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      A lot of mistakes come from assuming rationality means “thinks the same way I do” rather than “reasons from premises I might not share.” Left than 1/1000 economists predicted the financial collapse, because they reasoned from assumptions like “the market is self-correcting” or “housing prices never go down.” (Sometimes both at the same time, which is rarely […]
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Technical Corner – The iPad hype edition

There has been so much hype over Apple’s forthcoming tablet offering that I thought it was worth a look. Not just because it may or may not be an interesting product, after all other tablets have been on the market for a while, but how it might effect things we’re interested in including print journalism and book publishing and blogging. Well, that and it might be a nice distraction from the SOTU speech. Oh, and this is my first post. I really meant to do something political first, but time just got away from me. Hope you like it.


Rumors of a tablet from Apple have been around for a long time. Since 1983 in fact. A really nice timeline and summary of events can be found in this Engadget article. Some of the speculation and wild Apple fandom has been a bit weird. Walt Mossberg is a technical reviewer at the WSJ and has gained some fame for his reviews. Here is a great spoof of a muppet version of him reviewing the Apple iPad (here called iSlate):


What I think is interesting though relates to what’s been happening to print journalism and to the book publishing world of late. As we’ve seen, a number of companies are pursuing e-book products from web based for the desktop to small handheld devices like Amazon’s Kindle. In addition, the boom of smart phones have also included e-book capabilities.

There are a number of interesting factors involved with the various offerings that have been worth watching. One is the store model. It would appear from Amazon’s recent changes, followed by Googles, that the iTunes store model has won out. This is a model where there is little in the way between the original creator (of music, applications, books, periodicals, etc.) and the user. And the ratio of 70% to the creator and 30% to the store is shared by most now. There are still music publishers and book publishers in the middle of many offerings, but independents in those areas are gaining ground. And interestingly what I think has made that possible, given the zillions of competing products, is social networking. More specifically it’s the advent of Crowd Sourcing which is one way to manage and make sense of too many offerings. But of course a stores own editorial staff providing reviews and featuring products is probably still a major factor.

The other area that makes a lot of difference in usability is the means of displaying the material on the screen. There are a number of competing screen technologies, and many of these are just emerging. The choice of technology here also depends on what you want  your device to do. If it’s only about reading text, then the current electronic ink based approaches are pretty nice. These e-ink systems require no backlighting and so are easier on the eyes. However if you want a multi-purpose device, then e-ink as it is won’t work because it is too slow at refreshing for complex graphics. There are newer technologies that can function like normal LCD screens, but then can switch to e-ink type screens. This appears to be the most promising for multi-purpose devices, but has a ways to go.

Now back to print publishing and journalism. As we all know, newspapers seem to be dying in the US. They offer their papers for free online using an ad based model for revenue. That is wildly popular. But to the detriment of print subscriptions. And unfortunately many newspaper businesses aren’t set up for an online only business. Previous attempts to charge for online papers has failed. WSJ being the main exception. In the textbook realm, Terry McGraw, McGraw-Hill CEO, Tuesday on CNBC said the following:

Yeah, Very exciting. Yes, they’ll make their announcement tomorrow on this one. We have worked with Apple for quite a while. And the Tablet is going to be based on the iPhone operating system and so it will be transferable. So what you are going to be able to do now is we have a consortium of e-books. And we have 95% of all our materials that are in e-book format on that one. So now with the tablet you’re going to open up the higher education market, the professional market. The tablet is going to be just really terrific.

As much as newspapers might get a boost with this technology, I think e-books is where the action will be. Time will tell though.

Product Review

Today Apple introduced their “latest creation” the iPad:

The new iPad

iPad showing NYT

iPad Contacts Book

iPad Showing Contacts Book

It looks like they’ve done a nice job. We have a new slick gadget to be sure. They’ve nicely integrated audiobooks, music, video, TV/Movies, apps, etc. It has the benefits of mobile platforms which in the end will be the critical thing I think. It has 10 hours of battery life, which is pretty nifty. And similar to other efforts, it’s very green. But what’s interesting now is the e-book application and integration with the newspaper, magazine, and book publishing worlds. (Note: images above thanks to Engadget).

The New York Times has developed an application for the iPad. They’ve made quite a nice interface that, well, makes it really nice to navigate through sections and articles. And they’ve nicely integrated embedded video. They appear to be working with other newspaper publishers to do the same. The question not answered is what the business model will be for NYT. I suspect it will be free for basic stuff and subscription for additional functions like archives, etc. And like current online papers, the ad model will be used.

In the e-book world, they have initial deals with Penguin, HarperCollins, Simon&Schuster, Macmillan, Hachett among others. The iPad has a bookshelf store, iBookStore (of course). And they have a book reader built in, iBooks (of course) that acts as a book reader and book library. Clearly the book and magazine world is where they’ve put most of their effort. Sorry newspapers. The current library of books seem to be in the range of $5 to $15. There is a big effort for educational/text books, so expect to see more there. This appears to be the biggest deal for the show today.

But to me, a big issue is that they’ve added creation related software since the device is powerful enough. So their iWorks product is available for the device. Which means you can use it for blogging, writing, etc. And you can get a hardware keyboard accessory if you like. There were lots of other applications demoed. I quite liked the Brushes demo which allows you to use the device as an art tablet.

And now the requisite price info:

WiFi (only): 16GB – $499, 32GB – $599; 64GB – $699 (available in 60 days)

3G (and WiFi): 16GB – $629, 32GB – $729, 64GB – $829 (available in 90 days, contract with AT&T)

End of the show shows a street sign showing Technology (street) and Liberal Arts (street) and Steve saying they’ve always tried to be at the intersection of technology and liberal arts. OK, completely cheesy. In fact it was a laugh out loud bit.

What does it all mean?

A nice gadget. Perhaps a big deal in the e-book business. Perhaps not. Time will tell. Will it change the world? No. To me though, it’s symbolic of our creativity, ingenuity, and innovation in the face of a horrible economy and seemingly the end of our country as we know it. Unlike our administration and congress, it gives me a bit of hope. But then again, it’s just a gadget, and I’m clearly biased about cool techy gadgets. Tell me what you think.


Just adding a photo that shows off the e-book aspect (the real winner I think):

iBooks on the iPad

141 Responses

  1. A laptop is nice, but I want something smaller than a laptop and larger than an iPhone. I will probably buy one. I left behind the Windows OS in 1996 and I’d never do windows again. I’m a happy Apple consumer.

  2. DandyTiger, congrats! it’s great to see you on the front page

    I have to admit I am underwhelmed. I was holding out on the kindle to see what this would look like first, but the ipad looks like a giant itouch–and I already have an itouch, appropriately sized. I think I’m going to get a kindle.

    • Yea, it’s pretty hard to live up to all the hype that happened. Typical Apple product announcements. They have the most hype and when they don’t pull a genie out of a bottle, everyone is disappointed. The usual double edged sword of marketing efforts.

      The big things to me on the iPad vs. Kindle are the display and the books available. It’s worth checking to see what is where. In the end I suspect everything will be available everywhere. The display is the big difference. The iPad is designed to be multi-purpose, so it’s a cell phone and a book reader and an authoring tablet and a floor cleaner. 🙂 Which means until some newer screen technology is out (pretty soon), it will be harder on the eyes for some. So a Kindle is still a nice thing.

      • How is it a cellphone. I mean with the 3G I am guessing you can text but can you talk?

        • Yea, you might look funny holding one up to your head. 🙂 You know, that’s a good question. I’m assuming it’s a data only plan so no talking. But since it can has bluetooth and so you can use a headset, now I’m not sure. I’ll have to check.

        • 3G is data only – I suppose you could run a VOIP application.

      • You wouldn’t believe how much is available on Kindle. I have access to tons of psychology titles (incl. scholarly books) plus most new books that come out. It’s not just best sellers. There are also plenty of free books.

        • Book publishers would be crazy to not be everywhere they can be. I think we’ll see titles everywhere. And with the e-ink on the kindle, it’s very nice.

      • Dandy: I have also been looking at the Nook. I was impressed with the Ipad today and what I liked was the color display. Maybe you could do a post on comparing the ipad, the Nook and the Kindle for reading. What I liked about the Nook is that you can highlight passages, make margin notes and other such things that I like to do as a reader. I wonder if you can do that on the iPad. I do not think you can do it on the kindle. I like the idea that my reading and my email and blog activity could be in one place. Any way, thanks for your take on this new product and please consider a follow-up on the big three.

        • The best thing going is the competition. That means they will all get better and each add desirable features the others come up with. All good for us. I think a follow up down the road on the state of e-books tech. and talking about what’s there and what’s happening with publishers and indy’s alike is a great idea.

        • Oh this would be such a great idea for a post. Hope you can do one on this, Dandy.

        • I wrote this on the last post:

          I received a nook for Christmas and I am really enjoying it. A big plus is being able to download library books and read them on the nook, for free! After 21 days the book just goes away, no late fees, nada. It’s really great and there are lots of free books available, mostly classics or sci-fi stuff people are self publishing. After I finish the three waiting form me, I’m going to read some Mark Twain and Thomas Hardy. So far, I’ve purchased one book from Barnes and Noble, The Lacuna by Kingsolver, and that was very easy, too.

          • That library feature is a total winner. In fact, it might be the “killer app” with these sorts of things. I’ll have to make sure I research that for a future follow up of all these things.

      • Hi, DT! Welcome to the front page … I have a blackberry and i like being able to check things on the go, but I have to say I hate the touch interface. I’m all thumbs! I still hate the mouse interface. Maybe it’s the life long pianist in me, but I still prefer one key stroke to a bunch of thumb fumbling.

    • Oh, and thanks. {{turns red in embarrassment}}

    • I love my Kindle!!

      • I’m thinking this e-book thing is definitely not a fad. Kindle is already great. And the technologies are just going to get better and better. The big questions are: will bookstores go the way of movie rental stores? and what will happen to the book publishing business model?

        • See, this is what terrifies me. I’m not a fan of e-Books for three reasons. A) I like the aesthetics of books- the feel of the pages, the smell of the paper. B) I like to read on the bus and in the bath. If I drop a paperback in a puddle or my backpack gets stolen, I lose one book. If my Kindle gets stolen or wrecked, they’re all gone. And C) I want to know that I OWN my books.

          I get a paper copy, and it’s mine forever. Sure, books go out of print, and are subject to wear and tear. But I know what a bitch DRM and IP law are, and I don’t want to spend big money on e-book textbooks and important professional manuals and have to re-buy them every couple of years, or worry about whether I’ll have access to them when I need them. I already have to worry about how many devices I listen to my MP3s on, because I have a limited number of licenses. I don’t like it with songs, I don’t like it with movies, I don’t like it with text. I pay for it, I should OWN it unconditionally.

          Meanwhile, I’ll stick with paper copies and Project Guttenberg on my iPod.

          • I like real books too. The advantage to the Kindle is cheap prices, light weight, and space saving. Also instant gratification. I really like reading on it. For some reason I feel like it helps me read faster. I have so many books that I don’t have room for them all.

            I was worried about dropping it too, but I have it in a leather case and have dropped it a few times with no effect. I take it everywhere, and it’s so small I can pull it out and read a few pages whereever I am. It’s great not to have to lug a heavy book around. When I go to work, I already have to have my laptop and lots of other stuff. I just bought an lightwt laptop, because I’m sick of lugging so much stuff around.

          • I agree with you on the own part. In fact the the reason for my pirate flag avatar is all about DRM, IP, software patents and the like. I have the same issues with music and movies. Of course with movies, it’s supposedly illegal to even copy your dvd’s. Hopefully that will get tested properly one day. Whatever happened to fair use.

          • I feel the same about books but am really enjoying the nook, reading more, and reading mostly library or free books. I’m getting hooked, am reading more, and not adding to clutter in my home. Win-win, for me.

          • In the end, that’s the best thing that can happen with all of these. Easier access and more reading.

          • Wow, muchos typos! That’s what I get for commenting at work!

  3. It’s not particularly useful for me – if it ran a full-blown, touch-compatible, multitasking MacOS (rather than the iPhone version), that would probably be different. I suppose one really needs to think of it as an “information appliance” (which is, in fact, how I think of and use my iPhone), rather than as a computer. At this point, it becomes one *more* thing to carry on a trip: it doesn’t displace either the computer or the iPhone

    I’m sure it will prove perfectly adequate for a pretty big chunk of the populace.

    Then again, I was unprepared for how addicted I became to my iPhone. 😉

    The keyboard dock is a nice touch – I wonder if it will work with my iPhone.

    • Yep, you noticed one of the big things hyped that people were looking for, multitasking. Right now it’s just the iPhone OS with a few extra features. Well, I’ll know for sure in a few more minutes as I’m downloading the updated SDK as we speak. There might be some interesting things hidden in the private API’s.

      • Congrats DandyTiger!

        This is a great post, even tho I’m not an apple person. How big is the screen on this thing?

  4. DT, congrats on your first post.

    It’s nice. If only I had money, I might get one. LOL.

    • Thanks! Yea, tell me about it. That’s sort of the big walkaway, cool shiny gadget, now if I just had a job so I could buy something fun.

  5. BTW – did you know that there’s a TC tradition that when someone publishes their first post they have to take the other front-pagers out for a fancy dinner?

  6. Dandy, thanks for the info. It will be a cold day in hades before I again expend money for a dud, so this is a really welcome summary. I won’t be buying it for awhile – you know us pensioners, big dreams no money, but I’ll keep an eye open. If it improves… as did the iPod, it will be worth the investment.

    • The thing to watch IMO is the screen technology, When the dual purpose screens are really working that can act like LCD screens and e-ink screens, then you’ve got something.

  7. If you want to watch the event, the video is now up:
    Click on “Watch the video”

  8. Bostonboomer posted this in the last thread– the youtube was removed but found another one–

    • I love that. They didn’t mention that feature. You’d think they would have. 🙂

    • Oh, but they didn’t say anything about it being able to handle the data transfer OVERNIGHT! 😯

    • Love the video. The name did make me do a double take when I heard it!!

      I watched the Apple video that explains all the features. It is very long and has a bunch of people explaining different aspects of the ipad. I did notice that not one of them was a woman. Maybe they would have went with the islate name if their employees were more representative of the human race. 😉

      • Exactly. itampon is a trending topic on twitter now. Everyone is making fun of the name.

  9. (((clapping)))

    Go DandyTiger Go!

  10. Stick a fork in him,he’s done:

    Obama Girl’ now falling out of love

    First, Massachusetts turned on the president.

    Now, the bikini-clad “Obama Girl” — who famously cooed about her “crush” throughout the presidential campaign on YouTube videos — admits the thrill is gone.

  11. So the big question is, who can actually watch the SOTU address? I’m not sure I can. Well, not in my current condition. I did just restock the liquor cabinet. Maybe I should start drinking now.

  12. Dandy
    very nice post. Since more and more book stores are closing, I hope that this becomes afffordable for kids who need the information.

    OT maybe


    This man did more for the people than backtrack ever thought of doing and talked less.




  14. Hoorah! DandyT is on the front page!
    Oh my gawd, I am salivating over the ipad. I am an apple whore. The day apple comes out with a vibrator will be the one perfect day in the history of everything.

  15. Nice review, DandyTiger. The Kindle is starting to be a big deal down here in Oz and I like how you have compared them. Thank you very much – I need all the help I can get in the analysis of products department.

  16. I left an inapropriate comment about my love for apple. Homefully spammy spits it out

  17. I have to confess that my experience with apple products is really positive since they pulled out of their funk when Jobs took leave. I love my MacBook Pro and my apple ISP, mobile me.

    Dandy would you please consider a post comparing the Kindle, the Nook and the iPad. Loved the Nook feature that lets you make margin notes, highlight passages, exchange them with others. I want a e reader and I figure it will be one of these 3—I just want to get the most bang for my buck and be happy ever after.

    • I will do that down the road a bit. And I’ll try to comment on the state of e-books in general and the publishing side. I think that’s a big interest here since we’re full of those, you know, readers.

  18. I read an article the other day about Google coming out with an operating system, which I think would be great, because it will supposedly make the interwebs interactive with your desktop.

  19. MA Democrat RIPS into Timmeh-in-the-well for the AIG bailout:

    • In short, ‘We had the bankers by the balls to make them accountable to the American taxpayers, and you (and Obama) blew it!”

      I love this guy from MA!!!!

      I’ve always believed that Obama kept Geithner and Bernanke so he could easily blame them and keep that lineage of thought that it was all Bush’s fault. If Obama had made his own appointments of newbies, the blame would be more easily placed on him!

      • I love when Timmeh tries the “the regulations wouldn’t let us” excuse, and the guy points out that they were in a national crisis, with a willing Congress changing the regs right and left to give Treasury the power to do whatever they needed to do. So why was AIG sacred, and none of DA RUUUUULZ regarding them could be changed?

        Funny how da ruuuuulz are flexible one minute, and cast in stone the next. Is Timmeh really Donna Brazile? Has anyone ever seen them together?

    • Thank you, Stephen Lynch. Look at Beavis Geithner squirm. Like hell he wakes up everyday worrying about us.

  20. Welcome to the front page Dandy Tiger!! Good job on the i-Pad stuff.

    Since you’re the tech specialist can you explain how to put those stupid keypad thingys back on when they flip off?


  21. Hey, didn’t you all hear that Hillary’s first year as SOS is on being featured on a program on PBS tonight at 8 PM EST???

    • Yup, I posted about that in the Obama jobs thread.
      Check out this web exclusive:

      • Cool Wonk. I haven’t read all the posts yet for today, and them I’m doing so much multi-tasking of reading blogs I probably missed it. I saw it advertised on Facebook of all things!

        I can’t wait to see it tonight! I’m sure one Conflucian will be commenting on it tomorrow {{{warmly waiting for that post}}}.

        I refuse to watch the STFU speech though. Will read it tomorrow.

        • Fem: It’s in the post itself, where Hillary’s picture with Tavis is, but I’ll just condense it for ya: in addition to the Tavis special, Hillary is in London/Paris right now so she won’t be there to do the stand-up-and-clap at tonight O’s STFU speech (hooray!).

    • Got it programmed! Tavis Smiley’s new gig. He was fair to Clinton and had to pay a very high price in the AA community for it. I think we should all watch to give him some ratings.

    • Laura Rozen / Laura Rozen’s Blog:

      Clinton signals not a two-term Secretary of State — In an interview to air at 8pm tonight on PBS’s Tavis Smiley Reports, Hillary Clinton tells Smiley she does not envision serving as Secretary of State for a second term. She also tells Smiley she is “absolutely not interested” in another presidential run.


  22. My favorite cool techy gadget remains the paper kind of books, so I’m clearly not the target market for Apple. 🙂

    • me too, I like the touch, the smell, the ability to write in many different flavors of pens in my scrambled handwriting …

      I’ve got music now in that format and I’m waiting to be able to send it to a printer to have all the files printed and bound.

      If it’s something I want to keep I print it out or buy it. If it’s not, I don’t waste any time on it, but then I don’t read books that generally are disposable, like everything written by Tom Clancy or Grisham.

  23. Dandy — this is a great review of the iPad. Since my male coworkers are drooling all over its release, I’m somewhat skeptical of its awesomeness. I prefer to wait for technology to iron the bugs out. Although I don’t use Kindle or the Nook, I’m eagerly awaiting the next product that mixes the features the Nook provides of allowing highlighting and note writing in the margins with other apps. Until then, I’m still doing it the old- fashioned way — hauling books in my tote bag — and have the bad back to prove it! 😉

    • That’s a very good approach. That’s what I do with cars — never by the first year of a new model. And the same goes for technology unless I need it for my job. I think there are going to be some big changes in screen technology that we’ll see in new versions down the road. Generally my motto for technology is only get it when you desperately need it, because the longer you wait, the better stuff tends to get.

    • Well, hubby has already decided he MUST have one. He’s not a spendthrift usually, but he is an extreme Mac-o-phile. He loses all restraint and and goes into “I wantitIwantitIwantit!!” mode. I tolerate it, since he’s otherwise sane and frugal. 🙂

  24. I see that People mag is reporting Elizabeth and John have been legally separated and that Elizabeth has had the divorce papers ready for a year too, just hasn’t finished the paperwork yet. I am on Team Elizabeth, so hooray.

    • I’m glad to see them get on with their lives. A tragic situation all around.

    • EE needs to get that paperwork finished. And she needs to get a very big settlement for intentional infliction of emotional harm.

    • Sad situation. He turned out to be sociopathic. Can you imagine going through all of that with terminal cancer?

      • I couldn’t – and EE didn’t have to either.

        But thats what she wanted to do. She carried on as if the country needed them. The country needed JE as President. Gag!

        Paperwork not ready yet? Well, she is hoping ….. after all she has been in a state of cognitive dissonance for years. Decades most likely. Of course, this is the worst for anyone who is seriously ill.

        …. and what John Edwards is concerned, he will be back in politics after he is back from his charity run. Same old story, mark my words.
        Then he will apologize, just like he did in 2005 (for voting for the Iraq war) which put him right away on the top of the dk list of fav. pres. candidate for a long time. Why should it be any diff. this time. Megalomaniacs don’t change.

  25. Maybe 0 will rollout iCare tonight and describe the various plans available.

    • Obama to seek repeal of military “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy in State of the Union speech tonight, top official says.

      • WMCB totally called it.

        • Told ya so!!

          It’s empty, of course – he’s just punting to Congress. But expect him to get very passionate about it in his speech, and all the obots will just swoooooon at how much he lurvs teh gayz.

      • the top official is Voldemort himself:

        Washington (CNN) — President Obama will ask Congress Wednesday night to repeal the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy that bars gays and lesbians from openly serving in, White House Senior Adviser David Axelrod told CNN.

        • Oh gawd. The gushing by the Bots will be unbelievable. Hasn’t he called for this before? Said that it’s up to Congress to do? Is he asking now because the Senate “doesn’t have the votes?”

      • What a bunch of baloney..just to distract attention from his failures. Right out of the Rethug playbook…wanna rally the base: God, Guns, and Gays. What an a$$wipe.

  26. Great post DandyTiger, and welcome to the Front Page!

    I’m a mac lover, so I am excited to see them roll out a new product. I have the iPhone and absolutely love it. I’m not that proficient, but there simple and fun interfaces are no contest compared to PC’s. No worries about viruses and a pleasure to use. I’ll have to check it out at the Apple store next time I’m nearby.

  27. Woo hoo—this is good. Lynch flays Geithner

    MA Dem Chews Out Geithner: “Stinks To High Heaven”

    Rep. Stephen F. Lynch (D-MA): “It makes me doubt your commitment to the American people.”

    Geithner draws fire defending Fed on AIG bailout

    WASHINGTON (AP) – Democrats and Republicans alike pummeled Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner on Wednesday over his role in the $180 billion bailout of insurance giant AIG Inc., venting public anger over Wall Street’s return to prosperity while 10 percent of Americans are still jobless.

    Rep. Marcy Kaptur, D-Ohio, suggested Geithner was more beholden to banking interests than to taxpayers when he ran the New York Fed and cut him off abruptly when he tried to deny it.

    “Many people, including people of this committee, have a hard time believing Secretary Geithner entered into an absolute cone of silence,” California Rep. Darrell Issa, the committee’s top Republican, said. Issa said he had “lost confidence” in Geithner.

    “Either you made a bad decision there, or there was the attempt to cover up one of the biggest bailouts, backdoor bailouts, in history,” Rep. John Mica, R-Fla., told him.

    Recalling the early controversy over Geithner’s failure to pay some personal income taxes, Mica said: “You gave lame excuses then, you are giving lame excuses now. Why shouldn’t we ask for your resignation as secretary of the Treasury?”


    • Gak. Just saw someone beat me to it. You all are just too darn fast.

    • fif, there is video of Lynch/Geithner upthread. Hadn’t heard the Kaptutr and Mica remarks, though – those are great!

  28. I’m unawed. No typing and music at the same time.Won’t multitask. No 16:3 video. No drives, A touchpad? Woopydamndo. Costs as much as a decent laptop. No way.

  29. Am seeing leaked excerpts of the SOTU on TV.

    He’s trying to do the “little underdog against Big Bad Washington politics” schtick again, completely clueless that that doesn’t work anymore.

  30. Thanks, Dandy -this is a wonderful post. I waited a year or more before buying a Kindle last summer for my husband. He is greatly degraded sight in one eye and so I thought a Kindle was great – he loves his murder mysteries and now he can enlarge the fonts and even let it read aloud to him if his eyes are too tired.

    I’ve downloaded books to it as well and was waiting to see what else would come on the market before getting one of my own.

    I like the Kindle – it’s small and travels well. I have arthritis in my hands and so it is easier to hold while reading than a typical sized book.

    I look forward to your comparative analysis in the future.

    Congratulations with a great first post!!! 🙂

  31. Dandy! My life is now complete. My favorite pirate will now post regularly to CF? Life is good!

  32. Excellent post, DT! I love techy stuff. I followed the product announcement on Gizmodo. There’s a very interesting picture they captured from the announcement along with a statement that Jobs’ made related to the pic. He said it twice. Can you guess what it is? I think he was signalling something.

    • Thanks! I must have missed that. What was the picture? And what did he say?

    • Ah, I just checked Gizmodo. The “intersection of technology and liberal arts” was repeated twice when showing the picture of the street sign (corner of technology and liberal arts). That’s sort of the theme of Apple as cheesy as it sounds. Is that what you meant? I think that’s just him pushing that passion of making cool things that lean towards the artsy functionality direction. Kind of why I like them I think.

      • I love that “liberal arts” is used. That field is so important — it teaches you to think for yourself — but frequently gets pooh-pooh’d by the hard science types.

        And a fine 1st post! Please continue with whatever strikes your fancy.

  33. Hey, congratulations! And great job! Interesting and helpful.

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