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Pass the debt ceiling without conditions

So, I hear that Obama wants us to ‘Tweet!’ to our Congress and tell them to compromise.

Screw that.  Have you seen the latest details on the sputtering economy?  GDP was something like 1.3% in the last quarter.  That’s atrocious.  And don’t think that Americans don’t notice.  They knew long before the stats came out that the economy is bad, worse than they’ve ever known it.

So, why the hell should we be calling and tweeting our congresspersons to compromise on one of the bills that will drastically cut spending to such an extent that economic recovery will be extremely difficult?  That makes absolutely no sense.  If anything, we should be tweeting our congress to pass the debt ceiling without any conditions at all and scrap whatever harsh and brutally cruel austerity measure it was contemplating.

Congress needs to go back to the blackboard and craft a new stimulus package.  Republicans and Tea Party lunatics need to get off of the social safety net slash viagra and get in touch with their human side, assuming they have one.  I’ve read that Tea Party activists have complained that the $17 billion in Pell Grants in the budget bills were “welfare”.  Let me just say that after all of the years that I sent enough money to Washington in taxes to support a family of four, I do not want to hear from the jerks who think that a Pell grant is “welfare”.  We’re unemployed professionals.  If you don’t want us sucking off the government, you’d better get the economy back on its feet.

And stay the f%^* out of New Jersey.

Anyway, Merck is laying off something like 12,000 people and 30-40% of those workers are coming out of the United States’ research sites.  I have friends and former colleagues who work at Merck who are worried that they’re next.  They’re not deadbeats.  They’re well educated professionals with more brains in their pinkies than some assholes in Congress have in their entire heads.  This is not fair to them or the hundreds of thousands of future patients who will not get the treatment they need because there won’t be new drugs on the market.

I’m sick of the crap the Republican House is pulling.  I’m enraged by the hostage crisis.  And Obama is the WORST president of my lifetime if he thinks he can capitulate to these maniacs and get away with it.

Screw compromise.  Pass the damn debt ceiling and get back to work.

Don’t make me come down there.

21 Responses

  1. excellent and righteous post

    Don’t make me come down there.

    They seemed determined to do so

  2. BTW, most people who get laid off are not deadbeats….

    • Don’t I know it. None of us deserved this. We worked hard and are being used as pawns in this stupid game. No one who got laid off after the disaster in 2008 deserves this no matter what the did as a line of work.
      BUT I will say that the destruction of our R&D industry is going to haunt us for generations to come. Once you cripple it, the world just laps you. Science doesn’t stop for Tea Party idiots and MBAs who don’t know what they’re doing.

  3. Barney Frank told Rachel Maddow the other day that there are worse things than default, meaning he would not vote for any deal with cuts to Social Security or Medicare or Medicaid.

    I think anything the Republicans actually cook up would be worse than default.

    So default, already.

    But no surrender.


    I don’t even much like Hillary.

    But if she primaries Obama I will vote for her just to punish him.

    I’d like Kucinich better but she would have a better chance of beating him.

    Actually, I would guess her chances would be really good, right about now.

    On the other hand, I would vote for Kucinich in the general.

    For her?

    No, I don’t think so.

    No more than for Obama.

    Not again.

    Too centrist.

    • Argghh! You were *so* close. Hillary is the New Deal Democrat. Trust me on this. The finance industry wouldn’t have gone out whole hog against her in 2008 if she was a centrist.
      And while we’re on the topic of centrist, back in the nineties, a centrist was where liberals are now. We have been pulled so far to the right that the word centrist has no meaning.
      As for kucinich, please, please, PLEASE do not make the mistake of thinking he can win. He can’t. I’m sorry, he just isn’t that appealing as a politician. To win back the white house, the Democrats need someone who is a strong Democrat who appeals to the working class and can win them back from the Republicans and Tea Party where they went after the Democratic party exiled them. Hillary can do that. I can’t think of another Democrat who can. Certainly Kucinich can’t. Don’t condemn us to another four years of economic hardship and frustration. Go with the Real Democrat. That’s Hillary.

      • i totally agree about Hillary. We would be so much better off today with her in the WH. If you go to Washington can I go too?

  4. I don’t think it’s necessary either to invoke the rather vague language of the 14th Amendment or to mint a bunch of platinum baubles (adorned no doubt with Obama’s visage). The current appropriation bill was passed after the last debt ceiling increase and clearly mandates spending in excess of the ceiling. It is obviously the express will of Congress that the appropriated funds be spent (why else would they have been appropriated?). It is only reasonable to assume that, since the two acts of Congress are contradictory, the latter (appropriation bill) must supersede the former (debt ceiling).

    He should ignore the debt ceiling.

    I’d much rather bet my money on that argument than on whatever bizarre interpretation Scalia and Thomas might place on the vague 14th Amendment statement that the debt “shall not be questioned”.
    Yes, that might well mean that the US cannot default – but I’m afraid that it might be construed to mean that the Executive’s overriding responsibility is to make debt payments to the exclusion of everything else. Remember, these are the guys who gave us “money is speech and cannot be regulated”. I’d rather not give them the opportunity to whack us with an even bigger stick.

  5. What’s left to compromise? Dems have already offered everything except their resignations. Obama has proven which side heis on. And now there is no one left with any doubts. I think this is like those months before robert kennedy announced. I hope hillary has really, really good security.

    • Curious how the Clintons have been keeping their heads down. I can’t say I blame them. Obama has really screwed the pooch. It’s too late for the Clintons to save him at this point.

      • No. There is no saving this administration. It’s astonishing, really.

      • I noticed too that I haven’t heard a peep from Hillary or Bill lately either. Smart move.

        • Yup, going to State looks like a pretty smart move in retrospect. Her job is diplomacy, not domestic relations. And she doesn’t get splattered with poo in the Senate either. Big Dawg gave his opinion on what to do for the debt limit. Obama ignored him. Oh well. What more is ther to say?
          BTW, have you ever noticed that when Obama has a rough day, he has his droogs commandeer the State Department Twitter account? Damn, you’d think Obama was Secretary of State today. The bastards are so fricking transparent.

  6. I keep thinking they want to go total Shock Doctrine…just dismantle
    everything…they are well on the way

  7. This is what I just tweeted …. “Democrats have already offered everything but their resignations! Please Mr. President, just invoke the 14th amendment and end this farce.”

    Really… what does he mean by compromise?

  8. Meanwhile my idiotfuck uber-Obot of an ex, Mr. Upper Class Twit of the Year who thought he was exempt from all this, just got laid off. Is he ready to put down the Kool-Aid cup? Or is the spectre of girl cooties in the Oval Office enough to whip him back into line? That’s a rhetorical question.

    RRRAHGHGHG *rabid foam at mouth*

  9. RD, Boehner couldn’t care less about the poor getting an education. He’s taking care of his corporate masters. Boehner is the proprietary colleges’ man in Congress. He inserted language into a bill that has resulted in an explosion of proprietary schools and the corporations that own them. Pell Grants lead to expensive student loans to low-income students by making it possible for them to attend low-quality online and night schools which are no more than a ripoff of the students and the federal government. The students are recruited using the same techniques that time share salesmen use. They’re given a substantard education and have abysmal rates of employment in their educational field. They default on their loans at four times the rate of private college students and twice the rate of students at state schools. The federal government then reliably pays the corporations who own the schools and the bamboozled student is left with a worthless degree and ruined credit. Corporate welfare.

  10. only one choice,
    the Real Democrat. That’s Hillary. 🙂

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