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James Carville: “If Hillary gave up one of her balls…

…and gave it to Obama, they’d both have two.”

That’s what James Carville is supposed to have said at a breakfast meeting this morning.  (Why don’t I get to go to breakfast with James Carville?? )

But James is wrong.

Hillary has ovaries of kryptonite.

There’s more to it than that.  Stan Greenberg and Carville were discussing the Democrats’ poor messaging that lead to the midterm elections debacle.  Mostly, he’s correct:

Democratic strategists James Carville and Stan Greenberg said the party’s massive election losses earlier this month are attributable to poor messaging that made Democrats and the White House look “out of touch.”

Greenberg, who was former President Clinton’s top pollster during the 1992 presidential race, criticized President Obama’s repeated use of the “car in the ditch” metaphor on the campaign trail, suggesting that it contributed to the impression that Democrats in Washington are tone deaf.

“A metaphor about a car in the ditch when people are in trouble and angry about the abuse of Wall Street, it’s just out of touch with what’s going on,” said Greenberg.

Speaking to reporters at a breakfast sponsored by The Christian Science Monitor, both Greenberg and Carville slammed the party’s election messaging, calling it a mistake to argue that Democratic policies were contributing to economic growth while the unemployment rate remained near 10 percent.

Carville said that while most messaging tends to just “go in one ear and out the other,” the Democratic message this past fall “went in one ear and right to the brain. What were they thinking?”

But then he kinda screws up (or he’s using reverse psychology):

Despite both strategists lambasting the Democratic approach in 2010, Carville said the presidential outlook for Obama in 2012 is a positive one.

“The deck he’s going to be playing with in 2012 is going to be fundamentally more favorable than the one he played with in 2010,” said Carville, arguing that young voters and minorities will come out in large numbers two years from now, making the face of the electorate significantly more Democratic.

“Republicans are forced to double down on older whites,” Carville said. “And longterm, that’s not a very productive place to be.”

What about all the people in the middle, especially working women, who just handed the Democrats their asses?  They’re the ones who stayed home.  You think they’re going to forget the four years where they were shut out of the system and when Obama treated us with contempt?

Wake up and smell the beignets, James.

71 Responses

  1. can we change the voting age to 35 now?

    I saw a local news program segment where they asked local college students why they didn’t vote on election day. I heard the lamest set of excuses ever. Some felt that the elections were not “geared” to them and didn’t catch their interest. Others said that since they had not been paying attention they felt they should not vote. Now why is it exactly that the democratic party pandered to the sippy-cup set?
    James, STOP depending on the recent Huggies graduates to save the party. Middle aged white women are the democratic base. It is time that the party stop taking our votes for granted.

    • That’s kind of why I think he’s using reverse psychology. Any one who’s looked at the aftermath of the midterms knows that the Democrats are losing the female vote.
      And once the rest of the obot women realize they have nothing to fear from the Republicans overturning Roe, because they depend on it, and that Obama is likely to give anti-abortion activists everything *short* of Roe, there will be absolutely no reason to vote for Obama. Especially with Ben Nelson in the Senate.
      None whatsoever.

    • The college students that were recruited into the Cult of Obama in 2007-2008 will be graduates starting new jobs or looking for work in 2012. Many will be new parents.

      Most will fall into the category of “Won’t get fooled again.”

      The college students in 2012 won’t be that keen on repeating the same fad that was popular four years earlier. They’ll be looking for a new one.

      • Marc Rubio, no doubt.

      • Maybe they are into silly bands now.

      • Hopefully some of them have become wiser. I’m sure many of their views have changed considering that so many young people who voted for Obama are now unemployed with no hope of finding a full-time entry level job in this economy. What they believed was in important in college might be completely irrelevant today as they struggle to support themselves and their family in the real world.

    • Those young voters are the entertainment demographic: “Entertain me, entertain me!–or I won’t vote”

  2. Dang. I really wanted to *hear* him say that!

    There is nothing sexier than a Nawleans Cajun accent talkin’ dirty ;~)

    • I am tempted to break Godwin’s Law here but it’s really jackboot thuggery now.

      • I think the Dubya and Darth @$$ministration rendered Godwin’s Law null and void.

        It’s not hyperbolic to call people fascists when they act like fascists.

    • Maybe women should pack some fake junk just for a laugh.
      There’s no law against prosthesis, is there?

      • That would be pretty funny specially if it came off when they groped it. Of course they’d probably say it was c4.

        • What are they going to do? Confiscate it? Keep it in a box with all the other silicone penises and testicles? I can just see a report on that now by some “journalist” looking for a story complete with pictures of piles multicolored genitalia.
          (I’m assuming you can get them in different colors. I mean, if I’m going to buy my own junk, I want it in glow in the dark neon green)

      • Here’s the latest (for what it’s worth)

        Congressman Louie Gohmert is worried about “tampon bombs”.

        It’s fine enough if they want you to take them out of your purse, but, um not to be indelicate here, what if you’re wearing one? It will show up in a scan. And some fool was crazy enough to pack his undies with explosives – won’t this give someone the crazy idea to uh, check these?

    • So much for the claim that they don’t keep the images and they obscure your face.

      Nope…it is worse than that. Apparently, there are color still pics, who knows, maybe even video that runs along side the scanner type image. Either way there is another image besides the scanner image.

      And the images in the video linked below confirm the claim that the scanner gets touchy over folds, wrinkles, and dead space within clothing. It seems as though you might get the pat down procedure even if you choose the scanner.


  3. The Obamatrons will attack Hills for this, you know they will.

  4. I wonder what would happen if people decided to emit their pent up flatulence in protest when undergoing the most intimate part of their pat down? On second thought, this may prompt the airports to charge people as fart terrorists.

  5. I’ve calmed down slightly after elliptical training for 45 minutes. I want to talk about Roe for a minute and why I can never vote for these anti-women Dem vermin again (with exception for the occasional decent one).

    I was around for back-alley abortions. Unless you were fabulously wealthy, it really was a back-alley time. Horrific. Scarring. All kinds of infections. Inability to bear children again. Coat hangers. You name it. Death. Condemnation. Intense shame. (Doesn’t it take two, a male and a female, for a female teenager to get pregnant? How come the female gets all the shame?)

    Then along came Roe. What a difference. Most gynecologists performed abortions as part of their regular practice. It was nothing. A few hours in a hospital and done. No shame. No nothing. Just a simple medical procedure. I felt proud that we had made such progress.

    Flash forward. A few months ago, a friend asked me to pick up a friend of hers after she had an abortion at an abortion clinic. Foolishly, I said yes. It was truly a horrible experience. I couldn’t find the place, because it had to be hidden. No telephone listing. No address. I had to call the local hospital and someone told me where she thought the clinic was. When I got there, it was in a strip mall, hidden away. No signs. Blinds all drawn. The place was locked up like a maximum security prison. I had to be buzzed in after telling the security person that I was there to pick someone up and she checked with the patient. I felt like a criminal. (It is a Constitutional right, right?) So did the few women inside. It was awful. Everyone sat there silently, as if they had committed a terrible crime. It’s like Hester Prynne all over again.

    So, yes, Roe is effectively gone. I don’t know where today’s supposed feminist organizations are. Are they all sellouts? Every day women have to endure intense condemnation for simply exercising their rights and control over their own bodies. Snowe and Collins have made me sick for years with their “moderate” stances. They are as bad as any rightwing nutjob – and they’re women to boot!

    All the hard work that was done is now undone. I don’t know how Obama (or Carville) expects women to return to the Dem fold. And, James, speaking as if having “balls” is what makes a person strong is deeply offensive. In my book, there is simply no organ stronger than the vagina.

    Yes, we have to reinvent the wheel. Get rid of Roe. Once women get wind of the reality, they will take to the streets. It’s the only way.

    • You summed it up very well.
      People are going to think we’re crazy, you know. If you weren’t here during 2008, you have no idea how nuts it can get.
      But, yeah, Roe’s got to go. We have to take the plunge.

      • Call the Roe bluff.

        I’m fine with that.

        • Yes, but how fo we turn it into a movement? How do we get the Amanda marcottes and Jane Hamshers on board?
          Young women are going to panic. But if the reality is really as Mjames reports, we’ve lost so much already.
          I really think Roe is the key for restoring the country. We have to refight this battle and win it this time.

      • I was here in 2008, a place of refuge from the Obama non-stop wet dream. I preferred to stay quiet and learn.

        Now is the time to fight – on Roe and a host of other issues. Obama is weakened. In terms of the female vote, we need to take every opportunity to expose his contempt for women – equal pay for equal work, rights over our bodies, child care, health care, retirement. He cannot win. He does not have the facts on his side. I convince former Obots all the time. There is nothing Obama has done for women (for anyone really, except the rich GS frat boys).

        Jane and Amanda need to get with the program, swallow their pride, and follow the true leaders. Otherwise, they’ll be left in the dust. Obama surely doesn’t give a hoot about them.

    • Thank you. I too was around when abortion was an issue, and when I thought I was pregnant, I swallowed pills – lots and lots of pills. I remember well the back alley “coat hanger” crap all too well. In Canada, we had a very brave man – Doctor Mortengthaler who kept opening clinics and risked incarceration and murder, and it was he and his very, very brave and dedicated followers that finally took it to the supreme court. Even so, today, we have all the crazies coming up here, inciting the crazies here, trying to overturn the supreme court decision, because…..well who the hell knows why these scum want to mess with women’s right to be in charge of their own bodys, but for some reason, they do. Big thing they do not want publicized – since Canada enshrined the right to abortions, the abortion level has fallen, because at the same time, it was recognized as a right to have access to birth control.

    • It was not this bad when I took a friend to a “Family Planning Clinic” in Tampa, back in 1987. But I do remember that feeling while waiting for her to come out of the procedure. All the guilt that was in that room was palpable…I remember the difficulty I had to simply sit there and breathe. (And I was not getting the abortion.)

      I do feel that this needs to be addressed RD, but honestly, I think that with the job situation, as it stands…and all the other crap that the politicians have gotten us into. (By politicians I mean both parties.) It seems that to get a movement going for “Roe Has Got To Go” would be difficult, if not impossible.

      • On the contrary. That is certainly how it will be portrayed. But the GOP motivates a ton of voters by using Roe. Take Roe away and what fo you get? You will peel away a lot of GOP support while women will finally start standing up for themselves. Neither party will be able to use Roe as a club to get us into line.
        Roe is the American version of the burqa. Where women are concerned, their intelligence is hidden, their economic issues invisible, their dignity inconsequential. Roe focuses all of our attention on our reproductive organs to the exclusion of everything else. The guys who run this country will never take us seriously if we hide behind Roe and depend on them to keep our rights safe. They will use fear and threats to get us to go along with them.
        In 2008, they terrorized young women into abandoning every other consideration in order to vote in Obama. And what improvement in our economic conditions did we get from that? Did we get more money in our paychecks? Did it save our jobs? Is he going to save our retirements? Did he protect your reproductive rights in the health care bills?
        Roe is the weapon that was used by the moneyed elite to get the guy they wanted into office.
        If you want control of the economy and your life, don’t ever rely on someone else to protect your rights. No one loves you better than yourself.
        Get rid of it. It’s killing us. Fight for your rights.

        • If we don’t fight for them, no one will. As a man, I have no vote on abortion nor do I desire one. No man should.

        • I think I’m on board with this, RD…

          I think you’ve got it exactly right.

  6. Well, I think Carville is right about his assessment of 2012 for Obama. The GOP is going to have to double down on the elderly white fundamentalist demographic but like you all here are saying, there are plenty of women up for grabs. What would happen if the GOP ran an pro-choicer? I have been poo pooed all over the blogs for saying that but they could be desperate enough to win to do it.

    Anyway, there’s no evidence that anyone is going to show up in mass for Obama in 2012. Even the Obama campaign inept as it is isn’t counting on that. They are hoping to win by default i.e the GOP candidate is toxic that no one will vote for him/her. I might see African Americans having a high turn out but the lattes don’t seem to really be all that thrilled anymore and this time (for the first time in his fricking life) he is going to have to run on his record. None of this gauzy hope and change crap.

  7. Riverdaughter concludes: “What about all the people in the middle, especially working women, who just handed the Democrats their asses? They’re the ones who stayed home. You think they’re going to forget the four years where they were shut out of the system and when Obama treated us with contempt?”

    I sure as hell will not forget! Right on – Good post.

  8. Demographics, as you all described above, is a big hurdle for Obama om 12. But I think even a bigger hurdle is raising money. How is he going to raise half a billion dollars? Where is it coming from? Not from Wall street, Not from middle east. This time he is going to tap into the African dictactors. ( I have a whole theory on how Obama is going to get very rich after leaving presidency by being the front man, deal-making man for the African dictactors for selling their natural resources to Western companies, but I digress).

    But with the Repubs in the House, they will watch him like a hawk. His fund-raising has not been successful this year. Imagine

    • I’m not going there. It wouldn’t surprise me if the GOP used African dictators to link Obama and corruption. It would be dirty and untrue but it wouldn’t surprise me But financing a campaign without getting caught? He could get away with funding from Wall Street in 2008. But that truck won’t work again with Africa.
      Conflucians never were into the African/Muslim/birther stuff. I don’t doubt he’ll have trouble raising money but the African dictator connection just sounds too hinky.

  9. The poor kid is exhausted. She’s taking a nap so she can do her homework. Tomorrow she takes the French III final. No one is pushing her to do it. Her teacher recommended it.
    There’s a lot more homework these days. It seems like every week has several high stakes projects due.

  10. In the “long run,” Mr. Carville, we’re all dead.

  11. Video from the breakfast — sound isn’t too good, but you can hear it — he said it.

  12. Keep dreaming dreamers

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