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    • Consequences Of Indicting Trump
      So, a New York DA has charged Trump. There’s some posturing by DeSantis, but Trump will almost certainly go to New York and surrender. This is a watershed moment, no former President has ever been charged with a crime. This is a political act. Many President have committed crimes and have not been charged. It will lead to red state DAs indicting Democratic p […]
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War Movie Weekend Open Thread

Cable television is honoring our fallen troops this weekend by showing every war movie ever made.

John Wayne never served in our armed forces, but he made some great war movies.

The theme song from Kelly’s Heroes was performed by the Mike Curb Congregation – Mike later became Lt. Governor of California

What’s your favorite war movie?

Your Breakfast Read, Served By The Confluence (Memorial Day Edition)

WWII Papers

  • They died for you
  • 10 things Americans should know about World War II

    The first thing to know about World War II is that it was a big war, a war that lasted 2,174 days and claimed an average of 27,600 lives every day, or 1,150 an hour, or 19 a minute, or one death every three seconds. One, two, three, snap. One, two, three, snap.

  • Crying Shame
  • Soldier’s Fiancee Left in Limbo

    Woman who was engaged to Army soldier killed in Iraq learns she has no rights to his effects or name

    Families Affected by Suicide Feel Sting on Memorial Day

    “Because my son was a suicide home on leave, his name was not on the memorial wall at Fort Campbell, and that’s just not right,” said Lindberg, who said her son was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder from his experiences in Iraq.

  • “War On Terror”
  • At Least 22 Killed in Iraq Attacks

    On the same day that military spokesmen gave a rare briefing in Baghdad to announce a continued drop in overall violence, insurgents killed at least 22 people in eight attacks in Mosul and Falluja on Sunday, using roadside bombs, drive-by shootings, suicide bombers and execution-style killings, police officials said.

    Iraqi Army: almost one-quarter lacks minimum qualifications

    Fate of Iraqis Gone Missing Haunts Those Left Behind

    Gender issues worsen Iraq’s medical woes

    This part of Iraq, says Dr. Ayad al-Hadithy, is so conservative that a man would rather have his pregnant wife die in labor than be touched by a male nurse or doctor.

    Why does America-hating, Left-Wing Pacifist, weak-on-national security Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the U.S. military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff wants terrorists in our bedrooms?
    Top U.S. military officer pushes Guantanamo closing

    “Well, the concern I’ve had about Guantanamo in these wars is it has been a symbol — and one which has been a recruiting symbol for those extremists and jihadists who would fight us. … That’s at the heart of the concern for Guantanamo’s continued existence”

    U.S. Captain Hears Pleas for Afghan Detainee

    Capt. Kirk Black, who trains the Afghan police in this impoverished province, developed a practiced skepticism about claims of innocence during a decade as a Baltimore police officer.
    But last January, when relatives of an Afghan imprisoned at the Bagram military detention center begged him to look into the case, he agreed to listen. Eventually he became convinced that the detention was a case of mistaken identity and put the family in touch with a lawyer.

    Fate of Iraqis Gone Missing Haunts Those Left Behind

  • More Headaches
  • North Korea conducts nuclear test

    North Korea said it successfully conducted a nuclear test on Monday, a move certain to further isolate the prickly state, which argues it has no choice but to build an atomic arsenal to protect itself in a hostile world.

    N.Korea pushes US, risks economic hit for test

    North Korea’s apparent nuclear test on Monday could push the reclusive state deeper into isolation, while giving leader Kim Jong-il a boost at home and forcing the United States to make Pyongyang one of its top policy priorities.

  • The Other War
  • The CIA’s Silent War in Pakistan

    Pakistani troops retake part of Mingora after battle with Taleban

    US: 4 al-Qaida members detained in Afghanistan

    The U.S.-led troops captured the four in the city of Khost, close to the border with Pakistan, the coalition said in a statement.

    “The suspects are believed to be associated with an al-Qaida leader who has been responsible for recruiting Kuwaiti and Pakistani extremists for fighting in Afghanistan, threatening to strengthen al-Qaida’s presence, namely in the eastern provinces,” the statement said.

  • (The Obligatory) GOP Quo Vadis
  • Conservatives itching for SCOTUS fight

    While conservatives know that they can’t defeat Obama’s nominee without massive Democratic defections, they nevertheless want to see their senators come out with their guns blazing.

    Powell Jousts With Cheney on Path of Republican Party

    Colin L. Powell challenged Dick Cheney on the legacy of the Bush administration and the future of the Republican Party on Sunday, declaring that Republicans should not bow to “diktats that come from the right wing.”

    Ridge takes aim at Limbaugh

    Pennsylvania Republican Tom Ridge is taking direct aim at Rush Limbaugh, telling CNN’s John King the conservative talk radio host can be “shrill” and uses language in a way “that offend very many.”

    I would take issue with the word “shrill”. Other than that…

  • Enough With The “Nuance”!
  • When will Barack Obama stop fudging it?

    Barack Obama’s reluctance to begin confronting difficult decisions is creating the impression that his administration is simply hoping for the best, says Simon Heffer.

  • Yale Hearts Its Famous Alum
  • Hillary Clinton LAW ’73 to receive honorary degree