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Friday: Fast

Today, I am dedicating this post to Hillary Clinton’s Defense Fund and to America’s Second Harvest.
Tomorrow, May 10th, is the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive of the National Association of Letter Carriers.

Yesterday, we found out that Hillary’s campaign needs money to finish out the primary season. She made a strategic decision early in the campaign to put money into both the primary and the general election funds. Right now, she can’t touch money dedicated to the general. Obama, on the other hand, is doing the grasshopper thing and spending all of his money on the primary. (What does this tell you about Obama?) She’s lent her campaign more money but Obama is so desperate to get her out of the race before he pisses off the creative class too that his campaign has offered to pay off her campaign debts if she would “take a dive”. Much to her credit, she refused. But that means she still needs money. This primary season has been incredibly expensive for both candidates. There are only a few states left. Let’s help her get there by getting her through West Virginia and Kentucky. Today, I am asking you to help Hillary refill her coffers by fasting and sending $10.00 to her campaign.

And while you are fasting, think about all of the working class families who she is fighting for who are one paycheck from insolvency, one tank of gas from a full stomach and who visit a local food pantry every month to help feed their children and make ends meet. If you’ve topped out in your donations to Hillary, send your money to feed a family in need. Send a matching contribution to the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive at America’s Second Harvest. Stamp Out Hunger

Finally, this quote from Robert F. Kennedy seems particularly meaningful for Hillary, us and the fight to end hunger:

“Each time a man stands up for an ideal,” he said in a 1966 to South African students, “or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.”

RFK was a Conflucian.

WARNING!: The Obama campaign has taken their Haka up to 11. That’s what the TIME magazine cover was all about and the news that he has his own transition team forming and that he is going to declare victory on May 20. It’s all sound and fury signifying nothing and it’s intention is to discourage people from donating and volunteering for Hillary. You know how I know that? It’s because Obama hasn’t won anything yet. Don’t let them psych you out. Ignore all the shouting, grimacing and tongues sticking out. It means nothing.

Now, get out there and counter haka!

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  1. I didn’t wait to prove my fast — I’ve donated my $10.00 AND earlier this week I signed up for a $20/mo recurring donation. I’m hoping to scrape up more as needed too.

    And RFK will be in my thoughts (along with Hillary) all day. Thank you.

    PS. Did you see my question about Obama’s supposed Transition Team? A woman at Taylor Marsh says she has a friend who’s already working on it.

  2. Kbird: Haka, haka, haka. It’s all sound and fury signifying nothing. He can’t have a transition team before he wins the election and he can’t win the election if he hasn’t won the nomination. Don’t let the reports shake you up.
    He hasn’t won anything yet.
    BTW, even the Greeks know about what happens to people who let pride get ahead of them.

  3. Here is what my partner and I each sent to Hillary Clinton’s campaign today:
    “Today I am joining a group of people from The Confluence (https://riverdaughter.wordpress.com) who are changing their affiliation from Democrat to Independent. We are contributing $10 to your campaign today, and will have designated days to make small donations in addition to our other contributions. We are writing to the DNC and we are sending them copies of our new voter registrations. We are telling them, they must win us back. We will vote for you, because you can bring home presidency in November. If Obama is the candidate, he will have to work very hard to prove to us he can do so. We believe you will be the candidate. We will write to superdelegates. We will show them what the electoral map will look like in November if you are not the candidate. Moreover, we agree with the principles you have outlined in your campaign, and the policies you have developed, and we will tell this to the DNC, our state democratic parties, and the superdelegates. Thank you for continuing to fight for us.”

    We bought more Hillgear today too. I am going to write my letter to Howard Dean now. I hope it’s OK that I post this on Facebook.

  4. I just wish I knew if it was utter BS, because I think hubris at that level should be publicized. (shaking my head) I’ve never seen hubris at the level of the Obama campaign. It almost redefines the word.

  5. Kbird: And yet, that is exactly what it is. And it is working. It is demoralizing her supporters but it is a fake. There’s no THERE there. Because he still can’t win it without superdelegates and he’s going to get his ass handed to him in West Virginia and Kentucky. And make no mistake about it, his campaign sent out a memo after last Tuesday asking for money. It was reported on BBC world service on Wednesday morning. He’s spending money like it was water. He’s got to be urting pretty soon as well. So we can’t let it get to us as bad as it looks. It is only a war dance.

  6. (nodding)

  7. I gave to Hillary and I gave to the Greater Chicago Food Despository. And as I was signing off to leave for the train (to begin my hour+ commute to work), I realized the BHO stuff is JUST WORDS even when they are at 11.

    That made me feel better and has given me a bit more energy to get to work today.

  8. my late local news seems to recognize the haka… they were kinda laughing at his “apparent victory lap” around the capitol yesterday… and then covered “hard working” Hillary…

  9. OldCoastie, where are you? I’d love to have a radio station covering Hillary.

  10. I just made my contribution to Hillary. Also, just cancelled my Time Mag subscription. I will not let anyone cram his “inevitability” down my throat. Again, I am sticking to the no tv for two weeks (with the exception of PBS and C-Span – I think that is okay). Sent a protest e-mail to my congressman, Richie Neal. He is a Hillary supporter. What else can I do? Feeling energized with Ky and WVa coming up.

  11. RD: True, but the haka is working too damn well. At this point, I believe the supers do their job and focus solely on who can win, but they’re too damn cowardly that they want the popular vote count for cover and I don’t see how she’ll be able to do it in this media climate.

    And I don’t care if it’s “wrong,” but I gave $ to McCain last night (I’m already maxed out to Clinton). My cousin works for the McCain campaign and he told me how they’re going to slaughter Obama like you “wouldn’t even believe!” Right then and there, I donated.

    The worst result of Obama vs. McCain would be for the former to win. If the left legitimizes the misogyny, disenfranchisement, and working class contempt that drives the Obama candidacy, what chance do we have as a country? Oh, and he’d be such an epic disaster, he’d make Carter look like goddamn FDR.

  12. Please read Anglachel’s posting today. It reflects every poster on this blog. Stupendous!

  13. leslie – I’m in So Cal… wasn’t radio, it was the local ABC tv station.

  14. after listening to an hour of Morning Joe, I’ve decided the Obama camp must be worried – they are calling the Clintons racists again…

  15. Pat, Anglachel’s post was wonderful. My post (scheduled for later this morning) talks about it.

    Davidson, I’m sorry it came to that. I’m not there. And I’m not giving money to McCain since I plan on Hillary beating the shit out of him this fall.

  16. @KB: It wasn’t that much, but I’m just not preparing for Clinton to win anymore. I’m hoping (and praying) like crazy, though.

  17. Here, have some friday Krugman. It is an interesting read.

  18. Hey OldCoastie,

    I was observing my no MSM TV pledge but the channel changer somehow mysteriously slipped (hmmm) from C-Span to MSNBC and I saw Mink Pinhead, Tiki Barber and D. Shuster. Minka’s irritating but harmless so she wasn’t to annoying, but, Shuster was just pummeling HRC. The LOL moment was when Tiki Barber (who decided he’s a pundit?!) took HRC’s recent statements (I think from a USA Today thing) about the demographic break down and how she had the groups that would win in November, and turned them on her calling them racist comments!!! Because she can’t win the AA vote, she’s racist. Well….I’m speechless…. RD, you’re right, this is HyperHaka. BOs camp have their fingers stuck in their ears and their chanting “Obama won, Obama won, Obama won.”

  19. Hi from Rochester General (day two). Will be sending “dinero” to Hill for mother’s day (do not read too much into that OK?) 😉 Just part of my gift to wife who is undergoing surgery.

  20. Hang in there UpstateNY. Nice gesture to give to HRC for mother’s day, thanks. I hope sunday is a pleasant day for your whole family.

  21. UpstateNY: Our thoughts are with you.

  22. Check it out. Great article in the NYT about the radical change in HRC’s appeal to white male voters reflecting their rethinking of female roles and abilities, NOT because their racist. BO’s campaign is trying to turn anything that is not supporting him into racism.

    “Pundits have been quick to attribute the erosion in Barack Obama’s white male support to a newfound racism. What they have failed to consider is the degree to which white male voters witnessing Senator Clinton’s metamorphosis are being forced to rethink precepts they’ve long held about women in American politics.”


  23. Anglachel is very good. I wish she’d break her text out into more than one post or at least topify her subjects. I get to a point where I find myself skimming instead of reading.

  24. I have read that obama won’t campaign in WVa but somebody said they were getting pretty mailers.

    I also read that she has something close to 65-70% of the vote in polling. Haka indeed!

    I think she might just wipe the floor with him in the next few contests and then – I don’t know how he will do in OR/MT. Both of those are close to WA but we didn’t “know” obama very well – I think it was a crush from afar. Although, his demographic isn’t exactly one to admit they were wrong…

  25. jjmtacoma: I often wonder if some of those voters in the early primaries aren’t having buyers remorse.

  26. Hillary was dressed in ORANGE yesterday during a Central Point, Oregon, rally that started at 9 p.m. She said she was flying against the wind. Here’s the address to the story:


  27. You guys need to read this from the NYT a Letter to the Editor and the TERRIFIC scorching reply by Florida’s Chairwoman from Escambia Cty. I copied this from a post by RobbedVoter over at Capital Hill blog. Hope you don’t mind RV.

    “In today’s New York Times letters section:

    To the Editor:

    Memo to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton: It’s over!

    After a blow-out in North Carolina, and a virtual tie in Indiana, it should be clear that Senator Barack Obama has an insurmountable lead in pledged delegates and the popular vote. Your staying in the race helps only one person, and that is Senator John McCain!

    Now is the time to pull out in a dignified way that benefits the party’s chances of winning the White House in November, and now is the time to heal the party, and not for any more personal attacks.

    Steven M. Clayton
    Ocean, N.J., May 7, 2008

    The writer is a Democratic committeeman.

    Memo to Stephen Clayton, Committeeman from somewhere in New Jersey

    After all of bullschitt thrown at Senator Hillary Clinton the number separating her from Obam is less than 200, in a nation of three hundred million, (301,239,947) people. Don’t you feel rather stupid calling for her to quit when there are still a number of primaries to be held. Primaries that will feature several more million people and will not lead to the 2025 that Obama needs to win so I’m told.

    Do you have any idea of what a nominating convention is??? The purpose, in case it hasn’t made it through your thick skull, is to nominate a candidate to run for president.

    If you want to stop personal attacks talk to the man in the race who seems to think he is entitled to be president, simply because he is a man and secondly because he is black. Neither is a qualification for being president. His supporters have been vicious, sneaky, conniving and a few more adjectives. Sure, just like supposedly not accepting money from lobbyists, Obama is keeping his hands clean by letting others do the dirty work. Oh those vicious supporters, they are a whole ‘nother ball game.

    Ah…but you are worried about the party. If the Democratic Party is so inept that it cannot win the election in November, after what Bush & the Republicans, have done to this country, then it doesn’t deserve to continue to exist. But you will lose if Obama is the candidate and if he continues to be the whiny little wimp who thinks he can preach his way to the White House.

    Are you forgetting that we have been preached to by a phony Christian for the past 7+ long years?

    The party indeed! What about We the People?

    Maggie Richards
    Committeewoman, Escambia County Florida
    Remember us (Florida)…..Your candidate wants to “let the people decide” , except for the people of Florida & Michigan”

  28. Hi Pat! I think they would be having buyer’s remorse, except – they are mostly circus (caucus) voters participating in said gaming and the demographic is mostly white males…

    They also listen to Air America, local faux-progressive radio, watch KO… I think the “news” is pretty tightly managed from these types of outlets.

  29. I love Maggie Williams!

  30. Montana is very different from Washington. Its largest town is something like 40k people. Oregon is more similar, with Seattle and Portland having somewhat similar demographics. If I had to take a shot in the dark, I’d put Oregon in the Obama column but much less so than WA.

    Elixir, that was a good read. From personal experience I can say it is more or less true. I’ve come to admire her more as she continues to forge ahead. I’d be willing to bet that this is has more to do with the changing demographics than any other factor, including Wright. I don’t know what to say though about that USA today comment; it made me uncomfortable.

  31. The Reclusive Leftist has a terriffic post up this morning. I am waiting for a repairman to show up so I am blog trolling while I sit here. Please read her blog as it is a mirror to Anglachel. Seems like a lot of us are getting really pissed off.

  32. Resisted temptation to watch morning news – check (Curious George is far more believable these days, anyway…)
    Requested affiliation change card from board of canvassers – check
    Contributed $10.44 to HRC – check
    Phone bank for WV — will do at naptime, if son sleeps

    RD, thanks for putting up the info about tomorrow’s food drive. I was going to mention it in my comments.

    Have you cross-posted your Invitation to Dems in exile and/or checklist anywhere else?

  33. Old Coastie @858am — Someone needs to find an old, sweaty sock of Obama’s and stuff it into David Shuster’s mouth, because I can hardly stand to look at that man. Of course, it is ok to say Chelsea was pimping for her mom; what’s wrong with that?! I was mostly listening to C-span and was surprised that a number of call-ins noted that they had been Dem for a number of years, but were changing to Ind. They were disgusted and dismayed by the way this whole primary campaign was conducted; they were mostly women, but a few men. Some others said they were never going to vote for Hillary, or Obama either, they just really respected McCain, who had both the experience that Obama, a 2 year Senator lacked and did not trust Clinton and her lies. It apparently was an unforgiveable sin to think Hillary had lied about sniper fire, but did not even require enquiry about that bill Obama was so proud of passing re the nuclear waste from a plant — after reaching across the aisle (or gaining insight from Excelon who funded him) the bill was so watered down it had no effect — but technically, I guess that was not exactly a lie.

    To further strip the racism charge, they have even been proving that Obama has done as well as Kerry did with the white voters and all morning they have been saying just how well Obama is doing. If that is true, then why do they keep smearing her with racism, when it is very easy to prove who are the racist in this primary.(92%) They have every right to get out and promote their race since they view this as a great exhibit of their equality finally being displayed; however, they do not have a right to smear us with that epithet of racism, just because we prefer the other candidate. As far as I am concerned, they just chose an inferior candidate, especially at this time in our nation when so many diverse qualities are demanded, yes, on day one!

  34. Population of Montana cities (2003):
    Billings, 95,220
    Missoula, 60,722
    Great Falls, 56,155
    Bozeman, 30,753

    I’m a Missoula native (who is a temporary Oregonian for the last 20 years!). Mazoo’s surrounding area has at least 25,000 more people. Missoula is the liberal city of Montana.

  35. If the left legitimizes the misogyny, disenfranchisement, and working class contempt that drives the Obama candidacy, what chance do we have as a country?
    I don’t know. I guess it’s not even permitted to be discussed aside from on these blogs..

    I got a fundraising letter from Obama yesterday and I sure as hell never put myself on his mailing list. Not sure where they got my info – Kerry, the DNC, not that I recall giving $$ to the DNC or Kerry in ages (though I did to Kerry in 04)? I wrote a quote from Axelrod on it where he said HRC would do anything to get elected & mailed it back saying I could never support Obama.

  36. Oops, shows how much I know about Montana. I’ve been to Bozeman though, I swear!

  37. Rasmussen has decided to call it.


    They will simply no longer poll between Clinton and Obama: thats a banana Republic for ya!


    this despite the electoral college votes show only her beating McCain handily for the last month, and conversely Obama losing…and since it is partly Rasmussens state by state polling results that makes up this picture, you might want to take a memorial look at it here:

  38. jjmtacoma, on May 9th, 2008 at 10:01 am Said:

    I have read that obama won’t campaign in WVa but somebody said they were getting pretty mailers.

    Take a look at this pretty mailer!

  39. Date: May 09, 2008 2:25 PM EDT

    Contact: Sima

    Amount: $25.00

    Lunch money for me and my partner, straight to Hillary. This is a great idea RD. He’s been wearing his Hillary T-shirt around town, more than me. Maybe because he’s a big guy and I’m just a little woman, but he’s been getting challenged and accosted by people. Mostly black people. It’s kind of rattling, but he’s determined, he’s wearing the shirt today.

    BO is not the winner, no matter what he self proclaims. He’s not the winner until she concedes. Yes, the battle is harder now, because all the MSM is lining up to stick the shiv in her back, but it ain’t over yet!

  40. Transition team, as in transition to the Presidency? That’s just…wow. Is this some kind of psychic karma on those of us who sat dumbfounded in front of Bush thinking he was the most arrogant person we’d ever seen?

  41. Obama and his campaign are using the most vile of tactics. They have been turning up the volume on Hillary trying to steal the nomination from him so his followers, and undecideds watch her. While they have turned heads away from themselves, they steal the nomination! This May 20th intent to declare victory will get grand hurrah’s because his supporters will believe he has effectively stopped the thief in her tracks.

    I can’t vote for him in the fall. Not even if he were to put Hillary on the ticket. I will actively campaign against him, and encourage write-in voting for Hillary. The classes the “new democratic” party is trying to push out need to make their numbers known in November and be counted in the write-in column so they have no doubt at all why they lost the election. (Should Obama actually get his name on the ticket, of course.)

  42. Ryan-She just threw that white in there because it might
    sound like she was saying that blacks weren’t hard
    working. It was awkward but no harm meant.

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