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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
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Some of you may have wondered where I went.  Others, particularly those of you new to this board, wonder who the f$^* I am and why am I crashing this party.  (I am the proprietress but not one of the current general managers).

Anyway, I’m still around.  It’s just that I spent so much time blogging the election last year that I’ve had to catch up on things on the domestic front, specifically with regards to the resident adolescent.  Brook is finally placed in the right classes in school for her ability level, which is ridiculously high based on her current standardized test scores (which I support.  No, do not even go there, teachers.  Get with the global program.).  But I have found that care and feeding of this particular adolescent is much more of an intensive endeavor than with other kids I have known.  She’s, um, difficult.  And disorganized.  She needs a lot of preparation in the mornings and almost constant attention in the afternoons to get her homework done.  I am relearning geometry.  How would YOU like to relearn geometry in your middle age?  Do you think relearning SAS, congruency and proofs are easy?   Well??

So, after a long day at work where I can only get to a few blogs from behind a firewall, and this is not one of them, I just want to chill when Brook finally packs up her bag for the night.  My current new sleep inducing guilty pleasure is makeup videos.  Yes, I watch young women with perfect skin slather more makeup on their faces in a day than I use in a whole year.  They use products I never even knew I needed.  Like face primer.  It’s not a moisturizer.  It’s not a foundation.  It doesn’t come with an SPF by default.  What the hell is it?!  I found out yesterday when I ran across a tester in Target.  It’s like smearing softened Jello on the skin before putting on foundation.  I’m not sure why this is necessary.

Like I said, these women are beautiful but they spend what must be hours a day putting products on their skin.  Nevertheless, I have learned from them.  Tiffanyd told me the difference between NC and NW Mac foundations and says to put the pink concealer on your under eye circles.  This actually works.  Who knew?  Julieg713 makes me want to play with nail polish.  Michelle Phan has practical, organic solutions for skincare, like rice water.  Lauren Luke knows how to coordinate everything into one palette.  If I were on a tropical island, I could work with 3 products and never miss this other stuff.  But the nice thing about Tiffany, Julie, Michelle and Lauren is that they are all blissfully non-political.  I can put my earbuds in and within the 12 minutes it takes for one of them to review their latest Sephora haul, I am asleep.

And when I’m asleep, I don’t have to worry about the Democrats digging their graves on healthcare (Whew!  Was I ahead of the curve or what?).  I mean, it’s not hard to figure out what needs to be done.  The private insurance industry needs real competition that *anyone* can buy into.  There!  See, wasn’t that easy?  The minute a public, government administered, non-profit insurance plan is open to the public, private  health insurance will become a lot more affordable.  Then, regulate the hell out of the industry.  This is not rocket science.  Other countries have done it. It doesn’t have to be single payer, although we need to explore that possibility.  All consumers really need is choice, which is what the Republicans have lead everyone to believe they will lose and which Democrats seem determined to deny us. The problem appears to be that Obama and the Democrats seem to think that their job is to protect some endangered health insurance industry from the evils of free market capitalism.  This may come as a surprise to them in 2010 and 2012 but that is not why we hired them.

Damn, I’ve gone and harshed my own mellow.  I see Tiffany has a new video for Halloween…


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