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      Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says “it was evident” Jared Kushner was engaging in freelance foreign policy during the Trump Administration.https://t.co/kYvBHglYnK — Vicky Ward (@VickyPJWard) October 4, 2022
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Sure Happy It’s Thursday Open Thread

Next week is the shortest work week of the year (followed by the longest weekend) for anyone with a traditional job.


For people in retail sales it’s the beginning of the nightmare before Christmas. For others it’s just another week.

Some people will be traveling (with and without junk-touching) and others will be staying home. For some it will be a time for family and friends, for others a time of isolation and loneliness.

For me it will be time for lots of beer, turkey, football and beer. I’ll also be spending time with some people I wouldn’t have anything to do with if they weren’t my relatives.

What are you doing next week?

This is one of those open thread thingies.

If you want the "happy ending" that's extra


30 Responses

  1. Oh, great. Roche is laying off 900 people at their facility in Nutley, NJ.
    Give me a triple.

  2. I wish we could embed TDS clips. This one is hilarious, especially “Jason Jones’ Bayonne”


    • Is there a way to do it with VodPod? I see how to post it to a POST — but not to a comment.

    • He left out the Bayonne Nipple Company
      Bayonne Nipple
      That is so not right.

    • You know, I’m kinda tired of everyone thinking that northeast NJ is what all of NJ is like. Where I live, it’s nothing like that. There are no Snookies or Guidos in my neighborhood. My neighborhood is totally boring. If I go south a few miles, I’m in Princeton, which is just as preppy and snooty as you imagine it to be. It’s also very pretty. There’s an avenue of American Elm trees that you can’t find anywhere else in the US. Have you ever seen an elm tree? They’re really tall and are shaped like vases. And then there’s the canal and Delaware River close to here. And farmland with real animals that go moo and stuff.
      We even have wineries and vinyards. We’re not even near an exit.
      Oh, forget it. I give up.

      • RD – I live in Northern VA and I come upto central NJ once or twice a year to Princeton/ Planesboro area. That area is so green and beautiful. Sometimes I come on GS parkway to Edison. Really pastoral and scenic. No dense population at all. NJ just gets bad press for some reason. It could use a few more universities though.

      • Sounds lovely, RD.


  3. I just read the Carville post. I don’t want him to be ok in 2012–really don’t.

    He was on tv, AGAIN, this afternoon touting the GM thing. Said nothing but the predictable. But, am so so sick of hearing ‘MY administration and MY this and that.’ If they run some lame, crazy we will be stuck with him for 4 more years and I can’t take that.

    • The GM thing pisses me off!

      They made the GM CEO step down and they made labor take concessions and they made them eat crow for all of us to see.

      Then there was the way the banks were treated. Have any of the banks CEOs stepped down? Did any of the bankers have to have their pay and benefits slashed to make DC happy?

      Pure crap.

      It isn’t that GM had to jump through all the hoops, I am mostly OK with that.

      What pisses me off is the double standard where the banks that did SO much more widespread damage didn’t have to give up anything – in fact, they actually made out pretty well in my estimation.

  4. I’m reading a mystery for a reading group. And it’s one of the worst books I’ve ever read. I don’t normally finish books I hate so this is a new experience for me.

    • Which book? I want to avoid it.

      • (hangs head) I’d be embarrassed to tell you (there isn’t a chance in the world that you would accidentally read this book). It’s for a knitting reading group and it’s sponsored by a mystery bookstore. They’re aren’t that many knitting mysteries though. So now they’re branching out. This one is about crocheters …

        OK … (shudder) … It’s “Hooked on Murder”


  5. I’m flying to NOLA for the holidays. I don’t know if CLT has the x-ray scans, but if they do I’ll try to get a copy of my pic for y’all or, if it is leaked on line, I’ll be the woman holding the chihuahua in her arms.

  6. Work week is over. Tonight starts the baking. My relatives all come to me this season. So it is they that will be “groped.”

    Honestly, tho, none of them are worried about it. SFO, LAX and CVG all have scanners and we’ve been walking through them for months already.

  7. I was in Minneapolis last weekend for the big snow storm and to shop, shop, shop at the Mall of America. News said they hired 159,000 seasonal workers at the Mall and were looking to hire more. That number seemed suspiciously familiar. Isn’t that the number given for the entire country last month?

  8. I’m going in for four hours on Black Friday to do emergency orders, I get double time since it’s a scheduled holiday plus my holiday pay.

    Union shop.

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