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Liveblog: President’s State of the Union Address

This time he's serious.

All you non-recovering Conflucians can get a little tipsy while you watch TOTUS and POTUS put their best feet forward for the SOTU. I have to watch it stone cold sober. Here are a couple of places to watch the speech and listen for your trigger words or phrases:

CNN Live

C-Span coverage

Unfortunately, the POTUS has no plan and is afraid to commit to one anyway. Will the Democrats leap to their feet for multiple standing O’s for O anyway? Or will they sit on their hands? Will President Obama say even one thing of substance? We’ll soon find out.

If you can’t stand to listen to the voice of “The One,” here are a couple of good articles to read while following the comments of those of us who force ourselves to watch and/or listen.

Robert Scheer: The Sorry State of the Union

The state of the union is just miserable, no matter how President Obama sugarcoats it. He will claim that progress has been made in stabilizing the markets, increasing national security and advancing toward meaningful health care reform, but he will be wrong on all three counts.

A Duped President’s Wasted Year

The fatal complacency of the Obama White House and Democratic Party leadership concerning last week’s Massachusetts senatorial election outcome, together with that upset’s probable consequences for health insurance reform legislation, produced a drama in which the president has never seemed a player. He has seemed to have never himself known the reforms he actually wanted, leaving it to Congress and the lobbies to fight over whatever legislation they, undirected, might be able to produce….the president recently told Time magazine that he “overestimated our ability to persuade (Israelis and Palestinians to agree to ‘meaningful conversation’) when their politics ran contrary to that.”

This astounding statement by a president of the United States, after nearly 40 years of futile U.S. efforts to convince Israelis and Palestinians to agree—from the time of Henry Kissinger’s “shuttle diplomacy” in the 1970s to the useless 2009 missions to Palestinians and Israelis by George Mitchell—alone disqualifies President Obama as a maker of American Middle Eastern policy.

Ezra Klein: Waiting for Barack

Every Hill office I’ve spoken to in the past week has had the same complaint. “Where,” they ask, “is the White House?”

There’s been no clear message on the way forward for health-care reform. No clear articulation of preferences. No public leadership to speak of. The administration is taking temperatures rather than twisting arms. The White House press team is blasting out speeches where the president says he’ll never stop fighting on health care but pointedly refuses to throw a punch. The president is giving interviews where he seems to endorse paring the bill back and also seems to argue against doing anything of the kind. The daily message has run from banks to freezes, and early leaks suggest that tonight’s speech will focus on education.

According to multiple sources, there’s an easy answer for the confusion: The White House is confused.

And for a change of pace, I was able to find one blog post that put a positive spin on Obama’s first year. You guessed it–at the Cheeto, where there are still a few half-hearted Koolaid drinkers:

Keeping the Faith

Have at it. Document the atrocities….

474 Responses

  1. I’m going to start out listening to CNN on satellite radio. If I get up the nerve, I may watch a little of it on CNN’s website.

    Get this, Wolfie says the speech will last 70 minutes!


  2. 70 minutes??!! Hope I have enough wine!

  3. How many times will he say “inherited” and “previous administration?”

  4. Oh brother Wolf Blitzer, as usual, hyper about Obama and his historicalness

  5. David Gregory says Obama wants to again become that “change agent” he was on the campaign trail….WHA???
    He was a “talk about change” agent. He can not reconnect to some one he never was.

  6. This is a great opening, BostonBoomer, we’re bouncing around trying to find a babbler that doesn’t annoy us too much. Ah…… We just found C-Span! Nice.

  7. Here comes Oblunder

  8. “Hey look at me, I’m the President – aren’t I cool?”

  9. Michelle looked PISSED!!!!

  10. He’s pre-empted the National Parks documentary on PBS. arrrrgfgggghhhh!!!!

    {{{going to get DVD}}}}

    • SOD, here in Houston, PBS is still broadcasting the documentary.

      Btw – just finished watching Tavis Smiley’s interview w/Madame Sect’y Hillary Clinton. She’s such an inspiration of true-blue leadership combined with intelligence, warmth and genuine compassion. (sigh)

      • Just finished watching. I agree, what a great lady, even though Tavis Smiley is a bit of dufus and asks some really silly questions.

  11. BB: That picture of him is so classic.

  12. Michelle does not look pleased.

  13. Nancy just crushed his hand…..

  14. There is not enough liquor in my house to listen to this.

  15. Why does he give a copy of the speech to both the VP and SoH?

  16. How soon before Pelosi jumps out of her seat?

    • I think she might not be so much of a Nancy in the Box tonight – saving her own ass should prevent it.

  17. cx, nancy’s not jumping for joy anymore, she’s just dodging that bus.

  18. Oh hell, I hate his guts. I’m not sure I can watch.

    • You have to treat it like Mystery Science Theatre 3000. Keep posting snarky retorts to his BS for the amusement of your fellow TC-ers.

    • Try turning off the sound and just studying his body language. Tell us when you think he’s lying.

    • Hah. Most of what he is saying so far is BS and campaign rhetoric. I’m watching because I’m curious to see how these folks in Washington can pretend to care about the poor and downtrodden in this country while they live in Versailles and do everything in their power to harm the middle class in order to help their rich friends.

  19. He’s got that defiant look. Heh, this could be fun.

  20. I can hear my Grandma listening to SOTU downstairs… ugh. His voice is like nails to a chalkboard while I read these articles.

    This is all so depressing. Time to take my mind off of this by reading sleaze about the Edwards’s separation. Whoop!


  21. I really wish the Chinese would hack the prompters and load “Green Eggs and Ham”

  22. He thinks that sticking outhis chin looks strong and manly but really he just ends up looking down his nose at everyone. Someone should tell him.

    Love the picture up top.

  23. wow – off the bat – IT’S NOT MY FAULT!!!!!

  24. Have a great night everyone. I’m going to Disneyworld

  25. Just heard about the passing of Prof. Zinn.

  26. LOL
    BO: Home values have declined.
    camer cuts to Geithner

  27. I do not like the notion of green eggs and ham. I do not like the notion of Sam I am.

  28. “it’s not my fault, your life sucked for decades and it is mostly bush and Clinton’s fault”

    that is what I’ve heard so far.

    • “after one of the most difficult years in our history…”

      What a drama queen. Worse than Pearl Harbor? Worse than the Civil War? Worse than Guadalcanal? I go go on.

  29. ooh!!! Anger and Frustration!!! last sunday…..

  30. None of this is me…..been this way for years…… cue all the many ways he is one of us…..now he slaps at Washington and its partisanship…..

    Pssssst! Obama! You ARE Washington now! You won the election, asshole!

  31. Geez. I cannot listen to 70 minutes of this shit. It sounds like he is talking about himself and his campaign again. I really hate how he talks. The really slow way he divides his phrases “Last year… we came to washington… on the backs of… all different kinds of Americansssss.”

    He does a weird sort of whistling thing with his “s”s.
    Now I’m hearing the excerpt from Drudge I read earlier

  32. are Nancy’s dentures loose or does she want to spit on him? Haven’t decided yet

  33. Is he ever going to get around to any actual policies that will fix this shit, other than “Hope”?

  34. poor Joe Biden, stuck back there, nodding his head and trying to look like Obama is speaking wise words…

  35. NO NANCY IN THE BOX!!!!!!!!!!! WHOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!!

  36. When in doubt, pull the “hope” card.

    • God, I hate Obama speeches. They’re all like, “We need to build giant machines that suck up carbon dioxide at a rapid rate! We need to hire a therapist for Osama Bin Laden!” omg Barack ur so rite!

  37. Obama the anxieties you have are the same as the anxieties of the American people. The American people are not anxious about their teleprompters short circuiting.

  38. What is going on with big Mo’s face? Geebus.

  39. I hated the bail out. YOU LIE!!!

  40. “I have never been more hopeful..”

    Lying without flinching, or clueless.

  41. Nancy’s not under the bus, she’s throwing President Platitude under the bus with her ‘yeah whatever’ reactions- I’m actually enjoying this.

    • Wow, that really is a frozen smile. Notice her eyes aren’t smiling at all.

      • she’s only acknowledging things she approves of – the rest – he’s on his own, Nancy is saying bye-bye-Barry. She found a Boston Pot Hole to hide under when the bus comes.

  42. bank bailout transparent? accountable?


  43. Pffffft! He can’t do populist. He just can’t.

  44. surfing channels…hmmm, where is that SOTU…??? Oh…here it is

  45. Gimme a break. He hasn’t cut shit, and most of America knows it.

  46. what do you think he promised them in exchange for those standing Os?

  47. Did you see the Glee cast right behind BO singing Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing?

    Me neither. And that was all I tuned in for. 😦

  48. ok – so now it’s Nancy in Box – she’ll go back again.

  49. Making jokes and chuckling…on the backs of the people he purports to be speaking too.

  50. That’s 2 million jobs “saved”

  51. And now I’m reading actress Zelda “come to the light, Carol Ann” Rubenstein has passed, aged 76. R.I.P.

  52. where’s he getting these numbers from?

  53. Now he’s pumping that stimulus bill. So far his great achievements are an extra 60 bucks in a few paychecks, and a stimulus that the country hates that stimulated nothing.

    Wooooo, that’s a resume!

  54. Now congratulating himself on job well done…unbelievable.

  55. Me doesn’t think his speech is going over too well. Especially the little vignettes, little stories. He lacks human warmth. I don’t believe his concern.

    New JOBS bill T’ONIGHT. Wow! What a man of action.

  56. Yeah, small businesses. Tell your banker cronies to give some fricken loans.

  57. Asking for? How about presenting a jobs bill? Will this WH ever actually think of something themselves?

  58. I can’t take it anymore. I’m going to bed. Let me know how it turns out tomorrow. Peace, I’m out!

    • I know the feeling. I’m going to ask Katie to run away with me to the safety of Facebook soon. There must be some online game we need to play.

  59. Boehner doen’t support loans to small businesses?

  60. He’s really full of shit. Yes He Is!

  61. Thirty billion?! That’s chicken feed!

  62. money for small business.. how lame that he doesn’t know that small business will not hire a single worker or raise a single wage until there is DEMAND.

  63. Hire these small business workers to do WHAT?

  64. awesome, I’m going to raise wages for workers with money I don’t have.

  65. Zelda and Zinn, not a good night for the Z’s. Has anyone heard from Zig Ziglar?

  66. ok – all you out of work sales people, you’re going to build trains! WHOO HOOO!

  67. Yawn….it;s the same infrastructure and green jobs promises from the campaign. Hey, BOZO, why have you not DONE any of it yet?

  68. He is repeating his campign promises.

  69. Duh–you campaigned on that (the$$wipes that ship our jobs overseas)…Do it already.

  70. He’s campaign stumpiing…same old nightmare all over again.

    • yup. He’s the Outsider~ Scott Brown and Obama are on the same side! They are on our side. Washington is so bad–Who are those people? No more gridlock. Bad, Congress, Bad. And, Congress claps.

  71. If my small business had more CUSTOMERS, I would hire someone. As it is, we’re barely holding on.

    A fucking loan won’t help much without DEMAND!

  72. I can’t watch him anymore – someone email me if the prompterluxe malfunctions. Have fun!

  73. Who would open a small business in this climate, when no one has money to spend?

  74. Not one of those things on his list would affect me or my little family at all. Zip. Nothing.

  75. There’s the “I’ve been told” “Some say” strawman.

  76. Here comes the strawman! “I’ve been told……”

    As for waiting, the country has been waiting on YOU, asshat.

  77. Actually, he is repeating John McCain’s campaign promises

  78. I turned it off 10 minutes ago. I started getting nauseous when he began to tell jokes like this is all funny or something.

  79. Totus makes it impossible for him to make eye contact with the American people – zero connection.

  80. Joe Biden’s nodding is about to drive me mad.

  81. While I’d never watch this donkey’s behind talk (hey a talking donkey’s behind!) I must say the commentary here is hilarious.

  82. This is sad — he doesn’t know how to do anything except run against “the Man.” It’s just so laughable when he IS the Man.

  83. I can’t stomach watching O’blabber go on how he gets it, how he feels your pain, so I’m going to pass on the speech.

    Joe Wilson said he will not shout ‘You lie!’ at Obama tonight. But it sure wouldn’t surprise me if he threw his shoes at him! Could O duck as humorously as Bush? I doubt it.

  84. Dodd looks like he’s afraid of being punished.

  85. “Look…..”

    he says that like “let me be clear”

  86. I am out of contact with any media; what if any acknowledgement did he make of “the message heard round the world”—you know that one from MA?

  87. I’m watching it on C-Span with the mute button on, but the visuals are alos nauseating.

  88. Why does Tim Geithner look like Beavis and Butthead had a baby?

  89. More nuke plants. they’re cheap, not.

  90. Ahh..now he’s the Energy President

  91. I really wonder if Sarah Palin wrote a big chunk of this speech. It’s more McCain’s plan than O’s.

  92. There are those….

  93. We’d have to be making goods in order to export them, fool.

  94. We need to export more of our goods? Asswipe, we don’t make any fricken goods anymore! Get a fricken clue. Nothing is made here anymore.

  95. Double our exports of WHAT?

  96. Is Hillary there?

  97. “there are those, there are those..” – them vs us, them vs us. No way I’m ussing with him.

  98. Joe Trippi said tonight pre-speech that O would have to go “outside”; that his big mistake was going “inside” DC. The problem is, once you are “the man” you are the ultimate insider. You can not be the “outsider”.

  99. Shouldn’t the State of the Union be about what IS — not what he’s pretending he WANTS?

  100. Has he mentioned DADT?

  101. Wait, are we going to export education? Other than grain, I don’t know what else we can send overseas. Maybe more jobs?

  102. I don’t think the obot punidits are going to be able to do much with this. is it just me or is he really really boring?

    This is as dishwater flat as GWB ever was.

  103. Nice Republican speech.

  104. And where are all these newly educated graduates going to WORK?

  105. Has the text been released yet?

  106. Aren’t alot of these programs under his proposed freeze.

  107. This is a recycled campaign speech.

  108. yeh… that “world class education”? I’m sure all our budget cuts and a spending freeze that will up our class sizes in K-3 from 20 kids per class to 35 is going to rocket us to the top of the education heap… in our inner city school…

    yup. that’s going to help a lot – a contest – when really what our kids need is food and basics…


  109. He took on health care because he had absolutely no choice but to try it. What a crock.

  110. Now he’s trying to sell us on his piece of crap HCR that the voters have made clear they despise.

  111. what is up michelle’s ass tonight? is gail huff in the audience?

  112. Oh MO is not happy

  113. Ooooh. Michelle does look mad.

  114. He on the other hand never gets embarrased.

  115. Michelle always looks mad. But yeah, baby, I want to see Nancy look all pissy, so I’ll watch later with the sound off.

  116. How long do you think she practiced that little hed tilt?

  117. What was that look on his face? Barack Antoinette? Let them eat health insurance scam!

  118. I will not walk away from these Americans. I will walk right over them.

  119. Medicare for All you bought and sold asshole! That will do it.

  120. NO, you smug asshat, most Americans do not wonder “what’s in it for me?” MOST of us actually care if it works, if we can pay for it, and if it’s good for our country.

    Don’t assume we are all selfish pricks just because you are.

  121. Asking for suggestions. Why doesn’t he put up a suggestion box outside the WH gates?

  122. Ihave a better plan.. it is called Medicare for All!

  123. uhhh? Medicare for Everyone?

  124. boy, that Mitch McConnell looks like a big sack o’ poo…

  125. Came back – how many lies had he told?

  126. Would they please not give standing o’s and fall all over each other kissing his hands at the end?

    Could they all just be polite and sit there in their comfy leather chairs.

  127. wasn’t he in the senate before he took office? and he voted for shit before hand……while he was IN THE DOOR?????

  128. how much longer?

  129. Now he’s doing the “not my fault, it;s inherited” crap.

  130. here comes the bullshit spending freeze

  131. See video above.


  133. cut the war funding, Cut The War Funding, CUT THE WAR FUNDING!!!

    “cash-strapped family”, indeed…


  134. LMAO! Nancy and Joe having a chat behind him, he;s so riveting…

  135. Why did they leak all that miserable crap before the speech; as boring as it sounds it seems like if they had held back we would at least have a little new info.

    Pelosi quoted tonight as saying now she may have the votes for hcr. Her not enough votes narrative was just a “ploy”—according to Dem strategists.

  136. Commission by executive order. There it is.

  137. Need. More. Wine. BRB.

  138. so let me get this right, he’s president because he can read from left to right ,and right to left?

  139. Holy Christ. What a liar!!!

  140. PAYGO??????? you’ve got to be kidding……

  141. He’s mentioned the surplus twice, but still cannot speak Clinton’s name. A Repub would have invoked Reagan 10 times by now.

  142. blame bush….applause

  143. let’s try impeachment

  144. TIRED BATTLE is the one you are fighting against Washington when you are Washington, Oblameless

  145. Yes, we don’t trust yoooouuuuu!!

  146. end the influence of lobbyists?????? is he serious???

  147. Why all these standing ovations for this continual BS?

    Just awful to watch….I figure they must all be drunk.

    Especially Joe Biden….oh Joe Biden….check out Joe Biden….

  148. Duh, they bought yours for you.

  149. No, he has no contact with lobbyists at all…give me a break.


  151. Ok that is funny that they are sitting right there.

  152. would have had more resonance if he hadn’t opted out of public financing even after JMac challenged him to take it. what a hypocrite. never released his list of donors either

  153. He’s worried about special interests. Righty-O.

    Now fussing about earmarks. Barf.

  154. Continue down the path? They never started.

  155. yeah – publish it on CSPAN .com…………………………..

  156. LMAO ‘I don’t think our campaigns should be bankrolled by big money’ How can he deliver these lines with a straight face? he must be a robot

  157. yes, you are niave

  158. Will anyone believe this load? Sentient beings know better. Hell, tomatoes should know better.

  159. “A Washington where every day is election day.”

    I’m gonna be sick.

  160. Stop telling us what frustrates us, Bambi. You haven’t a CLUE.

  161. It seems to me that even the sycophants look sick. His bobble headed jack in the box kiss asses don’t even appear to be enjoying this swill.

  162. “the other side??”

    can we all be on the same side? cripes

  163. This speech is very very flat even for him. He’s no Big Dawg. Prize for the night goes to drunk seals in the audience clapping for him. Very well trained…they’re giving him all the accountability rope he wants.

  164. “We still need to govern.”

    When did you start?

  165. the Reader In Chief is a fool.

  166. Last week wasn’t “campaign fever” you dolt. You just can’t take that the people are rejecting YOUR agenda.

  167. Leadership!!! he should never utter the word

  168. sorry boomer but i’m glad i dont have to watch martha coakley squinting and doing her fake smile while jumping up and down with the rest of the obots.

  169. not nice to say whatever you want about apponent? HA! He is the dirtiest politician I have ever known. He’d call his grandmother a typical white woman… wait, he did

  170. “not leadership”??????????/ this IDIOT is saying what’s leadership?? power pansy.

  171. My husband put the TV on pause about 15 mins ago to take a call. I have the noise-canceling headphones at the ready. Can’t take this.

  172. His cutseyness is annoying. He thnks he’s so droll

  173. He is trying to throw the entire congress under the bus.

  174. NOT INTERESTED IN RELITIGATING THE PAST?????? who the fuck is this man??

  175. yes, Joe Biden looks totally soused

  176. tough on terror time here we go
    man caused disasters and the whole nine

  177. Is this a speech to us or is he trying to punish the Congress?

  178. Mother of Mercy, can this just be year one of this horror show?

    • See now? I laugh and cry at what you just posted. Jeezus Gawd Amighty, this is supposed to be a Democratic administration and we got this?

  179. Someone tweeted that McCain mouthed the words “complete bullshit.”

  180. Is it over yet? We’re almost to 70 minutes.

  181. He is following the Iraq plan and timeline that Bush left him, to a tee. He gets no credit for ending shit.

  182. He’s campaigning, while he chastises them for campaigning. Up is down, down is up.

  183. Sorry, this is like a tepid campaign rally speech. Forget substance, he’s not even hitting his marks on style.

  184. What idiot keeps yelling “Yeah” every 15 seconds?

  185. Are the pundits warmed up in the bull pen?

  186. and DADT? anyone? Bueller?

  187. Notice that he never links Clinton’s name to that surplus he touts, but he has no problem uttering “Reagan”.

  188. “That is a promise..” ooh, I’ll be sure to take that seriously.

  189. oh for f*cks sake is he ever going to shut up?

  190. Anyone who watched Hillary on PBS before this farce began has got to be in tears by now.

    EVERYTHING she said made so much sense and rang so true. These platitudes and lies are making my ass hurt.

  191. He’s decided to coopt Hannity’s favorite word: freedom

  192. I’m too old for this same old bs…..honestly, haven’t I heard THIS SAME SPEECH for the last twenty years?


  193. here it comes…..DADT

  194. Where is the overarching theme…where is the faux inspiration even. He’s flopping big time except for the clapping seals in the audience.

  195. congress will not do it….

  196. the joint chiefs look positively gleeful

  197. “I will work with Congress and the military”… regarding DADT…

    yeah, right.

  198. Women and equal pay.

    Like his Obots will support that. Ugh.

  199. He did not actually say DADT and he did not actually name a law that he is go propose/strike down.

    Even money he doesn’t follow through in any way at all.

  200. I predict all the talking heads will say this was a great speech; He’s got his mojo back. yawn

  201. GAWD, just say good night and Gooooo.

  202. Don’t tell us what we value, tell us what you value, fool

  203. Kay Hutchison is smart enough to not attend. She’s campaigning in Dallas.

  204. I want the transript.

  205. wow. he hasn’t learned a thing this year. what a bunch of filler fluff in trying to make his speechifying….ummm…..what’s the word?….historic?

  206. I think its clear he should have continued on as a “community organizer” It seems to me he feels most comfort being an agitator and going against the “man” He speaks as if he cant believe he has won. He talks about fighting for Americans. And I want to shout at the TV Does he not understand the power he has. His party is in power.

  207. Oh, for crissake, how much longer can this drivel go on? I finished my bottle of wine. do I need to open another?

  208. more lecturing/moralizing…

    yada, yada…

  209. I want the transcript.

  210. He’s going for the Obot sympathy now… Remember the Way We Were…

  211. how much more? THEY LIED! this is going longer than 70 minutes

  212. And a lot of Americans know you are a liar about that “Change”.

  213. Started the speech with HOPEFUL, winding up with CHANGE WITH CAN BELIEVE IN. How original.

  214. he’s still running for election…..the commentators are gonna eat this up and say ain’t he grand

    “no wonder there’s so much cynicism out there”.

    yeah , no wonder

  215. Now he’s just rambling. someone should get the hook or bring out the clown to escort him off

  216. It’s like he’s campaining/ talking down to us/lecturing us and is pissed off at everyone all in one!

  217. “I didn’t say change would be easy.”

    No shit, asshat.

  218. Democracy is “messy.”

    I thought Rumsfeld was no longer in government.


  219. He’s approaching an hour and 20 mins. does this thing have an end?

  220. now I’m getting sleepy… very, very sleepy…

  221. He wakes up everyday thinking of the American people who are struggling. Hmm, I don’t believe him.

  222. Now he’s trying to emote, and failing miserably.

  223. {{Yawn}}
    What an insincere PoS. I’m opening another bottle of wine.

  224. Is it over yet? I had to turn it off. I put up a new open thread.

  225. Grassley’s like, get me out of here already.

  226. Bill Clinton, who was a gifted speaker, had to be careful not to run toooooooo long.

    I think even the teleprompter HAS TO BE telling him, “WRAP IT UP G*DDAMMIT!”

  227. Well that was a complete waste of time.

  228. Mother of God, that was long winded.

    • That was long winded the way the grand canyon is a hole in the ground.

    • I assigned listening to it to my students for extra credit, I told them it was probably going to be 20-30 minutes. There go my student evaluations for this year!

  229. I have never seen a SOTU speech before when the President pitted the House and Senat against each other. What is particularly peculiar about the tactic is the fact thy are both controlled by Dems.

    It seems like a frat house touch football game – fist bump, fist bump, fist bump, slap ass – aren’t we cool,. Look at us – we are so cool. just juvenile

    • I’ve never seen a president scold the SCOTUS like that before. Even if you hate that decision, it is inappropriate for a state of the union speech, IMO.

  230. Damn, that was one half-bald, tired and swaybacked unicorn, right there.

  231. Heading upstairs…

  232. Krauthammer is surprised Obama used Washington as a pejorative. Why? It was so predictable!

  233. Very good Junior Achievement speech.

  234. Bleck. I still can’t figure out why he’s considered a good speaker.

  235. Rachel Maddow has lost her mind. She is really stretching to act like this was a good speech.

    Oooh, he got the Repugs to stand up by lip service to their crap. Hmm, never seen that before.

    GWB got Cynthia McKinney and Maxine Wters to stadn up from time to time.

    The things they praise W2 for! Ooh he tinkled and got most of it in the bowl!

  236. Rachel is a huge disappointment.

  237. Anybody going to watch the R response? Or, is the transcript out for that?

  238. Are you watching the Repug response. Great theatrics!

  239. I’m watching…yet another metrosexual bloviating gasbag politician.

  240. It’s being reported that Chris Matthews had a Harry Reid moment tonight when talking about the SOTU speech.

  241. This is what I saw tweeted; didn’t hear it myself:

    Chris Matthews: “I forgot he was black tonight.”

  242. here in UK, we have our own ‘problem children’ within government, but you people are sooooo screwed…….

    • We know. Do you have any friends open to marrying an American? I need EU citizenship.

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