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      .@GovRonDeSantis: “You don’t have to politicize every tragedy in this country.” Also @GovRonDeSantis: Immediately politicizes Hurricane Ian tragedy. pic.twitter.com/er3hjzL5kp — The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) October 4, 2022
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      A lot of mistakes come from assuming rationality means “thinks the same way I do” rather than “reasons from premises I might not share.” Left than 1/1000 economists predicted the financial collapse, because they reasoned from assumptions like “the market is self-correcting” or “housing prices never go down.” (Sometimes both at the same time, which is rarely […]
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Obot – The Movie

I think I’ve found the secret to understanding the Obot mind (or what whatever it is they use in place of one)

This is an open thread

51 Responses

  1. Just got a cute customized mother’s day video from a friend. Well, at least I thought it was cute until I realized it was really from Move-on.org (and, wouldn’t you just know it, even Acorn is affiliated with the site). Just creepy … I’m sure this is bouncing all over the internet and being used as an Obot recruitment tool.

    Check it out:


    • A friend got one of those yesterday, asked me to see why she got email from moveon.

      “For added entertainment throughout the customized viral video, MomsRising.org added entertaining and educational “motherhood facts” in the scrolling text bar under the newscast. Upon conclusion of the video, viewers have the opportunity to forward to other Moms in their address book to share the Mom of the Year award.

      “We are so excited to launch the second CNNBC viral video in partnership with MomsRising.org and MoveOn Political Action,” commented Dottie Hodges, nonprofit client practice director with Northridge. “We’re excited to see MomsRising.org connecting with their audiences using this innovative viral technology, and are eager to see the results of the campaign.”



      “Joan Blades is co-founder of MoveOn.org and Berkeley Systems with her husband, Wes Boyd. She is also co-founder, and President of, MomsRising.org. …”

    • Yes, it is creepy. Just checked it out and it sounds good until you realise that it’s simply Obama’s program.
      Health care for children (but not for moms), recruitment of disaffected republicans into a post partisan, creative, one party system.

  2. What a horrible use of Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana.

    • O Fortuna!

    • what you’d rather see all those deadly sins dancing?

      • Been there – done that

      • what you’d rather see all those deadly sins dancing?

        Noooo. All I did was make a comment about what I considered a horrible way to use that particular piece of music which I have performed previously.

        • Fredster-Do you perform Opera?

          My son once performed La Boheme at our local theater when he was young. It was a professional touring group but they tended to make use of local kids choruses-to improve the audience. It was a lot of fun!!!

  3. I forced myself to watch until I couldn’t take anymore. I need a translator. Oh wait–it just came to me. So, the whole presidential race was a big, stupid prank, and the country is now run by jackasses. That must be it. Everything is beginning to make sense.

  4. I think Steve-O’s an Obot and he’s gone to rehab now, so he’s not as masochistic as he used to be.

  5. Oh, and I do have to add Carmina Burana is one of my favorite operas … so as long as I can listen to the music I’m fine 🙂

  6. Whoa…you owe one big apology to the Jackass crew.

    • True.
      All we hear from the Obots, a.k.a, the progressives are the same mere grumblings that we heard from the Bushbots when he broke his “promises”.

    • Yeah, I totally agree with SoD! Obots don’t even realize they are absolute fucking asshole jackasses! (Sorry, couldn’t hold myself back.)

  7. The part where the guy is screaming “Help! My brakes are out” as his wheelchair zooms downhill* was funny as hell. The opening scene where they put the rental car in a destruction derby is pretty good too.

    *after he’s “rescued” the old man asks them to push him up the hill so he can do it again

  8. Very corny joke eternally popular among music school types:

    You say Carmina

    I say Carmana

    You say Burina
    I say Burana
Carmina! Carmana!

    Burina! Burana!
Let’s Carl the whole thing Orff.

  9. myiq2xu, on May 10th, 2009 at 1:24 am Said:

    Are you old enough to remember Carmen Miranda??

  10. What did The Narcissist say to his wife?
    Hey Michelle, Aren’t you lucky that I’m The One you married?

  11. What did The Narcissist say to his wife?
    Hey Michelle, Aren’t you lucky that I’m The One who married you?

  12. This begins to explain bots.

  13. Happy Mothers Day

  14. The video is actually the perfect visual for the mutual admiration society bash last night – Obama and his media gave each other high five for pulling a fast one on everybody

  15. Speaking of the Oborg, over on Hullabaloo, where I call myself “Monster from the Id”, we’re getting visits from some pathetic Obot calling herself “Ann Ominous”.

    Ooooh, she’s OMINOUS! She’s an Internet Tough Gal(tm)! EEEK! Run away! Run away! :mrgreen:

    Of the Hullabaloo trio themselves, Tristero remains a fairly faithful member of the Oborg Collective, but Digby herself is having plenty of second thoughts, though I suspect she had to hold her nose to vote for The One to begin with. I’m not sure how DDay feels about Brand Obama these days.

    • It makes me a little bit sad when I think of how much I once admired both Digby and DDay.

  16. Something happened to my Obot nemesis last week. This overbearing know it all twit worked for a old client and I refused to go into their office if said twit was there. The rude sexist creep was canned. I was told one of the many reasons given was because I would not go into the office 95% of the time and they had to come to me. I am still a little stunned because this ass was supposed to be the greatest thing to ever hit town but they got tired of his superior sneering crap. Karma really is a bitch.

  17. the comedian in chief.is not funny.

  18. I love green eggs and spam

    I can’t spell “frustrated” either

    (edited for the amusement of Captain Spaulding’s mom)

  19. Uh oh. What’s Obama done now? We always get the “r@sicts” crap after Obama says or does something stupid.

    • Studies have shown that the most virulent homophobes are self-hating gays (like Larry Craig and Ted Haggard) who try to assuage their feelings of shame by attacking others.

      The people who keep falsely accusing us are self-hating racists who think by supporting a bi-racial politician and attacking us they can wash away their own guilt.

      Or as Shakespeare would put it, “Methinks they doth protest too much”

  20. Happy Mother’s Day Puma pals!!!

  21. Poor troll @ 11:52 thinnks he can insult us by calling us racisits. God, they are so far behind on current insults, in other words dumber than a box of rocks.

    From scanning comments at CNN, yeah I do know I’ll need to do some type of pennance, they all seem to think the Bojob wrote his own jokes. Please, the only one that writes his own jokes anymore is myiq.

    • Naw, I use my mind control ray to steal them from the brain of Pole Cat or whatever his name was – the blogger nobody ever heard of that thinks I keep plagiarizing his ideas.

      (except he ain’t funny)

    • I wonder if the trollbot realizes that every single speech that Obama is famous for was given AFTER he hooked up with David Axelrod?

      All but one of them came after Obama hooked-up with Jon “titty-groper” Favreau and TelePrompter

  22. I called you Old, Bitter, Racist, Puma Losers EXACTLY what you are. LOL

    Pathetically holding on to grudges after you’ve LOST.
    Mostly White.
    Mostly Old(-er).

    and Racist.
    Yeah I know – Affirmative Action and Racial Preference give Blacks everything. They have it SO easy. Barack’s proof of that! You poor victimized whites.Hahahaha!

    Now RUN and ERASE this you Cowards – since you can’t
    handle CRITICISM or disagreement of any kind! LOL.

    • The only person here at TC that I’ve seen say anything against Affirmative Action is Afrocity – and she’s black.

      Did you eat paint chips as a kid?

      • Yech, wouldn’t you hate to be the poor mother that produced that troll? Most mother’s take pride in producing just the opposite type of child.

    • Oh my, your mother must be so proud of you! I doubt sad troll is what she hoped you’d grow up to be.

  23. oh dear, someone’s having an unhappy Mother’s Day…

    • He should be happy, he can get something for his mom and his favorite aunt and only buy one gift.

      • I suppose we should stop pooping in the Happy Mother’s Day post, myiq.

        Apologies to all, with one exception, and hope you have a great Mother’s Day.

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