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      This second excerpt from my interview is more interesting and longer. This is the second clip from my interview with Ian Welsh (Ian blogs at ianwelsh.net). For this segment, we went on a wild ride discussing the big picture mess that is US politics and society more broadly. I asked Ian what might happen if […]
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Too much MUCH

I have so many links, I don’t know where to start. In no particular order…

The US voted *against* a UN resolution condemning the death penalty for LBGQT people and blasphemers! Get your stones ready, ladies.

No, I have no idea what they’re thinking but I’m agin’ it.


Tom Petty wrote a touching piece for The Rolling Stone about why he stopped using the Confederate flag at his concerts back in the 80s. Very thoughtful and full of conviction. He will be missed for more than his music.


The Nobel for chemistry was announced today for the technique of cryo electron microscopy of biological molecules. It’s bittersweet news for me because I used to work in this are in protein crystallography and drug design. I *love* discovering new proteins. They’re beautiful. But I don’t do this work any more since pharmageddon. But I’m going to check out RCSB for the structures if they’re available and download the papers if I can from the pirate site.

Did I say that out loud?



I love this song even though it doesn’t apply to Pittsburgh anymore. We are like a phoenix. This city is awesome.

Wednesday: What’s Going On?

The Republicans are holding hostage the lives of 9 million children whose participation in CHIP is threatened because Republican lawmakers didn’t get the funding bill passed last Saturday night.

Check this site to find out if your state is affected. In Pennsylvania, funds run out this month, maybe as early as this week. California is in the same status as are many blue states.

And what is holding things up? Republicans want cuts somewhere else. This is disgusting behavior. The bill to fund CHIP should come with no strings attached.

No, don’t even. This is not negotiable. The funding of Childrens’ health care is not negotiable. At all. Call your senator. Pat Toomey in this state. They’re going to try some other tactics to ram through budget cuts and compromises in this bill and it will *almost* sound reasonable to people who don’t have the time or inclination to research what they’re being asked to give up. But the answer to those items is unequivocal. Pass the funding for CHIP first because time has already run our for our kids. THEN we’ll talk.

Maybe you don’t have kids or grandchildren or cousins or nieces and nephews on CHIP but *I* do and delaying this is like putting a gun to some poor kid’s head and asking us to hand over our Medicare so Republicans won’t blow the kid’s head off.

That gun metaphor is intentional because delaying this is going to result in the death of some poor children.


Trump is going to Las Vegas today. I hope Las Vegas gives him their “warmest” welcome.

This morning, I heard some woman on NPR say that mass shootings by crazy white guys with an Arsenal are just something we have to get used to.

Which makes me wonder why we are so irrationally afraid of Muslims. Most of them aren’t planning to go all jihad on us and murder us in our beds. Why the travel ban? Why can’t Fox News viewers stop peeing the bed about it and get used to it?

It’s not even remotely the same thing since there are a LOT more crazy white guys with guns in this country but we’re just supposed to let them get away with terrorizing the rest of us. And no one’s screaming bloody murder about THEM.

Let’s have a little consistency.