see Trump whisper to Putin that he will have more flexibility after he is reelected.

    • That’s weak sauce, even from Niles.

      We have, however, seen Cheeto Benito cuddling up to foreign dictators, especially the one in charge of our greatest foe-nation of not long ago, while alienating our NATO allies.

      Meanwhile, back home, Cheeto Benito insults and outrages everyone outside of his cult base, fomenting domestic turmoil, hampering our ability to influence the larger world.

      Holy Ascended Madoka, he has even fed US intelligence to his master Putin:

      Shortly before Trump’s inauguration, according to Israeli journalist Ronen Bergman, Israeli intelligence officials gathered at CIA headquarters, where they were told something astonishing: Russia, the agency believed, had “leverages of pressure” over the incoming president. Therefore, the agency advised the Israelis to consider the possibility that Trump might pass their secrets on to Russia. The Israelis dismissed the warning as outlandish. Who could believe that the world’s most powerful country was about to hand its presidency to a Russian dupe? That the United States government had, essentially, fallen?

      A few months later, Trump invited Russian diplomats into the Oval Office. He boasted to them that he had fired “nut job” James Comey. “I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off.” At the same meeting, Trump passed on to the Russians a highly sensitive intelligence secret Israel had captured from a valuable source inside ISIS. It was the precise danger Israel had been cautioned about.

      Quote source: http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2018/07/trump-putin-russia-collusion.html

      • Oh, for Madoka’s sake, what has twisted Spammy’s knickers NOW? 🙄

      • From the New York Magazine linked above

        the collusion between the two men metastasizing from a dark accusation into an open alliance, it would be dangerous not to consider the possibility that the summit is less a negotiation between two heads of state than a meeting between a Russian-intelligence asset and his handler.

        That’s what took place today in the so-call summit…

        • Personally, I think it’s much less spooky than that. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still dangerous and unforgiveable.
          No, I don’t think Trump is an asset. I think Trump wants to be king of the world. He wants the ultimate in power, wealth and esteem. The part of the press conference that is not getting attention is the deal they are making on Russian oil. They made a deal for some unholy fossil fuel pact of death. They’re going to get filthy rich and the Baltic countries, Any country around the Caspian Sea and any country bordering Russia with a sea port will now have to make a deal with Putin and Trump. Putin will be the bad cop and Trump will play good cop.
          It’s not about shame. He has none. There’s no amount of Kompromat that’s Trump cares about. I would stop looking for it if I were the media.
          This is The Art of the Deal writ large. They’re greedy fucks and there’s nothing Trump won’t do to get what he wants.
          When it comes to hypotheses, you gotta keep it simple. There’s no other motivation here. Putin recognized a partner early on and made him an offer. He accepted. This is the result.

          • I think you’re right. And whatever happened to Rosneft? Is trump getting a piece of that? Pootie can’t believe his luck. The only kink is trump could have done this deal just the same without enraging the intelligence community here in the US and tried to (faux) slap pootie (“I will be tough on you but don’t mind me, wink, wink). Why isn’t he doing that?

          • I think it’s because of the emoluments clause. He’s not supposed to be twisting diplomatic relations in order to gain financially. I’m sure he knows exactly what the intelligence agencies have on him but he doesn’t GAF. Russia might not be uber wealthy but its a formidable adversary. That’s the first reason.
            The second is he knows his base. They’ll stick with him until the bitter end as long as they feel he’s the big strong leader who is going to keep them safe. And responsible daddies will tell you when you’ve been bad. If daddy says to play nice with the Russians because it’s the best way to keep from getting nuked, they will. They’ll see this as proof of Trump’s mad negotiating ability to solve the world’s problems. They’ll give up everything and obey every rule to validate their belief in the big strong daddy who only wants to make peace.
            Some people are into living like cows in a pasture. I’ve never understood that but we’ve seen the Altemeyer studies. They are natural followers and will do anything to save themselves. The ends justify the means.

    • “puppet, you are the puppet!”

  2. I have seen zero proof that the Russian state did anything with the US elections. If there were proof, it would have been plastered everywhere, all over the media. Hence there is no proof, and it never happened. QED.

    • And General Steiner will save the day any minute now, right, Blizzy?

    • Would the proof have been plastered everywhere if the wealthy media owners want all damaging information about Republicans suppressed because they fear Democrats, if given majority power, would raise the taxes of wealthy people, including media owners?

      The McDucks would rather lick Putin’s taint than pay higher taxes, just like Niles, Blizzy, and their ilk would rather lick Putin’s taint than accept equality with women and non-white men.

      For some reason, both McDucks and cr@wd@ds find it less humiliating to lick Putin’s taint.

    • The intelligence agencies say they have proof that SOMEBODY interfered in 2016. Maybe it’s Russians, maybe it’s not.
      Why not tighten up security against all possible bad actors?
      Wouldn’t you expect that from a president? That he would make sure it wouldn’t happen from any source whatsoever?
      Or do you prefer that anyone could mess with your head and erase your voter registration? Or change your vote? (That’s the next shoe to drop)

      I mean, it’s ok with me if Republican votes don’t count in 2018. The Russians might want Republicans to win but the Mongolians might want the Democrats to win. Personally? I’m siding with the Mongolians. They can flip as many Republican votes as they want. It’s going to be easy because Trump just admitted on a world stage that he doesn’t plan to do fuck all about how easy it is to manipulate the vote.

      Or did you miss that part?

    • These fuckers appear whenever the orange jesus is in trouble. So predictable. Just fuck off!

  3. Spammy is being this again:

  4. https://www.wonkette.com/gop-furrows-brow-at-finland-fuckery-returns-to-screwing-the-country-posthaste

    And now for some very serious TUT TUTTING! It’s time again for Republicans to make sad words about President Treason McTraitorpants selling out the country. This time they are seriously concerned, nay even deeply troubled, that Donald Trump would stand next to Vladimir Putin and pretend the Russians didn’t hack the 2016 election. These patriotic Republicans are shocked, SHOCKED! Well, not, like, upset enough to do anything about it — not with a fascist carpooler to jam into the Supreme Court. But they’ve got tweets, so it’s all good!

  5. It is beyond amazing that there are still people out there who cannot connect two dots of this, much less all of them which clearly point to the obvious conclusion. It is either a sad testament to tribalism from brainwashed Republicans, or a cognitive dissonance which forbids people’s psyches from accepting the fact that they were deluded, duped, and used by evil people.

    Even Inspector Clouseau could figure this out. The ultimate irony is that the same media which spent five years looking for a nonexistent needle in the bland haystack of Whitewater, and which pored over every nuance of Hillary’s speech patterns, and the emails of her and her campaign manager, looking for one inconsistency in a million, seem still to be perplexed at why all the roads of Trump/Russia keep leading to the exact same place. But they still will say,”Well, we really haven’t seen real evidence of collusion yet.” “We need to learn more.” “The question is, what did Trump really know?” The road to Hell is not any more well paved than this. There is no forgiveness, no “let’s do better next time.” It was done, it continues to be done. It was because of corporate billions, a right-wing echo chamber, and a bunch of mean girls and frat boys who were more dedicated to trying to embarrass Hillary Clinton, than in trying to save their country.

    • In your last sentence, you somehow left out the greatest villain of them all.

  6. Why can’t this information go viral and into the buffoon’s head and his dumb minions? Or at least just get this to the sane people who might understand. As with everything trump, his fucking line about DNC SERVER does not make sense!

  7. If the media follows a news cycle routine on today’s development, this country will be further gone. When we need media people who know the importance of cyber security or technical and legal stuff, we get MAGA Maggie and her fuckingly incompetent and stupid cohorts at NYT (who got us to this place). If they let slip this moment to hold accountable and remove trump, I think pootie will do something drastic to America when she does get ready to do it down the line. Everyday he stays in office is a bad day for America because it makes them both stronger each day that passes without accountability.

  8. Good thread by Rozen (kind of talking aloud why trump would not even try to show some strength against pootie).

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