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Friday Mid-Morning News and Views

For me the biggest news of the day comes from Jeremy Scahill’s revelations about the relationship between Blackwater (aka Xe) head Eric Prince and the CIA. According to Scahill Prince has been working as a CIA asset for years, and that Blackwater contractors with U.S. backing are effectively engaging in a covert war in Pakistan.

In addition, Scahill revealed that there are more than 100,000 contractors in Afghanistan now in addition to the 100,000 U.S. military troops who will be there after Obama’s latest troop “surge.” Scahill wrote the cover story for this week’s The Nation. Unfortunately the story is not yet available on-line to non-subscribers. However Scahill did appear on Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC program last night. Here is the video.

A few days ago, Scahill also talked about his latest Blackwater research in an interview with Laura Flanders:

There is also a major story on Eric Prince in the January issue of Vanity Fair.

I put myself and my company at the C.I.A.’s disposal for some very risky missions,” says Erik Prince as he surveys his heavily fortified, 7,000-acre compound in rural Moyock, North Carolina. “But when it became politically expedient to do so, someone threw me under the bus.” Prince—the founder of Blackwater, the world’s most notorious private military contractor—is royally steamed. He wants to vent. And he wants you to hear him vent.

I haven’t had time to read the full interview yet. I hope to get to it over the weekend.

In other news….

Top Congressional Researcher on Afghanistan Fired

The top congressional official who oversees research on foreign policy and defense issues, including the war in Afghanistan, has been fired from his job after publishing a newspaper op-ed criticizing the Obama administration’s recent decision about bringing Guantánamo detainees to trial.

Morris Davis, the assistant director of the Congressional Research Service’s foreign policy and defense division and the former chief prosecutor of the U.S. military commissions, says that the American Civil Liberties Union plans to challenge his dismissal in a letter to CRS’s longtime director, Daniel Mulhollan, on Friday. The letter will contend that Mulhollan violated Davis’s First Amendment rights to free speech by firing him and will threaten the service with a lawsuit if he is not reinstated, says an ACLU spokeswoman.

Politico thinks the Massachusetts Senate Race is boring Could that be because a woman–Mass. Attorney General Martha Coakley–is leading the race by double digits? Politico seems disappointed that there are no Kennedys in the race. Massachusetts citizens are more interested in electing a Senator who will be responsive to their needs than having a celebrity studded primary.

Get this–according to Politico, Michael Capuano, Coakley’s nearest rival, is terrified of a “Rick Lazio moment.”

“We all learned from his mistake,” Capuano said in an interview of the former New York congressman’s debate badgering of Hillary Clinton, which has become political shorthand for what male candidates ought not to do against female opponents. “There are certain rules of engagement.”

It’s not just debates where the gender issue has surfaced — it hangs over the campaign because of the otherwise liberal state’s not-so-progressive history when it comes to women candidates….

…in last year’s historic Democratic presidential primary, much of the state’s political establishment — including the governor and both senators — rallied behind the man over the woman.

“That left a bad taste in women’s mouths,” said Marsh, adding that it seems to be playing out again this year, with nearly all of the men in the House delegation backing their colleague.

Oh really? Izzat so. Poor Mikey C., getting beat up by woman because of the “rules of engagement.”

Also from Politico, a number of opinion leaders weigh in on whether Ben Bernacke should get four more years as head of the Fed.

President Obama is running some PR operation and calling it a “jobs summit,” but The New York Times reports that there won’t be any money to speak of to back up any job creation effort by the administration. That’s as to be expected–unlimited funds for bankers and war, while middle-class, working-class, and poor Americans can go f**k themselves.

Mr. Obama said he would entertain “every demonstrably good idea” for creating jobs, but he cautioned that “our resources are limited.”

The president said he would announce some new ideas of his own next week. One of those, he indicated when he participated in a discussion group on clean energy, would be a program of weatherization incentives for homeowners and small businesses modeled on the popular “cash for clunkers” program.

What about the people who have lost their houses Mr. President–and the people who were already homeless? What kind of weatherization program will you recommend for them. I can’t wait for the big speech!

The Wall Street Journal reports that Allentown, PA workers and business people may not welcome President Obama’s “Main Street tour” with open arms.

Main Street Tour Faces Frosty Greeting

When President Barack Obama launches a multicity tour Friday to take Main Street’s temperature, he will likely get a cool reception from business leaders and workers here who say he hasn’t delivered.

Swing voters in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley helped Mr. Obama win this pivotal, populous state. But the region’s jobless rate inched up another half percentage point in October to 9.8%. About 41,000 people are out of work, the highest number since 1984.

Finally, here’s a “just for fun” story:

Cat Cams: What DO Cats Do Home Alone?

Fifty house cats were given collar cameras that took a photo every 15 minutes. The results put a digital dent in some human theories about catnapping.

Based on the photos, about 22 percent of the cats’ time was spent looking out of windows, 12 percent was used to interact with other family pets and 8 percent was spent climbing on chairs or kitty condos. Just 6 percent of their hours were spent sleeping.

What are you reading this morning? Please post links in the comments.


102 Responses

  1. I want to see cat cam videos! And why no pics with that story? Anyone here have a cat cam?

    • yup, I have a cat cam 🙂

      my cats wouldn’t tolerate wearing a collar, so the camera is set up in the room where their food and water fountain is.

      it’s motion activated and allows me to check on the cats via the internet while traveling.

      the footage is pretty boring except for when the pet sitter makes faces at us.

      now about that Capuano guy..if he wins I’m moving to Texas, boomer…what a blowhard, can’t deal…

      • Cool about the cat cam. I can’t stand Capuano either. He’s a total creep, IMO.

      • My sister keeps mentioning Venocchi’s piece from the other day about the MA old boys’ network and how all the male political leaders went for O and the prominent female politicians went for Hill, and I keep busting out laughing–she was endorsed by all of MA’s prominent female politicians? Both of them? Lol

        Massachusetts–where we’ve burned more women as witches than elected them to office.

    • I received a nice letter yesterday from Coakley’s camp for sending her a contribution. I guess it made an impression because I’m not from her State. Or maybe they just send letters to everyone????

  2. The Obama propaganda networks are working hard to boost the “Jobs Summit”…

    “Job market shows big improvement”..CNN

    only 111,000 jobs cut in November…By their logic once unemployment is 100% and no more jobs are left to be cut, then that will be the bestest jobs report evaaaa….ijits

    • “Unexpected drop in jobless rate sparks optimism

      A surprising drop in the unemployment rate and far fewer job losses last month cheered investors Friday and raised hopes for a sustained economic recovery.

      The rate unexpectedly fell to 10 percent, from 10.2 percent in October…”


      Whoop-de-do. “Only” 10%; how cheery.

  3. BBC over here, came right out and said that Obama had stated, that it was not up to the government to provide jobs but to private businesses.

    I was surprised

    • Just weasel words for why the govts haven’t provided jobs even after the huge stimulus money, instead going to pork projects.

      Where’s the jobs?

    • I wonder if they will feel that way when the revenue that is provided to the government from emplyment startes to dry up.

  4. From the Toledo Blade:
    Mrs. (Kristina) Keneally, 40, was named premier of the Parliament of New South Wales, one of six states and two major territories that comprise Australia. When she was sworn in this morning in Australia – Sydney is 16 hours ahead of Toledo time – the first U.S.-born member of the Parliament became its first woman premier.

    “…Mrs. Keneally also said in the news conference that she was a regular “working mum” who would work hard for the people of the state.”

  5. Politico thinks the Massachusetts Senate Race is boring Could that be because a woman–Mass. Attorney General Martha Coakley–is leading the race by double digits?

    No – it’s because all 4 candidates suck. Which is unfair to Pagliuca and Khazei but not to Coakley and Capuano.

    • Can you be more specific? Swooping in to suggest they “suck” without any facts is not very helpful.

    • Scott Brown doesn’t suck.


      Too bad nobody’s paying attention to him.
      Such is life in one-party MA I guess.

    • Who the heck are you?

    • I can be more specific – Martha Coakley in debate (not verbatim) – “My top priority as AG was to insure health care” wtf?!?!?! Refuses to admit Amiraults were railroaded (by her) and tried to keep Tookie in jail. Goes in the tank for Menino by refusing to investigate missing McKeavey eMails from Diane Wilkerson and Chuck turner – then stalls investigation till after election – and Menino endorses Capuano – corrupt, incompetent and stupid.

      Mike Capuano – name 1 accomplishment in Congress? Slummerville mob/union mouthpiece. corrupt and incompetent and unable to beat Coakley.

      Pagliuca – raised with progressive values (or whatever he lies about) but more than willing to put them aside at any time. Wants an end to self funded campaigns, right after his. Thinks job training creates jobs. Corrupt and incompetent and unable to beat Coakley.

      Khazei – apparently not corrupt but thinks state gambling is an issue for the Senate. Inexperienced. Unable to engage electorate.

      • Do you live in Mass.?

      • Didja know that California AG Jerry Brown has been battling the health insurance companies on behalf of the people?

        • Perhaps this is what Coakley was referring to:

          Coakley successfully defended the Massachusetts’ “buffer zone” law before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit on July 8, 2008. The law, signed by Governor Deval Patrick on November 13, 2007, created a 35-foot buffer around entrances and driveways of reproductive health care facilities. In May 2007, Coakley testified before the Massachusetts State Legislature in support of the passage of the legislation.

          (from Wiki)

        • Even Gregg Abbott in Texas has sued Insurance companies. That’s a no brainer and is fairly common for consumer protection.

      • The Amiraults were railroaded by her? Because she’s secretly Scott Harshbarger?

  6. Hillary Clinton: All nations must play a part in Afghanistan mission
    The violent extremism that threatens the people and governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan also undermines the stability of the wider region and threatens the security of our friends, allies and interests around the world. All of us whose shared future is at stake must take responsibility for securing it.
    By Hillary Clinton

    Our approach signals both the urgency and resolve that this mission requires. Our urgency is reflected in the time frame for transition that asks the Afghan government to start taking full ownership of security. Our resolve is reflected in the substantial deployment of troops since the President took office; in our commitment to assist Afghan forces for the long haul; and in the significant civilian commitment that will continue long after our forces leave.

    It should be clear to everyone that we will not repeat the mistakes of the past. The US and our partners will have an enduring commitment to the region. Ultimately, we recognise that only the Afghan people can decide what kind of nation they want to build for themselves. And only the Pakistani people can ensure their country’s democratic future. That is why we are working as partners in both countries. The United States has no interest in occupation — we seek partnerships based on mutual respect, mutual interest and mutual trust.


    • And you can see the B0bots – silent on the war until now, letting loose on Hillary in the comments to this – which was the purpose of having Hillary highlighted in the media.

      • Yup. The press has been utterly silent on her work and accomplishments til now, but suddenly they need a scapegoat for Obama’s policy, so let’s deflect to Hillary-bashing.

        I really hate to see her defending this moron, but to blame her for war policy is insane.

        • It’s getting to the point of being ludicrous. Oblameless and Rahm have it down. Reagan slipped away with Teflon, Obama ducks, shifts, points and the the blame lands on someone else.

          He still has the problem of not having accomplished anything. He’s willing to take the credit, but for what?

        • She needs to get out of his cabinet and do it yesterday.

          • Yep that’s what I said a few days ago – she needs to distance herself from those who’s beliefs she doesn’t truly espouse.

            She needs to be clean for her next run

          • I love having her as SOS, god knows we need her there. But I am also starting to think she should get out. He is so slimey it’s hard to imagine that she can escape being sullied as he goes down.

      • Evidently the idiots don’t know the difference between State and Defense department. Perhaps they were unaware that Gates would be responsible for escalation policy,not Clinton.

  7. Did someone here help him write this piece? Kuhn focuses on the stimulus bill, but you could throw in health care, the economy, and every other issue to explain how Obama has squandered an historic opportunity:

    Dems Doing Liberalism Badly

    Democrats lived down the Great Society’s excesses for decades. Yet today’s Democrats appear unable to even get basic liberalism right. A historic progressive moment has passed. The cost is millions of jobs and over the long term, the perception of liberalism’s efficacy.

    Barack Obama inherited a progressive moment unseen since Lyndon Johnson and Franklin Roosevelt before him. In this crisis, liberals had a chance to prove Ronald Reagan wrong.

    “This was a great turning point in history, the end of the conservative era. Conservatism imploded just as it imploded during the Hoover years,” said Allan Lichtman, a presidential historian at American University. “That opened up an opportunity for real progressive change in America and I think Obama has missed the moment.”

    Blame rests on the powerful. That’s the Democrats. And liberalism is, in Lichtman’s words, “a huge casualty.”


    • What part of “He will destroy the Dem brand for decades” did they not understand? It was obvious to anyone with a brain.

      • It was obvious to Repubs (and Rove)

      • Hoover Dam was built in a few years by the WPA. Today, the environmental impact statement couldn’t be completed in the same amount of time. In some ways, I think liberal regulation has virtually killed core liberalism’s promise.

        • It has gotten ridiculous. We have a major intersection of 2 main freeways here (1604 and 281) that is horrible. The traffic backs up every day for MLES at a total standstill.

          This is not some environmentally sensitive area. It’s all already developed, all dirt and rocks and concrete, with a few patches of scrub on either side of the highway and here and there. We’ve been trying for 5 years to get approval to widen it for more lanes/exits. The environmental impact studies are holding it up. They did one (at great expense), but the EPA decided some T wasn’t crossed or i dotted, so they want us to do it over – another 2 yr process at more expense.

          Meanwhile, hundreds of cars SIT there daily, belching exhaust and wasting fuel, and this area is CRAP – like I said, dirt and a few rocks, no wildlife, no nothin’. It wouldn’t hurt a damn thing to add a couple of lanes, and it’s obvious to any idiot that it wouldn’t.

          I’m all for protecting the environment, but it’s become just insane.

          • When they were planning UC Merced some activists (funded by the people in Fresno who were trying to get the UC built there) tried to block the project because it would endanger the “Fairy Shrimp.”

            Ever heard of sea monkeys? Fairy shrimp are a freshwater cousin. The emerge in the spring when there are “vernal pools” (puddles) and disappear when the puddles dry up.

          • i know just what ur talking about .

    • Backtrack is Rove’s wet dream.
      I have often wondered about the friendship between Rove and Brazille. She has done so much damage to the democrats, I wonder if Rove is paying her or she is a plant. Think about it, she managed Gore’s campaign and we got Bush 2. She is one of the reasons we have Bush 3



      • This same idea pops up in my mind every time I see her. If she is not on the repubs payroll, how can her poor performance in Florida (ie: caving instead of fighting for a Gore victory) be explained?

  8. NV Sen Poll: Reid In Trouble

    A new Mason Dixon poll (625 RVs, MoE +/- 4%) for the Las Vegas Review-Journal shows Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) trailing two potential GOP opponents.

    The showing should be of concern since this poll shows little movement after Reid hit the airwaves making the case for re-election. “It just shows that Reid has reached a point where people aren’t listening to him anymore,” Danny Tarkanian consultant Jamie Fisfis tells the Review-Journal.


    • Not to worry! A little visit from Obama and…oh, wait. Is this Nevada? Where Obama lost and blew a raspberry on the voters? (I got more electoral votes so who cares what you think?) I guess Mr Reid will say hello to Mr Daschle while Dems will pick another weasel from a red state to be knocked down next time.

  9. when ever the word ” weatherization” is mentioned, I worry. Years ago in Philadelphia they had a government funded weatherization program to help the poor. It was supposed to help fix up houses so that the heating and cooling worked better and did not cost so much.Many poor people were ripped off by this program. When that word comes out of the mouth of a Chicago thug worry. It will be the same thing again.

    History is to be remembered and hopefully the bad not repeated.



    • Lots of folks doing that stuff are running con games. Would you like aluminum siding with that storm window?

      It pays to be extra careful.

      • the guy that ran that program in Philly with his brother, later became mayor. I would to know if the Street brothers and Backtrack ever knew each other and how.



    • He’s also ridiculously late to start talking about this ! a 6-year-old knows, you do that stuff in the FALL! And I agree with the idea that the programs are a sham, and bb’s mention of the homeless. grrrr.

  10. btw, The Dude is “touring” again? Does he ever GET that he’s not campaigning anymore, he can’t just pontificate. He got the job. Someone please let him know.


  11. All I want for Christmas is a real President.

  12. BB. You should read the entire article on Prince and Blackwater in Vanity Fair. It’s illuminating to say the least and would explain why Blackwater got away with a lot of things.

  13. http://www.economist.com/businessfinance/displaystory.cfm?story_id=15022457&fsrc=rss

    It seems as if the oil companies are looking for ways to get out of the middle east. First the shale oil in North Dakota and now in Europe.
    It seems as if new technology will change oil drilling.



    • Shale fracturing is over 20 year old technology, but they appear to be using it now due to price.

  14. I caught a few minutes of the “Tour” — he was talking about American kids playing video games instead of studying math and science and multiple languages.

    Some “listening” tour that is. This is just a rehash of his stump speeches in ’08.

    If it’s not about the permanent campaign, Obama’s not interested.

    • just once wouldn’t be nice if the selected president had something good to say about the country that gave him and his wife a good life without ever really working for it.
      Seeing how good he is in math oking deficit spending, and languages, hip-hop ,and science, global warming is not a hoax maybe some schooling would help him. How many school programs in math, science, language are being cut due to economic problems in states?
      I think he and his family should go live with his father’s family for a while. After all didn’t he write about his father’s dreams.
      Maybe he could rebuild the school in his grandmother’s village like he promised.



    • Did it ever occur to him that maybe they are looking at their compatriots who DID study math and science, and then had their fucking jobs OUTSOURCED TO INDIA AND CHINA???

      Did it ever occur to him that maybe more kids would study math and science if an education in those fields did not require them to mortgage themselves as debt-slaves for 20 years?

      I’m as pro-education as anyone, but a degree is not a guarantee of a job, unless you are willing to work for the same wages as a developing country. A more educated populace is NOT going to solve this problem.

      • It’s like how they act like we’re untravelled because, as ignorant xenophobes, we refuse to. We won’t become schmedumacated and you can’t make us, dammit! Practical concerns, what are those? As far as they’re concerned, college and 10 years of grad school are free, they never saw any bills, had any debt, took 4 jobs to try and pay it off.

  15. Krugman:

    Today’s unemployment report was good news. But in a real sense good news is bad news, because this month’s not-too-bad number deflates the sense of urgency.

    • When there are no jobs left, it will really deflate the urgency. The unemployment rate can only go up from there.

  16. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/politics/7312757.stm

    since I doubt that there will ever be an Iraq War Inquiry in this country following the the one in England should be very interesting.
    It started last week and there is a day by day posting of it on the bbc.



    • From what I’ve heard there was scandal of the fact that Blair was told 10 days b4 the invasion that Saddam had no means of launching weapons of mass destruction.

      David Manning, Tony Blair’s former foreign policy adviser, will give evidence to the Chilcot inquiry today. The inquiry is swiftly proving a fascinating watch, revealing within days of hearing evidence that “regime change” was indeed being discussed in Washington in the wake of the unconnected atrocities of September 11 2001, and that Blair was told ten days before the 2003 invasion that Saddam did not have the ability to launch WMDs.


      • Former treasury secretary Paul O’Neill’s book talked about the crowd in the White House talking about nothing but regime change in Iraq as early as a couple of days after 9/11.

        This was first hand information which was largely ignored in the media. The media helped to lie us into Iraq/Af-Pak.

        • The “Iraq Liberation Act of 1998” passed in the House of Representatives by a vote of 360 – 38 and was unanimous in the Senate, then was signed into law by President Bill Clinton. “It should be the policy of the United States to support efforts to remove the regime headed by Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq and to promote the emergence of a democratic government to replace that regime.”

          The Bush White House may have talked about nothing but regime change but the Clinton White House beat Bush by almost three years.

          • So a bill that was passed by a GOP-controlled Congress with veto-proof majorities was Clinton’s fault?

            Remind me, when did the invasion of Iraq take place?

            1998? 1999? 2003?

          • Because a war and the equivalent of a sternly worded letter are exactly the same thing?

  17. from Huff & Post:

    Health insurance giant Aetna is planning to force up to 650,000 clients to drop their coverage next year as it seeks to raise additional revenue to meet profit expectations.

    THIS is the insurance industry that Obama in his Greatest Health Insurance Speech Evah called the providers of a “legitimate service” who he was so concerned not to put out of business. Your Republican Administration at work.

    • How many more of these insurance companies follow Aetna?

      Right now — although I do have some form of “health insurance” — it is a joke. I think a lot of Americans would be shocked to learn that if they really NEED health insurance it won’t be there for them. And these are the folks that will be paying extra tax on their Cadillac health care.

      Shall we take bets on when America descends to 3rd world Nation status??

  18. Obama answers a student’s question on Tour:

  19. http://www.noquarterusa.net/blog/2009/12/04/unemployment-report-december-4-2009/

    While this government pays off the wall st boys and threatens the people with jail if they do not pay off the insurance industry every day citizens are losing their jobs and homes.

    Prostitutes have more integrity then this government. They take your money and screw you but you know it up front.



  20. CNN/Opinion Research polling has Obama’s approval number at 48.

    I don’t see the usual “regardless of whether people approve of policies/job handling, do they like/approve of Obama as a person or not…” in the breakdown. Which I had become so used to expecting from CNN, so I even did a word check on the pdf for the word “person,” nothing turned up. Hmm, interesting that they would omit that.

    Candy Crowley’s gonna have to twist herself in a pretzel if she’s still going to stick to the “there’s a lot of opposition to Obama’s policies, but he still remains a very popular president” meme that they’ve been saying.

    • Crowley is on now… they’re spinning this as (paraphrase) ‘Americans don’t support the war but they support Obama’s troop increase. Where he’s losing support is from white working class.’

      • Yeah sure they do. 🙂

        • oh and I should add that Candy didn’t even say “white working class,” she said something like “white men who haven’t gone to college.”

          • Of course, those uneducated raycists. It would be funny if not tragic.

          • Those are the ones who will have to go to Afghanistan. No wonder they disapprove!

          • Phrasing it like that is really appalling. It’s one thing to discuss polls, it’s another to use code phrases to imply people are racists. It reminds me of how they handled West Virginia and Kentucky in the primary.

      • CNN has made it their mission to spin, twist and lie in Obama’s favor anyway possible they really have lost all sense of conscience.

    • The numbers may be getting bad enough to effect him personnally now. That happened to Bush but it took so much longer. Of course, I think Obama is more damaging than Bush and I doubted that was possible before.

      Candy does have her work cut out for her. They may just stop reporting poll data if it gets really bad. That’s one of my tells for them.

      • Sometimes I feel like I’m in a SciFi plot.

        There are a group of us who just seem to see the obvious — that 0bowa is going to fail. We sort of know the future. We are harassed because of our Cassandra “ability” — why don’t we fall in line and just believe?? Nope we can’t do that.

        Eventually the masses start to catch on — and once the 50% tipping point for mass/mob behavior is reached — the game is over.

        Flocks of birds, Schools of fish — seemingly moving as a mass — but when individuals are plotted — the mass moves apparently in unison when 50% point in the same direction.

        We are the small percentage who will go in the direction of truth and common sense — unwilling to be flattered or to follow the mob.

        • It’s not easy living in the reality-based community. If it were, there would be more people here now.

    • I never believed that meme. It’s funny how the majority of Americans are against most of his policies and he has a below 50 approval rating yet he ‘remains such a popular president.’ The way they word the questions asked in those polls are so misleading anyway.

      • to be clear, Crowley didn’t spin it that way today. I was just bringing it up that she was gonna have a helluva time sticking to that “policies not popular but the president is” script, since there’s nothing in the pdf to back that up. And lo and behold, there was nothing about it in Candy Crowley’s segment today. Instead they went back to their 2008 script of bitter knitters being the reason for Obama’s trouble in the polls.

        • I really wanted to watch the anguished chaos at CNN and MSNBC if Sarah had beaten O. Can you imagine how entertaining it would have been? 😉

          • Did they poll Palin for some reason?

          • I didn’t see any question about Palin, but hey, who knows.

            What CNN/Opinion research did say they polled was whether Americans blame Obama or Bush for the situation in Afghanistan right now. Right now they blame Bush , obviously (who doesn’t). Crowley reported that part in her segment as a sign of hope for Obama, conveniently leaving out the part of the polling that says if things don’t improve in Afghanistan by summer of 2011, they’ll blame Obama.

          • No I meant on Election Night ’08, the ultimate trauma for CNN.

          • CNN is having ratings trauma though… and it shows… did you see the set they had for Obama’s Decision Afghanistan? So tacky and actually really disturbing juxtaposed next to the faces of those cadets.

          • Yes, and they kept panning back at odd moments, catching the guys sitting on the right side of the set giggling in each other’s ears about comments from the panel on the left side. Real professional. The most trusted name in news.

  21. Jane and FDL are going after Harry Reed. Good for them. Fuck Harry Reed.


    • They are learning. Look, the reason why the rightest right wing of the GOP has so much clout is that starting in the 80’s, they MEANT WHAT THEY SAID. By and large, if they said “we ain’t voting for you if you don’t support our policies” then they DIDN’T.

      And they went through several elections where they won little at all. But they didn’t give up and say, “Well, a Liberal would be worse, so we have to vote for the R.” Nope. They said “fuck you, you don’t get our vote unless you earn it.” And THAT is how they came to be so powerful within their party – not by demonstrating, and writing letters, and rah-rahing (though they did all that too.) They did it by sucking it up and WITHHOLDING THEIR VOTE, and damn the consequences, until their party started paying attention.

      People, I have family who were part of that movement. From the late 70’s on, they planned it that way – in their churches and gatherings. I have family who were fire-breathing fundamentalists who voted for Democrats in several elections, just to teach the politician they were targeting that he ignored him at his peril. And boy, did the GOP learn that lesson, and well.

      I get really sick of the Left always whining that the Dems ignore them, when they repeatedly don’t have the balls to do the ONE thing that would end that cycle – vote for the other guy, and tell them exactly why you did it.

      • Yep — what WMCB said.

        Do NOT vote for the scum — and let them know why.

        If more people had done that (like 18 million) then we wouldn’t be dealing with an incompetent, narcissistic with training wheels in the white house. WE needed a mature person and the dems refused to give us that choice — so screw ’em.

      • My vote for McCain/Palin was a protest vote, but one that went down quite easily, thank-you. Since then, I send every DNCC/DNC letter back to them in their envelope with my handwritten notes included. They are getting the message alright. Time will tell if they integrate it or not.

      • yes, progressive voters think the problem is that elected Democrats are spineless cavers.

        so what do progressive voters do?

        They tell each other that even though Democrats are spineless cavers they shouldn’t withhold their votes at election time because having Harry and Barack and Nancy as the Democratic leadership is much better than living in a world where Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are running things.

        Talk about spineless cavers.


    • You know — I KNEW that harry Reid was bad news. WHY the hell did they chose him as majority leader? He is NOT a leader and he is a DINO as well.

      DK defended Reid — at that point I knew that DK was a lost cause.

      Reid is a sexist pig — besides being a DINO.

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