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Why celebrities flip out: Open Thread

Is it just me?  For the 3 minutes or so that I watched this video, I actually felt sorry for Britney Spears.

Over the top paparazzi? or just too bad for her?  I must say I spent most of the time wondering WTH???

This is an open thread.  Grab a cold one, a comfy chair, and let loose.

175 Responses

  1. If I was her I would hire a couple of big bruisers as bodyguards and guarantee to pay any judgments against them for beating the fuck out of paparazzi.

    • The comments are full of references to incest and ‘inbred rednecks,’ gay jokes/slurs, and references to ‘Glenda.’ (*gasp* What could be more insulting?).

      Please, progressives, stop seizing the high ground! It’s embarassing! Beck can trick them into joining on one of his commie witch hunts by prending he’s looking for gays, women, and rural people.

    • His fans are all in locked facilities.

  2. I love Britney. I always will. I love how the media tries to make her into the icon of the feminine and constantly criticizes everything about her, and she’s just like, whatever, you won’t stop me from doing whatever I want.

    That mean person yelling was almost worse than the paps. People are so compassionate.

    • Agreed. I love how the tabs treat her and Angelina Jolie in particular. You can see them throw every sick female stereotype up against them in sequence just to which sticks and what sells more magazines. It’s disgusting, and these are just people living their damn lives.

    • She needs a better disguise.

  3. PDS never sleeps:

    Yet another ethics complaint has been filed against former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, this time on the grounds that both she and her staff used official state facilities and resources for “partisan political purposes.”

    Andree McLeod, an Alaska community activist who has filed at least half-a-dozen ethics complaints against Palin already, officially submitted a letter to the state Attorney General’s Office on Friday charging that staffers within the governor’s office engaged in efforts to aid the McCain/Palin campaign. Such efforts, she argues,violated an Alaska ordinance that states that public officers may not “use or authorize the use of state funds, facilities, equipment, services, or another government asset or resource for partisan political purposes.”

    Not exactly Watergate.

  4. Britney’s worst peformance ever

    • Oh, this is my absolute fave. 🙂

      The Media: Brit, you’re a fat, ugly cow! You should be embarassed going out in the street looking like that! Hide and put a bag over your head, you’re a mess!

      Brit: Eff you! I’ll do whatever I want!

      The media: Who do you think you are? Your career is over!

      Brit: Oh yeah? Eff you!

      I wish LI, fellow Brit lover, was here. 🙂

      • It was quite the train wreck though. I watched it live and my mouth hit the floor. I said “someone didn’t show up for rehearsal I see…”

  5. That’s unbelievable. Imagine living like that–just trying to go to a restaurant? It’s such a comment on the mentality of our society that following her like that is actually lucrative.

    • There really should be some type of constraints on that stuff. Celebrity or not, that is mentally damaging.

  6. I needed a drink so I made a whole batch of Sangria. Help yourselves:

  7. Does anyone else find this to be the creepiest song ever written and performed?

    • No. In my book that distiction goes to Jay-Z’s “I got 99 problems, but a bitch ain’t one. ” Especially when used by Obama after his primary win in Iowa.

    • It’s from a time when it didn’t seem so creepy. Statuatory rape wasn’t really an item and he was much younger! It got ALOT of play at sweet 16 parties (back when people still had them).

      He probably was one-upping (downing?) She Was Just 17.

  8. the paparazzi that follows Brit is the creepiest shit. the whole “period pictures to prove she’s not pregnant” was one of the weirdest things I ever heard of.

    • She should have looked right into the video camera and said “can’t I just eat my waffles in peace?”

    • I’m glad I never heard of that. Sounds hyper creepy.

      • I used to read Margaret Cho’s blog during the primaries because she was all “I’m bi-candidate, I like Hillary and Obama, I like Obama and Hillary.” And, she posted about seeing the pictures and being horrified. I was horrified just hearing about it and not seeing anything.

        • I love Margaret Cho. I quit reading a bunch of people’s blogs, including hers, because I was afraid they’d be Failbots and I didn’t want to lose respect for them. Glad I was wrong.

          • She was a big obot. Endorsed what’s his face in PA.

          • *sighs* Yeah, I was pretty she’d done something during the campaign that gave me a negative impression but I’d forgotten exactly what. Oh, well…

          • you can imagine how Cho reacted to the Evil Palin

          • *sighs* It doesn’t have to be like this. Is anyone following the discussion over at Reclusive Leftist? I wish them all the luck in the world, but I bet at the first disagreement over Palin everything falls to pieces and everyone’s at each other’s throats.

  9. Ruh roh…

    “Jesus Christ dumped from jury pool”

    From the article:

    Efforts to reach Christ for comment were unsuccessful.

    • Unlike the major religions, they didn’t make up some quotes after the failed attempts to contact Jesus.

  10. I’m with myiq on this Britney thing. Some nice professional mercenaries from Blackwater could do wonders for that crowd of paparrazi.

    • The law of supply and demand. They can sell those photos to mags that cater to the fly-overs, so why not?

      • I think the idiots who read those mags are present everywhere – from major cities to the “fly-overs”.

        Rural America does not have a monopoly on “dumb and shallow”. Urban America is just as full of shallow morons, and the west coast may have the largest percentage.

        • I beg to differ — the EAST coast has the greatest number of dumb & shallow ass h*les!

          Most hateful people I’ve ever met in the whole world live on the east coast. NY voted against the ERA –and I’ve been ignoring that set of in-laws ever since.

  11. One of my all time favorites songs from high school:

  12. Sarah Palin and Barney Frank to speak at the Gridiron Dinner Saturday night in DC. Bet it could be fun.


  13. My absolute favorite 70s band — still going strong

  14. More Doobies…in a doobie state of mind tonight

  15. I hate it when everybody and their dog quotes poll numbers on how much Americans love the “public option” and it all is a big fucking lie Thompson-Reuters Poll Details.

    Note the “like Medicare for everyone” in the poll question. As I have stated before, that’s the only way people support health care reform. The generic public option and other BS being considered by Congress is a waste of time and effort.

    For this next section, please rate the statements using a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 means “Strongly Disagree” and 5 means “Strongly Agree”. The higher the number, the more you agree with the statement. You can use any number in between. (READ AND ROTATE)

    6a. The quality of healthcare delivered in our country will be better 12 months from now.
    6b. It will be easier for people to receive care they need 12 months from now.
    6c. The value of care delivered will be better 12 months from now.
    6d. The total amount of money your family spends on healthcare will decrease 12 months from now.

    7a. Do you believe a “Public Option” (like Medicare for everyone) should be included as part of the final legislation that Congress passes into law?
    a. Yes
    b. No
    c. DK/NS
    d. Refused

    This whole fucked up process needs to be killed and started from scratch. When it’s started from scratch, Medicare for All should be on the table since it is what the American people support.

    Have I mentioned lately that I hate all the DC politicians and their pets. Every one of them.

    • Have I mentioned lately that I hate all the DC politicians and their pets. Every one of them.

      not lately…

    • there was a poll at the beginning of the year that showed something like 60% of Americans support single-payer… we never hear about that poll.

      • Here it is:

        Americans are more likely today to embrace the idea of the government providing health insurance than they were 30 years ago. 59% say the government should provide national health insurance, including 49% who say such insurance should cover all medical problems.

      • It’s amazing that a clear majority of the American people support Medicare for All and it can’t event get up for debate in the Congress.

        Ever since I became convinced of that some months ago, this process was dead to me. Massive corruption is the only answer.

  16. Did backtrack do the same finger gesture in Allentown as his did to Hillary? Hot Air has a post with pictures.
    I did not see or hear his speech and only saw this on Hot AIr.
    If this is true, he is the most ignorant, arrogant,useless, pos ever in office.



    • I saw that yon outube too. Interesting that the politician he was speaking about at the time was a Hillary supporter, and he did the little smirk after the finger.

      • How long are the American people going to put up with the insults, the lack of doing his job, and his redistributing the wealth to his wall st owners?



  17. Don Henley tears my heart out every time with this song…

  18. And it’s not the Eagles without “Hotel California”

    The Doobies, Eagles, and Steely Dan prove the 70s had the best music ever

  19. Oh Gawd! can’t forget Elton…

  20. Eagles 2007. they’re still at it.

    • The Eagles rock. I posted my favorite Eagles song upthread “Wasted Time” from the Hotel California album. 2nd favorite is “New Kid in Town” simply for the awesome harmonies.

  21. Elton John’s Texan Love Song

  22. My other favorite Elton song, from Tumbleweed Connection (the four-part harmonies are fab)

  23. I saw Aerosmith in 1977 — I wonder if they were this wasted when I saw them.

  24. super 70s flashback — Steve Miller Band, the Joker

  25. “singers” today could not do such unaided, pure, vocals… Sting today

  26. This was my senior class’s “song” — now that I look back, what a morose choice.

  27. Speaking of morose … Naughty Max Baucus

    Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus’ office confirmed late Friday night that the Montana Democrat was carrying on an affair with his state office director, Melodee Hanes, when he nominated her to be U.S. attorney in Montana.

    • Oh fer cryin’….

    • friday night news dump

    • Is he providing her health insurance?

    • {{{bangs head…rolls eyes}}}

    • I can’t stand Baucus, but it’s not really as bad as it sounds. They call it an “affair”, but he and his ex had been separated for awhile before he started seeing her. And she voluntarily withrew her name from consideration, and also left Baucus’ employ when it became apparent to them both that the relationship was going to be more than casual. (They are still together.)

      She had worked with Baucus for years before they got involved, and by all accounts was good at her job, so the nomination may have been in good faith. Yeah, there was a few months overlap there, but it looks like they tried to do the right thing – and since none of this was public at the time, it’s not like she was forced by public opinion to step down or remove her name.

      I think this one is one of those “gray” areas, not blatant scumbucketery.

  28. Southwest captain, crew enjoy ‘early Christmas present’ with baby born on airplane


  29. Eagles trivia. What singer put together a session band and then added a couple more members for a summer tour the result being that the singers band then later formed themselves into the Eagles.

  30. Margaret Cho explains why she chose Obama over Hillary, from USA TODAY (click more next to her name):

    I got talked into it by Kal Penn (Harold & Kumar Go to Amsterdam, House and The Namesake), a longtime Obama supporter. I was originally a Hillary Clinton supporter, but when Kal offered me an autographed photo of Hugh Laurie, of House fame, I changed camps immediately.

  31. I miss Luther. {{sigh}}

  32. Where the Golden Sacks bankers should be:

  33. One of my all-time favorites. I wore this damn album (Yes, ALBUM) out:

    • I saw them once in concert. They had lasers before lasers were common, and Ian Anderson jumped and pranced all OVER that stage with his amazing flute for 3 solid hours. It was freaking incredible.

  34. Album covers were brands.

  35. I was supposed to see Thin Lizzy and Queen in 1977 but the concert was canceled.

  36. This was the #1 band for the second half of the 70’s:

  37. This was the first rock LP I ever bought:

  38. Speaking of Brittanys..a commercial break.

  39. OT BBC World is fabulous today-one climate change programme after another, and all of them fascinating.

    Ethical Man on “Can Obama Save the Planet?” is a hoot!

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