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      Came across this tweet about the Philadelphia water spillage the other day: Yo Philly—don’t drink the water today. Boiling won’t help. More than 8,000 gallons of a latex-finishing solution spilled into Otter Creek in Bristol on Friday night. The spill includes butyl acrylate, which was one of the chemicals released in the East Palestine train derailment http […]
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And they call us stupid?


Not Cinie

This kind of stupid requires a blogstalker.  Two of them even.  First we have this:

A writer for a small newspaper attempted to hand US President Barack Obama a letter, but was forcibly removed from a press area near Air Force One today, shortly before Mr Obama arrived at Los Angeles airport.

In bizarre scenes, airport security officers carried the woman away by the feet and arms. She was later allowed to leave without charge.

Brenda Lee, a writer for the Georgia Informer in Macon, is a “Roman Catholic priestess” and was carrying a letter she had written opposing gay marriage. She had White House press credentials, The Associated Press reported.

Then one of our friendly neighborhood blogstalkers decided that Brenda Lee and our good friend Cinie are the same person:

Word has it that Cinie of the stupid blog Cinie’s World was forcibly removed from the tarmac near Air Force One while screaming that Obama wasn’t a Natural Born Citizen. In comments after the incident, Cinie stated that because she is black, it gives her every right to question “that negroes”  right to be President. She also stated that she needed to get back home so that she could iron the hoods and sheets for the next pumapac event.

Perhaps “johnd12009’s” post was a poor attempt at satire, but since the only thing in common between Ms. Lee and Cinie is that they are both black women, that makes the blogstalkers’ claims that we are bigots and racists kinda suspect, don’t ya think?

But it gets better.  One of the other towering intellects among our avid fans bought the story hook, line and sinker, and he went back to his DU blog to repeat the bogus story.  At first I thought “thebigotbasher” was being malicious because only a complete idiot would believe that Brenda Lee and Cinie were the same person.  But then I realized that we are dealing with Obama supporters, and they’ll believe anything.

For the record, Brenda Lee is not Cinie, nor is she associated with PUMA.  I am a regular reader of Cinie’s World and to the best of my knowledge she is not a “birther.”  Furthermore, the vast majority of PUMA members support gay marriage and the few that don’t still support LGBT rights.

I’m not linking to the dipshits because of the biohazard and because they will probably delete or edit their posts anyway.

BostonBoomer Day at The Confluence

All over the world celebrations are breaking out:  our dear friend and long-time Confluencian, BostonBoomer successfully defended her PHD dissertation yesterday!

BostonBoomer is one of the original commenters and authors here at The Confluence – she’s made nearly 16,000 comments and authored over 160 posts.   From her first post (I want a President who is tough as nails and really knows her stuff!) we loved her writing.  And time after time she’s proved how much she deserved our attention:

From witty snark:

Once More to the Fainting Couch

Kid Oakland has had another terrible shock that has sent him reeling once again to the fainting couch.  Poor dear. Just a little over a week ago, Kid was making noises about working on some kind of rapproachment with Clinton supporters in the hopes that we would come around and accept Barack Obama as the Democratic nominee. But that’s all water under the bridge now that Hillary Clinton has dared to mention Obama’s latest faux pas.

As we all know by now, Barack was trying to explain to a group of wealthy San Francisco voters why he can’t seem to make any headway with small-town Pennsylvania voters, and he came out with this beauty:

It’s not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.


. . .  heartfelt emotion:

An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton

Dear Hillary,

I hope you don’t mind if I use your first name. I feel I’ve gotten to know you during this primary campaign. I’ve observed your performances in the debates with admiration. I’ve been amazed by your calm, composed demeanor as you handled a disrespecful and misogynistic media. I’ve marveled at your graceful treatment of a far less qualified opponent who has treated you and your supporters with shocking disdain. In short, I have developed a deep level of respect and admiration for you. You are a remarkable and accomplished woman, and you would be a great President for our country. I simply can’t give up on my dream of a Hillary Clinton presidency.

This morning the corporate media is filled with obituaries for your campaign. They have been writing you off since New Hampshire, and now they think they really smell blood in the water. They can’t wait to declare your campaign dead and rally around the weaker candidate. Their goal all along has been to get the foolish DNC to pick a sacrifical lamb who will go down to ignominious defeat to the Republicans once again. And it appears that the Democratic “leadership” is poised to let it happen.

Or seriously analytical:

What is Wrong with Barack Obama?

Well, in the first place he is incredibly arrogant, haughty, full-of-himself, and entitled. He appears to have almost no empathy for other people and he is very good at using them as long as he wants something from them and then throwing them under the bus when he no longer needs them. For starters, just ask Rev. Wright, Rev., Pfleger, the members of Trinity United Church of Christ, “former” advisors Samantha Power and Austen Goolsbee, Jim Johnson (former VP committe member), whoever created the “Great Possum Seal,” the “progressive” bloggers who supported him unstintingly for months, and his own grandmother. In fact Obama has added a new cliche to the American vernacular, “He (or she) wasn’t the person I once knew.”

A number of Conflucians have noted in comments that Obama is highly narcissistic. I’d say that’s an understatement. In fact, I would argue that he suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). Personality disorders are enduring patterns in the way a someone perceives the world, relates to other people, and reacts to events. These behaviors are dysfunctional and affect a person’s functioning in many aspects of life.

NOTE: Approximately 75% of people diagnosed with NPD are men. Therefore, for the sake of convenience, I will refer to the narcissist as “he” and the narcissist’s partner as “she.”

Although people with NPD act haughty and entitled, on an unconscious level, they may actually have doubts about their own abilities, competence, and loveability. Because of this unconscious lack of self-esteem, they constantly need to see their own uniqueness and greatness reflected in the eyes of other people. They expect the people in their lives to provide them with what Sam Vankin calls “narcissistic supply,” meaning unstinting attention, admiration, and praise. People with NPD are often highly sensitive to criticism and they hate to lose. They may become enraged when they don’t get the admiration they expect or when they fail to live up to the high opinion they have of themselves. Because they envy people who are more successful than they are, they frequently believe that people are just as envious of them.

A Refuge

There have been very few days around here when we haven’t seen her for at least a few minutes. And you’d be amazed to know how often she’s working for you when she doesn’t seem to be around.  It may not be obvious to the casual visitor but, keeping this site free of trolls isn’t an easy task.  There have been times when it seemed like we were deleting as many comments as we kept.  And, yes — BostonBoomer is a part of the administrative team that made The Confluence the refuge we relied on during the traumatic  primary season.

BostonBoomer Day at The Confluence

Contribute to the BostonBoomer PHD Gift Fund

Contribute to the BostonBoomer PHD Gift Fund

Now, it seems that all those times she stepped aside for an afternoon or a day to “work on her dissertation” she actually did. After her successful presentation yesterday she’s Doctor BostonBoomer!  BB, we’re unimaginably proud and happy for you.

In honor of the occasion, Riverdaughter has created Bostonboomer’s PhD Fund through PayPal.  Let’s celebrate together.

Your Breakfast Read, Served By The Confluence (Abbr. Edition)

Paper Delivery

  • Did Obama Go For The “Safest” Pick?
  • MyIQ got the ball rolling on this last night. Did Obama choose a stealth candidate? Did he choose the candidate he wouldn’t really have to fight for? Did he choose the candidate the GOP could easily accept?
    Once more, did he treat his Liberal base as a bunch of suckers? Should Liberals worry about the pick?
    Sotomayor Pick a Product of Lessons From Past Battles

    President Obama’s aides were laying down the law. They had invited liberal activists to the White House two weeks ago to discuss his coming Supreme Court selection, but they were not asking for candidates.

    Instead, they told the activists not to lobby for their favorites in the news media or talk down candidates they opposed. The message, as one surprised visitor heard it, was “get on board or get out of the way.”

    Ain’t that nice!

    Obama’s Anti-Roberts

    Republicans would be foolish to fight the nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the U.S. Supreme Court because she is the most conservative choice that President Obama could have made.

    ‘Not a dyed in the wool liberal’

    Some liberal legal groups are raising questions about Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor, citing her relatively moderate judicial record and her skimpy paper trail on crucial issues like abortion, gay marriage and the death penalty.

    “She is a mixed bag. I would not call her a left liberal,” Marjorie Cohn, president of the progressive National Lawyers Guild, said in an interview on Air America.

    I don’t know what type of SC Justice Judge Sotomayor would be. However, I find it aggravating that Republican Presidents are allowed to choose absolute Right Wing freaks like Rehnquist, Fat Tony Scalia, Sam Alito, John Roberts, Clarence Thomas, they can confer with the likes of Chuck Dobson, but a Dem President with a super majority cannot choose a “dyed in the wool liberal”? Liberal activist are told to “get on board or get out of the way.”?

  • The GOP Leadership
  • Shock jocks: Voice of unreason

    Glenn Beck is the fastest-rising star on American TV. He’s part of a right-wing broadcasting boom that’s become the most powerful opposition to the President.

    Fight For Equality
    Gay marriage fight isn’t over in California, activists vow

    Gay Rights: From Stonewall To Prop 8

  • Economy Watch
  • Why Beijing Wants a Strong Dollar

    China won’t torpedo the economy by dumping our bonds.

    US recovery: Less believable and more believable pundits

    The US and UK need more stimulus

    Increasing debt is not the problem. If anything, the US and UK have enacted fiscal stimulus packages that are much too small

  • “Torturegate”
  • Abu Ghraib abuse photos ‘show rape’

    At least one picture shows an American soldier apparently raping a female prisoner while another is said to show a male translator raping a male detainee.

    Does Obama really want to sweep these war crimes under the rug?

  • The life of Bill Clinton as FPOTUS
  • It’s Not About Bill (Excellent article)

  • Forget The Plagiarism
  • Maureen Dowd’s plagiarism isn’t her No. 1 problem: She has shown a penchant for ‘mailing in’ columns

    An accusation of plagiarism is merely a symptom of Dowd’s recent penchant for relying on clever, witty and pithy observations. What’s missing is the substance to back them up. Her approach smacks of laziness.

  • Ugh!
  • Serial cat killer hunted in Miami

    A reward has been offered for the arrest of serial cat murderer thought to have killed at least 25 pets near Miami.

  • Good Ending
  • Saberi Thanks Clinton for Support