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    • The Well Meaning American Oligarchy Are SO Misunderstood
      Just saw a case of the argument that “the people who have been enriching themselves by fucking everyone else for four decades are misunderstood, they’re just following the incentives, and suggesting that the people killing and impoverishing you are bad is polarizing.” Lovely. Everyone is well-meaning, and it’s all just a misunderstanding. They don’t mean […] […]
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If we’re all still here in the morning…

… the place is going to be different. This is the strangest and most disturbing day in American History that I can remember. Nixon’s resignation seemed orderly in comparison. I was too young to remember much of JFK’s assassination but I’ve seen the footage and it looked like Jackie kept us all together.

This time? Well, we can’t trust anyone in the Republican Party to do the right thing and the First Lady is a Slovenian Cruella De Ville wannabe who wears “I really don’t care” jackets to survey the places where we stash the little Honduran kids who’ve been separated from their parents. She’s probably still pissed off at the way we made fun of her Christmas trees.

Well, what should be done, people? This sounds like the perfect scenario for invoking the 25th amendment, now that our Jaime Lannister is leaving. Trump seems determined to take us all down with him. Someone should stop him.

Addendum: Any guesses as to whether Bob Mueller and Rod Rosenstein survive this putsch?

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  1. God help us all.

  2. RD,

    You hit the nail on the head! I’ve been saying it over and over all afternoon since Mattis resigned — invoke the 25th amendment! What’s wrong with these men that they’ve let trump get this far?!

    I’m convinced that trump knows that his days are numbered and blatantly announced that we were pulling out of Syria because putin wanted him to do it. trump will do anything to ensure that he gets that hotel built in Moscow after he leaves office. With him it’s always about “following the money”….country and the people be damned.

    The idiot doesn’t even realize that when he is no longer useful to putin, he will be thrown under the bus and will be laughing his ass off and doing high fives with MSB. I can only imagine what Mueller and the SDNY have in store for him re his corrupt businesses. I just hope Mueller makes his move soon. Time is running out and I wouldn’t put it past trump to do the unthinkable and start WWIII. He’s that crazy.

  3. I meant to say “Putin will be laughing his ass off and doing high fives with MSB”…

  4. “wheels are coming off”

  5. I think he will get his wall funding in the house but senate will not have enough votes and they will blame the Dems.

  6. Enquiring mind Katrina Pierson wants to know why John McCain won’t answer questions about his role in the Trump Dossier. :lol:’

  7. My understanding is that to invoke the 25th Amendment, the VP and three quarters of the cabinet must state that the President is incapable of fulfilling the requirements of the office. Pence would never do it, unless his thirst for power exceeded anything else, but then we would be no better off. And the cabinet is full of flunkies. So that is not the recourse.

    The military just taking over for a while, would be a possibility, but that would obviously cause all sorts of issues. Widely taking to the streets might actually be of value, including a general strike, as they do in Europe.

    It is possible that impeachment is in the cards, since the votes in the House would be there, and there just might be enough Republican Senators to vote for it. There would have to be 20, which is a high bar. But after Mueller’s report presumably comes out, there may be some larger push for it. I do not know what this report is to come out so soon; is he done, or is he trying to get it in before Barr is approved?

    It seems pretty obvious that we cannot afford waiting out the next two years of Trump, who now has not one obvious person in his entire administration who could quell his impulses. Would we be a satellite of Russian by then? So something must be done. I know that Pelosi and Schumer will hold meetings with their members to figure out some kind of gameplan. But there may not be a viable political one.

  8. There is one other thought, not a particularly thrilling one. Assuming that McConnell is not the actual Moscow candidate, a la Angela Lansbury’s character, he might be willing to make some kind of deal with Democrats, if indeed the Mueller report comes out, and it is very powerful. He did criticize Trump today. He could probably control another 19 Republican votes. The deal would be not to try to impeach Pence, and let him become President after impeachment. It is the kind of deal he likes; he gets all the right-wing judges he wants, he gets rid of Trump, who is an electoral liability. This does not excite me at all, but it would solve one problem; maybe we could get through the next two years in that way.

  9. I haven’t been this scared since, as a child, I lived through the Cuban missile crisis. Okay, my parents were scared; I was pissed that the news was on all the time. Huntley and Brinkley-feh. Where was Yogi Bear, dammit.

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