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Here we go. Hang on, it’s going to get bumpy.

Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) just released this statement. On the surface, it looks pretty weak.

To me, it looks like Toomey is trying to mitigate the damage. Toomey is a staunch hard ass Republican so I’m a little surprised he’s one of the first ones putting out a statement. I’m not sure what he thinks he’s going to accomplish with his “Hey, gang, let’s have a vote! Whaddaya say we pass even MORE unenforceable sanctions? We can meet in the old barn!”

And then Judy says, “Let’s! That’s a swell idea!”

Avalanches start with a few feet of snow slipping and sliding away and momentum and gravity do the rest.

I tweeted Toomey that he should demand that Trump resign. That’s the least destructive thing for the party right now. Just make him go away and not make them impeach him. That’s my prediction: Republicans will ask him to resign.

And now for the number one hit the summer that Nixon resigned:

34 Responses

  1. RESIGN! yes…Go away, just go away. Take your millions you looted so far…

  2. Ha.. let us see if this holds up. There are two US persons involved with the Russian spy arrested today.

  3. Well, he has tried to do that by calling the media fake news and when people need the media the most his dumb supporters will not believe the truth. In many ways, the media brought it on themselves by their behavior during the campaign propping him up against Hillary on a flimsy notion instead of conducting themselves with professional integrity, honesty and responsibility.

    • We need to boycott everything Fox stands for vigorously and weaken it.

  4. Reines is organizing an impromptu protest at Lafayette Square.

  5. From The Daily Banter:

    Trump Throws America Under The Bus In Front Of Putin


    I suspect that Ben Cohen wrote this in a hurry; I have made some corrections in usage.

    To me, the best part is his description of the Purity Ponies:

    The far left believes that centrist Democrats represent the most dangerous threat to humanity ever created, so everything else is a distraction. Why this is the case is anyone’s guess, but apparently fighting for universal health care coverage, believing in climate change, and wanting to fund children’s education does not constitute devout enough liberalism for the likes of Glenn Greenwald, Caitlin Johnstone, Susan Sarandon, etc, etc. Trump colluding with Russia is a distraction from the real enemy of the people: the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi.

    • Cohen neglected to include Ian Welsh, and many of his regular commenters who aren’t actually Trump Chumps, in his list of Purity Ponies.

    • Oh Jesus. Terminally stupid or on Putin’s payroll?

  6. I agree with this. Reporters psychoanalyzing ‘oh poor trump, he feels his win being undermined by all this Russia probe… that is why he can’t come to terms with it…’ — STOP IT!

  7. IBW had this pic in the last thread and it made into NYDaily frontpage…

    • Great. They’ve been on fire. Harkens back to the old days: “Ford to NYC: Drop Dead!” Sigh.

  8. This is also what I was thinking … notice also it has all gone quiet on the other mooslem barbarians and I have always wondered if they were state enabled actors. He will unleash something.

  9. ICYMI

  10. Trump-Putin summit: After Helsinki, the fallout at home


  11. You know Toomey a lot better than I do, RD; but I remember the recent campaign where people kept trying to call him a moderate Republican. First, there aren’t any. Second, I watched him in the senatorial debate, and he was a both a jerk, and an obvious hard-line conservative. I do not know why people in blue-to-purple states keep falling for the idea that their Republican senator is somehow not like the other ones. I am almost positive that Toomey has at least a 99% record of voting on the Republican side of every bill, meaning that electing Toomey is the same as electing Cruz or Cotton. There is no way a state like Pennsylvania should have this right-winger as one of their senators. Of course, many people were thrown off the voting rolls by Russian targeting and/or Crosscheck, so that may have caused it. With all the talk about elections, there are still very few media people who want to focus on voter suppression, people being removed from the rolls, then showing up to vote, being told they could fill out a provisional ballot, which never got counted.

    The Republicans have two goals only: 1) to get elected and maintain power and perquisites. 2) to be able to ram through their legislation which is intended to destroy the New Deal legacy, and to stack the courts with judges and justices who will lock in right-wing religious oligarchy for a half-century if not more. Everything any Republican in Congress says, must be viewed in that context. Protect, deflect, defend, change the subject, act piously patriotic without doing anything–these are their arsenal. They may have some vague concern for the stability of America, but it takes a definite third place for them. Though I suppose that if they could conveniently make Trump go away and replace him with Pence, they would do that. Standing up to commit personal political suicide, and potentially have Democrats win and take away their tax cuts, is something they will never, ever do. Democrats have to do that, and somehow convince a strong majority of voters to elect them. Waiting for Republicans to do something heroic, is utterly futile–unless they can he guaranteed that they can replace Trump with a a more conventional far right-wing person, and how does that help us?

  12. I’m curious if anyone else was surprised by Trump’s total non sequitar at the “summit” when he demanded to know where the DNC, DCCC and Clinton servers are? I thought it was totally bizarre that he pulled that out when asked an unrelated question. Why are they pushing that narrative? Even more surprising is that I don’t see anyone in the media shooting this down with facts that disprove his garbage. Maddening!

    • There are a couple of articles on the DNC Server. I linked one in the last post but reporters are playing catch up.

  13. Can I just say how sick I am of “under the bus.” Can journos come up with something else like “kneecapped” or “spat in the face?” They all say the same thing over and over. Did you ever think you’d hear the word granular ad infinitum? But they all think they’re intellectual and original.

  14. Greatness break.

  15. Why does everybody pretend that Putin doesn’t speak and understand English and needs a translator? Doubtless, perfect English was a prerequisite for leading the KGB.

  16. Very good opening segment by Rachel Maddow tonight. I wonder (and this is not a rhetorical question) if the Democrats would actually be better off if a number of their leaders stated that the election was stolen via Russian hacking of DNC analytics and voter rolls, and through voter suppression by illegally kicking people off the rolls? Why do so many Democrats feel compelled to say, “Well, there is no proof that the Russians changed any votes,” or, “We can’t look back, we have to look ahead”?

    Because the damage which has been done is inestimable. And trying to eke out a majority of a couple of Congressional seats which will likely be dissipated by Republican bribes or one sort or another? And maybe, just maybe, winning the Senate in 2020, far too late to save the Supreme Court for the next 50 years? Why not go all or nothing, and claim that the election was illegitimate, and that all of Trump;s appointments are illegitimate; and thus adding Supreme Court seats is absolutely validated? And attempt to so discredit the Republican Party, that 60% of the population would not vote for any Republican for decades, just like happened in 1932? Wouldn’t that be better than being very cautious about what they say, and desperately trying to keep the media from chiding them for going too far? I well remember Nixon being forced to resign. We got Ford, then Carter, then 12 more years of Reagan and Bush. We won the battle against Nixon, but were unable or unwilling to tar the entire Republican Party, so they just replaced one with another. It will take 50 years to undo this damage to our institutions; and trading elections back and forth is not going to do it.

    • I don’t think responsible people can say that yet. They might say, “I think the evidence is leading to the conclusion that the election was stolen but we still have a few missing pieces. When we get them, the American people have a right to throw them all out.”

      The problem is that even if Clinton is the legitimate winner, and im just waiting for the vote tampering evidence since I find it very difficult to believe that a 3 million vote advantage translates into an electoral college loss, the media has been so successful at trashing her that she will have a very hard time taking office. That’s the real tragedy of this whole ordeal. The legitimate president has been destroyed by the very press that is now under attack by the imposter.

      • Yes. But I don’t think we will ever get those missing pieces, because no one will say it. Unless they had the voting machines, which I think are already scrubbed, or in the case of Michigan, broken. So we’ll always get the “well, we cannot say” stuff. The one area we might learn more about is the deleting of voter rolls. But most likely, we will get the standard “no one can know for sure” nonsense. Putting actual vote or voter tampering aside, it is beyond obvious that millions of fake news pieces and ads on the social media of course affected enough votes to have changed the results.

        And that is indeed the tragedy, but of course it was always set up, generally if not specifically, for that. Demonize someone enough, and you make it impossible for her to ever govern, even if she had won. It would have been a far better reality, but I used to try to imagine how Hillary could govern, when the Republicans would have absolutely refused to hold hearings on any of her Supreme Court nominees, would have initiated impeachment in the House in the first couple of weeks, would have had endless hearings about made-up things. And I am afraid that the implied threat actually cost her votes, as some people thought, “well, she couldn’t govern effectively.” That is the horror of endless demonizing propaganda. People were taught to hate her, while she is actually a very nice, brilliant, and dedicated public servant.

        • If Goebbels can see the efficacy of the modern Russian and Republican (but I repeat myself) propaganda apparatus, his tears of envy must have become such a flood that they endanger the very flames of Hell.

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