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Dennis Kucinich responds to The Greatest Speech On Health Care Reform EVAH!

This was posted in the comments earlier but it deserves to be on the front page.  Kucinich is a real liberal which makes him “unelectable” according to the media and the Democratic establishment.

Yes, I know he endorsed Obama last year.  We all make mistakes.  Get over it. He is also a co-sponsor of HR 676 (single payer)

Moonbeam/Kooch 2012

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110 Responses

  1. BTD at TL:

    According to Yglesias, being a progressive means sucking at political bargaining. More than that, trying be be a good political bargainer means you have “sociopathic indifference” to issues. Of course it should mean the exact opposite on both points. A good progressive is the one who can bargain most effectively for important progressive issues. The milquetoast “progressive” Yglesias in fact represents is really the worst type of progressive in that he does not think there are any issues worth some hard bargaining. This impulse is truly one of the most dangerous in the Democratic constellation.

    Yglesias has one of them fancy Ivy League edjucashuns and gets paid to blog. Some refunds are in order.

  2. How is it that Kucinich can express in a few minutes the problems with the current situation and O’s “plan” and we can’t get our media to do the same. I so don’t care who called O a liar and that is all that is on the networks today.

    Oh well…at least Obama was “present” last night.

  3. He is just another MCP — of the Catholic variety.

    Nope I won’t get over it ever.

    • he gave his delegates to Obama in 2008 and to Edwards in 2004. Each time he was playing a silly game that somehow he was going to win bigger down the line. But all he really did was water down the votes of the people who did not vote for him or his chosen beneficiary. I forget which candidate it was in 2008, but whoever it was refused to tell his people who to go to. He told them to do what they thought best.

  4. Expect to see more stuff like this:

    “How’s that Hope & Change working out for you?”


  5. F*ck BTD and the horse that he rode in on. BTD is one of the worst examples of “sociopathic indifference”. Anyone who supports Baucus/Obama-care has a sociopathic indifference to the health and welfare of the American people.

  6. a word from actual socialists….


    …….He went on to declare that his health care plan was essential to reining in the ballooning federal deficit and national debt. “Put simply,” he said, “our health care problem is our deficit problem. Nothing else comes close.”

    This is a lie. It ignores the far greater role of the multi-trillion-dollar bailout of the banks, the hundreds of billions spent on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the half-trillion-dollar annual military budget in bankrupting the federal treasury…….

  7. OK — I listened to him and he never answered IF he was going to support the crap bill that 0zero wants.

    He did mention the Medicare Part D mess. And the “for Profit” windfall for the insurance companies.

    Hopefully I will be living oveseas soon — the mess I see coming will be pure Chaos. But then I’ve been saying for nearly 2 years that 0zero’s leadership style is Chaos.

  8. Thank you Dennis Kucinich.

    (Still, it would have been ideal if Kucinich had not told his supporters to switch to Obama in the Iowa caucuses… but alas we do not live in an ideal world!)

  9. Well what she said:

    SHV, on September 10th, 2009 at 5:04 pm Said:

    F*ck BTD and the horse that he rode in on. BTD is one of the worst examples of “sociopathic indifference”. Anyone who supports Baucus/Obama-care has a sociopathic indifference to the health and welfare of the American people.

    I’m just going to copy this statement and paste it — clear and to the point. 0zero is a SOB.

  10. OT


    And you thought that acorn did not know how to have fun.
    I am not sure if this house is just for dems so they will have privacy but will be blackmailed later.



  11. Con. Kucinich describes the “Health Insurance Reform” exactly as corporate welfare and then when asked the “bottom line” question: Wiil you vote for this POS, he weasels out of giving an answer. A huge disappointment.

    • It’s the same weasly “where else are ya goin’ to go?” So much for principles and commitment.

  12. oh and here’s a good article on those” investments” made of people’s life insurance policies…It brings a bigger return if they die quicker than expected…another reason we can’t get real health care imo


    .….First, with the desperate financial situation facing millions of people, there will inevitably be a large pool of poor or elderly workers who find themselves unable to pay their insurance premiums. They may also be in need of immediate cash to fund mortgage payments, medical expenses or other necessities for themselves or their relatives. As the economic crisis deepens, the willingness of individuals to part with their insurance policies at a low price will increase.

    Second, investors will be essentially betting that individuals on average will be dying sooner than anticipated by insurance companies who originally devised the policies—that is, they will be betting that the curve of life expectancy in the population will dip.……..

    It’s great when a plan comes together /snark

  13. Jake Tapper:

    ABC News has learned that President Obama will be meeting with 16 Democratic senators (and one “Independent Democrat”) this afternoon at the White House.

    They are: Senators Mark Pryor and Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, Mark Warner of Virginia, Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire, Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, Evan Bayh of Indiana, Claire McCaskill of Missouri, Tom Carper of Delaware, Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, Mark Begich of Alaska, Mark Udall and Michael Bennet of Colorado, Ben Nelson of Nebraska, Bill Nelson of Florida, Kay Hagan of North Carolina, Herb Kohl of Wisconsin, and Independent Democrat Joe Lieberman of Connecticut.

    I’ll bet they’re quaking in their boots.

    • party unity time

    • Aren’t those the DINOs? What’re they a-skirred of?

      • Bitter beer at the White House

      • He’s going to give them some acting lessons so they can play the last act of the Kabuki Theatre presentation in a flawless manner.

        • He’s going to tell them a few little things about who has campaign money and where that money is going to go and who has the veto pen and who can hurt them and how politics is played in Chi town and the change that could bring to their lives. All this will be told in a cumbaya manner with dead fish for lunch (nicely grilled, of course).

          • If he pushes any blue dogs too hard they’ll jump to the GOP

            Most blue dogs come from red states/districts.

          • Why would he push them? What could the DINOs possibly want that the DINO King will refuse to give them? A tax on sickness? A proposal to go to hospitals and drop anvils on patients and then hold them up for anvil injuries?

      • That they’ll run out of enough pens for all of them to put their .02 in and screw the bill up even more?

  14. Sorry, not gonna get over it. Dennis proved how much he didn’t care when it counted. If I give him credit for co-sponsoring a ceremonial bill that has zero chance o’passing, I might as well give Obama credit for the occasional good-sounding bit of lying rhetoric. Get back to me when 676 becomes a law. It’s a long, long wait while I’m sitting in committee but I know I’ll be a law some day, least I hope and pray that I will but today I am still just a bill sitting here on Capitol Hill.

  15. Yes. Thought DK was spot on, and he didn’t even mention in this particular interview the dire prospects for runaway inflation in healthcare costs which few besides him want to discuss head on out in the open.

  16. Yes, the end of his statement was a disappointment. I will give him a “wait and see”. I do understand that we still do not have a bill. At least he summarized what we all know—this is a bailout of the insurance companies to fix the mess they created and continue to nourish.

    It is hard to forgive and forget DK’s support of O in Iowa.

    I know the sentiment on this blog is generally opposed to Fox News but it is the only tv news source that is systematically challenging O. Everywhere else you go it is just more and more of the same refusal to see the sell out Obama is selling and substituting pretty phrases here and there to cover up the damage. All you have to do is read the side bars here from Crooks and Liars and Media Matters, add it to all the msm trash and what you get is this weird surreal image that tries to look like hope and change. Fox punches big holes in it but has its own weird surreal image that tries to look like the end of the Republic with a few glimpses only at corporate welfare for bankers, Wall St. and GE. I thought when HRC got knocked out of the race and when McCain blew it that I could not get more depressed. I sold O short.

  17. For a short summary of what a screw job Obama-care is for the American people, at the link.


  18. I had my satellite radio on “Talk Left” all day today and whoowee, they were “meme-ing it up.”

  19. So does this make Kucinich irresponsible like Sarah Palin? Or is he a bitter cynic? A Racist? A Clintonista? A teabagger? A neocon? A blue dog? A liar? Part of the angry mob? A brownshirt? A birther? Lipstick on a pig?

    Maybe he’s a vaginal voter? A bitter knitter, a hairy legged feminist, old, a member of the women’s studies set? A wingnut, a liberal loony, a liar?

    Hey, maybe periodically when Kucinich is feeling down, he just attacks the president to boost his appeal?

    Just asking.There must be some box we can tuck him in, all tidy like, so we can completely dismiss his criticism.

  20. I guess they had to find someone to slap a Democrat “D” on their lapel.

    • It was interesting to watch the Republican follow-up last night. Clearly, they did not think that they won as much as we thought they won. They saw the little pilot projects on tort reform as a fig leaf and not meaningful. Questioned why Dems refuse to let insurance companies compete across state lines. Interesting to watch OReilly’s interview of Rove followed by his interview of Axelrove.

      • They’re high-five-ing in private but but publicly they got their poker faces on.

        Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile, and still complain it isn’t enough.

    • Giddiness is saturating the net. It’s gross.

    • What I can’t figure out is why the Republicans don’t love this plan. It’s a huge bailout for the Insurance companies, with no regulations or cost controls.

      • one word — kabuki

      • Politics. They succeed on two points. First, make Democrats give up every suggestion that makes the scam of a bill possibly work. Second, vote against ti anyway so your opponent takes the heat when it doesn’t work.

      • They don’t love the fact that they didn’t come up with it. The insurance companies are lining someone else’s pockets. They’re like Mistress #1 who’s found out that her guy is “unfaithful” with Mistress #2.

  21. DKs criticism is spot on and at this point I cherish every critic out there.

  22. NQ has a post up on the hypocrisy of congress critters and the msm re: civility in the congress and at presidential joint sessions.

  23. McCaskill’s new kinda politics:

    “He talked about handcuffing the public option, which is essential…for a moderate like me,” she said. “Without handcuffing it, it could morph into a comprehensive government plan, which I think most moderates can’t support.”


  24. So McCaskill’s busy handcuffing the public option, Chuck Todd calls it a public option “fetish.”

    • *** Fixing the public option fetish: But the speech also will be a failure if progressives — Obama’s second audience tonight — are still obsessing over the public option a week from now. We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again: Obama never made the public option the focus of his health-care ideas, in the primaries or in general election. In fact, he never uttered the words “public option” or “public plan” in his big campaign speeches on health care. But there is no doubt that the public option has fired up the left, and how he sells them near-universal coverage and lower costs — even if it means no public plan — could very well be the trickiest part of tonight’s speech. Indeed, that the White House allowed this to become the be-all, end-all on the left (“Public option or die!”) remains a mystery. On TODAY this morning, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said that “there can be no reform without adequate choice and competition,” but didn’t say that choice and competition had to come from a public option.


      • I read that … unbelievable … affordable health care for every one is a fetish?

      • Someone needs to teach Chuck the difference between “universal health care” and “universal insurance.” Because guess what Chuck, even with these wonderful unaffordable plans, we still have sky high deductables and insurance company dictated care, ie denial of care, ie “I understand you can’t put weight on it, but we have to send you home,” “your surgery has not been approved.”

    • LOL, this is what happens when we elect a bunch of perverts.

  25. OT – I suppose everyone is very excited about Obama’s upcoming speech next Monday (from Wall Street) about how brilliantly he has handled the economy/financial crisis.

    i can’t wait for dak’s post speech comments.

    • I’ll have to go get a big bottle of tequila to handle that one first dee, or re stock my nerfball bucket which I save for especially bad tv programs.

    • He has always been one. That’s not new.

      • Frankly, anyone who believes the Bush administration’s version of 9/11 is delusional. And I’m not talking about bombs in buildings. Go ahead and laugh. I don’t believe the official story. There is too much evidence that Bush/Cheney ignored hundreds of warnings. And there are other logical (not crazy) questions. I’m not going to be brainwashed into buying the Cheney version. So now suddenly he’s telling the truth? I don’t think so.

      • I’m with ya boomer. My daughter’s fiance was one of the smartest people I’ve ever met and he had all of those same questions and quite a bit of “illogical” outcomes that he shared with me.

  26. backtrack’s health plan = =designed to fail.
    When Hillary Clinton tried to get health care for the people, the economy was much better,people had jobs and homes and faith in the future. They were trying to save for retirement and college for their kids.
    That is no longer true. Jobs and homes are being lost at an alarming rate. Savings have been wiped out thanks to backtrack’s friends. College has become a distant dream.
    Now when many people can not even feed and shelter their families this dumb ass tries to pass a plan that make health care expensive and mandatory. Congress is a lost cause and no longer has a clue about the people they were elected to represent. They sold themselves like half a dollar hookers to the insurance industry and now have to be on their knees giving b–w jobs to get the money for the next election.



  27. Are we missing something? Progressive spine—did they hear the same speech we did?

    Obama Shows His Progressive Spine
    By Katrina vanden Heuvel


  28. Oh, and in case you miss him already…

    Obama is going go give ANOTHER speech on Monday—this time about the financial crisis, and that’s AFTER appearing on 60 Minutes again. For the love of God: stop talking for a nano-second!

    • Sounds like Big Brother. I never watch him, because I can’t stand to listen to him. Thanks for heads up-I’ll avoid 60 Minutes. I guess the networks are tired of him using up expensive air time. Seems like he is trying to bump his ratings up in the polls.

    • Wait until Sept 24th when he goes to the UN and chairs the security counsel. We will hear how he is king of the world for weeks from the obots.
      I wonder how the rest of the world will like be lectured to and if he will bow down again to the Saudis



  29. are=are not

  30. Cuz that’s they way they roll…

    • I am still waiting for an Obot to explain how the Rethugs or Blue dogs forced Obama to have all of those WH meeting with the Health Industrial Complex CEO and “negotiated” those financially ruinous agreements.

      • Exactly. They covered it up with a bit of Right Wing Kabuki theater, but really this bill was going to be this way right from the start. (And it’s going to pass handily).

        The insurance industry was worried about the fall in employer backed health care, and now it’s got what it wanted-mandated private health care for all, with no caps.

  31. Did anyone else hear Obama say that the “conscience rule” (that Bush put in place) will remain intact?

    • Yep. This is what a feminist looks like!

    • From the transcript:

      “There are also those who claim that our reform effort will insure illegal immigrants. This, too, is false – the reforms I’m proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally. And one more misunderstanding I want to clear up – under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions, and federal conscience laws will remain in place.”

      Crickets from the “Progressives” If a Rethug President did this, they would be raising hell. I haven’t seen an analysis of what this means but my reading is, if the conscience rule becomes part of the health Insurance Reform law , the conscience rule then becomes Federal law and not an exec order that can be rescinded like Obama promised that he would do. Very bad news along with the abortion prohibition.

      • And once it’s codified in federal law, it would take courage Plus giving a flipping damn about not stabbing their core voters in the back in yet another futile attempt to chase a handful of ungettable votes in order to rescind it–which in practice means it will be federal law forever with this crew. This is why I’m so ascared of Palin, if she follows the Democrats’ lead, it’ll hurt twice as much as having my rights taken away by male Democrats. I’ve gotten used to that.

  32. Does anyone know where WMCB is lately? I’d like to hear her thoughts on the speech/bill/mess now.

  33. “Turns out Rep Joe Wilson is an immigration attorney. His efforts to introduce specific prohibitions against providing health care to illegals were turned down repeatedly in the House. So this guy is not just some hooligan calling Obama a liar. “

  34. OK, I didn’t listen to the whole speech – just selected soundbites. Falstaff has a one sentence piece referring to David Brooks’ analysis. I think Brooks may have caught the implications of the speech fairly well – shudder. http://falstaff-falstaff.blogspot.com/

  35. And if the speech is so bestst eva, how comes everyone is obsessing with the i second heckler?

  36. http://www.ibdeditorials.com/IBDArticles.aspx?id=337473135318879

    some interesting things mentioned. Should we all start singing ” Money for Nothing when backtrack speaks?



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