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      No, central banks aren’t screwing the economy up with their purchases: Veolia (Paris:VIE) has issued a 500 million 3-year EUR bond (maturity November 2020) with a negative yield of -0.026 %, which is a first for a BBB issuer. To be clear, central banks didn’t buy those bonds, investors did. But central bank purchases of […]
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Hillary Goes to Foggy Bottom and Channels… Galadriel?

Hillary got an enthusiastic welcome from more than 1000 State department employees at Foggy Bottom this morning and gave short speech.  You can find the entire text of the speech at her new State Department website.  The speech was noticeably short on the hopey-changey shtick, to the relief of many.  Instead, she talked about the three legs of US Foreign Policy: Defense, Diplomacy and Development.  State is in charge of the last two

And we will make clear, as we go forward, that diplomacy and development are essential tools in achieving the long-term objectives of the United States. And I will do all that I can, working with you, to make it abundantly clear that robust diplomacy and effective development are the best long-term tools for securing America’s future. (Applause.)

She also let them know that they were dealing with a completely different management style than they’ve been used to.  She emphasizes collaboration and thinking out of the box.  My French colleagues would call it audacity:

This is going to be a challenging time and it will require 21st century tools and solutions to meet our problems and seize our opportunities. I’m going to be asking a lot of you. I want you to think outside the proverbial box. I want you to give me the best advice you can. I want you to understand there is nothing that I welcome more than a good debate and the kind of dialogue — (applause) — that will make us better. (Applause.)

We cannot be our best if we don’t demand that from ourselves and each other. I will give you my very best efforts. I will do all that I can, working with our President, to make sure that we deliver on the promises that are at the very core of what this new Administration and this new era represent. So we need to collaborate, and we need to have a sense of openness and candor in this building. And I invite that. Now, not everybody’s ideas — (applause) — will make it into policy, but we will be better because we have heard from you.

Among the many conversations that I’ve had with the President and with the Vice President, over years, but certainly much more astutely and in a concentrated way in the last weeks, we want to send a clear and unequivocal message: This is a team, and you are the members of that team. There isn’t anything that I can get done from the seventh floor or the President can get done from the Oval Office, unless we make clear we are all on the American team. We are not any longer going to tolerate the kind of divisiveness that has paralyzed and undermined our ability to get things done for America.

Take *that*, Condoleeza!

Then she finishes up with a Tolkeinish twist.  As many of you may know, Sean Astin was a very effective surrogate for Hillary during primary season.  Sean played Samwise Gamgee, the little hobbitt who could.  But it was Galadriel who I was thinking of as she greeted the fellowship after a series of unfortunate events.  “Do not let your hearts be troubled”, she said.  And here is the way Hillary ended her pep rally:

So this is going to be a great adventure. We’ll have some ups and some downs. We’ll face some obstacles along the way. But be of good cheer — (laughter) — and be of strong heart, and do not grow weary, as we attempt to do good on behalf of our country and the world.

Yeah, team!

Tune in tonight to Conflucians Say on PUMA United Radio at 10PM EST.  Oh, an if you have a couple Lincolns sitting around, consider donating them to PUMAPac.  They’re having a fundraiser and their goal is $50,000.  Hey, maybe you can’t foot the entire bill, but if 10 of you give $5,000, we could end this sucker tonight.  If 100 gave $500, that’s even better.   If 1000 of us gave $50, we’d be done in no time.  And if 2000 of us gave a measly $25 smackaroos, well, then we could put this baby to bed ad start another fundraiser.


119 Responses

  1. Those folks at Foggy Bottom are so darn lucky. Wouldn’t it be great to have Hill for your boss? Jeez, louise.

  2. “So this is going to be a great adventure. We’ll have some ups and some downs. We’ll face some obstacles along the way. But be of good cheer — (laughter) — and be of strong heart, and do not grow weary, as we attempt to do good on behalf of our country and the world.”
    She is the best!!!!

  3. I wonder what kind of view she has on the 7th floor.

  4. I just saw Hillary addressing her new staff, and even though I myself have said to others we lost our chance, and now we’ll never see one of the best people we could have hoped for to become President ever get there because she will simply be too old the next chance she would get. You know what…screw it! If that woman runs in 4 years or 8 years, or when she’s 102, if she’s still of sound mind and body, I will be there to vote for her! Dammit, I want this woman as my Pres.!

    i want to see someone make history who actually deserves it.
    And most importantly we deserve HER!

  5. So what kind of jobs do they have at the State Department anyway? Hillary in charge I’m almost tempted to apply for something! Hehehe.

  6. I don’t think anyone here would argue that Hillary will be too old to run for President in 8 years. But I think that considering how much grief McCain got from the MSM and the Democrats for his age – it’s even worse for a woman. A 68-9 year old woman might as well be 100. I think the MSM and the Republicans would make a very big deal of her age.

    Plus, I would be very much surprised if she’d run a second time no matter what her age is.

  7. Is the “G” in Gillibrand pronounced soft or hard. I thought soft but the guys on blogtalkradio are pronouncing it hard.

  8. Can a moderator please check out the link at 3:41 pm on RD’s Wednesday: You’re perfect… post? Thank you.

  9. OT..but IMO it is really a F*cked up situation when you have to get the news from the Christian Broadcasting Network. Yesterday there was all of the hoopla about rescinding the “Mexico City” policy. Well today..crickets.

    From CBN:
    “The Brody File has learned that President Obama WILL NOT issue an executive order today that would have reversed a Bush administration policy which bans federal money by non-governmental agencies that provide abortions overseas. It’s called the Mexico City Policy. Go to the end of this blog to read more from White House Producer Laura Kraus on this policy.

    A source with knowledge of the situation says the fact that Obama will not issue this executive order today (on the same day of the huge March for Life rally in DC) sends a strong signal to religious leaders across the political spectrum that President Obama wants to set a different tone in Washington.”
    It looks like the debate over abortion is now shifting to not just how to reduce abortions but also to women’s health issues. Clearly, the Obama administration is showing that it has other priorities that they want to focus on and for a President who has said he wants to be inclusive this would be a bold move in that direction.

    Rick Warren ticked off gay rights activists. There’s no doubt that many in the pro-choice movement will not be happy that Obama left out this executive order on a day where he signed many others. A little sniping on the left won’t hurt Obama at all as he tries to carve a more centrist image.”


    Happy ROE v. WADE day NARAL et al. Sure as Sh*t Doug Kmiec will be the next SCOTUS nominee.

  10. Plus, just like McCain with Bush, HRC is going to be hurt by the extent to which Obama and the frat boys are going to tarnish the Democratic brand. It sucks, but there’s no escaping it.

  11. DBY-
    Well, I don’t think those who voted for her will turn their back on her because she’s 8 years older. And there’s no doubt in my mind the next Pres. will be a woman. It sure isn’t gonna me another white male. The “black thing” has been done now. I’m sure the goal of getting CK in there was to get her ready for 2016, well she’s out now. Granted there might be someone else coming up, but that person would have a real challenge if Hillary were in it. In fact, I don’t think a Dem woman could hope to win without Hillary’s blessing, and why give it to someone else, when she could do the job herself?

    And next time the cheating back stabbing Dems won’t get away with what they did this time.

    So I think the ball is in Hillary’s court now. I hope she runs with it!

  12. Fox has announced for Gillibrand.

  13. Hillary is a far, far better speaker than Obama, extemporaneous and otherwise. Her intelligence and quickness of mind and humor just shine through. So how come so many have striven so hard to ignore her speaking skills, meanwhile heaping praise – eloquence! – on the one who doesn’t begin to deserve it? Hmm, just another one of those pesky questions. Anyway, when I watched the videos of Hillary at the State Dept. today, my eyes were shining, with pride, and also a few tears.

  14. Its hard not get moved by that fantastic raucous welcome. Couldn’t be more proud of her. No Quarter has the entire video up.

  15. POE — I don’t know about that — I kind of like having a slacker boss myself — frees me up to visit here during the work day! LOL

  16. Kat5 — that is because Hillary is far, far more intelligent than Obama and actually “does her homework” before talking about something.

  17. Is the “G” in Gillibrand pronounced soft or hard. I thought soft but the guys on blogtalkradio are pronouncing it hard.

    3 Wickets: it’s soft. J-illibrand.

    I am SO EXCITED–it sounds like Paterson is going to choose her!

  18. trist —

    And most importantly we deserve HER!

    Truer words were never spoken — WE do deserve HER — too bad the Obots don’t, or we would have her.

  19. I am here, but I’m not q@eer, so I guess there’s nothing to get used to

  20. Kat5: where did you see the videos of her at State today? Is there a link?

  21. “strong signal to religious leaders across the political spectrum that President Obama wants to set a different tone in Washington”

    You know, the thing I can’ stand about President Dirt off the Shoulder is he just can’t seem to admit to himself who he is. If he stood up and yelled, “^%$# you, suckers!” I would at least respect his honesty. But the fact that he has to dress up every shady thing he does in some kind of moral gloss, he’s not throwing people under the bus and sucking up to Republicans, he’s trying to set a beautiful new one as evidenced by his inspiring campaign of hope, change, deliberately propagating the worst false smears against his opponents while feigning innocence, and “99 Problems,” yeah that’s what gets old. Stop spinning and get real. New tone that ain’t, same old screwing of everyone stupid enough to trust tehhe Democrats is an old, old song.

  22. fif, I am too. Is she having a baby this coming May, or did she have one last May, do you know.

  23. LOL elderj

  24. SHV — thanks for the update on the Mexico Policy — there has been contrary reports on whether he did or didn’t sign to reverse it. Guess the Obot girls will have to go to Canada for their abortions. Well, you know what? F*ck ’em — I’m at an age & financial place in my life that I don’t have to worry about an unwanted pregnancy.

  25. Who will Paterson appoint to Gillibrand’s seat?. Maybe the Mayor Buffalo Byron Brown

  26. Well, jane — at least we know who it will NOT be — no chance of CK leaving the upper west side. LOL

  27. 3W: I know she was very pregnant last year, so she must have delivered in May. I read that both Schumer and Clinton were pushing for her. Finally, some good news for a change.

    plainjane: how does that work for the Congressional seat? Does the Gov. also appoint someone for that vacancy or is there a special election?

  28. angienc2, on January 22nd, 2009 at 10:50 pm Said:

    SHV — thanks for the update on the Mexico Policy — there has been contrary reports on whether he did or didn’t sign to reverse it. Guess the Obot girls will have to go to Canada for their abortions. Well, you know what? F*ck ‘em — I’m at an age & financial place in my life that I don’t have to worry about an unwanted pregnancy.
    Well I’ll give him another day but I think he is trying to dump all of the decisions that make the “Fundies” mad onto Congress. He back out on stem cell research, what’s next.

    I was involved in providing abortion services from ~’70-’76. Pre-Roe, I saw several women ill from septic abortions and 1 dead 15 yo. I really don’t want to go back to that.

  29. plainjane31, on January 22nd, 2009 at 10:51 pm Said:

    Who will Paterson appoint to Gillibrand’s seat?. Maybe the Mayor Buffalo Byron Brown
    Vacant House seats are filled by special elections.

  30. angie, is it true that Kennedy’s people are furious that she tried to blame it on him?

  31. fif: I know she was very pregnant last year, so she must have delivered in May. I read that both Schumer and Clinton were pushing for her.

    lol, that made me laugh……I wish they had pushed for me when I gave birth!

    btw, I know what you meant, just in a funny mood this evening 🙂

  32. Is the “G” in Gillibrand pronounced soft or hard.

    The “G” is hard, but the “L”s are soft.

    (G as in Gill, L as in Ling)

  33. Well I’ll give him another day but I think he is trying to dump all of the decisions that make the “Fundies” mad onto Congress.

    I agree SHV. He’s so transparent. Always thinking about his next election, but he spins it to make him look like he is being so magnanimous. It all goes back to the pattern of 130 present votes for all the difficult decisions. He doesn’t want to be accountable for unpopular choices, but loves to take all the credit for issues that do not require adversity. I can’t wait to see what he does when he is boxed into a corner with something he cannot escape. Oh, I know: he’ll give a speech.

    Glad to hear the Congressional seat is decided by an election. This Senate business has been a circus. Let the people decide. Why should any one person have that much discretion?

  34. G as in Jill is soft…….this Kristen person has become entirely confusing….should make a great senator

  35. SHV — I don’t have any memory of pre-Roe v. Wade (too young) but believe me — I don’t want to go back to that either. Nonetheless, I’m not the one who voted for Obama & the plain fact is, I’m not in a place in my life where it matters. Thus, it is only just that the Obots reap what they sow. The fact is they have had too much handed to them –they need face the reality that their decisions have consequences beyond what they want right when they want it.

  36. G as in Jill is a soft G. A hard G is “Go.”

    It is Jillibrand.

  37. kiki: why do you think she’s confusing? She’s my District Rep, and I think she’s great.

  38. Seriously — oooh, really? I hadn’t heard that about Teddy’s people being p.o.’d with CK!

  39. It’s still a soft L

  40. kiki: lol! I didn’t realize I phrased it like that…

  41. fif — confusing in “how to pronounce her name!” LOL

  42. oh, I was joking about a hard vs a soft G……her NAME is confusing, not her. and pretty soon we’ll all know her name.

    I didn’t mean anything upsetting

  43. myiq, what other “L” is there. You mean like the French “fille” pronounced “fiye”.

  44. Aw shucks, such a rousing welcome for Madame Secretary!

    Is it often like that when a new SOS shows up for work?

    Or is it because she’s such a knowledgeable and diplomatic person?
    With an obvious ethical character.

    This is the bright spot in this difficult week.

  45. There’s a report that it makes Ted look weak at a time when he is trying to push through health care legislation. Of course, there are the usual 10 different “sources” contradicting each other–some saying he knows her camp did not say that blah blah blah. That family has some serious dysfunctional issues.

  46. oh it’s ok kiki. I just wondered if you knew something I didn’t know about her record.

  47. nah, I never heard of her until this, but she sounds great

  48. Early night for me — I’m beat!

    Good night all!!

  49. nite angie

    me too, this has seemed like a terribly long week, for some reason 🙂

  50. Kirsten Gillibrand, we’ve now determined pronounced Keersten Jillibrand, is a terrific Congresswoman. She does not have Hillary’s depth or range for public speaking, but the thing about her above all is that she is very genuine, in caring about the people she represents and the issues she fights for. I know Hill is very tight with Carolyn Maloney for so many reasons, but in her heart I’m guessing she wants Gillibrand. Bill and Hill both think very highly of her. Shumer can skew his representation to the NYC and Gillibrand to the rest of NY State.

  51. nite Ange!

  52. Nite Kiki & 3 Wickets. I’m hitting it too.

  53. Night all. I’ll hang for a bit longer.

  54. Night angie

  55. Ah, I missed Angie!

  56. YAY for Kristen Gillibrand!!!!!

    So many radio shows… PUR, NQR, TNA, MTC… I’m not complaining that the movement is exploding but it keeps me from work.


  58. myiq, if you’re there, I know you’ve been tagged. When can we expect you to reveal your six new things about yourself.

  59. When Hell Freezes Over

  60. katiebird, I enjoyed the show tonight.

  61. According to wiki, Gillibrand is a blue dog democrat.


  62. myiq, c’mon. There’s absolutely zero about you on your blog, cept a heart stopping visage that’s not really you. C’mon. Right here, right now. I’ll match you one for one.

  63. Thanks, Three Wickets. I did too. It’s always fun to talk to Riverdaughter & everyone.

  64. I gather you’re from CA. Which part. The black’s beach part, the nixon part, the desperate housewives part, the lala hollowood part, the central valley could drive for ever part, the spicy but always refreshing bay area part, the let’s get high humbolt part.

  65. GAgirl, I would have preferred Maloney, but….what can you do.

  66. Seriously,
    yeah, I’m not gonna complain about a woman being appointed. I just didn’t know anything about her so I had to check her out. I’m still happy for NY.

  67. Oh I forgot, the vino drinking Obispo or Napa parts? Maybe the capital where Arnold lives. Under a solitary tent deep the heart of Yosemite, perhaps. I’m getting annoying aren’t I. I can feel it myself. But asking sincerely, cause I likes to bond.

  68. Ok, if there’s not gonna be a throw down between IQ and 3W, I’m going to bed. Still waiting…

  69. I’m not sure you’ve heard this but it looks like patterson picked kirsten gillibrand to replace hillary

  70. okay, every one heard … g’nite! late rehearsal, early morning class to teach! just wanted to pass that on!

  71. She’s on the Senate Armed Services committee like Hillary was. The gun issue is an interesting one. Gun control in NYC has maybe not been as much of an issue since the Republican mayors took over. But with Wall St tanking the way it is, crime is bound to go up, so that may become a bigger issue for the city in months and years to come. Dunno.

  72. Night

    It’s not gun control so much as the Medicare thing and also some of her stances with immigration and gay rights.

  73. Alright IQ, I’ll offer up one from me for what it’s worth. I immigrated to this great country at the age of ten. The first place we lived was in a small industrial town west of Cleveland called Loraine, Ohio, where I went to Catholic school and went into the confessional booths like everyone else because I did not want to be left out, though I am Protestant.

  74. She’s no from NYC, is she? I thought she represented a district upstate. Lots of hunters there.

  75. Gay rights, I didn’t know. On civil unions?

  76. Three Wickets, MyIQ values his privacy. But he HAS shared some interesting facts about his biography. Just go through the archives. You might be surprised…..

  77. From the Adirondacks to Woodstock, excluding Albany.

  78. They probably picked Kirsten for the youth factor. If she plays her cards right, she won’t have to surrender that seat for a good long time.

  79. They may even be setting her up to be what we all fear CK was trying to be: t he first female President. I doubt any of you would be surprised to hear that being kingmaker can be very satisfying.

  80. Not just anti-marriage, she apparently voted against repealing don’t ask, don’t tell. That seems kind of odd.

  81. Well that’s another thing I may have in common with IQ. I am an unnaturally shy and inhibited person in real life. But that’s not presuming anything about IQ. I know it’s none of my effen business. But if it weren’t for him, I would have been and would be now dead on arrival in the spam filter. My appreciation is showing in the wrong way.

  82. Reg–you never know. NY politics seems to have a lot of partisan shifts.

  83. MyIQ values his privacy.

    He lies too

  84. Not for a blue dog. Paterson wants to be re-elected. He needs her Republican and Independent base. Hillbuzz did a brief analysis on that days ago. She brings what he needs to secure a win for his re-election bid. He’s no fool.

  85. That is a bit odd, specially with the recruitment needs in the services these days. She was working for the AG under Bill during his first term when he passed DADT. Wonder if there’s any history there.

  86. Well, if Cuomo beats him in the primary, then it will be all for naught. 🙂

  87. Well there. I’m the opposite. Nothing I blog about is made up, not for any reasons of high minded principle, rather because I’m relatively new and naive to all this. Who knows, someday it may come back to bite me, but I can live with that, I think..

  88. I already went on tv and said what I thought. There would be little point in pretending otherwise. Besides “Regency” is as good a name as you can come by nowadays, why make up something else?

  89. (Not Sheri Tag here): I really don’t have time to read through all of this tonight. It’s 9pm, I just got home and I’m on west coast. BUT, to say that Hillary will be “too old” in 4 years, let alone 8 years, is ludicrous. Look at her – she’s got brains AND beauty. She doesn’t look NOR act like she is 61. She’s full of energy as well. I expect that she will continue on like this well into her 80’s. I’m 62 myself – I pass for 45. When you take care of yourself, as she has, age is just a number – that’s all.

  90. I don’t think they meant too old in that sense, more like it’s a hell of a process for her to go through again at an age when most people want to retire. I wouldn’t go through that amount of personal abuse once at my age.

  91. Three Wickets, on January 23rd, 2009 at 12:03 am Said:

    That is a bit odd, specially with the recruitment needs in the services these days. She was working for the AG under Bill during his first term when he passed DADT. Wonder if there’s any history there.
    Congress passed DADT, Clinton signed it. Bill knew it was the best he could get after Sam Nunn and Colin Powell stabbed him in the back.

  92. Gotta agree with Sheri there. Her ma is 88 years old and seems to be in more than fair health. Hillary got a good couple of decades left in her to impact the world. I’ll be damned if I’m the one to tell her what she can’t do. Whatever she wants, short of world domination–which is not completely out of the question, is hers for the taking.

  93. The spam filter ate me!!!!

  94. Cuz you’re tasty, SHV.

  95. But the Hill and Barry thing was a once in a century battle. McCain ran again. Reagan ran again before he made it. Nixon too. Gore’s been running since I was in college I think. She’s vibrant and will be at the top of her game for awhile. It’s right that she takes the public position that does not threaten anyone now and focus on SoS. But in eight years, I don’t see her slowing at all. She eats burning red hot chilli peppers everyday for their vitamins. Come on.

  96. Hilliary will be full of energy and ideas for quite a while yet. Not sure how many voters are brainwashed by the “youth is better” myth. If she runs again I will work my body and soul out for her.

    Maybe in 4 yrs more people will realize the value of experience.

  97. Thanks for that history SHV. Much appreciated. And hell yeah, Regency.

  98. World domination? H*ll, yeah!

  99. The problem is though, if Obama loses in 12, then she’d have to run against a Republican incumbent in 16. If he wins, then he and his frat boys will ahve totally devalued the Democratic brand by 16. The timing is kind of bad,

  100. And we told them that when they elected him. He will break the brand. Honestly, short of a miracle, Hillary may be our last shot at fixing the brand in the near future. There is no good timing left.

  101. The Republicans will need more than three years to redefine their brand. He’ll win in 12, especially with Hill there, and the economy at that point looking for continuity, not another sudden burst of trickle down from the GOP. By the primaries leading to 16, the Obama/Pelosi/Reid wing of the Democratic party will look like McGovern, and Hillary will be poised to land the center as she’s always wanted. As someone posted ealier, she’s done with her Alinsky and Goldwater experiments from her youth. Who’d going to challenge her, Jindal, Palin, Romney again with his Bain Capital baggage. She will barrel through.

  102. For anyone still here. Check out one of Hillary’s biggest hires for State reported by Paul Krugman. And if you haven’t seen it, you have to go to NoQ and see the video of Hillary’s arrival at the State Dept. It is a heartbreaker. She is greeted like the great public servant and leader that she truly is. Very moving.

    From Krugmans column
    January 22, 2009, 7:40 pm
    Invasion of the DC body-snatchers
    So, for the second time since I arrived at Princeton in 2000, my “boss” — people who know academic life will know why I put quotes around that — has been abducted by Washington. First, a terrific economics department head named Ben Bernanke went off to do something or other in the monetary field. Now, Anne-Marie Slaughter, the equally terrific dean of the Woodrow Wilson School, has gone off to become the director of policy planning at the State Department. I assume that means we’ll now actually have planned policy — what an innovation!

    Anyway, congrats to Anne-Marie — and kudos to Secretary Clinton for making such a great hire.

    This is her Bio


  103. That’s very cool fif.

  104. The economy is going to be bad for another 10-15 years. The Democrats have no deniability left, they control everything, and he’s an imbecile. He’s already giving us trickle down. If he’s given another chance in 12 despite the horrible job hes going to do, by 16 the American people will never want to see another Democrat, even Hill. Look at McCain, voters preferred him on every issue but it didn’t matter, he couldn’t win because their brand is so tarnished. It doesn’t matter what Republican runs, if they’ll vote for Obama knowing what a buffoon he is, they’ll vote for anyone without making fine distinctions about this wing or that wing. People don’t think McCain is Bush but Bush sunk him regardless.

  105. fif– thanks for that info. Hillary knows what she’s doing. Innovation, sez Krugman. That’s…..almost like change, eh? LOL

    Oh, what great cabinet picks she would have made in B0’s place.

    I was looking over the posts at Madame Secretary blog. The pic at the first Presidential prayer service shows the Clintons, the Bidens, and the Obamas. No contest which couple practically glows with vigor and graciousness. Meeechelle is wearing another stupid ugly-couch-fabric dress and looking grumpy. Hillary is wearing that blue outfit and looks stunning.

  106. McCain nearly got there. The Electoral College biases the visual results, so to speak. By popular vote it was 52%? 53%? Obama. That’s 47%-48% for McCain. Not a heckuva big percentage advantage.

  107. Re: Kirsten G. being a “blue dog.” We’ll have to see how she votes once she is representing the entire state. I am from her District, as I said, and it is quite conservative. Her predecessor, John Sweeney, was a conservative/libertarian and served 4 terms. It is very unusual for a Dem to even with this District. Some of these positions might have been strategic to get a Dem into the Upstate environment. It will be interesting to see if she adjusts any of these positions once she is in a larger context.

  108. win this District, not with.

    See? I REALLY need to go to bed. I thought I would get more regular sleep hours once the election was over, but damn you all–you are too seductive! :

    Nite 🙂

  109. Yeah, but Obama is the worst candidate possible. Any other candidate would have done better than he did, but he still squeaked it out. If the world’s most appalling candidate can win, well I trust that the Republicans can at least manage to pick someone who doesn’t insult half the country every time he opens his mouth. 🙂

  110. Yeah, but Obama is the wor st can didate poss ible. Any other cand idate would have done bet ter than he did, but he still sque aked it out. If the world’s most appa lling can didate can win, well I trust that the Republicans can at least manage to pick someone who doesn’t insult half the country every time he opens his mouth. 🙂

    Night fif

  111. Seriously, totally accept the point on Bush. But the economy is not going to sleep for 10-15 years. This is not Japan, for so many reasons I can’t cover here. I’m thinking more like 6-8 years at the outside, thinking in economic terms, outside presidential politics. The body needs to heal itself. Though we might want to think differently, the President less a surgeon, more an internist who facilitates the economy back to health. Anyway, there obviously can and probably will be other events beyond the economy. But that’s where I am optimistic, because those other events are likely to be overseas, and I believe Hillary will be able to shape those outcomes as SoS. In a sense, she has some control over her own destiny as it relates to 16.

  112. That’s just our point of view Seriously.

  113. Our economy is affected by the global economy. Hillary will be working on that from a zillion directions. She’s a global-picture type of person, as well as a detail-specific person. (sigh)

  114. I was over at Facebook reading the trials and trevails of the purple-ticketed folk and then saw a thread which stated the same thing happened at the Youth Ball!

    Wonder if that’s indicative of anything?

  115. great show last night. I just listened to the podcast on Itunes.

    Now I hope you won’t mind but I need to practice quoting.

    Conflucians Say

    I wonder if this works because for some reason, further text often ends up inside the quote block when I do not intend it to.

  116. thats better think I have worked it out now. 🙂

  117. Considering that many of us are resigned to the fact that we’ll be working into our 90s, if we’re lucky, then I think we need to put a stop to this ageist cr@p now. 68 is new 48! We might as well start getting used to it.

  118. Is there a website that is keeping track of Obama’s policy shell game (backing out of stem cell research, “Mexico City,” etc)? This guy is despicable.

  119. WooT! Clinton hires another goody! That makes three with George Mitchell and her own campaign’s foreign policy wonk, Richard Holbrooke.

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