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Unf#%^ability, the followup

Cenk Uygar of The Young Turks and Don Hazen at Alternet are two of the most recent subjects of the #metoo movement.

Cenk has a long history of foaming at the mouth at everything Hillary has ever done, wants to do, how long she has lingered in the public stage…

I know this will come as a shock to you but Cenk also is a breast man. Yep, he loves tits. Miami tits are especially nice. 14-16 year old tits will be delicious when they’ve had a few years to ripen. And he has a habit of making women who work with him uncomfortable with endless talk about sex and how much he got, etc.

It almost sounds like if you’re not 22 and well endowed, Cenk thinks your a blight on the landscape. I mean, really, what are you good for?? Who wants to hear a 68 year old unfuckable woman talk about policy? Amirite? You know I am.

As for Don Hazen, currently on suspension from Alternet and formerly of Mother Jones, he was one of the biggest mouth pieces egging Bernie Sanders supporters on and pointing out how unlikeable Hillary was. I think we can all agree that unlikeable was code for unfuckable.

The latest interesting thing to happen is Joan Walsh, editor of Salon, has not had her contract renewed by MSNBC. But they’re keeping Chris Matthews after allegations of misconduct against him.

I will leave it as an exercise for the reader to figure that out.

I’ll end this post with a video from 2008 that sums up everything that went wrong with the Hillary campaigns. Funny we haven’t heard any allegations about Keith Olbermann yet but will it surprise anyone if he’s another one? The thing about unlikeability is that it is on the same gene with perceptions of unfuckability on the Y chromosome.

These are the guys who delivered the White House to Donald Trump. They helped with the tax bill and non-renewal of CHIP and the roll back of reproductive rights for women. They are responsible for us leaving the Paris Climate Change accords and Dreamers having their protections revoked.

It wasn’t the Republicans that did that to our candidate alone. No, it was sexist asshole guys who think the candidate’s worth is dependent on how their dicks respond. They gave us this mess and put our futures at risk.

This video is dedicated to them.


31 Responses

  1. Tsk, RD. You forgot to include pictures of Uygur and Hazen.

    Let me help you with that. Despite not being related, they look much alike, so the same picture will do:

    When they go low, I go lower. 😈

  2. Funny you should mention this today; look what showed up on Wonkette.


    • Hell, according to OKCupid, their members are more likely to consider having voted for Trump a dealbreaker than golden showers. Yes, people would be more open to being peed on (or vice versa) than to dating someone who voted for Donald Trump. It’s hard to blame them. At least the former can be repaired with a shower.

  3. Fuck Cenk Uygar. And fuck anyone who turns a blind eye to his years and years of blatant misogyny. He does not deserve a platform. He has been obsessed with Hillary for a decade or more now. He hates her and frankly he hates any woman that isn’t a big titted Bernie or Obama girl.

  4. Hey, maybe this explains Uygur and Hazen! 😈

  5. We are in Bethany Beach. We went into this book shop and got something for my niece’s kid and as I finished paying the woman at the counter late 60s pointed out that there is no sales tax and I said I didn’t mind paying taxes. It turned out she was a crazy trumpster and I returned what I bought then and there and as we walked out I told her not to believe everything she reads on breitbart she said she got her information
    from. I said your country was in danger and her answer was she was proud she was a deplorable. I left with legs shaking at the encounter.

    • Oh, wow, I’m so sorry you had to go through that. It’s so wrong.
      You did the right thing about returning your purchase. They refuse to believe we exist.
      I just thought of something! Isn’t there a way to tag places on google maps where tgere are deplorable businesses so that future customers know in advance where they’re spending their money?

      • Thanks RD. I should check out that tagging thing. I didn’t even want to buy anything in the book store but saw a sign that said please support independent book store and I thought I should.
        We usually go to Rehoboth next door which is a very liberal town. We did have a nice dinner later here tonight and people were very nice.

      • New app idea ? 🤔 Quick! Patent it before the techies catch on

  6. 😛

  7. Season’s Greetings to RD and everyone.

    • You too! Nothing Christmasy or seasonal going on here in my household but we are enjoying my quinoa concoction. 🙂

  8. A classic Robert Smigel SNL cartoon, featuring the great Darlene Love.

    The Jews may miss Christmas, but while all us Christian goyim are home with our families, the Children of Israel get a fine consolation prize: New York is all theirs! :mrgreen:

  9. Darlene Love again. :mrgreen:

  10. I think this is the wrong framing which leaves out the buffoon’s part in all of this. I think racial differences and some resentment are always there in mixed societies but this guy made it acceptable (for the majority race!) to feel it and voice it in the open, he accentuated it, he amplified it in his rallies, he did a whole lot of dangerous things that are a no-no in a civil society that has come too far in its diversity as America does, to go back. He is a monster. He started it and found a bunch of people to vote(?) many of whom have regrets now.

  11. Time for this again.

    The Story of the Other Wise Man, by Henry Van Dyke

  12. Who remembers “Love Shack”?

    This ain’t it. 😛

  13. Another SNL classic parody.

  14. Ladies and germs, the King of Rock & Roll!

  15. Good night, folks.

    My favorite “rock-star version of a Christmas classic”. 🙂

  16. I think Trump has Kompromat on this guy, I swear!

    • Not Trump, but Putin, I would guess.

      • Yeah, that would make sense also and trump knows it. Bernie has acted all along (and acting) like a compromised candidate. Notice he was one of only two votes that didn’t vote for Russian sanctions this year and has refused to recognize Russia related funk.

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