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Stay Tuned with Preet summarizes today’s indictments.

Preet Bharara, former US Attorney in NY, and current host of the not to be missed podcast, Stay Tuned with Preet, did a 12 minute summary of the indictments that Robert Mueller brought against Papadopolous, Manafort and Gates.

Why should you listen.

Preet Bharara’s podcast is refreshingly non-partisan. No really. Go listen to all of his episodes and you’ll see what I mean. The guy is really into the law and Justice. His podcast started recently and omg is it timely. He breaks down the details about what Mueller is doing and what it portends down the road.

The most interesting indictment today was the one agains George Papadopolous. Preet tells you how important Papadopolous is as a witness and what he might have done to cooperate with Mueller. In short, Papadopolous was accused of obstructing justice. But if I’m not mistaken, he could be the linchpin in the case against other high level White House officials because of the date that James Comey was asked to give his loyalty to Trump.

Believe it or not, sports fans, this is not a day for rejoicing. What is happening is very, very serious. We should all be alarmed and ashamed that it ever came to this. And it’s not over yet. It may never be over. We are ruled by thugs and criminals.

Popcorn and Road Trips

“If we have the truth, it cannot be harmed by investigation. If we have not the truth, it ought to be harmed.”

– J. Reuben Clark, former President, LDS Church


So much going on today and I’m at work. I can hardly wait to bust out the popcorn later. But let’s not get giddy. We’ve seen what the right wing Wurlitzer can do. They had to control the message to get control in the first place. Still, the arrest and conviction of George Papadopolous, The Trump campaign Foreign Policy advisor, was a surprise. Putin wanted to get rid of the Magnitsky act something special and he only had to find the candidate with the least integrity and loyalty to our country to get it.

I have no idea how far Mueller will go or how many dominos will fall. I suspect that the R’s in Congress are trying damage control right now, especially Bob Corker’s foreign relations committee. I read somewhere that he was having a hearing today.

It’s going to get ugly. Watch for Trump to mobilize his thugs to cause havoc and issue threats against the libtards.

Update: The court has ruled that Trump can’t discriminate against transgendered people in the military.

It just isn’t Donald’s day today.


I need a vacation. Haven’t had a real one in years. Either I haven’t had the money or I haven’t had the time. I’m dying for a road trip out west, maybe ending up on a houseboat on Lake Powell but I’ll take recommendations.

Who will it be?

We’re supposed to know who Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is going to indict for Russian interference today and judging by the way Trump tweeted his panic attack yesterday, it might be someone close to him.

My bet is it’s Manafort. That’s kind of like Mueller Lite but it could be just the first of many dominos. And unlike Russia, we don’t usually torture people in order to get them to sign false documents. Nevertheless, my guess is that since Trump doesn’t hire people with integrity or character, whoever Mueller indicts is going to break as soon as he’s deprived of his iPhone.

We shall see.

In the meantime, the White House is engaging in a smear and confuse game over Clinton and uranium that is so preposterous and evil that it’s difficult to understand how people could actually believe it. And yet they do.

But watch what happens when anchor Joy Reid does her homework and has nothing to lose. Caution: Joy uses actual journalism skills to question her guest. Sensitive Fox News viewers may find this disturbing:

See how easy that was, Jake Tapper? Do it just like that.

And Brian Stelter sums up exactly what’s going on. [insert same tiresome disclaimer for Fox News viewers, yes, I know I’m wasting my breath because the color of the sky is different in their world but let’s just call this a public service]

Now, it shouldn’t be necessary for Stelter to point this out. It should be OBVIOUS to the people among us who can think and sort through misdirection on their own. *I* didn’t need to hear this and it’s not because I’m a liberal Democrat. It’s because I spent 23 years in a lab and learned to tell important information from unimportant information and listened to enough presentations to know when someone was baffling me with bullshit. So, I’m kinda fireproofed. And many of you reading this just know when you’re being lied to and don’t defer to authority JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE AUTHORITIES.

But there are some people out there who regularly cannot tell the difference. And they probably aren’t going to listen to a single thing Stelter has to say. That’s who we have to worry about.

Yes, it is probably a waste of our time. But we have to do it anyway.


Stormy weather, southern warmth: