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BostonBoomer Day at The Confluence

All over the world celebrations are breaking out:  our dear friend and long-time Confluencian, BostonBoomer successfully defended her PHD dissertation yesterday!

BostonBoomer is one of the original commenters and authors here at The Confluence – she’s made nearly 16,000 comments and authored over 160 posts.   From her first post (I want a President who is tough as nails and really knows her stuff!) we loved her writing.  And time after time she’s proved how much she deserved our attention:

From witty snark:

Once More to the Fainting Couch

Kid Oakland has had another terrible shock that has sent him reeling once again to the fainting couch.  Poor dear. Just a little over a week ago, Kid was making noises about working on some kind of rapproachment with Clinton supporters in the hopes that we would come around and accept Barack Obama as the Democratic nominee. But that’s all water under the bridge now that Hillary Clinton has dared to mention Obama’s latest faux pas.

As we all know by now, Barack was trying to explain to a group of wealthy San Francisco voters why he can’t seem to make any headway with small-town Pennsylvania voters, and he came out with this beauty:

It’s not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.


. . .  heartfelt emotion:

An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton

Dear Hillary,

I hope you don’t mind if I use your first name. I feel I’ve gotten to know you during this primary campaign. I’ve observed your performances in the debates with admiration. I’ve been amazed by your calm, composed demeanor as you handled a disrespecful and misogynistic media. I’ve marveled at your graceful treatment of a far less qualified opponent who has treated you and your supporters with shocking disdain. In short, I have developed a deep level of respect and admiration for you. You are a remarkable and accomplished woman, and you would be a great President for our country. I simply can’t give up on my dream of a Hillary Clinton presidency.

This morning the corporate media is filled with obituaries for your campaign. They have been writing you off since New Hampshire, and now they think they really smell blood in the water. They can’t wait to declare your campaign dead and rally around the weaker candidate. Their goal all along has been to get the foolish DNC to pick a sacrifical lamb who will go down to ignominious defeat to the Republicans once again. And it appears that the Democratic “leadership” is poised to let it happen.

Or seriously analytical:

What is Wrong with Barack Obama?

Well, in the first place he is incredibly arrogant, haughty, full-of-himself, and entitled. He appears to have almost no empathy for other people and he is very good at using them as long as he wants something from them and then throwing them under the bus when he no longer needs them. For starters, just ask Rev. Wright, Rev., Pfleger, the members of Trinity United Church of Christ, “former” advisors Samantha Power and Austen Goolsbee, Jim Johnson (former VP committe member), whoever created the “Great Possum Seal,” the “progressive” bloggers who supported him unstintingly for months, and his own grandmother. In fact Obama has added a new cliche to the American vernacular, “He (or she) wasn’t the person I once knew.”

A number of Conflucians have noted in comments that Obama is highly narcissistic. I’d say that’s an understatement. In fact, I would argue that he suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). Personality disorders are enduring patterns in the way a someone perceives the world, relates to other people, and reacts to events. These behaviors are dysfunctional and affect a person’s functioning in many aspects of life.

NOTE: Approximately 75% of people diagnosed with NPD are men. Therefore, for the sake of convenience, I will refer to the narcissist as “he” and the narcissist’s partner as “she.”

Although people with NPD act haughty and entitled, on an unconscious level, they may actually have doubts about their own abilities, competence, and loveability. Because of this unconscious lack of self-esteem, they constantly need to see their own uniqueness and greatness reflected in the eyes of other people. They expect the people in their lives to provide them with what Sam Vankin calls “narcissistic supply,” meaning unstinting attention, admiration, and praise. People with NPD are often highly sensitive to criticism and they hate to lose. They may become enraged when they don’t get the admiration they expect or when they fail to live up to the high opinion they have of themselves. Because they envy people who are more successful than they are, they frequently believe that people are just as envious of them.

A Refuge

There have been very few days around here when we haven’t seen her for at least a few minutes. And you’d be amazed to know how often she’s working for you when she doesn’t seem to be around.  It may not be obvious to the casual visitor but, keeping this site free of trolls isn’t an easy task.  There have been times when it seemed like we were deleting as many comments as we kept.  And, yes — BostonBoomer is a part of the administrative team that made The Confluence the refuge we relied on during the traumatic  primary season.

BostonBoomer Day at The Confluence

Contribute to the BostonBoomer PHD Gift Fund

Contribute to the BostonBoomer PHD Gift Fund

Now, it seems that all those times she stepped aside for an afternoon or a day to “work on her dissertation” she actually did. After her successful presentation yesterday she’s Doctor BostonBoomer!  BB, we’re unimaginably proud and happy for you.

In honor of the occasion, Riverdaughter has created Bostonboomer’s PhD Fund through PayPal.  Let’s celebrate together.

71 Responses

  1. Arriba la doctora bb!

    Confetti, streamers, the works. Let’s declare a national holiday!

  2. Way to go, Dr. Boomer!

    Phd, female role model, writer extraordinaire!

    All the best.


  3. Congratulations, Madame Doctor. We’re very proud of you.

  4. Congratulations again, Dr. BB! Is it too early to celebrate with a toast?

    • Never too early, congrats BB, I don’t comment often but read and love your writing!!

  5. Fabulous news indeed!

    I am celebrating with you, Doctor!

  6. What discipline is her Ph.D in?

  7. Dr. BB! That sounds really nice.

    You RULE big time. what a wonderful way to wake up today.
    Your hard work and diligence paid off for you.
    You deserve the title.



  9. Congratulations!!!!

  10. Congratulations Doctor!

  11. Katiebird,

    I don’t know how to thank you for this post. And thank you to everyone else who has congratulated me the past few days.

    Reaching this goal really is my dream come true. Even though it is happening in the second half of my life I’m very proud that I have stuck it out and it is finally happening. I honestly don’t know how I would have survived since early 2008 without The Confluence and all the wonderful people who have written and commented here. It really has been a support system for me while I’ve been trapped in the house much of the time hunched over the computer. Some days I spent too much time on-line and had to force myself to get back to work. But in the end, I think those breaks helped me keep going.

    Thank you so much everyone for all your contributions to this blog and for helping me know that I’m not alone in my resistance to what the Democratic Party has become and what is happening to our country.

    I love you all!

    • Love you back my sweet dear friend! You did it!! You accomplished your goal!!! I am just so proud to know you!

      • My reply down below was suppose to be to your comment, Dakinikat. I did it on my blackberry and it didn’t work right.

        The feeling is mutual!

    • Right back at you!

  12. Congratulations!!!

  13. Hooray for Dr. BB Day!!!!!!!

    Even I feel a sense of relief. You must be ecstatic.

    • I’m still getting used to it. I’ll probably be ecstatic on Monday when I hand the thing over to the grad school.

  14. Congratulations Boston Boomer.

    So what is it like the day after Disertation Defense?

  15. Congratulations Dr Boomer! Richly deserved PhD I’m sure.

  16. Let’s hear it for those who have the determination to pursue their PhD at the age of, what, 61? (For the record, our esteemed honoree and I are of the same vintage.) Big, giant kudos to you, Dr. BB!

  17. See, me, nerd that I am, want to know what your dissertation was about.

    So, congrats, and hope to see a blog post on your dissertation.

    • Congrats! Well-done! (….wait…aren’t we all supposed to be uneducated losers here?)

      BTW you will be an inspiration to me as I start a doctoral program this fall.

      • Ooops, wrong position; that was supposed to be a general reply and then I wanted to add to Thisis’ query on your dissertation topic. Could it have been about delusional states in adults in large groups?

      • How exciting! What field?

        • it’ll be a doctorate in clinical nursing practice — connected with the underserved and wholistic health/medical care. So many ideas; so little time! Thx for the encouragement and inspiration!

        • That sounds really interesting. Be sure to keep us posted on your progress.

  18. Me too, TITM – what was it, BB?

    Congratulations!!! {{{{BB}}} (snoopy dance)

    Where can we read it?

  19. Congrats Dr. Boomer. I will donate to the United Negro College Fund in your name.

  20. Congrats, Dr .BB!!

  21. Congratulations Dr. Boomer!

    I’m thrilled for you and inspired by you–maybe it’s not too late for me to go back to school. It must feel great to be an official Doctor of Thinkology!

    I’ve been reading and loving your comments since the awful Cheeto days. After the diasppora it was such a joy for me to rediscover your voice very much alive and well here on TC.

  22. How wonderful!

  23. Bostonboomer

    Many congratulations on earning your PhD

    Very proud of you!

  24. Very happy for you Dr BB!!!

  25. Wooohooooo, Dr. Boomer! As they say down here in Oz, goodonya girl. I’m proud of you.


  26. Brava, bostonboomer!

  27. Congratulations! How does it feel to be a role model to us older ladies? (And younger ones, too). Now I have to get off my rear and do something! You’re my hero!

  28. Dr. BB, I love you so much and I am so proud of you! I can honestly say that if I grow up to be half the woman you are, I will know that I have achieved at least something in my life.
    I don’t have much for female role models in my life, but BB, if it weren’t for ladies like you, I wouldn’t be inspired to try as hard as I do to be a good person and be all that I can be. I want you to know that because it is the Honest To Goddess Truth. So there.

  29. Venturing out of lurkdom to send a hearty congratulations to Dr. Boomer! I read this blog every day, though I post little, but I feel like I know each and everyone of you.

    • Well, you’d better come out of lurkdom more often then so we can get to know you!

  30. Congrats Dr BB! What a great accomplishment.

  31. Way to go, BB! Congratulations!

  32. Still trying to post on this thread

    • I have no idea why Comrade Spammy keeps grabbing your comments, but be patient and I’ll make him let them go.

      • my fault, there were like a half a dozen of the same comments in the spam filter, I released one and deleted the others … maybe the deletion got chat labeled a spam maker or something

    • If your comment doesn’t go through, don’t keep reposting it.

      Comrade Spammy interprets repetitious comments as spam.

  33. Well done, Dr. Boomer!

    I had no idea your field is dev. psych. I’m a pediatrician, so we have a bit of common ground there. I hope you get a nice breather, because I can tell you, if you go to work with kids, you will be very, very busy!

    • I’d love to work with kids, but I’ll probably have to teach college students. They are kids to me anyway.


    BB!! 🙂

  35. Dr. BB – Congratulations from one Psych major to another. I earned my bachelor degree later in life too, so I know how gratifying it is. Thanks for all you do for The Confluence and for the rest of us. You’re the best!


  36. Congratulations, Dr. Boomer!!


  37. BB, this is wonderful news! congratulations on a job well done!!

    can we know the topic? you DID promise transparency. oh wait, that wasn’t you 🙂

    • My field is language development. My study was on children’s narratives. Kids ages 4-9.

      • interesting…..you plan to keep teaching rather than working in the field? I have a lot of friends in academia, or as they call it, academentia. they gripe a lot at the end of semesters, but honestly, I’d kill for their hours and their vacations. I’d teach if I knew anything!

        • You could also both teach and practice. Most of the psychology PhDs I know do (but of course that’s because I work at a university). Kinda the best — or is it the worst? — of both worlds. I wish you success and fun!

        • I’ve been trained to do research. It’s kind of hard to do that kind of work unless you are in academia. If I could find a way to do research full-time, that would be great, but so far I haven’t had much luck finding anything like that.

        • NWLuna,

          My Ph.D. isn’t in counseling or clinical. My interest is in research. For my dissertation I interviewed children at a private school. That’s the kind of thing I would like to keep doing. But actually the data I collected already will be used for many studies that I hope to publish.

          Collecting child language data is very labor and time intensive. Once you have done what I did, the data can be used for endless studies. I know people who are still using data that was collected 20 or 30 years ago. But I’d like to continue talking to children.

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