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Boogiemen and Clubs

The Third Way picking off sleepers in the Mead Hall

I’m trying to find the motivation to write anything in the last couple of days.  The small evil group who runs the world and to whom no one we know belongs seems determined to take away our social insurance benefits that we pre-paid.  I was on my way home from Philly last night listening to All Things Considered and let me tell you, there is a reason why I gave up NPR news programs back in the mid Naughties.  Last night, they interviewed some asshole from a casino corporation who is advising the president on the “fiscal cliff” from the business perspective.  I don’t remember his name (and for some reason, I can’t find the clip) but I was so infuriated after his little spiel that I could barely drive.  Here’s a summary of what he said:

He recognizes that the current economic environment is bad.

He thinks we need to cut back on “entitlements”.

He thinks that the American people need stability and something they can count on beyond the next quarter.

He thinks that social security can be replaced with something that works better.

He is convinced that if taxes are raised on the wealthy, they won’t have enough money to spend in casinos, leading to job loss.

Here’s what he really meant:

His business is suffering because not enough people are gambling.  They’re actually more concerned with keeping their houses than losing them, if it can be believed.

He doesn’t want to pay the employer’s part of social security.  Well, neither do I but now that I am self-employed, I am paying both parts and since it is MY MONEY, social security is the best way to ensure I have something to retire on.

He thinks it’s a bad idea to make Americans uncertain about their economic futures with layoffs and stuff because it means fewer people are going to gamble.  So, getting people back to work and stable is a good thing, mostly for him but if it turns out to be good for the average American, that’s good too. For some reason, like many business people, he seems to have a blind spot where the social insurance programs are concerned.  Making Americans more secure about their retirement futures might just get them to visit a casino in their younger years.  On the other hand, people like myself, who are unlikely to ever make the money I did a year ago are going to sock money away in a mattress and never visit a casino ever if there’s no social security on the horizon or a paltry sum compared to what we were lead to believe (I’ll address that a little later).  So, Mr. Casino man really needs to think this through.  Or maybe he has thought it through and has been convinced by his consultants that the illogic of his contradictory thoughts will not get much scrutiny from the NPR interviewers.  The consultant, probably from the company Mr. Grinch Consultants Inc, was correct.

He seems to have in mind a replacement for Social Security and Medicare.  We can count on his suggestion to have something to do with the private market.  That means there will be an administrator raking in the big bucks.  This is completely unnecessary.  Social Security is the best run government agency we have with very low overhead.  It’s extremely efficient.  Therefore it must be dismantled. This reminds me of the interview I heard on Ann Applebaum’s book about the Iron Curtain last night on the BBC History Extra Podcast.  When the Communists took over Eastern Europe, they were determined to put their ideological stamp on the economy.  When their plans failed, they blamed everything but communism. For example, if there was a private grocery store that everyone wanted to go to and as a result, the state store was suffering, the ideologues reasoned that the problem was the private store was making the state store look bad.  Solution: Close the private store.  In our case, the business community is upset that Social Security, being socially secure, is making their privatization schemes look bad.  So it must be replaced. To me, this demonstrates that the problem is not necessarily communism vs capitalism.  The problem is ideologues.

I don’t even know what to say about the wealthy, taxes and gambling.  It seems to me that the way they got to be so wealthy is that they figured out a way of gambling without suffering any losses.  Now, they have more money than they can spend in several lifetimes.  Surely the casino owner is not expecting me to feel sorry for them that need to pay a little more in taxes. If they want to gamble and be entertained, a slight increase in taxes isn’t going to prevent that. Besides, this conflicts with his other statements about the stability of the economy to average Americans.  There are very few really rich people, even though they have a disproportional share of the wealth.  Therefore, even though the level of luxury, entertainment and gambling they demand is high, it is limited by the monetary barrier of access.  There may be a high ratio of servant/employee to wealthy dudes but it’s a niche market.  On the other hand, there are millions of working and middle class people who can afford to gamble a little bit of money and take in a Cirque du Soleil show.  In this respect, I see the casino owner not that different from a car company owner.  You’re going to sell a lot more Ford Focuses and Toyota Camrys than Maybachs or even Lexus SUVs.  He’s going to get more bang for his buck by selling more affordable sedans.  In this case, the casino owner is correct to assert that working and middle class people need more economic stability but he’s not really making a case for sparing the upper class from tax increases.  The wealthy are not going to find themselves suddenly homeless and unable to afford a vacation in Vegas.  If he expects more middle class people visiting Las Vegas to have a bit of money to spend then there’s no reason to think that the wealthy are going to suddenly cut back because they get hit with a small tax increase.  Besides, the employees who previously served the rich hand and foot can be reallocated to serve the middle class guy from California less lavishly.

Does that make sense?  I am not an economist after all but this doesn’t appear to be rocket science.  (I am also not a rocket scientist)

Anyway, would someone please tell me WHY the president needs so much input from the business community??  Just because they have an opinion, and it always seems to involve killing the social insurance programs, doesn’t mean that the opinion is a good one.  Nor does it mean that it must be followed.  We do not need to compromise with people who are going to kill the economy down the road when future seniors have no money to spend.  The president needs to hear from more people like myself and my colleagues who were mailed out little retirement account booklets by our companies when were were still employed that showed what our incomes were going to be like 30 years in the future based on pensions, 401K savings and SOCIAL SECURITY.  Yes, the company factored that in.  I have saved some of my little booklets and would be happy to share them with any politician or president who is thinking of tinkering with the formula that all of us working people relied on decades years ago.  Did we pay that money or didn’t we?  And if we did, we want it.  All of it.  We earned it.

By the way, I don’t think there is a good place to cut off Social Security and Medicare benefits.  No matter where you do it, there are going to be people who are unfairly penalized because they were born a few months too late.  That’s going to create a lot of resentment, anger and unless the economy improves and employers decide to hire everyone between the ages of 45 and 70 without any penalty, it’s an unworkable and unfair plan.  And as a citizen of this country who paid a lot of money in taxes in the past couple decades of working, in New Jersey, no less, where we lose 39 cents for every dollar we send to DC, I deserve to be heard and treated with as much respect as some Sheldon Adelson wannabe.

So, this is where I turned off NPR because high blood pressure and driving on 95 at rush hour is not a good combination.

Now, on to the boogiemen.  I have been told that the Third Way and the DLC and the neoliberals are an unholy alliance and they are planning a ritualistic sacrifice where they stand around in a circle in dark robes and masks and watch General Petraeus and his biographer have sex while they slaughter a goat or some such thing.  And I have been  told that I am not taking their threat seriously because I have made fun of them and said “boo!” to the boogiemen.

But here’s the thing: I don’t like ANYONE who plans to strip our social insurance programs or offer us a “truck system” in its place or wants to substitute a 401K, which really is like gambling against the house, or wants to means test or take away Tricare from my mother or any other stupid, ill-conceived, hard hearted, ruthless, callous, sociopathic pro-casino owner plan.  No, I do not.  I don’t care if they are Third Way or Republicans or neoliberals or just passive progressive Democrats who fold the minute a Tea Partier stirs up a breeze.

The problem is not that these people are organized and determined.  The problem is that WE are NOT.

It doesn’t do us any good to worry about the enemy if we don’t have a plan to rally the troops to fight back.  And this is the awful legacy of the Obama years: he has completely dismantled the new deal coalition of left of center partners.  We won’t go into all of the details of what Obama is all about or his character traits (or lack thereof) or how the left was deceived and betrayed or how they could have used the threat of Hillary Clinton to shake Obama to the core during the 2012 election year and decided to pass on it for some unfathomable reason or neglected to pressure any candidate or party at all during 2012 or any of that.  It’s too late to hold Obama’s feet to the fire now since he’s re-elected and the left didn’t protest- at all.  What I am saying to all of you out there who are worried about losing the social insurance programs is that you can’t do anything about the tidal wave that is headed your way if you do not join together and push back.

We need to organize and do it quickly.  I have suggested an umbrella group called a Federation for Democratic Reform based on the Christian Coalition model.  The purpose would be to organize a voting bloc, to lobby effectively, to vet candidates and to promote the policies that we want to see.  Since we are as uncooperative as cats, I suggest we adopt the “12 Word Platform” and make holding the line on the social insurance programs as our first goal.

Now, I am an idea rat.  I am not good at organizing.  You should see my file cabinet and my car.  But I am good at spotting trends.  And the trend that I see is despite the crowds and protests in Greece and Spain, the governments in both countries are totally ignoring what the people actually want. We’re next.  And while Greece has a real problem with its tax system, the US does not.  There is no reason why the 300+ million of us have to tolerate the theft of the money that the wealthy took for their ridiculous tax cuts in the past 30 years.  We shouldn’t have to put up with the dismantling of our social insurance programs simply because Wall Street wants more money to put on the global craps table.  We don’t need to endure failing infrastructure and expensive wars and have a bunch of wealthy media people running around like chickens with their heads cut off hysterical about some “fiscal cliff”.  As the famous quote goes, “Your inability to plan ahead does not constitute an emergency for me”.  In this case, it is beyond offensive that anyone in the media or government should make any of us working and middle class people feel sympathy for the absurdly wealthy or shame that we are asking for our money back or urgency to put all of our skin in the game so that the wealthy don’t have to put any in the game at all.  Fuck that shit.

What is lacking here right now is the ability of the new deal proponents to coalesce and say FUCK THAT SHIT!  That is what is needed.  I would like to hear a discussion in the left blogosphere of how we intend to get the band back together.  No more discussion of Third Way boogiemen.  There are all kinds of boogiemen out there.  What I want to hear is how many of us are going to grab our weapons, join together and go out of the mead hall to fight the Grendels out there.  Anyone who starts wordsmithing and getting in a snit about who they will and won’t stand next to should be offered the opportunity to go out into the night by themselves to fight the monster alone.

28 Responses

  1. RD, this is a super post. “Federation for Democratic Reform” really has a nice ring to it. Like you, I’m not an organizer, but I can see this idea having legs. One thought I had was “teach in.” Another thought I had was a question: Do all McDonalds have WiFi these days? If the one up here in the great state of Maine does… (The two thoughts are related, obviously. Remember Dean and Meetups?)

    • Every group must have a good foundation. I like the idea of the public wifi’s. I also think we could put out a tablet friendly “newspaper” and podcasts, radio, etc. But we must have a strong foundation with some core goals, like the 12 Word Platform, or we’re not going anywhere. One of the maddening things about Occupy Wall Street was its resistance to a workable organization. I love them dearly. They are brave, good hearted people and they should be taken seriously. But organizational problems have hurt them.
      With that in mind, any group determined to take this on should register with the authorities appropriately. We need to get big and we need to be taken seriously. And that’s going to mean outreach, coalitions, liaisons, coordinating groups, technology groups, finance groups, policy groups, etc.
      Pick a place. Make it easily accessible and cheap. Get everyone together and hammer it out. I’d suggest something like a Y-camp that has facilities and cabins and isn’t being used in the winter.

  2. RD, this is a super post. “Federation for Democratic Reform” really has a nice ring to it
    Yes, it does and I love the initials: FDR.

  3. I’ll do what I can. For now that means following this.

  4. Remember Josh Marshall’s “Bamboozlepalooza.” Time to organize!

  5. “And this is the awful legacy of the Obama years: he has completely dismantled the new deal coalition of left of center partners.”

    Josh Marshall seems to have joined the ranks of a social security switch hitter himself.


    AARP is the only organized entity I know of at this time that is pushing back against this shock doctrine type treat to social security and medicare.

    • It is sad and tragic that Marshall has become a Simpson-Obama Catfood Collaborator. But we can study the methods he employed during his Bamboozlepalooza campaign and replicate them ourselve, here or elsewhere.

      We could start making lists of which Dem Senators are FDR Senators and which Dem Senators are Catfood Democrats. We could pressure the ” 28 SSS LetterSigners” to mean what they signed, to begin with . . . and name and shame those who seem to be wavering.

  6. Question: How does one contact RD or Katiebird privately?

  7. Here’s an idea for where we can cut to fix the deficit: The pensions and health insurance of politicians. We should start by reducing and eliminating lavish pensions and payments for their health care. That’s where to start.
    Why is that never on the table?

    Never mind, I know why.

    • I disagree. That would be the last thing I would cut. The last thing we need is more independently wealthy people in Congress.

    • I also agree with Riverdaughter’s disagreement. If we want “people like ourselves” in social class terms to represent us in government, we have to pay those people enough to make up for the careers and earned-money they would have achieved elsewhere. If serving in government carries zero pay and zero benefits, then it is only rich people who will be able to serve in government, and they will operate government as even more of an Upper Class Front mafia racket machine then how they operate it now.

      Should we really expect Elizabeth Warren to work as Senator for no pay and no benefits, for the natural fun of it?

      • I think you folks are deliberately misunderstanding InsanelySane’s proposal. He/she doesn’t mean elected representatives should get ZERO pay/pension/benefits. The suggestion is they shouldn’t get LAVISH pay/pension/benefits. The proposal is that elected representatives should get the SAME pension/benefits as everyone else. Maybe they get higher pay during their time of service; fine. But they should participate in the SAME pension and health care programs as everybody else. I think that is the best and only incentive for elected representatives to maintain/sustain decent pension & health care for all.

    • I guess that would depend on the definition of the word ‘lavish’.
      I think you’d have better luck shaming the very wealthy in congress to forgo their salaries.

      • I think you RD need to explain why you think elected representatives and other government employees (including military) should be allowed to continue participating in pension and health care programs that are separate and different from those of the rest of the population.

        “The 12 Word Platform
        1. Medicare for All

        I find it easier to support a single-payer “Medicare for All” if there were some assurance that everyone would participate in that program, no better or worse for anybody, including all government employees and their dependents. How about you?

        • On balance, that could be a good idea. It would certainly extort the governing class into making such a coverage plan high quality.

          How is that question handled in Canada? Are Canadian Parliamentarians/Senators/Prime Minister/GoverCivil Servants etc. all part of the One Big Single Payer System in Canada?

  8. To fight the enemy, one has to understand the enemy. Who are the enemy’s key generals, admirals? Who are the enemy’s important
    colonels, majors, etc.? What is the Enemy Order Of Battle? What are the enemy’s strong points and weak points? What are the most lucrative targets the enemy offers our forces (if indeed we even have any forces? And if we don’t, why don’t we?) Which enemy strong-points, formations, etc. are our forces most trained, adapted, prepared to attack successfully (by which I mean render completely unable to launch further attacks against us or to resist our attacks against them if we ever become able to mount such attacks?)

    What are the enemy’s sources of support and lines of supply? If we don’t know what the enemy’s sources of support and lines of supply are, how can we attack and destroy those sources of support and lines of supply so that the enemy either surrenders or dies fighting to the last man?

    And who are the enemy spies and 5th column traitors behind our own lines? What are their names and how are they connected to Overtly Identified Enemy Formations?

    It is due to the crucial importance of understanding the enemy in broad overview and in excruciating detail that I offered the link to Bill Black’s guestpost at NaCap about a very important Enemy Formation known as the Third Way. It is not the only Enemy Formation. It may not be the most important Enemy Formation. But it is real, it exists, it has members, and those members have names. It can be targeted and neutralized, and so can its fellow-traveler spies, agents, and traitors within the Democratic Party which claims to be the guardian of our side of the lines. I think that “destroying” and “exterminating” genuine actual named Enemy Combat Formations such as ( but not limited by any means to) Third Way and its associated Vichy Collaborator traitors within the Democratic Party is a necessary part of destroying the Class Enemy Occupation Forces’ will and ability to resist our reconquest and re-occupation of our own country and our own society.

    To save our benefits from the people who would destroy our benefits, we have to destroy the people who would destroy our benefits before they are able to destroy our benefits. Of course that is just my considered opinion. If it is other analytical theories which win out, then it is other approaches which will be tried. If it is other approaches which end up being tried and those approaches enable us to save our benefits (among other things), then I will be happy regardless. If it is other approaches which are tried and which end up costing us all our benefits (among other things), then I will just try to survivalize as best as I can amid the Yeltsinized Soviet-collapse-style wreckage.

    In the meantime, and in parallel, the Federation for Democratic Reform sounds like an excellent idea. Even if it (and any who join it)
    end up failing to save any aspect of our public collective commonwealth, it can still be a series of networked nodes of stubborn resistance and preservation of politically civilized values and knowledge . . . . like the Irish Monasteries keeping Western Civilization’s knowledge alive during the last Dark Age.

    • Oh, and . . . . Obama and his tremendous vote-mobilization-network are definitely a very important part of The Enemy. Obama and his mobilization machine were part of what kept the vote totals of all third parties together down to 1.5%. If the Republicans are somehow able to launch a vicious and all-consuming Impeachment Effort against President Obama, I will support it as the only way I can think of to tie Obama down with some measure of the Full Metal Jacket Alinsky treatment. . . . isolate, neutralize, polarise, freeze, ridicule, etc.

  9. Anyone who starts wordsmithing and getting in a snit about who they will and won’t stand next to should be offered the opportunity to go out into the night by themselves to fight the monster alone.

    Be sure to take a jacket with you, it’s pretty cold outside.

  10. Re: Your entertaining post triggered by an NPR interview of “some asshole from a casino corporation who is advising the president on the ‘fiscal cliff’ from the business perspective.” That’s an excellent description of any big boss in the so-called “financial industry.”

  11. He will just drag out this “fiscal cliff” through the holidays. He just wants to make sure the spotlight remains on him, and not on our families, friends and loved ones.

    It’s all about attention and the spotlight.

    • I wish that were true. I’m afraid he and the rest of them are using the “Fiscal Cliff” as a Grand Extortion Opportunity to engineer their Grand Theft Bargain. What can we do to stop them in the time remaining?

      I’m in a thrill ride mood. Let’s go off that cliff with the windows down and the radio up.

  12. “Anyway, would someone please tell me WHY the president needs so much input from the business community?”

    The terms “return on investment” and “future earning potential” come to mind…

    • Quite so. He is still auditioning for huge multimillion dollar payouts from ” teh biznis community ” after he leaves office.

  13. […] Riverdaughter says, we need to organize.  I believe it’s my duty to participate in my own government, so I will […]

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