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    Beata on Weighing the Benefits and Cost…
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Jon Stewart: how to MAGA 

Stick with it to the end. 

18 Responses

  1. Holy Hemiola, batman, I lost a ton of weight this month. Jeans fit much better. Amazing what a phenomenally bad president and other distractions can do for the appetite. I might even start looking lukewarm again.

    • I eat more when I am stressed and I am on my final promotion cycle. My healthy life begins after June. I hope by that time, this monster in the WH is gone. Russia, Russia, Russia, #impeachment

      • I started off the year recovering from norovirus. Ruined my Christmas. But after that, the appetite never really came back fully. Not that I mind. It’s the incredible lightness of being. Or the incredibleness of being light(er).
        There has to be some compensation for the Trump weeks. (I don’t think he’s going to make it all four years but the Republicans aren’t done using him yet)

        • I am looking forward to shedding at least 20 pounds the healthy way. Saw a federal judge in my salon who shares my ‘stylist’ who is 78 but looked like she was early 60s, so hip and trim. I love judges, the good ones.

          You are right about the Rs. I am watching and waiting to see when he becomes toxic to them and they start worrying about their brand — he is off to a magnificent start. In all the protests and other calls, we have to tie them to him. He is one of them doing their bidding and they are him doing his bidding.

  2. Democrats have to run a candidate in 2018 in every district and every state. Hillary won many districts in Texas (!) where the R ran unopposed (if I remember right).

  3. Lady V, this is what else he can do by filing with FEC as a candidate for 2020 (yes he did that 5 hours after being sworn in as President) — still fleecing his stupid supporters:

    • Is he self dealing again? Sounds a bit obscene does it not??

      • I have never seen a man so shameless and ugly in a leadership position. There is nothing that holds him back. He surrounds himself with mobsters who use him and offer protection and it has happened all through his life. We have to go after him through the courts and nail him for corruption and illegality for which I am sure there is plenty evidence already (lock him up! for real). BTW, Jeff Bezos is going after him on this immigration ban and I am so heartened to hear that. I might even subscribe to WaPO.

    • At this point I will say they get what they deserve. He can fleece them to their and his hearts content.

  4. If you check Fahrenthold’s Twitter TL, there is a radio interview with the white supremacist Bannon. This tweet refers to that. Already this week, they have gone after legal immigrants, green card holders of Muslim origin. They will go after other legal immigrants soon too, especially Chinese and Indian. That is my prediction based on what that pig Bannon says in the interview.

  5. Stewart could not bring himself to support Hillary Clinton in the most important election in American history. So speaking only for myself, I have contempt for him, I don’t want to hear his stupid snarky jokes or anything else. He and Maher and Sarandon and all the people on the Left who either hated Hillary, or gave her the most tepid support possible, are actually the ones who got us into this horror. Just too beneath their pseudo intellects to actually wholeheartedly support a sane, brilliant and caring candidate, against an absolute fascist, Nazi psychopath.

    And that’s not a criticism of the post here, simply an expression for my utter disgust at those who did virtually nothing to help avoid this situation, and are far better at worthless mocking of tyranny than they are at acting like decent people and fighting for the person who could have defeated it before it became entrenched. If anyone knows for a reasonable fact that Stewart actually voted for Hillary, I’ll slightly modulate my statement–but I am pretty sure that he did not.

    • I’m with you William, Stewart, Maher and the Sarandon alikes are on my shit list, too.

      • If I were a gambler, I would bet that all three of them thought:

        “I don’t think I need to hold my nose and support Hillary when I don’t like her. After all, no way in hell are enough of the American voters stupid enough to choose an orange fascist instead of her!”

        Above the Cheetolini voters and the third-party voters, the greatest blame of all falls on the majority of non-voters, who were NOT prevented from voting by GOP dirty tricks or other circumstances beyond their control (as a few were), but just couldn’t be bothered to move their lazy @$$es to keep a Madoka-damned fascist out of the White House. Even more so than the Cheetolini voters and third-party voters, the voluntary non-voters will now receive the government, society, economy, and ecology which they deserve.

        The problem with that, of course, is that the rest of us, who deserve better, will also receive what the haters and lazybones deserve. 😡

        Sometimes a facepalm just isn’t enough.

    • Totally agree. My husband was a huge Stewart supporter, and I always liked him before his statements about Hillary on Colbert during the primary. He did a lot of damage, particularly amongst those who got most of their news from Late Show / Daily Show.

  6. Way behind on the blog, work has gotten in the way.

    Hope this hasn’t already been posted:

    Hillary Clinton Re-emerges, Announces New Book, Wellesley Speech
    Hillary Clinton will reflect on her loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election as well her life in politics in general in a new collection of personal essays set to be published this fall, Simon & Schuster announced Wednesday.


    • Thanks for this! Heartening! Happy she’s re-releasing It Takes A Village, too, and emerging to speak. She will be there when we need her. Just wait.

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