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Yes! I have been waiting for the magic formula of an all female podcast that I am compelled to listen to. The ideal podcast would let a group of intelligent, insightful, articulate women with a good sense of humor talk about current events without making me think of The View or Coffee Talk or some pink version of the news mixed with how you can make grilled cheese sandwiches with an iron in your hotel room for your picky eating kids on your next trip to DisneyWorld.

You know, unlike the kind of male dominated podcast run primarily by DC aristocrats, cultivated young opinion pundits of the future, or Obama bros, that feature a single female whose expertise is drowned out by dudes with whiny voices crackling with extreme cases of vocal fry.

And I think Virginia Heffernan at Trumpcast might have put together the perfect cast. It had to be Heffernan. She has a light hearted snarkiness, combined with a deft interviewing technique, that gives the podcast character but also momentum and focus. Sorry, MuellerSheWrote, I know you’ve got loyal fans but the structure of your podcast is meandering and leaves me feeling like I have ADD. I just let the episode play itself out like I’m listening to an Audible book that had great reviews but was read by a cast of distracting narrators. Nice try but no thank you.

This latest episode of Trumpcast titled A Foxhole in the Cyberwar features author Karen Schwartz and cyberwar expert Molly McKew. This episode was riveting. It’s like the three of them are working on a jigsaw puzzle, contributing pieces that the others were missing, to give the listener a picture of an America run by a cabal of criminal oligarchs. There may not be a single smocking gun. What we may be looking at is not so much a conspiracy as a lifestyle as experienced by jet setters who do not respect international boundaries any more than a “caravan” of Central American immigrants. They think there is no law that they can’t subvert. Our justice system is being put to the test to see if they’re right.

Check it out and tell me you don’t think they’re as good or better than Pod Save America or The Weeds or Political Gabfest. I dares ya’. I’ve been searching for a podcast that I’d actually be tempted to fund. There are so many out there that want a subscription but I can’t pay for every deserving podcast (sorry Preet). I’ve got other bills to pay. If I’m going to pay for a podcast, I want one that I’ve never heard before. I want to give money to one that would otherwise be drowned out by an ocean of already comfortably appointed and heavily promoted guys.

Run with it, Virginia.


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29 Responses

  1. Cyberwar, not just hacking but to abuse social media platforms and search engines,… a term not getting enough attention. This is how they are kneecapping America from the outside and from within and yet we don’t hear of it enough. I got spooked looking at twitter yesterday from these folks on what trump and his minions have attempted. Will check that podcast out later. There was talk on Mimi Rocah’s timeline for a podcast by all the wonderful female prosecutors we see on TV.

    • What would President Hillary Clinton have done about this cyberwar, Russian intervention in our election, voter suppression and voting rights suppression by the Rs everywhere, social unrest using social media platforms and as vehicles for foreign intervention….

  2. The American President.

  3. Can some enterprising reporter ask this of trump on camera?

  4. Pootie called off his dogs. He has for a while now, I think to of course help his puppet.

  5. Well, I would probably not listen to the podcast, as I would clearly not be one of the intended audience. Which is okay, but disappointing. I do not see why there cannot be podcasts or shows or anything, where men and women can share opinions. Always in discussion groups in real life or TV, there are those whom one prefers not to listen to, because they have a whiny voice, or say the same thing each time, or laugh as if they are so amused with themselves. But that is the way of things. I’m certainly not the one to solve the potential “male/female divide,” but I think that efforts should be made. But I will concede that some of the men in the political pundit class, whether in the broadcast of the newspaper realm, are too full of themselves, and really have little worthwhile to add. On the other hand, we need approximately 42% of the male vote to win any elections, so we do not want to estrange them too much, it is self-defeating.

    I actually did try my first podcast the other day, not something I will likely do often. It has Carole Cadwalladr of the Guardian, and a male colleague, mostly discussing Mueller, and the implications for British matters such as Brexit,and how that election was gamed and stolen. Both are quite intelligent, particularly Cadwalladr, who I learned had written a novel some years ago which some have raved about, and which I have bought to read. though the format is said to be daunting.. Both seem good-humored, but did not spend their time yukking it up for their own self-amusement. It can work, this dual gender thing!

    • I don’t see why you wouldn’t be the target audience. Women are expected to listen to a zillion men talk about current events and get rather well paid for it. If it were just a bunch of women, I wouldn’t be interested either. But I think a set of intelligent women who complement each other DO have something to contribute in a way that wonky weeds guys or smug self satisfied Obama bros do not.
      That is, the big picture. The zeitgeist. The ambience. The trend. The thing at the corner of the eye that most male podcasters do not see. Or if they see it, they don’t talk about it.
      So, yeah, I think you should listen to that podcast on foxholes. If you don’t have an “Oh shit!” Moment before the end of it, I’ll eat this post.

      • That’s a challenge! I would not want you to have to do that, so I will give it my most open listening, probably this evening, and let you know. I do like intelligent deductive reasoning; always fun to listen to people who can employ it. A welcome antidote to some of the TV commentators who don’t seem to be able to make the more obvious connections.

  6. Barr is turning out to be another Kavanaugh. Senate will confirm him. What is their (these Bush minions) angle in helping to protect trump?

    • Again why are ex-Bushies doing this to help a criminal?

      • Never forget the Bush era, with Cheney, Rumsfeld, Gonzalez, and yes, Barr. Most of them were all in on Clinton’s impeachment. They are not reasonable opposition, they are avid partisans. And they all believe in the imperial presidency, except apparently when it comes to lying about a consensual affair. People who believe that if we can only get rid of Trump, Republicans will rejuvenate and somehow become the party of the ’50’s “Brahmins,” are being hopelessly deluded. I remember how awful it was with DeLay and Armey running things back in 2004.

        • Hey, hey, what do you know about Brahmins?! I am a Brahmin and I know nothing about Republicans being a Brahmin. 🙂

          • Yes, I was a bit concerned that you might not know the reference here, and think I meant something else. In the ’50’s or so, there were these old-line family Republicans in power in the East, which mostly went Republican. And I guess because of their family lineage, general air of decency and political sobriety, they were sometimes referred to as Brahmin Republicans, it was meant in a favorable way. Henry Cabot Lodge of NH would have been one, and George Aiken of VT, as well as Margaret Chase Smith of ME. They were very much protectionist economically, but more or less liberal in social thinking. They would stand up for the rule of law, for decorum and decency. It may be hard to believe, but Republicans mostly controlled the New England terrain in elections then. And back in 1936, the only two states Alf Landon of Kansas won against Franklin Roosevelt, were Maine and Vermont. Meanwhile, the South always voted Democratic,as a vestige or Reconstruction, until Nixon and Agnew changed that forever with the racist “Southern Strategy.” The “Brahmin Republicans” in the ’50’s and early ’60’s helped maintain the bedrock of the political structure, to combat the nutty Republicans in the West and Midwest.

          • I had heard of the expression ‘Boston Brahmins’ (didn’t think they were all Rs) but not this variety.

  7. I am surprised (and it may actually come to this) that Trump doesn’t just say, “I am happy that funding for the wall has been approved, and it is a great day for America.” And then tell us for the next two years that
    “the wall is getting higher and higher, and it is a wonderful thing.” It worked for the emperor in the fairy tale for quite a while. And in this world, there are millions of his cultists who believe everything he says. Tell them the chocolate ration has been steadily rising,, thank you Big MAGA.

  8. “they’re as good or better than Pod Save America”

    That’s pretty faint praise, RD.

  9. OK, he is talking about steel slats for the wall and apparently is not going to sign the CR to keep the government open. This insistence on the wall makes me think it is another boondoggle to enrich himself and his cronies. And is that Chinese steel that will be used for the wall? who is benefiting from this wall?

  10. RD, listened to the podcast. I got the sense that if we don’t get this right this time, we may be run by Ivanka or someone like her (would Zuck qualify and he thought he could be president?) next. Some part of me felt like the media MAGA Maggies’ and the other 30 somethings in the media are wannabees in that billionaire’s club. Where did the idealism go? I don’t know. Too many things (dirty deeds) going on and too little resolution.

  11. This is some weird sh*t going on. Who is putting money into this and where will it go?

  12. If it were ever time for “Seven Days in May,” it would be now. I don’t know if we can wait two years or even one. And I don’t know who is actually running the country now.

    • Yeah, I don’t think we have a lot of time. This is a constitutional crisis if there is one. It is amazing how there is no easy escape clause for the country from a tyrant or a malevolent buffoon compromised by a foreign power.

      • All we had to have done was to have elected Hillary. But you know, she made a speech to a Wall Street firm, she wanted to cap tuition free education for families which made $125,000, or less; and she coughed a few times when she got sick. And one could write or yell or argue to some people, that those kind of things were beyond meaningless as opposed to what a Trump; election would mean; and they would never listen, because they were so full of their own self-righteous stupidity, which they will doggedly hold on to. Right now, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and the nightmarish figures of the Right Wing swamp, are roaming the landscape.

    • TV shows and the pundits, reporters, the whole gang are like the people playing the violin on the Titanic.

  13. Leader Pelosi, please fear monger… some people need to be scared about losing their country.

  14. I LOL’ed but situation is dire.

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