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Has an Obama speech ever changed anything?


We all know that Barack Obama is famous for speechifying.  Until he was elected to be Reader of the  TOTUS it was the first and foremost item on his skimpy resume.  But for all the swooning of the fanboiz in the media and blogosphere have any of his speeches made a difference?

Obama’s first great speech was allegedly his 2002 anti-war speech in Chicago.  I say “allegedly” because there don’t seem to be any contemporaneous accounts or live recordings of it (his campaign recorded him reading a copy of the speech and dubbed in crowd noise.)  We pretty much have to take Obama’s word for what he said and it certainly didn’t stop the invasion of Iraq from taking place.

When Obama gave the keynote speech at the 2004 DNC convention it was the first time he ever used a TelePrompter.  Not only did he receive national name-recognition for the speech but in the minds of many it qualified him to be President.  It didn’t do much for John Kerry however, he lost the election to a booger-eating moron.

According to Obama’s cult followers deranged followers enthusiastic supporters the Iowa victory speech was the greatest victory speech in the history of the Iowa caucuses and proved he was a force to be reckoned with.  A few days later Hillary won an upset victory in New Hampshire.

Next up was The Greatest Speech On Race EVAH!  I was over at Balloon Juice the day Obama read the speech to the adoring media and I swear on the lives of my ex-wives that two different people claimed to have been moved to tears just reading a transcript!  A few weeks later Obama disowned the man he could never disown.  According to the OFB racial strife in this country has increased since then, and they are constantly finding new examples of racism.

Obama’s “Free Beer and Bratwurst” speech doesn’t seem to have been much of a success, Obama didn’t receive any votes from Germany in the election and they still haven’t apologized for bombing Pearl Harbor.

Obama decided that the Staples Center in Denver wasn’t grand enough for his coronation acceptance speech, so his supporters in the banking and telecom industries rented Mile-High stadium for him and built him his own faux-Grecian temple.  After being carried to the stage in a sedan chair by a team of oiled-up and stripped-down fanboiz, Obama gave the greatest speech of his life up until then.  The speech was so good that Chris Matthews couldn’t control himself and began humping Keith Olbermann’s leg on the air.

Shortly thereafter John McCain named Sarah Palin as his running mate and shot into the lead in the polls.  Her acceptance speech at the RNC convention attracted more viewers and got higher approval ratings.

As you can see, all of Obama speeches except the first one (which nobody listened to) follow the same pattern.  He reads a speech, his fanboiz swoon, nothing changes.  The reason for that is simple – all his speeches are “just words.”

Including the one he gave last night.

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146 Responses

  1. No.

    next question?

  2. No. I thought he was to confrontational (“we’ll call you out!). What was that all about? Can get out of campaign mode.

    • I’m sure the GOPers are trembling with fear.

    • About time somebody called out the republicans for the liars they are. Too bad it was another liar that did it.

    • Actually, I really liked that part. It’s time we stop pretending that the Republicans aren’t lying nutjobs.

      • sue sue sue, they are not all lying nut jobs. They see things differently is all. Calling them out like some frat boy looking for a fight is not going to help anything but to make Obama look even less presidential than he already does.
        I was watching the clip where the guy called him a liar. I notice that he glared and said “not true”.
        Now think about how Clinton, either one, would have handled it… they would have smiled and maybe made a joke. Even Dubya would have laughed it off. Obama glared. He is a child.

  3. From C4P:

    In a sample of 427 Americans who watched Obama’s speech to a joint session of Congress, 67% indicated that they favored Obama’s healthcare plan. Prior to the speech, 53% from this same sample indicated that they favored Obama’s healthcare plan.

    Unfortunately for Obama, this sample is comprised of 45% Democrats, 37% Independents, and 18% Republicans, a sample that even the most partisan of liberal hacks would concede is completely unrepresentative of the American electorate.

  4. Yes. He has changed his mind quite frequently.

  5. From the Weekly Standard:

    Go, Hillary, Go!

    The boss hears from two sources that Hillary Clinton is considering stepping down as Secretary of State this fall in order to run for Governor of New York.

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • If that does take place, it means Hillary wants out of the DC politics loop even more than she is now, not a good sign generally for the average person . Also if that takes place, I’m moving to NY.

    • Consider the source. Hllary would not quit as SOS to be governor of New York and she wouldn’t run against Paterson or Coumo.
      Why would she leave one of the most important jobs in the world to deal with the snarling pols in Albany?
      But I agree, paper doll, if she did, I’d move back to New York!

      • Well, in fantasy mode: she would be removing herself from the floundering O Administration without any personal negative fallout; have a position of strong executive experience in a prominent state (and she loves NY); and…have the option of another run from one of the most traditional positions–Governor. It might be b.s., but it’s interesting.

        Paterson is in terrible shape, and Cuomo has been non-committal about running.

        • Several NY Governors have either run for President or become President, including FDR. It’s a great platform

          • Best platform there is to start a run.

          • I can’t forget all the raving assholes who said that she was INEXPERIENCED at the age of 60 with years of service behind her and should run for gov of NY to bring herself up to the Resume-Padder-in-Chief’s vaunted status. I’ve never wanted to actually smash friends of mine in the face before I heard some of them say that. Ex-friends, I hasten to add now. And in four years, they’ll shift the goalposts to protest that she’s too old. I fucking hate humans.

            I want her to resign and say, “I’m happy to leave you all stewing in the mess you’ve made, screw you all, goodbye.”

    • If she does that, I’m moving to New York. She really should do that. This admin SUCKS!

    • Dunno if I believe it, but I’d sure love it!

  6. Dennis Kucinich answers your question (h/t to cannonfire)

  7. the corporate MSM never wanted the public option, look at their sponsors, Harry and Louise and the whole lot of them swindlers, that’s why the media shoved this flim flam down the electorate’s throat. On the one hand you have the “conservative” media saying Obamacare is teh evil because it’s government takeover (which it ain’t) and omgz he didn’t throw the public option under the bus because…co-ops and triggers are public option! on the other hand you’ve got the “liberal” MSM with itz “liberal” bias drooling because Obama SHOWED THEM LIBERALS who’s boss and dats dat, buh bye public option, hello to a we-respect-the-insurance-companies-and-want-to-insure-their-interference-and-greed “defense of liberalism.”

    • well said Wonk!

      With deep respect for those who actually went though and are going though post Katrina horror ….this bill is created to bring a taste of your experience to us all .
      We have seen the sharks progresion from Baghdad to the Bayou , to the nation .

  8. I haven’t yet gone to see what others say. But here’s my take after the reading of the text

  9. Oy.

    • David Gregory just said that “the public option” was never part of his campaign promise.

      Indeed. Bush 2 said Saddam never let the inspectors in. He said it twice. The MSM said zip about that So they are well versed in lying by omission…and just olyimic free style lying

    • I honestly think part of Obama’s problem is that he just doesn’t understand the issue. Which is shameful,

    • And the real left is dead, too.

  10. Geitner’s doing a televised “townhall” meeting tonight. I feel another live blog coming on. This time hosted by Dakinikat.

  11. Please go to Red Dragon and check out Markos’ threat of getting impatient with his hope and change.

  12. BTW, MYIQ, hows the head this morning?

  13. So, they woot and hollar but they have no idea about anything.

  14. Dedicated to B0 & the Demo-cats:
    Words! Words! Words! I’m so sick of words!
    I get words all day through;
    First from him, now from you!
    Is that all you blighters can do?

    Sing me no song!
    Read me no rhyme!
    Don’t waste my time,
    Show me!
    Don’t talk of June,
    Don’t talk of fall!
    Don’t talk at all!
    Show me!
    Never do I ever want to hear another word.
    There isn’t one I haven’t heard.
    Here we are together in what ought to be a dream;
    Say one more word and I’ll scream!

    Don’t wait until wrinkles and lines
    Pop out all over my brow,
    Show me now!

    • I love Freddie’s shoes.
      I think Eliza should have picked him. Prof Higgins is such a control-freak chauvinist.

    • Totally agree. Jeremy Brett is so hot. Forget Prof. Higgins.

      • Yeah, but we all know Sherlock Holmes was really in love with Watson.

      • What the movie never tells you is the Real Way It Ended (according to me). She married Higgins, then slowly poisons him. After he dies, she elopes with pretty little Freddie, takes a steamer to the US, travels scross country to San Francisco, and opens a gambling parlor with the ever-devoted Freddie as her devoted love slave who lives to bring her her slippers.

        I call it “My Fair Later.”

  15. The Obots have raised $72K for Joe Wilson’s opponent. I think that’s pretty amazing. I’m also pretty amazed that they got so worked up over the diss but the opponent seems like a good guy so it’s better that they donate to him than wasting their $$ on Cheetos and video games.

  16. yes – the speeches changed something…despite their BS content, they got him elected – or did he ever do anything else then talk?

  17. I can’t stand his voice. To me it’s like fingernails on a blackboard. It is never the same. Some days he sounds like Rev. Wright. Some days like Martin Luther King. Who is obama?

  18. “The reason for that is simple – all his speeches are “just words”

    Yes. Last night I was thinking – Some things said sounded pretty good – the words – but they fall flat – Why? Because he does not mean any of them.

    • Which is probably why he needs a telepromter. He is not speaking from his own knowledge or his own heart, so he needs to see the words.

    • That’s why the adoration (and even support) is completely beyond me. I always thought he sounded hollow and fake, like a kid trying to lie his way out of something, but not having the facts straight–if I just keep talking, maybe they won’t notice. I.just.don’t.get.it. I think a lot of it has to do with following W. He was so profoundly inarticulate that people are mesmerized by someone that can string sentences (written by someone else & projected onto a teleprompter) together, but it’s all so bombastic and empty.

      • someone said recently about Pres. O’s speeches and in particular during the Primary…
        “perfectly calibrated rhetorical toss out lines.”

        I have to agree.

  19. This one did. The left is praising Obama taking a republican stand on healthcare. Pretty wild.

    • remember that most of the blogger boyz are either ex republicans or trying to kiss up to ex republicans.

  20. To answer “yes” I’ll go to the bestest speech on race evah…It started with “I can no longer denounce Wright than my own grandma”. Shortly after, he threw them both under the bus. So, the speech is still celebrated – but what’s changed – it’s never quoted anymore.

    • at least he didn’t call Wright a “typical black man”. Can you imagine the fall out from that? Racism is okay as long as you are racist against white people.

      • “at least he didn’t call Wright a “typical black man”. Can you imagine the fall out from that? Racism is okay as long as you are racist against white people.”

        Says who? C’mon now, that’s a bit ridiculous conclusion. Anyway, Obama treated Wright way worse than his grandmother but, in the end, they were both expendable and found their way under the bus.

        • are you kidding me? I never thought “reverse racism” was much of a big deal since black people never had the institutional power to hurt anyone or any group of people as a class. However it has all changed and racism against white people seems to be just fine and not even recognized.
          It still doesn’t bother me much but it is annoying. If he grandmother is a typical white woman because she said ignorant things that made him cringe … then please tell me what he thinks about white women?
          If he had said, Oh “Wright is a typical black man” would that not be a racist statement? What is a typical black man?

          • That’s Obama making his “acted stupidly” “typically” “periodically” “bitterly” etc. type remarks… he has a bad habit of doing that. I don’t think it’s racism. If somebody else did say those kind of things about him, though, Lord Axlemort would play the race card.

          • What are you saying? You seem to be conflating several issues into a jumbled mess. As best as I can tell, you’re taking Obama’s obnoxious statement about his grandma as an example of “reverse racism” against white people which, you’re further claiming is generally treated as “fine and not even recognized” (by whom?). If so, the latter assertion is ridiculous. Racism against white people is not treated as fine as is recognized.

            Anyway, Obama’s an ass but, he’s an equal opportunity ass. He snidely dissed the woman who raised him after his mother dumped him and father abandoned him as part of a cheap effort to fluff his life story. He dissed the man who was his spiritual and personal mentor for 20 years who married him and his wife and baptized his kids out of political expediency. Don’t get caugth up in Obama’s racial signyfying. It means nothing one way or the other. It’s just a very cynical tool he uses to benefit himself.

  21. I am pretty sure that all of his speeches have caused tweety to change his underwear.

  22. […] Has an Obama speech ever changed anything?.  The Confluence.  Shrewd wisdom speaks. […]

  23. “Has an Obama speech ever changed anything?”

    Yes. Changed me from a Clinton supporter to a Republican

    • But I really don’t like being called a “republican.” I was a Democrat so long, and I’ve always disliked the republicans. I still do actually. I don’t care very much for either of my state senators and most republican politicians just irritate me with their mindless, stupid, empty rhetoric.

      I hate the ballooning deficit left by the Bush administration. I thought the Irak war was nonsensical and thought it was stupid for the republicans to back it. There is so much about how the repubs handle themselves that make them disreputable to me. I think the only repub off the top of my head that I like is Palin, and that’s because I honestly think she’s for reform — kind of an old school government ought to work for the people, not against them kind of person.

      • I like authentic fiscal conservatives and authentic social liberals. They have conviction argue their points, and when they work together can do great things. Too bad we have almost none of either side.

        • Someone should do one of those wild kingdom type shows trying to trace the mythical social liberal politician and mythical fiscal conservative politicians. They would of course just keep finding corporatists on both sides giving vague lip service but not really being either type.

        • I like authentic people. Phonies disgust me.

      • yes she is a populist as is Hillary to a great extent.

      • I’m with you blackcommentator and I’m an African American female Hillary supporter. I really like Sarah Palin because she appears to be an authentic American politician in the mode of FDR. She believes that govt shold be “on the side of the people”, i.e. that we should have govt of the peopl;e, by the people, and for the people. Policies should renown to the people and not big business. I think ahe proved her belief in the short while she was governor of Alaska as an example in her dealing with the oil compaines.

    • Best answer! I could add myself to that. I was really excited after his Iowa win. Until I heard his speech.

    • I hear you!!

    • LOL…Best answer….and oh so true.

      The way the Dems are going I may never for one again in my life. Like you said….not that the Reps have escaped my scrutiny for their deeds. But Palin is definitely on the list for actually working for the people she represents.

  24. Does he ever give a speech off the top of his head?

    I watched Palin give one and she did — so does Hillary, and McCain.


    It’s really unclear why he needs props and speechwriters.

    • Well, they all have speechwriters, including Hillary. He just isn’t a good speaker, no matter how many times the media claims he is.

      • They should be able to write their own speeches?
        That is how well they should know the issues — in my opinion.
        Maybe that is why it seems so fake this year.

      • There are lots of actors and tv newspeople who can read a good speech. The same goes for writing them.

        Speechifying is a skill, but it is not a synonymous with or a substitute for principled leadership.

        • Raygun was a decent reader too – hence “the Great Communicator” thinghie.

          • St. Ronnie was far better at it than Obama.

            Raygun used a TelePrompter too, but he knew his main audience was watching from their living rooms. At key moments of a speech he would look directly into the lens of the camera and it was like he was staring you in the eye from the television set.

            The effect was powerful.

          • Well he was an actual actor, so he get’s points for that. Most politicians have to be good at “acting” by which I mean presentation.

            The problem with Obama is that his acting is not aligned with his authentic self. In other words, he’s faking it; pretending to be something he isn’t.

            Bill Clinton was a brilliant lawyer and competent executive, but was also really was a good old boy.
            Palin really is an athletic, hockey-mom.
            Hillary is a somewhat nerdy policy wonk.

            What the heck is Obama??

          • A wannabe that got lucky?

        • “What the heck is Obama??”

          I think you nailed it here — and with the rest of what you said because that is the feel a lot of us in his gen wonder?

          If he would be himself?

          We would have a better sense?

          He should write the speeches from the heart, or speak that way?
          I don’t think they should be actors?

          Just from the heart, and also, if there are areas of controversy then open a dialogue on that? Not evade?

          I think people would prefer “realness” from politicians at this point?

          That would work.

          It just seems like the country went from the last eight years into a total argument? The more I think of this — the age spread that voted in this election is just huge?

          Each segment has their own agenda and none seem to have the same one?


          Watching it.

          I think East Coast Dems/West Coast Dems are alkie in basic thought?

          Dems who grew up with JFK/MLK as an influence are a solid group? I feel.

          Dems who grew up during Vietnam era are a solid group.

          Dems who were kids during Watergate are a solid group.


    • I repeat my earlier comment:

      “Which is probably why he needs a teleprompter. He is not speaking from his own knowledge or his own heart, so he needs to see the words.”

      I was going to contrast this with Palin, Hillary and Bill.

  25. http://www.maniacworld.com/perspective-illusion.html

    This explains the obots acceptance of another one of the ” best speeches evah”

    Things are not always as they seem. Who won the pool on which part of the speech the insurance companies wrote.

    Bitters. lemon juice and seltzer are good hangover remedies.



  26. Also, by going around I noticed B0bots have a new shiny object to distract them from being sols out: that GOPer who heckled is now being the point of obsession for them all. Seems GOP never did anything so horrible. I actually saw a headline “GOP still the party of Lincoln? Not with Joe Wilson in it”

  27. http://www.joebageant.com/joe/2009/09/americans-have-become-weak-and-fearful-things.html#more

    interesting article and take on the health care issue



  28. A “Democratic” president has all but come out and made universal healthCARE into his quasi Sistah Souljah moment…( nothing is ever quite straightforward with this guy…it’s always quasi this, quasi that). His “progressive friends” who believe in universal healthcare? Baaaad progressive, baad, go back to the hopium emergency treatment center and hook yourself up to a changiness IV, stat!….how foolish of you to think public option was important, it’s not like the Democrats mentioned it left and right during the 2008 election cycle or anything.

    His K-Street health insurance buddies… they are the heroes in all of this who get a seat at the table in crafting all of his uber doober groundbreaking landmark legislation, hell Obama will even seat each lobbyist to the table personally himself, after all the for-profit insurance companies who have turned our healthcare into a nightmare (because they can) really do mean well, all they need is a little nudgynudge and their greed and excess and circlejerk of the American consumer will go poof! Insurance providers are decent people after all, real salt of the earth folk who “provide a legitimate service” and just a little accountability is all that is necessary to do the trick and reform what hasn’t been reformed since LBJ… bwhahaahahah! This from a president who as a candidate was held accountable by hardly anyone in the MSM and yet as president is held accountable by professional madman and one-man circus Glenn Beck.

    The “progressive friends” get the Scarlet letter on their forehead and told the pony they want is nice but no dice…hope the Clinton-hating, DLC shrieking, knee-jerk triangulation bemoaning, anti-New Democrat peeps enjoyed that nice and neat and elegantly laid out Obamaesque quadrangulation of the highest order right there, Obama is soo much bettah than Billary, centrism is cool now. Meanwhile the Glenn Beck channel gets a slap on their wrists for telling outrageous, over-the-top hysterical “govt takeover” myths that have breathed a new life in the wake of the ill-defined HR 3200 that Obama let stew around for months. Myths that Obama’s heretical, misguided “left” has been trying to clear up for him even though he long since threw him under the bus. Yet, after that little visit to the principal’s office, for their obnoxious behavior, the Glenn Beck tea partay channel gets all the crap they want on the table for discussion, anyway… tax reliefer, tort reefer, marketbased solutioneering in the form of holographic $$$”exchanges”… and still they scream socialism!

    The Naderites of 2000 kept repeating Nader’s hyperbole that Bush v Gore was a choice between Coke and Pepsi. Gore may have been all nerdy and wonkish and at times uptight in his delivery and not anti-establishment enough to satisfy those Naderites, mannnn (Naderites in my dorm were the ones who woke up and looked in the mirror and saw sharpie all over their face the morning after getting wasted), but a lot of these folks turned around and voted for Obama ’cause they were so afraid of that McSame (I remember very vividly that some Naderites before they became Naderites actually voted for Mac in the 2000 primaries!) Whatever they didn’t like about Gore was mostly style and not about substance. Gore was NOT a Republican-in-liberal’s clothing, he didn’t need a teleprompter to tell him to say, (telegenically, like a pendulum from prompter to prompter) “the details still need to be worked out.” Gore didn’t need cliffs notes drafted by a team of czars just to catch his VPOTUS self up to speed on policyspeak, he didn’t throw the most basic of Democratic staples under the bus.

    Thanks to these gullibles who voted Mac in a primary only to turn around and vote Nader in the general ’cause Gore was not happening enough and lurved by the media enough, then sit out because Kerry looks like a talking tree or whatever the hell they were doing in 2004, then vote Obambam in 2008 ’cause they thought his 2004 sweettalk about decriminalizing pot still applied in 2008…. We ended up with Reagan’s protoge, Dubya, twice, preemptive war and fiscal irresponsibility, and then more of the same from Dubya’s protoge Obama (he’s more Dubya than Dubya, minus the partisan balls)… Barack Obama, the guy who was supposed to be a progressive’s progressive, an orator’s orator, a thinking person’s thinker, a conservative’s liberal, a policy wonk’s wonk, an intellectual’s intellectual, an idealist’s idealist, a pragmatist’s pragmatist, a humanist’s humanist, a civil right’s advocate’s advocate, a constitutional scholar’s scholar, a feminist’s feminist, a liberal’s liberal, a special interest hater’s hater, a dove’s dove, a latte’s latte, a disenfranchised people’s president, a kid who grew up impoverished and knows their pain, an answer to all cries for help from all citizens of this world, a healing Aveda balm to soothe our hearts and shiny shiny paperthin cellophane rhetoric to save our souls.

    Next comment I’ll tell ya how I really feel, heh.

    Better yet, here’s how I really feel. Shame on you Barack Obama for undermining CORE Democratic values :

    • Reading your comment, I was thinking that I had to
      say “Don’t hold back, tell us how you really feel.”
      Then I got to this: “Next comment I’ll tell ya how I
      really feel, heh,” and laughed. I’ll look forward to

      O verly
      B oastful
      A bout
      M inor

    • Wowzer, Wonk. That was one righteous take-down! Your fingers must be smoking after that. lol.

  29. http://www.youtube.com/user/MoxNewsDotCom

    even his own doctor says backtrack failed.



  30. Has an Obama speech ever changed anything?

    Only the minds of those who succumb to his
    mesmerism, many of whom should have known/
    should know better.

  31. LOL Krugman thinks the speech was “good” and “finally we have some leadership and clarity from the president.”

    • Oh Lawd…

      That doesn’t surprise me because he hit every point Krugman suggested just not at all in the way Krugman suggested. He stood for the mandate. Check. He mentioned the PO. Check. Accept what he really did was to gut the PO. He didn’t bring it up in his plan. He brought it up in “distortions”. He essentially argued for finding a way out of it. Krugman, still high on the kool aid.

  32. I think Obama’s whining about Palin and her criticism of some of his ideas was a real show of weakness. He tried to ridicule her death panels stuff by calling it almost laughable, irresponsible, and dangerous, but he never really went on to address any of her concerns. When your policy or the fact that you have no policy, leads you to simply try and mock the opposition, you’re a wet noodle. Now see, Hillary would have layed out the system of checks and balances that were in place to prevent death panels and killed the whole controversy. She wouldn’t have tried to ridicule the question, which in turn mocks the millions of followers Palin has and makes people even less trustful. Now when Obama speaks, as he did by saying this plan will not cover illegals or abortion, people don’t trust him and simply assume he is lying. When you don’t have a factual response to something like death panels, people assume you are hiding something, being deceptive. His defensiveness adds to the problem.

  33. […] many of my compatriots who have been awake throughout the whole sorry process of Obama’s coronation/installation as Head Waffling […]

  34. It’s official. FOX’s “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Glee” beat TOTUS


  35. Reuters:

    Shares of U.S. health insurers climbed on Thursday after analysts saw no “game changers” from President Barack Obama’s highly anticipated speech on health reform.

  36. New post up

  37. He is losing to this by the way. Palin responds to TOTUS.


  38. I thought for sure last night’s speech would be fully detailed and explained exactly WHAT he was going to do. FAIL !

  39. http://www.time.com/time/politics/article/0,8599,1921447,00.html

    A summary of what he did and did not do with ” the best speech evah”



  40. It was a good speech, and if the reports are correct that he wrote it all himself, then well done for the most part. But it’s still a speech. Nothing new in the way of solutions that I could see. He may have swung a few percentage points in public sentiment from Independents his way.

  41. he wrote it all himself? ROFL… no way

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