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Are the Republicans staging a coup?

Confederates attack Fort Sumter.

I know that sounds crazy but hear me out.

It’s obvious now that they are trying to force Democrats to vote against their most cherished programs.  Social Security is the jewel in the crown of government programs.  And Medicare is indispensable to millions of seniors.  Then there are Pell grants, foreign aid to countries struggling against their dictators, childhood nutrition programs, public education, the *post office*, forgawdssakes. The Republicans are asking for $4 trillion dollars in cuts and conceding nothing in increased revenue.  Not only that, if the Democrats sign off on any of it, they are condemning the country to severe misery because our economy is not strong enough to withstand less money to people who need it.  If you’ve got no money to spend, you can’t pay taxes or put other people to work.  It’s a vicious cycle.

And Obama was prepared to give Republicans everything they asked for.  I think it is clear to Obama voters that he is a disaster.  Let this be a lesson to the Democratic leadership.  You can’t gift self-esteem.  It must be earned through trial and error and hard work.  Obama was not ready to be a president and giving him the presidency wasn’t going to make him one any faster.  It’s probably also a dumb idea to give the guy a Nobel Prize for the same reason.  Accomplishing peace when your predecessors went out of their way to tie countries up in knots is very, very difficult work.  It’s a good thing Obama has Hillary because he isn’t qualified to be Secretary of State.  I mean, think about that.  Would Obama really make a good Secretary of State?  This is the guy who said he would meet with Ahmedinejad without preconditions.  Ok, I digress.

Anyway, the Republicans are pushing this to the limit.  They’re either going to get the Democrats to condemn themselves when they vote on austerity that causes devastation to millions of American families (that way, Democrats get the blame in 2012) or they’re going to force Obama to invoke the 14th amendment and order the Treasury to raise the debt ceiling without Congressional approval.  If Obama had done it when the talks broke down a week ago, maybe we wouldn’t be having this showdown.  He could always say it was temporary until Congress got its act together.  But now that Congress has made such a fiasco of the budget debate, it will be very difficult for Obama to raise the debt ceiling without the ratings agencies downgrading our creditworthiness.  Actually, they don’t have to do this.  They’re just threatening.

But what if getting Obama to invoke the 14th is Republican plan B?  We assume that Obama can just do it and the courts will determine at some future date whether he was correct to do it or not.  If everything works out OK, then it simply looks like a matter of it being better to ask forgiveness than permission.  But we forget that the Republicans have 5 solid votes on the Surpreme Court on their side.  Oh sure, Kennedy is *supposed* to swing like a pendulum do but in actuality, he doesn’t.  He’s as much a movement conservative federalist as the other four.  So, what if the court is already set up to say “NO!”.  What then?  Is it an impeachable offense?  While I don’t think the House or the Senate have the votes to impeach, they can do a lot of damage in the interim, tying up  legislation for months. Could they force him to resign?  Bill Clinton was under pressure to do so over a little nothing affair but Clinton was a good president with a savvy political nature.  Barack Obama, um, isn’t.

Is this effectively a coup? Is it domestic terrorism?  Should the world demand that the Republican leadership pay some kind of price for the precarious position it is putting the worlds’ economies through?  Is it international terrorism as well?  And when if demonstrations start, who does the Army support?

By the way, did anyone notice that the South Carolina Republican delegation all voted against Boehner’s bill tonight?  It was South Carolina that seceded first from the union in 1860 and it was confederate South Carolina who fired the first shots at Fort Sumter in April of 1861.  Are we watching a grudge that will not die?  That’s all we need, a bunch of religiously zealous legacy secessionists with a score to settle because Obama sure isn’t Lincoln.

And for all you Obama voters out there, do you get it now?  Do you regret voting for him in the primary now that you see what he is (ie, not ready for the big leagues)?  Would Hillary have been worse?  Really??

42 Responses

  1. I hope he’s impeached. This man is a disaster. At this point I’m not worried about the Repubs. Frankly I don’t see any difference between the two parties. I’m voting third party. If I wanted to read about how eeevil the Repubs are I can hang out at Daily Kos or Salon. I’m sick of this duopoly, this Demopublican good cop-bad cop b.s.

    • the republicans really are evil.
      yes, he’s a disaster but an impeachment is unwarranted

      • President Obama is a Republican. I don’t think he is evil, but he bought into Reaganomics.


  2. RD says Obummer’s not ready for the big leagues.

    I say he’s been Wall Street’s Trojan Horse from before he was nominated, perhaps even before he announced his candidacy.

    I guess the two ideas are not mutually exclusive.

  3. Test post. My last one didn’t register, but I got no response saying it was being moderated.

  4. I keep hearing about this 3rd party option but I haven’t seen any one comming forward yet. Why they didn’t show their face yet. Even the Greens are not making any noise this time. Last time around this time we heard alot from them but not this time. I am starting to worry.

  5. Is this effectively a coup? Is it domestic terrorism?

    Repugs have been staging a coup for decades…and Obama is the result of a coup himself …so perhaps what we are seeing now is an episode of soap opera, “When Coups Collide” .

    Sure Repugs are a disaster. But the real disaster is they have no opposition ….that’s the disaster. Repugs are running this country right now…with the awful the results we can see all around us . If it’s a coup, it’s over…at least in Wash. DC . It’s a GOP town

    • Right on.

      In my opinion, the coup started in 1963, worked to get its legs under it through the next decade-and-a-half or so, got a strong grip on things in the 1980s, was forced to fight a little out in the open during the 90s to preserve its hold, and had everything quite comfortably under control by 2002.

      …and it’s not about a political party. “repugs” actually means those who work for the corporate/financial powers– and that’s EVERYBODY in Washington these days, be they R or D.

  6. I still don’t get the part where budgets can be passed and signed that blow right past debt limits ….. and don’t automatically include raising that limit in the budget bill.

    Seriously: That. Is. Nuts.

  7. I hate to say “I told you so” but I will.

    For those of us who stood up and begged for a solid reason why this man should be promoted over Hillary Clinton as the nominee in 2008 we were villified, mocked, and ridiculed. Driven off liberal blogs for resisting a lightweight candidate whose resume was paper thin, we were forced to sit back and watch the accolades bleet forth comparing him to FDR, JFK, Abe Lincoln and Jesus for chrissake!

    Where are all those magazine covers now proclaiming him “the new face of feminism”? What happened to the “tingles” running up the legs of commentators? Where did the “hope and change” meme go to die?

    No doubt he faced an uphill battle by the crazies who declared their sick agenda of making him “a one term president” their priority but it became quite apparent from day one that this guy lacked the “balls” to strike back. He threw governance over to the congress, a body of people whose approval rating hovered around 18%, and told them to “have at it” while he continued to strut around the world rubbing elbows with world leaders instead of putting those campaign promises to work.

    Some of his biggest cheerleaders now appear mystified. Really? How so when it was obvious in 2008 that he had little experience from which to hang those daily “lovenotes” gushing over his uniqueness?

    The rush to “make history” was right there all along in a female candidate with a fully packed resume of public service who had taken the backlash for years and still stood head and shoulders above this nimrod being carried by an adoring MSM with little or no history to back up the adoration.

    Weak, insubstantial, a man without principles or conviction who has possibly given over this nation to a Right Wing cabal that promises to eviscerate the populace in favor of their corrupt paymasters.

    There is little pleasure in those words “I told you so” but there it is.

    “The coolest guy in the room”? How about the most disgraced? You can “bend over backward” for so long before someone delivers a swift kick in the ass.

  8. OK now I am positive O loses in 12, the strongest Obot fan I know, and she really really really supported him, said she has had it her words “he is to weak”.

  9. There is a movement for a 3rd party out there. Cannonfire had a piece on the under the radar movement being pushed by Friedman, Bloomberg, etc backed by the CATO Institute–Americans Elect. They’ve come out of the bushes with a Friedman rah-rah, presumably bemoaning the gridlock of the Dems and Repugs. I haven’t checked it out because as soon as I saw the libertarian connection, I groaned.

    Heard this morning that Obama has lost 30,000 twitter followers with this recent debt ceiling debacle. He hit 40 in the polls yesterday. The man is a disaster!!

    • Is this the group that wants to field a candidate who is politically positioned between Obama and the GOP??? No, I don’t think that I’ll be voting for that person.

      Besides, anyone supported by the Cato Institute is bound to be next door to a Tea Partier, perhaps without the religiosity.

  10. New taste sensation: chilled lemon Singoalla cookies from ikea and coffee. Ahhhh, bliss. The best things in life are cheap.

  11. the honeymoon is over.
    short but not so sweet!!! 😆

  12. What then? Is it an impeachable offense? While I don’t think the House or the Senate have the votes to impeach, they can do a lot of damage in the interim, tying up legislation for months. Could they force him to resign?

    I echo PaperDoll’s view that Obama is part of the coup that’s been going on for years. The Clinton impeachment and the FL vote count are glimpses of their strategy to keep the reigns of government at any cost. It might have began with Reagan, if it’s true that there was an agreement with Iran not to release the hostages until he took over. I don’t see an impeachment of one of theirs, Obama, in the horizon. But I see his presidency coming to an end, checkmated, immobilized for the rest of his term. Not that he would have done much now anyway, but the voters will see him as a useless figurehead in the WH. That view will insure a takeover of congress, the senate will have the required 60 Republican votes, and the WH will be in Republican hands. I doubt it will be a TP president or Romney. I think Perry is “The One”.

    • Perry’s too much like GWB to appeal to independents and he’s even more overtly “Christian” than Bush was.

      Whoever thought that Romney would be the lesser of two evils?

      • To many Dubya is looking better all the time. Funny how a fever is good when death is near (Iraqi saying). If the economy is as bad as I think it will be in 2012, in a very deep recession (worse than 2008 – 2009), then it won’t matter who the GOP candidate is. Obama will be kicked out just to change what is for whatever.

  13. It really depends on who the GOP nominates… which will depend on what the Over Lords want to happen . If they nominate Bachman , they want Barry back…if it’s a Huntsman type, they want Barry gone…we’ll know more when we see that.

    If given a choice of Bachman or Barry….most will choose Barry imo.
    We would be given that choice to get that result…but the OL’s may want Obama gone, Peggy Noonan, a premier Over Lord wind sock , has come out guns ablazing on Barry….that’s significant

    • Personally, I want the woman with glasses. 🙂

      • Go ahead, RD, make my day, and delete my comment. 🙂

        I got around your edict.

      • you haven’t noticed that model has been replaced…by the far , far wackier MB… if the lady in glasses was going anywhere, her bus tour would not screeched to a halt so quickly. imo

      • You mean like the glasses Hillary wore in the 3am ad?

        • If you say so. Sure, that one 🙂 🙂 🙂

          RD, I would have Hillary with or without glasses if she ran against Jeebus or anyone else, but it’s not happening.

    • Yes, Ms. Noonan actually used the “L” word in talking about President Obama: Loser!


  14. Impeach him! Even Biden would be a better placeholder and Hillary might feel compelled to run in 2012.

  15. Wow, I just read Peggy Noonan’s article on Obama. She called him a loser. That’s pretty strong stuff for her even though she’s a Republican. She loathed Palin so much that she may even have voted for Obama.

    Now, I’d like to see some liberal columnists get in the game and call for Hillary to run in 2012.

  16. Impeach the entire executive branch? The Supremes will be cool. If the GOPers get rid of O & Joe in one fell swoop, who gets it then? Boner?

  17. Really tick off the overlords and write someone in.

    The heck with them and their pretend democracy.

    I’ll be writing in Sanders and encourage others who don’t feel represented to do the same.

    • Nothing wrong with a Sanders write in but why not Hillary?

      • If there is no one else to vote for, I will write in Hillary. Maybe if enough of us did so and she actually won, she would take the Presidency.


  18. The four representatives that you mentioned from S.C all had a little prayer session before they voted! I really don’t like religion and politics mixed together. These guys go to church on Sunday and screw you on Monday!

  19. The next time you think about watching your TV remember it’s the cable news channels that brought us low.

    In 2000 the print and broadcast media swayed enough voters that Georg Bush was able to steal the election from Al Gore with the help of the SCOTUS. They did the same to John Kerry in 2004 and Hillary in 2008. Their shameless cheer leading for Obama in place of objective reporting threw the 2008 Dem primary.

    But then if you can’t get through the day without a dose of missing blond cheerleaders or unfit mothers perhaps you should stay away from shoelaces, sharp objects, and voting booths.

    • You;ve got that backwards. The Democrats dumped us, not the other way around. See May 31, 2008.

      Actually, I would prefer resignation to impeachment. Biden would then become Prez, could call Hillary as VP (who has yet to refuse the call of duty), then step aside and support her candidcacy in 2012.

  20. vote em all out. 😆

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