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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Trump Recruited for his S…
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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Trump Recruited for his S…
    bellecat on Trump Recruited for his S…
    William on Trump Recruited for his S…
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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Trump Recruited for his S…
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      Let’s run thru the most likely possible victories in the upcoming federal election and consider what they mean for America’s future. Put them in 4 baskets. Trump wins. He does more bad stuff, situation continues to get worse, American post-WWII style multilateral hegemony and trade order takes huge hits. Biden or Harris win. Harris will […]
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Leahy on Net Neutrality.

Enough with the afterglow, people. Net Neutrality is going down tomorrow.

Senator Patrick Leahy released the following statement about how Ajit Pai is about to break the internet and turn it into just another rent seeking asset for the cable company:

More from Detroit Free Press on what is at stake.


Didn’t that feel good?

BiFF woke me up with a ping when the election was called for Doug Jones in Alabama:

Come on, you know that kicking Donald Trump’s ass was the most satisfying thing that has happened in the last year.

Bringing him to his knees, making him apologize to Kirsten Gillibrand, would be delicious. But I’ll take Doug Jones winning the senate seat from deep Dixie Alabama. That was orgasmic.

I want multiple orgasms. Let’s do it again deeper and harder in every Congressional district in the country.



The biggest losers after last night are evangelical “Christians”. I’m listening to CNN this morning and the disgust with them is palpable. They have exposed themselves as the stupid and hypocritical people some of us have always thought they were. They are starting to look like crazy fools.

Emphasis on fools.

Their spokesmen are going to be mocked on talking head shows for decades.

I’d like to think they are toast but the have a weird ability to see “The Signs” in everything.


{{rolling eyes}}

Can we stop being so damned respectful to these immoral, destructive people?

(By the way, if you are religious and you are offended with me lumping you together with the self-righteous supporters of the pussy grabber in chief who champions guys like teen chick magnet Roy Moore and sadist Joe Arpaio, then it’s up to YOU to distance yourself from them. Otherwise, you’re going to get splattered by the same crap)


And then there is this from USA Today:

Here’s my opinion, FWIW:

The public sentiment is not on your side anymore, Trump voter, if it ever was. There were just an awful lot of very complacent people last year who thought the Lady was going to win because they knew she was the most honest, decent and intelligent candidate there was. I kid you not. So they sat out the election because they thought only ignorant idiots would vote for Donald Trump. It turns out that they didn’t realize how the electoral college could be worked or that Russians and hackers might get involved.

You never were the majority. You never represented anyone except well off white men. If you are a woman and you voted for that putrid orange rot in the Oval Office, then you collaborated in demotion to second class citizen for yourself, your daughters and granddaughters.

He’s had almost one year to strip decency, the rule of law and equality from this country in order to reward himself and his rich cronies. You know this and you cheered him on.

But now the heat is on him because we are angry and we want him and his party of conciliators out.

So, I expect that in the next couple of weeks while we get even more incensed over the loss of net neutrality, the gutting of our federal budget and his steadfast stubborn adolescent refusal to apologize for calling Kirsten Gillibrand a whore, you, Trump voter are going to be treated with the same disregard and anger as you showed poor people, poor mothers with children, African American people, trans people who just want to use the fucking bathroom, Muslim people, women who want to time their children or have none at all, non-believers, disabled people, immigrants who were brought here as children and are American in every way but name, the list goes on and on.

They did nothing to deserve callousness and scorn. YOU did.

I expect that many of you will pretend to reform yourselves. “Oh, I see now what a jerk he is”, you’ll say. “I don’t know what I was thinking”. And you’ll try to fit in to polite society and not be like one of the last desperate holdout white guys whining about how unfair life has been to them.

But we’ve seen your ugly hearts and we would be stupid to EVER turn our backs on you again. What is in you is part of who you are. You showed it to us. You were just waiting for the right leader to come along to let it out. You are dangerous to the rest of us.

We are going to root your people out of government and avoid you at parties and in our neighborhoods. You can all commiserate together and that’s fine with us because when you’re all together, you’ll be easier to see and avoid.

We know who you are now.


Donald is busy with some blaming and revisionist history this morning:



Now, Net Neutrality.

“Without Net Neutrality, your internet connection becomes more like Cable TV@