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Didn’t that feel good?

BiFF woke me up with a ping when the election was called for Doug Jones in Alabama:

Come on, you know that kicking Donald Trump’s ass was the most satisfying thing that has happened in the last year.

Bringing him to his knees, making him apologize to Kirsten Gillibrand, would be delicious. But I’ll take Doug Jones winning the senate seat from deep Dixie Alabama. That was orgasmic.

I want multiple orgasms. Let’s do it again deeper and harder in every Congressional district in the country.



The biggest losers after last night are evangelical “Christians”. I’m listening to CNN this morning and the disgust with them is palpable. They have exposed themselves as the stupid and hypocritical people some of us have always thought they were. They are starting to look like crazy fools.

Emphasis on fools.

Their spokesmen are going to be mocked on talking head shows for decades.

I’d like to think they are toast but the have a weird ability to see “The Signs” in everything.


{{rolling eyes}}

Can we stop being so damned respectful to these immoral, destructive people?

(By the way, if you are religious and you are offended with me lumping you together with the self-righteous supporters of the pussy grabber in chief who champions guys like teen chick magnet Roy Moore and sadist Joe Arpaio, then it’s up to YOU to distance yourself from them. Otherwise, you’re going to get splattered by the same crap)


And then there is this from USA Today:

Here’s my opinion, FWIW:

The public sentiment is not on your side anymore, Trump voter, if it ever was. There were just an awful lot of very complacent people last year who thought the Lady was going to win because they knew she was the most honest, decent and intelligent candidate there was. I kid you not. So they sat out the election because they thought only ignorant idiots would vote for Donald Trump. It turns out that they didn’t realize how the electoral college could be worked or that Russians and hackers might get involved.

You never were the majority. You never represented anyone except well off white men. If you are a woman and you voted for that putrid orange rot in the Oval Office, then you collaborated in demotion to second class citizen for yourself, your daughters and granddaughters.

He’s had almost one year to strip decency, the rule of law and equality from this country in order to reward himself and his rich cronies. You know this and you cheered him on.

But now the heat is on him because we are angry and we want him and his party of conciliators out.

So, I expect that in the next couple of weeks while we get even more incensed over the loss of net neutrality, the gutting of our federal budget and his steadfast stubborn adolescent refusal to apologize for calling Kirsten Gillibrand a whore, you, Trump voter are going to be treated with the same disregard and anger as you showed poor people, poor mothers with children, African American people, trans people who just want to use the fucking bathroom, Muslim people, women who want to time their children or have none at all, non-believers, disabled people, immigrants who were brought here as children and are American in every way but name, the list goes on and on.

They did nothing to deserve callousness and scorn. YOU did.

I expect that many of you will pretend to reform yourselves. “Oh, I see now what a jerk he is”, you’ll say. “I don’t know what I was thinking”. And you’ll try to fit in to polite society and not be like one of the last desperate holdout white guys whining about how unfair life has been to them.

But we’ve seen your ugly hearts and we would be stupid to EVER turn our backs on you again. What is in you is part of who you are. You showed it to us. You were just waiting for the right leader to come along to let it out. You are dangerous to the rest of us.

We are going to root your people out of government and avoid you at parties and in our neighborhoods. You can all commiserate together and that’s fine with us because when you’re all together, you’ll be easier to see and avoid.

We know who you are now.


Donald is busy with some blaming and revisionist history this morning:



Now, Net Neutrality.

“Without Net Neutrality, your internet connection becomes more like Cable TV@

14 Responses

  1. My feelings are tempered by the fact Alabama republicans shot themselves in the foot with Moore.

    • Yep, but look how close the vote was. They almost got away with it and they would have been ecstatic today if they had won. It would have been a YUGE win for them.
      We have to attribute some voter suppression to the outcome. A lot of African American voters were intimidated and slowed down yesterday to the point that they had to stand in line for hours to get ID checked. The stories I’m reading on twitter should give all of us pause next year. We are going to have to work extra hard to make sure all women have their identities completely straightened out before they vote next year because I am convinced that marital status and change of name is going to be used to invalidate a LOT of women.

  2. kick the buffoon’s ass, literally!

  3. Americans have learnt a cruel lesson about their civic responsibility. It is appropriate that women and AAs are doing their part because, time and again it is NOT the Rs who save them but the Ds. The buffoon asked the AAs, ‘what do you have to lose?’ and they see now what they have to lose and so also the women, the college educated, the young. It seems only the poorly educated middle aged men (and their subservient women) love the buffoon because he says he loves them and they think he is one of them. There is a solidarity there.

  4. Riverdaughter I would like to give you props for warning everyone about the evangelicals very early on. You knew they were up to no good and knew they were riling up their base to prop up guys like Trump & Moore. That’s another thing that makes this win SO sweet! 🎉🎶

  5. It felt awesome. I’m currently watching the live feed of Rod Rosenstein testifying on the Mueller investigation. This man is a beast, he’s my new hero.

  6. The best part of the result is the great psychological boost it gave to decent people who care about politics and government, and who were beginning to feel like the entire thing was so stacked against them that it was almost hopeless. This election was of course a one-off in Alabama, and it is not likely that Jones, who is a very decent and admirable person, would win the seat again in 2020. 91% of Republicans who voted, voted for the racist pedophiile Moore. Jones won because there were at least the 9% of Rs who did not vote for Moore; and the African-American turnout was tremendous. Bama is still a very Red state, but the result does give hope in states like Georgia, Florida, and maybe even Texas, if something can be done about relentless voter suppression.

    It was very exciting; I thought that Jones had a reasonable chance to win, but as the votes came in, it looked like another loss. At 61,000 votes down with only about 35% of the vote left to count, I turned the TV off. I followed the statistical expert Nate Cohn a bit, and he kept tweeting that his metrics looked okay for Jones; but I figured it was the same as when he thought that the incoming reeults in key states looked okay for Hillary last year; that his algorithms were simply off. But he turned out to be right, in a whirlwind finish.

    I do think that it is really mportant for Democrats to find and support strong candidates like Jones. Too many of the recent batch of Senatorial candidates they put up are average at best. Liking someone because of their identity or pure political views, and then pushing them to a victory in the primary, does not necessarily get you the candidate who can win in the general. And as long as the latter is a decent person with mostly the right views, that’s the one to support if you want to win the seat. The only slight negative for me in a wonderful night is the perhaps purposeful elevation of Gillibrand due to the remarks of Trump. Gillibrand is not going to win a national election. Who could, I could not say for sure, though I would be comfortable enough with a Jasion Kander, Corey Booker, Eric Garcettii or Adam Schiff, or my substantial darkhorse possiiliy, Jerry Brown. To paraphrase Uhtred in the historical TV drama “The Last Kingdom,” Winning is All.

    • I couldn’t help but notice that all of your preferred national candidates are ALL MEN. I don’t know why you think Gillibrand is off the table but it doesn’t really matter.
      Women got shafted by guys, very much like you, who couldn’t overcome decades of conditioning that makes women, no matter which women, are somehow not of the same standard as any man. That’s how Donald Trump got elected.
      I and millions of other women in america are never, ever going to put up with that again.
      Do. You. Understand??
      You may think I’m overly harsh but I think sometimes that we’re going to have to taser you guys repeatedly until you get it. We are not fucking around anymore.

      • It will be a woman in 2020 and she will win (because the media is primed or being primed for it). My only wish is that she will be kind to the Clintons.

      • This “you guys” and “men like you” is reallyl beneath you. I donated $6,250 to IHillary’s campaign last year, in smallish amounts of about $300 a time, as I could afford it. It may not seem like much money to you, but it was to me. I also donated to her in 2008. I have said a thousand times or more in various places that I thought Hillary was going to be the best President since FDR, and I started saying that in 2008 and continued it. You don’t know that, of course; you just see that I am a man and I do not favor any women for our 2020 nominee, so I am “shafting women.”

        I’ll tell you what: The Democratic voters (or whatever independent and Republican voters the odious Sanders wing allows to vote in primaries) will make the choice, not me. And if they pick a woman, I will vote for her, but she will not win, not if she is Gillibrand. Why? Because for one,she is not a compelling speaker. For two, she will cost the Democrats a bunch of not unreasonable male voters who might think that her purist crusade against Franken will betoken a regime which would put every male worker at danger of being fired the minute some woman alleges he looked at them the wrong way, or told them he thought their dress was pretty. No less than Jonathan Alter, no male chauvinist he, said the other day that pushing out Franken will not gain the Democrats any votes, but will lose some voters, and that it was a sucker’s game.

        If someone finds me a woman who I think can win, and who is a tenth as talenteed and caring as Hillary, I will support her. But I don’t see one. Warren is never going to carry a national election. I think that Harris is unlikely to. I like Sallly Yates, but she is not political, and will not run. I find it hard to believe that you do not think, as I, that if we lose another national election, we are through as a nation, and that we all might as well move to another country. It may already be too late, the tax bill will probably destroy the economy. We have to win. And I listed some names of people I think might be able to win. But if people want to nominate Gillibrand or Warren or Harris, because they are angry at men in general, and think that making a social statement is worth it, then they will do that. I was a lot younger then, but I told my political college friends that nominating McGovern would be disastrous. But they did it, anyway, and they enjoyed themselves for a couple of months, at least.

        • To be fair I don’t see any of your choices to be viable in a general election or compelling speakers aside from Cory Booker. I would love to see a Gillibrand/Booker ticket

          • I’m just extrapolating from numbers, I’m sure they are posted somewhere, but I figure Jones got about 42% of the white female voters in Alabama. Okay, that’s a very red state, but he was running against a pedophile, and yet he still substantially lost white voters, and lost white women. But there are all sorts of women who are going to vote against any Democratic candidate; they did against Hillary who is a national figure, with far more credentials than Gillibrand.

            It is not as if there is going to be some massive turnout of white women, more than last time, who are going to vote en masse for a woman Democratic candidate. A Democrat is going to have to get around 40% of the white male vote, maybe a little less. Do you think Gillibrand will draw white males outside of NY and CA? The major point is that white liberal women tend to think that all women think like they do, but they do not, even though a majority of them do. You’ve got to win Ohio, and Pennsylvania and Michigan and maybe Florida, and you need a candidate who can draw a high turnout and a strong AA vote, and a reasonable white male vote. And I don’t think that a Senator who just said that Bill Clinton should haVe resigned the Presidency, is going to draw those voters. Every candidate looks better until the Republican money machine pounds away at him or her. You will be hearing about Emma Sulkowicz, whom Gillibrand brought to the inauguration as a cultural hero.

  7. @RD: I am not offended; I know you never mean me when you take up the cudgels against the fundagelicals. I expect, based on some of the Gospel passages, Jesus might well denounce them more harshly than you do.

  8. Pain in your eyes
    Makes me cruel
    Makes me spiteful
    Tears are delightful
    Welcome your nightfall

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