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Here we go. Hang on, it’s going to get bumpy.

Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) just released this statement. On the surface, it looks pretty weak.

To me, it looks like Toomey is trying to mitigate the damage. Toomey is a staunch hard ass Republican so I’m a little surprised he’s one of the first ones putting out a statement. I’m not sure what he thinks he’s going to accomplish with his “Hey, gang, let’s have a vote! Whaddaya say we pass even MORE unenforceable sanctions? We can meet in the old barn!”

And then Judy says, “Let’s! That’s a swell idea!”

Avalanches start with a few feet of snow slipping and sliding away and momentum and gravity do the rest.

I tweeted Toomey that he should demand that Trump resign. That’s the least destructive thing for the party right now. Just make him go away and not make them impeach him. That’s my prediction: Republicans will ask him to resign.

And now for the number one hit the summer that Nixon resigned:

What nobody asked so far

Let’s just say for the sake of argument that Vlad the Puppeteer really hadn’t hacked the election. It’s all a complete misunderstanding. They were only Russian business men or some such folderol. 🙄

First, we know for absolutely sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that *someone* broke into the DNC’s servers in 2016 and stole emails that conveeeeeeniently got released at the best possible time to help Trump.

We also know that an overwhelming amount of false information was planted by Cambridge Analytica on Twitter and Facebook and any other social media platform you care to use. Plus, there were the notorious trolls.

That much we know.

And we also know that the election registration systems in 39 states were hacked.

But for the sake of argument, let’s assume that Russia had absolutely NOTHING to do with it.

Work with me here.

Even if it’s the case that Russia had nothing to do with it, isn’t it the responsibility of the Trump Administration and the Republican Congress to allocate funds and personnel to prevent future hacking from whatever country did it in the first place?

I mean, it could have been an attack by the Mongolians in Ulan Bator. Does it matter? Don’t we want it to not happen again?

But instead of saying “I Donald Trump, POTUS, will make sure it never happens again regardless of the disgraceful attack on our election system by the horseriding throat singers of the steppes, or any other ne’erdowells”, he absolved Vladimir Putin from any culpability.

Putin. The guy who murders journalists, poisons defectors on foreign soil and regularly takes a cut of ever oligarch’s wealth.

Putin who wins all of his elections by disqualifying his strongest opponents from running.

Putin who had Pussy Riot jailed for blasphemy.

THAT guy, he’s the one Trump let off the hook.

But ok, maybe he didn’t do anything.

Someone clearly did. Why wouldn’t Trump be all over that?

Unless he thinks that he can do it again and make sure Republicans win again bigly in the fall with the help of someone.

And then there is the ultimate question:

Would President Hillary Clinton have screwed our allies like Trump has and then given Putin absolution to a global audience?

Hell, no. She would have been impeached before AF1 touched down on American soil. They would have had her head.

Remarkably, Trump is still very sensitive about his “win” in 2016. As if repeated his alternative narrative somehow makes it so.

It sounds so much like some defense mechanism. What if he really didn’t win fair and square? Could his behavior be weirder?

Yes, I heard it.

I’ll be back later after I get some work done today. There are some important points I haven’t heard the media make yet.

Feel free to get it off your chest in the comments.