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And they call us stupid?


Not Cinie

This kind of stupid requires a blogstalker.  Two of them even.  First we have this:

A writer for a small newspaper attempted to hand US President Barack Obama a letter, but was forcibly removed from a press area near Air Force One today, shortly before Mr Obama arrived at Los Angeles airport.

In bizarre scenes, airport security officers carried the woman away by the feet and arms. She was later allowed to leave without charge.

Brenda Lee, a writer for the Georgia Informer in Macon, is a “Roman Catholic priestess” and was carrying a letter she had written opposing gay marriage. She had White House press credentials, The Associated Press reported.

Then one of our friendly neighborhood blogstalkers decided that Brenda Lee and our good friend Cinie are the same person:

Word has it that Cinie of the stupid blog Cinie’s World was forcibly removed from the tarmac near Air Force One while screaming that Obama wasn’t a Natural Born Citizen. In comments after the incident, Cinie stated that because she is black, it gives her every right to question “that negroes”  right to be President. She also stated that she needed to get back home so that she could iron the hoods and sheets for the next pumapac event.

Perhaps “johnd12009’s” post was a poor attempt at satire, but since the only thing in common between Ms. Lee and Cinie is that they are both black women, that makes the blogstalkers’ claims that we are bigots and racists kinda suspect, don’t ya think?

But it gets better.  One of the other towering intellects among our avid fans bought the story hook, line and sinker, and he went back to his DU blog to repeat the bogus story.  At first I thought “thebigotbasher” was being malicious because only a complete idiot would believe that Brenda Lee and Cinie were the same person.  But then I realized that we are dealing with Obama supporters, and they’ll believe anything.

For the record, Brenda Lee is not Cinie, nor is she associated with PUMA.  I am a regular reader of Cinie’s World and to the best of my knowledge she is not a “birther.”  Furthermore, the vast majority of PUMA members support gay marriage and the few that don’t still support LGBT rights.

I’m not linking to the dipshits because of the biohazard and because they will probably delete or edit their posts anyway.

91 Responses

  1. It’s the {{{{dumb}}}} that’ll kill ya.


  2. Good lord! Poor Cinie!

  3. The good news for Obots is that they’re just as smart as their hero. The bad news for Obots is that they’re freaking morons. And once again they say something really offensive because voting for Obama is a Get Out of Jail Free card to say anything without consequences!

    • yeah, right, accusing people of being racist by being racist is always a good tactic

      • You can’t be racist if you’re an obot, no matter how racist you actually are. It’s the new “Some of my best friends are black.”

        • So, how come I can vote for my black mayor, my black state senator, my black city councilman, my black state representative, my once black, now Vietnamese congressman, and still not get that pass because I didn’t pull the lever for Obama? It’s obviously not based on the old 1/8 or 1/16th rule, because all of the above (except said Vietnamese Congressman) have two black parents. What’s the deciding factor to get the pass?

        • But Cinie is a racist for not supporting Obama.

          Apparently she’s a homophobe too. (and probably a misogynist)

        • Of course she’s a homophobe! Obama doesn’t support marriage equality, therefore to support marriage equality is homophobic! Talk sense!

  4. What do you expect they voted for backtrack?
    But but but I thought it was just those who did not vote for backtrack that were racists. Now they are saying all black women look alike. Gee isn’t that kind of racist?
    DU== dumb

    There is a photoshopped picture of this at Deadenders that is really funny.
    Also a post about a woman who hung an American flag in her office and someone complained and she had to take it down.


    Has anyone else heard about this?

  5. let me deal with these O-PRICKs

  6. mabey its time i start targeting them see how they like it

  7. She’s a Roman Catholic priestess? Huh? Have they changed the rooolz recently?

  8. Gay marriage leads to “Sex with Ducks” Garfunkel & Oates

    I love this video.

  9. myiq2xu it just pissed me off seeing them do target other pumas like that

    • That’s all they know how to do.

      Dogs bark and bears shit in the woods. Give trolls a blog and they’ll still be trolls

  10. A wingnut is a wingnut. I’m sorry, but I’m tired of all these frigging conspiracy theories … I don’t care where they come from. Ignorance is Ignorance!

  11. Good Lord,

    Everytime I think the Obrats have jumped the shark something else pops up.

    • LOL They’re like the bushies, the gift to satirists that keeps on giving.

  12. You know, I wouldn’t even know they exist, let alone talk about us, if it wasn’t for the PUMA grapevine. But, since they obviously think “Cinie” is short for “Brenda,” I don’t think they deserve any rhythm, do you?

    • Frankly, Cinie, the level of hatred there scares me and I’d file a report with the FBI. I think hate crimes should be taken seriously. It’s racist, it’s sexist, it’s homophobic and it’s vile.

    • I thought “Cinie” was short for “Sue”

    • Cinie, how true… but as we all know most O-bots are mentally challenged anyway

    • They really are kind of scary. I don’t see the point of blogstalking in general, but especially since the election’s over. It’s creepy and obsessive. Considering some of teh stunts the crazy kos people pulled, like callling people’s bosses or Child Services or whatever, I dunno. I might be concerned.

    • mabey we should just leve then to there own stupidity

  13. After publishing the misinformation far and wide, “thebigotbasher” is trying to verify its accuracy.

    I’m surprised he isn’t over here demanding we prove it’s untrue.

    • Oh wow, this guy could get a high paying job with Obama. Smear, smear, smear, as far and wide as you can, then trot Obama out to gravely intone, “I’m sure this is untrue. I mean, I don’t believe it is. it’s probably not. And what a shame that it’s goten so much coverage when it’s possibly untrue. And if it is true, i’m sure it was unintentional. I forgive them.” LOLOL

      • “Let’s move on”

        • Let’s move on from this horrible incident that, if true, would be appaling and disgraceful. But I’m sure it’s probably not true. And if it is, I’m sure she has an excuse for her awfulness. But, we need to understand it just might be untrue. This time. There’s every possibility that this time my opponent didn’t fall into her usual patterns. I know her heart, if she has one, was in he right place.

    • I found the DU thread disturbing. The only possible good that could come out of this that is it is so over the top that maybe they’ll be shamed into oblivion or at least limited to their own little demented group. I see no point in personal attacks on people simply because you disagree with them. There are a few of the people on that one site that seem to have some serious issues.

      • Unfortunately they attack people who don’t hold the positions they detest. I think someone needs to do some research on this behavior. I would call it “psychotic projection.”

  14. OK, I think it’s time for stupid Obot jokes. Well, that’s redundant, just Obot jokes. I’ll start:

    How many Obots does it take to screw in a light bulb? None. Since light bulbs out shine “The One”, they are clearly r@cists. And besides they only need the light coming from He Who Shines.

    OK, that was a bit lame. Your turn…

    • Obots are jokes

      • But they don’t seem to know it. Perhaps it’s our job to let them in on the joke. Nah. What would we laugh at if they figured it out.

        • i don’t think we can, they have no sense of humor, either. They’re just ugly, mean little cretins.

  15. I saw the “Cinie is Brenda” thing and almost fell off da chair!!

    Anyone who would imagine that has clearly never read her blog or commented on her site back and forth with her.

    Pretty f*cking sad. 😦

    • Hey! Is that Peggy Lee?

      • It’s not Cinie

        • is it Lee Strasberg? Lee Remick? Lee Grant? Brenda Vaccaro? Damn—that woman looks soooo familiar. I just know I’ve seen her before!

          Maybe she’ll start a blog, “Musings of Someone Who’s Not Cinie.”

        • Lee Marvin? Marvin Gaye?

        • Gay Talese? Maybe it’s Oprah! There’s just something about her that reminds me of Oprah. Hey, are Cinie and Oprah the same person?

        • They’re both black, live in Chicago and are unmarried.

        • It’s Afrocity

        • And they’ve never been seen in the same place. we may have jessica Fletchered our way into a solution to our mystery.

          Cinie, can I have a car?

        • Afrocity? The Obots have designated you the black Ann Coulter, we can’ be mixing up our secret identities or they’re going to get confused.

        • You are correct, Daily Kos has me listed as an enemy and I worked too hard for that.

        • We can go to Yearly Kos and you can stand outside and sign autographs.

  16. 0bots are the enemy.

    They are moronic fools to have made such a dumb a@@ connection.

    I’m sorry Cinie, that you have been made the object of these idiots hate speech. Their behavior goes to show that 0zero is a negative leader — he brings out the very worst in his followers.

    • This was so glaringly obvious all through the primary and general elections. His website was filled with smut; Hillary’s was clean and on the level. He peddled racism and misogyny while his opponents were honorable. Lying, cheating, and smearing to take an election was acceptable to him and to his followers, and now we’re seeing the fruition of their actions.

  17. Proving once again that Obot stupidity knows no bounds.

  18. without linking to it you really should post screenshots of both the stupid stalker sites as they will realise their stupidity eventually, won’t they?

  19. They will say later that this woman got “the Holy Ghost” and fell out at the prospect of communicated with The One. Bless Ye my child.

  20. “Roman Catholic Priestess?”

    Wow! Since when did the RCC start ordaining those?

    Just sayin’….. I might have to make a repentant return.


    • When are they all going to be “raptured” up there and leave the rest of us alone?? I sort of hope that their rapture myth is true.

      Or do Catholic Priestess not do the rapture nude thing? Don’t you know if you see a pile of clothes (or a car without a drive) the owners of same have been suddenly raptured??

      Religious wack-0s are ripe for bad humor.

      • I’m not sure if Catholics believe in the Rapture – I think that’s more of a fundie thing.

        • Catholics tend to focus on the new testament. Of course “the rapture” isn’t in either the old or new testament…

        • I was raised in a strict Catholic household and I never heard of the rapture until I was in my 20s (My ex-husband had a sister with a bumpersticker that said something about it)

  21. Did you know they (the stalkers) made their own video?

  22. It is beyond me, why this is even worthy of a post?!

  23. What’s disturbing about this, at bottom–beyond the mindlessly drooling hate, which is disturbing all on its own–is that it’s part of a consistent pattern. This is exactly the kind of thing that happened when the Kos Kidz and their counterparts at DU concocted the “Trig-Palin-is-Bristol’s-child” smear. That lie was invented and went viral right out in the open, spread by people who knew it was a lie. And it was lapped up and believed up by the DUfi (plural of DUfus) who also watched as it was concocted but who desperately wanted to believe it because its object was “the enemy” of their Leader. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that a lot of these idiots have secret copies of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion stuffed under their mattresses.

  24. Hey, how dare they say stuff about “our” Cinie?


  25. LMFAO!

    How do these people come up with these absurdities?

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