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It’s ok when Republicans do it?

This story in the NYTimes about Republican Rep. Blake Farenthold is interesting:

WASHINGTON — When Lauren Greene, a former communications director for Representative Blake Farenthold, sued him claiming sexual harassment, among her complaints was that he “disclosed that a female lobbyist had propositioned him for ‘a threesome.’”

Mr. Farenthold, in legal documents, said that Ms. Greene had it wrong. The woman wasn’t a lobbyist, he said.

Have you seen Blake Farenthold??

All together now:


I don’t get it. I wouldn’t want to get within20 yards of the guy much less join a threesome with him. Is it the power thing that goes to their heads or do they really think they’re hot?

Must be a Republican thing.

In any case, he’s supposedly notorious for having a hostile work environment. So, I’m sure we can count on him to do the right thing and resign.

I know right? Hysterical.


Good luck to Doug Jones in Alabama. There are many good reasons to vote for him. He’ll be a crucial vote to protect social security, Medicaid and Medicare. He prosecuted domestic terrorists who murdered little girls, and he has nothing against women and African Americans exercising their right to vote.

Unlike his opposition.

See? I didn’t mention pedophilia once.

We shall see how screwed up Alabama is by the end of the day.

Try to surprise us, y’all.


Spotify says this was one of my most played songs of 2017. Weird. I can’t remember playing it at all. Must have fallen asleep with it on a loop.


13 Responses

  1. From the time I came here, I had vowed I would never ever go and live in states like Alabama or similar states (that of course, limited my academic career pretty much). When one the smart guys in our batch (in India) went to a school in Alabama, I was surprised and thought he had not done his homework. Now after 30 years here, I am getting a taste of what I felt was right with hard evidence. Alabama Republicans, surprise me!

  2. And redemption comes the hard way for some.

  3. When DUBYA BUSH looks relatively benign… 🙄

  4. People in AL are backwards, angry, abused & abusive, frustrated… they want everyone else to feel the same. Roy Moore is the catalyst for that. I don’t expect these people to do the right thing

    • Looks like Alabama made me eat crow! Have to admit I was being more negative to prepare myself for a bad outcome. Alabama has rejected hate.. thank you! I cried tonight. Doug Jones is a good man

    • Apparently not all of them. Not even a majority.

  5. Blake Farenthold’s threesome story sounds like a letter to Penthouse: “Dear Penthouse, I’ve never even heard of such a thing but…”
    Have I seen Farenthold? He looks like Harvey Pekar’s best friend in “American Splendor.” Only fatter.

  6. YAY!!!

  7. Fuck Bannon! Fuck Trump!

  8. My husband correctly predicted that that pig Moore won’t concede and he didn’t.

  9. Holy Shit.

    • You could say that again. Hate was rejected in a deep deep red state tonight. More people hate hate than we realize…

  10. I’ll gratefully take the win. But I’m not ready to celebrate about Alabama rejecting hate. Moore was clearly a hater his whole career. Alabama would almost certainly have elected this hater again — except that he turned out to be a child molester, too. I guess we found out what a Republican hater has to do to lose in Alabama. Low bar, no?

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