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Blogospheric Badasses

We seem to have a couple of wannabe thug trolls trying to act scary and intimidating.  They are about as authentic and dangerous as the guys in this clip:

Yeah, I’m shaking – from laughter.

This is an open thread

183 Responses

  1. OT…repost..but
    It’s 4:00 PM EST and Today is the 36 anniversary of ROE v. WADE. Has Obama rescinded the “Mexico City” policy yet??? That was one of the first things that Clinton did after taking the “oath”. More crickets..

  2. I miss Phil. Sigh.

  3. yes SHV: i posted a link at the bottom of the last thread

  4. there’s a couple of articles that say he has and will and then no one seems to be able to locate the source, it’s all very confuzzled and bamboozled …

  5. I think we’ve been hoodwinked.

  6. myiq: I posted a question for you specifically on the Caroline Kennedy thread b/c it was about Caroline Kennedy.

    Please advise when you get a chance, thanks!

  7. So in the vetting process for Ms. Kennedy is was discovered that she has a “Nanny Tax Problem” and perhaps a marriage problem.

    I did not want Caroline to be given Hillary’s senate seat but let me just say this – If Caroline was a male neither of these problems would have mattered one bit. Esp. the tax problem. Once again, double standards for women.

  8. Dee:

    Marriage problem? Lol, in what way?

  9. Dee: I guess Teddy figured she would still do okay since he had a chappaquidick problem and no one seemed to care except MAD magazine and then that cover got censored later … still have the original copy though (snicker)

  10. Micki:

    Ask me again

  11. There’s a facebook group called Survivors of the purple Tunnel of Doom now with 600 members… ROFLMAO

  12. little – apparently rumors that her marriage is just a shell and CK has been having a high profile affair with some guy from the NYTimes.

  13. Once again, double standards for women.

    In this particular case it’s not the standard they set for Caroline. She was treated the way a candidate should be.

  14. marriage, children and taxes a woman’s political nightmare. The reasons for not being good enough.

  15. Dee: if its about her marriage, she may have decided that for the sake of her family, she would not continue. A man could easily have made that same decision, or any decision to avoid dragging his family through the circus or to avoid embarrassment to members of his family. She has traditionally been very private and she may have decided it isn’t worth it. I don’t know.

    The difference, I think, is, that those issues (marriage and tax) would have come out for a male candidate as well, but it would not prevent the male from ultimately actually obtaining the position, and surviving the onslaught with less overall damage. The bottom line is, we don’t know if it would have affected Caroline. She dropped out before we could find out.

  16. dakinikat, on January 22nd, 2009 at 4:07 pm Said:

    yes SHV: I believe he did
    Thank for the link..and I still don’t know if he did…From that article sounds as if he doesn’t want to upset the anti-Roe marchers today.

  17. OK, here is my question from below.

    myiq, as the resident expert on tin foil hattedness, I need your sage interpretation of the following, which I found on a gawker dot com thread about why Caroline Kennedy dropped out. Is it gibberish, or is the commenter speaking in tongues? I’m fascinated by this:


    I’m not going beyond what I said earlier. Plenty online about the real reason, if you’ve got the right keywords.

    Well, here’s another clue for y’all:

    The Facebook page I referred to before, the one friended by Pranay Gupte and E.J. Epstein, also is friended by the dedicatee of a novel with a famous Chip Kidd jacket. The one where you can see the Twin Towers if you know where to look. (So Chip knows? What don’t he know?)

    And it’s friended by a former Allure editor too.

    And Blagojevich probably knows. To paraphrase the Coop, he’s got some friends – in his father’s land – and they read the papers – during the election in 2004. Theirs, not ours. That may be one reason why he could run Burris up the flagpole and know he’d be saluted.

    And there’s a Koko Taylor album in there too, kinda sorta. You know it all has to come back to Koko.

  18. What’s the purple tunnel of doom?

  19. The only sympathy I have for Caroline is that if it was her brother up for the seat, people would be much less discriminatory about her personal issues. I know that. I don’t like the reality but I understand it. When you enable, Caroline, you become a victim.

  20. I think Caroline dropped out to save face because she found out she wasn’t getting picked.

  21. Britgirls:

    Check my post from yesterday

  22. There are valid reasons to not support caroline kennedy. there are sexist reasons to not support caroline kennedy.

  23. Is it gibberish, or is the commenter speaking in tongues?

    It’s definitely one of those, and I’m guessing the former.

  24. More than 600 member of the Facebook Group Survivors of the Purple Tunnel of Doom

    Group:Survivors of the Purple Tunnel of DoomSize:3,446 membersType:Common Interest – PoliticsNew:3,449 More Members, 66 Board Topics, 922 Wall PostsUpdated:Description

  25. Thanks, myiq. I hope to one day visit that commenter’s world. I wonder what color the sun is there.


  26. taggles:

    Obots can’t tell the difference

  27. what is the secret of Soylent Purple?

  28. i’m a bad bad puddy kat

  29. About Geithner’s appointment – If Geithner was female the appointment would have been derailed because of the tax issue.

    Instead, he passed easily.

  30. I meant if it was John John, they’d be much less discriminatory about his issues. It isn’t right but it’s true. Caroline’s become a casualty of institutional sexism.

    Pronouns are difficult.

  31. Dee: I’m think Geithner knows where some bodies are buried since he’s privy to many many bank’s records and wall street firm’s records …

  32. Oh, those poor Obots trapped in the purple tunnel of Doooooom! Sugar predicted as much. LOL!


  33. To an Obot, any opposition to Obamboozle is racist. To the Obots that supported CK (which is maybe half of them) any opposition to her is sexist.

  34. Geithner was approved because Obamboozle wanted him. He never should have been appointed.

    Richardson is a guy and he had to drop out.

    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

  35. “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”

    Tell that to you know who.

  36. CK was not an appointee trying to get Senate confirmation. She was never appointed at all.

    The decision as to who should replace Hillary in the Senate is David Paterson’s, but there was pressure coming from various sources, including the media, the Kennedy clan, Hillary and the NY Democratic party.

  37. If it had been John John then he’d have been a shoo-in and featured front and center during the coronation ceremonies. I was against Caroline’s appointment. And, she got a much easier ride than either Hillary or Palin. BUT if she’d had penis years, things would have turned out completely different. And I have to admit, I hope it stung a little. Just enough that she maybe had a little epiphany.

  38. Personally, I don’t think it had anything to do with sexism. I think that she dropped out b/c she wasn’t going to get the gig and that would devastate the Obamanation. She couldn’t bear that cross, so she slipped quietly into the good night.

  39. Obots base their lives around their (lately reinforced) premise that you don’t have to do jack shit to get a job in politics as long as you can raise a hella huge amount of cash and have the right people beating the path for you. Oh, and Obama love, which makes everything possible.

    The concept of actually earning something by working for it and being qualified is alien to them.

    Remember: Obot netgeners are ENTITLED (see Economist, Jan 3-9, 2009 at p.47) . They are OWED A LIVING. All they have to do is their time in college and they are ENTITLED TO A JOB that boomers are TOO SELFISH TO GIVE UP so the Gen Y-ers can lead us to a bright tomorrow where there is no more weeping, etc., etc.

    Caroline being criticized ruined their world view that they can step in at any time and, with the appropriate feedback (ad infinitim) that they will learn the job on the job and become indispensable, until they leap for more money.

    But what they are FINALLY understanding is that NO ONE is VOLUNTARILY GIVING UP THEIR JOBS because no one has ANY FUCKING MONEY. And they actually have to HAVE JOB SKILLS, START FROM THE BOTTOM, and STFU about it already.

  40. gxm:

    I would have opposed John-John for the same reasons I opposed his sister, and also because I think Paterson should appoint a qualified woman.

  41. I’m just so glad we dodged a bullet in New York. I don’t think CK would have had the slightest clue what to do.

    If anyone wants to let Paterson know that he should pick a qualified woman to take Hillary’s seat, then please contact him at this link.


    Thanks to all you Conflucians for calling, emailing and faxing the Governor about this issue. It seems like our efforts are making a difference!


  42. this is america, there shouldn’t be political dynasties

  43. Frankly, if I was Patterson, I’d appoint the person most likely to want my job

  44. I wonder who Hillary wants.

  45. Kat – that’s why he wants Cuomo – he thinks Cuomo is going to follow in his daddy’s footsteps and run for Governor.

  46. Micki – I’m guessing Carolyn Maloney. She is like Hillary’s twin in the House, was a fierce Hillary delegate (was going to vote for her at the Convention) and has worked with our girl on a ton of legislation. Hillary was mentioned prominently in her book too.

    Of course in public, Hillary has to pretend it doesn’t matter to her. Yeah, right.

  47. O/T (ummm, does this post even HAVE a topic?), look what I ran into in the course of my work today:


    Trident gum is totally, hopelessly in love with Joe Biden’s teeth

    Newly minted vice president Joe Biden is known for the pearls of wisdom that flow from his always-open mouth, but who knew his pearly whites had a fan club, too?
    It appears Cadbury-Adams’ Trident brand has set up—or, more likely, aligned itself with—a Web shrine devoted to Biden’s chompers. Visitors to JoeBidensTeeth.com can get free gum by uploading their own grinning mugs. Or they can simply drop by to admire the veep’s glistening incisors, canines and near-holy molars, accompanied by phony Joe quotes in talk bubbles, like, “There is no greater form of domestic terrorism than the plaque on your teeth.” There’s also a Battle Hymn of Hygiene and a game in which players try to recognize Biden’s teeth from a group that includes toothy celebrities like Tom Cruise, Steve Buscemi and Mike Tyson.
    There’s also a testimonials page, where fans write stuff like this: “It’s like the whitest clouds and the strongest mountain had a baby. Spectacular. These are Gods teeth.”
    The site, which is in no way endorsed by Biden, says its mission is to “reduce our dependency on porcelain and metal fillings through the investment in clean and renewable enamel.” The designers also say they would love to appear “on The Colbert Report in bear costumes.”

  48. Chevalier: now that is just plain wrong

  49. Apparently Maloney is in top consideration and Pelosi just gave her a boost by making her chair of an economic committee. NY needs financial aid, and this could be an important factor. Kirsten G. is also in the hunt. I’m just glad the worst didn’t come to pass–she couldn’t even handle the vetting process, how was she supposed to be an effective Senator for one of the most complex states in the country?

    And who are these Big Bad tr0lls who are soo scarey?

  50. Is it just me or *where the hell is Joe Biden*??? I admit, I refuse to watch the news, but I get my news from the intertubes fairly regularly, and this thing about his chompers is the first I’ve even heard his name in months. Does he actually have a job or are they letting someone else do it?

  51. fif:

    They punked out and ran home to mommy

  52. So would I myiq, but there’s just 10 of us here. Right? 😉

    I’m referring to the Ministry of Truth and the folks who embrace the propaganda. I really think John John would have had them all swooning.

  53. Hey Micki!! I’m glad you like BeBe — she is the one with diabetes you know.

  54. There are several legitimate reasons to not support Caroline:
    1.) she is not nor ever has been a politician. She is a socialite. There’s nothing wrong with being a socialite but politics does require a certain passion for the job.
    2.) she doesn’t have the right personality for being at the mercy of a lot of people who want her attention. Again, not a problem for a private person; deadly for a politician.
    3.) given items 1and 2, why in Gawd’s name would she ever apply fir the job unless she was being asked by her uncle and felt like her name would give her an easy pass? And yes, princess is the correct term and unique to CK. It is not sexist to refer to her as a princess since prince would just have easily applied to her brother. She gives the impression that she is contending for the seat out of a sense of noblesse oblige.
    4.) she doesn’t have any opinions on policy. She’s an apolitical slow learner in a family of gifted pols. She resembles her mother, who was a terrific fashion plate and editor but not really a peson you wanted to blog politics with.
    My only question is had we known all of this about Caroline when she endorsed Obama, would it have carried the same weight? Now that we know her to be a private but politically shallow socialite, would any one have cared who she endorsed? It was the magic of her name that brought Obama success. Now that magic is gone. She had one chance to be a serious contender and we found that she’s just an amateur with a royal pedigree.

  55. I don’t believe C. Kennedy’s supposed withdrawing of her name is about anything more than trying to save face, and thinking nothing of the people of NY, the democratic party, the Senate or this country. She knew she wasn’t going to get the nod so instead of graciously withdrawing and citing that reason, or letting the game play out, she picked up her toys and went home. Let’s see, how often have we used the “my mom/dad/sister/cat/dog/kid” is sick so I can’t make it excuse? It’s not so bad to use to get out of an uncomfortable lunch date, but after wasting everyone’s time and money, this makes her look even more spoiled and privileged than she already did.

    I think Paterson showed that he has some cajones after all. Now let’s see him put Carolyn Maloney in that seat. She was my Congressperson when I lived in NYC and she is EXTREMELY well liked by her constituents and is a brilliant choice for the next Senator from NY. I actually like Andrew Cuomo as well, but as Paterson himself stated, there needs to be another woman in the Senate as we are far too unrepresented in that body, as we are in all bodies of the government.

  56. I have a problem with allegations of sexism over CK that depend on speculation.

    We don’t know how Paterson would have treated John-John or any similarly unqualified male.

  57. Didn’t John John’s role as an editor of a magazine include some knowledge of policy or i’m i just wishful thinking here?

  58. The NYT has been saying that it’s Gillibrand, another great pick.

  59. dakinikat, on January 22nd, 2009 at 4:22 pm Said:

    There’s a facebook group called Survivors of the purple Tunnel of Doom now with 600 members… ROFLMAO

    True dakinikat but even funnier is how not a single solitary one of them blames Obama — in fact, they are surprised it doesn’t happen MORE often. LOL!

  60. Hey! I’m in moderation — myiq let me out — pretty please?

  61. Biden’s around…and true to form he’s already put his foot in it. HillaryIs44 mentions that during a swearing-in ceremony at the White House (for staff? For who? All this pomp makes my head hurt) Biden made a quip that his memory is better than Justice Roberts’. Everyone laughed. Supposedly Barky stood stone-faced and pissed.

  62. Angie, I’m reading their sob stories right now. The Group I’m reading is nearly 4000 people now.

    It really is astounding how many of them are like “oh well. I felt the Obama love and spirit and it was all ok.” Some are truly pissed but want to “move on.” Others want to string up Diane Feinstein.

    Its good reading.

    My Buddy is diabetic. He’s on my teh Facebook page. Harold is the new guy.

  63. RE: if those “marriage problems” rumors are true for CK then I feel sad for her that her marriage is like that — not sorry enough for her to want her to get a job based on “But I want to be a Senator,” but sorry for her nonetheless.
    See, money doesn’t solve all your problems.

  64. Has he backed down again?

    “While Obama is still expected to fund foreign abortions at some point, CBN News indicates Obama is attempting to camouflage his pro-abortion agenda by issuing a statement calling for efforts to reduce abortions.

    “It is unclear whether Obama intends to reverse the Mexico City Policy at some point in the future but this reliable source tells me that this move signals that Obama will stress the need for reducing abortions in this country rather than focus on the divisive tit for tat policy reversals of the past,” writes David Brody a senior correspondent for the network.

    The move may infuriate pro-abortion groups, which campaigned relentlessly for Obama and expected him to immediately reverse the policy upon taking over the White House.

    At the same time, Obama could approach overturning the Mexico City Policy in the same manner as he is apparently approaching reversing Bush’s limits on funding embryonic stem cell research.”

  65. Gillibrand is my hunch, based on…..
    a sense, a few vague cues, the fact that she’s a better
    speaker than Maloney. She’s very smart, looks like a
    younger Hillary.
    She’s new – but she has that spark, charisma.
    I know nothing more substantive that defines the
    better of the two. But I’m betting on one of them – and
    would bet on Gillebrand.
    Now that we know that Paterson is not a
    wimp. I think he really loves Hillary, too.

  66. angiec> I think the Purple Tunnel should be renamed Tunnel of Love. All the Oborgs spent their time in there talking about who loves Barky more. People who wet themselves together, stay together!

  67. Dakinikat – it was George magazine and I loved it.

  68. Truly sad:

    Link from Survivors of the Purple Tunnel of Doom

    I think they should start a support group. They’ve clearly all gone mad.

  69. Regency, on January 22nd, 2009 at 4:34 pm Said:
    I meant if it was John John, they’d be much less discriminatory about his issues. It isn’t right but it’s true. Caroline’s become a casualty of institutional sexism.

    No, Caroline has absolutely NO qualifications other than she has a name and used it to push the obama. She made an extremely very poor impression on the people of NY, is a most horrific public speaker, has spent her life trying to keep away from the public and even she is apalled at her own voting record. Plus, as far as we can tell, she has never had a real job in her entire life.

    Sorry, not coronating the princess isn’t an act of sexism, it’s a show of having common sense.

  70. I can’t take it. I have to get off of this Group. A Survivor’s Tale (included miracle!):

    “Like all broken hearts, mine will eventually heal, but this was without a doubt, one of the most disappointing days of my life. My story echoes all the others…waiting in the cold for 3 1/2 hours, no information, no police presence, no information. A disgrace..truly. Just when we were leaving, dejected and in despair, something miraculous happened…

    Walking toward Union Station, we heard Barack’s voice wafting out of a limousine. We ran over and asked if we could listen. The two limo drivers yelled, “get in, get in” we sat in that car, held hands and wept together as we listened to President Obama’s magnificent speech. It turns out that the driver was working for the historian and author Doris Kearns Goodwin, the author of “Team of Rivals” which I’ve read – TWICE! Faisul and Hadid, from Ethiopia and Sudan – what generosity. We wept in that car representing all that Obama’s presidency stands for. They rescued us from a day of nothing but despair. Thank you guys!”

  71. dakinikat, on January 22nd, 2009 at 5:49 pm Said:
    Didn’t John John’s role as an editor of a magazine include some knowledge of policy or i’m i just wishful thinking here?

    I liked “George”. I do know that when he appeared in public, he appeared very self assured and he was very well spoken. He also actually worked at a real job.

  72. Oh, Micki, don’t hold back.

    I’ve been a lead on a number of campaigns, I’ve been asked to run for office several times – even by Gov Corzine once, I told him I’m not a masochist – I wouldn’t want to put my family through it all. I’ve never been arrested, paid the two tickets I got over the years one for making a turn on red and one for doing 35 in a 25 mph zone. I’ve never done drugs, not even marajuana, had decent grades, never killed anybody (I don’t have an uncle Teddy) never stole anything – but I still wouldn’t want them digging around in my private little life (boring huh?) – so maybe she just decided it wasn’t worth the hassle. 🙄

  73. Micki> “Insanity” is the only explanation I can think of. And they can not be cured. The damage is permanent.

  74. Gillebrand will also help Paterson because she is an upstater.

  75. There is a teeny tiny tr–l downstairs on the things I don’t understand post.
    He was afraid to come up to the bada–ed post.



  76. Fine, substitute John John with, hmmmm, how about Barack Obama? He just sailed into the presidency without any hard questions asked of him. Medical records? Nope. School records? Nope. Financial records? Nope. Legislative records? Nope. Articulate? Uh, uh, uh, only with the help of a teleprompter.

    My point being that, apparently, even the princesses, and yes CK is a princess, get rougher rides than the princes do.

  77. DYB: are you the person who loves opera and has the Wagner tattoo?

  78. And I’m not standing up for CK. Frankly, I can’t stand her. Her sudden interest in politics and “support” of Obama totally pissed me off. I think she got what she deserved, I hope she felt the fall and I hope she walked away from this with a lesson learned. (Though I know that probably hoping for too much.)

  79. Articulate? Uh, uh, uh, only with the help of a teleprompter.

    LOL! You said it all, gxm17. 🙂

  80. Burrrr-bloody cold here one more night f freezing weather-

    the weatherman says that we will get in the 70’s tomorrow and be in the 40’s tommorrow night…

    All I can say is he better deliver or this hungry fuzzybear will have him picking his nose with his elbows…

    OK Myiq2xu-rub it in what was your temp today?

    mary ellen love the Avitar…

  81. ok I ate some real good lamb at a restraunt in town that is new….god love them starting a restraunt in this economy….

    I love Indian food! but they did not have pheasant samosas…..not even chicken

  82. Fuzzy:

    It’s down in the 50’s today – we even had a little rain.

  83. angie-

    money may not solve all your problems but it does allow you rent your own kind of misery!

  84. Mary Ellen’s avatar looks like a younger version of Sister Mary Spamkiller

    Sister Mary has been filling in for her nephew Spammy.

  85. myiq: how did you cope? The horror!


  86. Fuzzy:

    Money won’t buy happiness but poverty can’t buy shit.

  87. Micki:

    I’ve been keeping the kitties in the house.

  88. Gail, News Anchor: And what a surprise this weekend when the weather turned unseasonably low. Here’s Harris Telemacher, our “wacky weatherman” with a report.
    Harris: And when the weather dropped down to 58 degrees this weekend, how did you cope?
    Man: I went to make sure all the windows were shut.
    Harris: And, what about your pets? Were they outside? What happened?
    Man: Well, the cats were out till around ten. But it got a little too cold for them and they came in.
    Harris: The cats were out till around ten. But it got a little too cold for them and they came in! Well, that’s how L.A. coped with that surprise low of 58 degrees that turned the weekend into a real weenie shrinker!

  89. fuzzybeargville, on January 22nd, 2009 at 6:27 pm Said:

    ok I ate some real good lamb at a restraunt in town that is new….god love them starting a restraunt in this economy….

    I love Indian food! but they did not have pheasant samosas…..not even chicken
    Goat curry is the best, if you can find it.

  90. Just heard of a report about an Upstate NY poll: 30% Cuomo…

    55% Gillibrand!!

    I’m really hoping he chooses Kirsten. Maloney has a power position in Congress now, and Gillibrand can step up in the Senate.

    Fingers crossed.

  91. Myiq2xu-that is not true from what I am seeing …

    The Pampers administration will be shoveling out shit to the masses for FREE for the next 4 years!

  92. Micki-ROFLMAO…..in 1986 I remember it snowed in Redondo Beach and the locals thought it was ash from a forest fire….

  93. Caroline found out the hard way. The only way to reach the heart of the voter is to go out among them and learn something. She expected to be handed this plum seat without expending the effort and the scrutiny proved too much.

    I have no idea what her personal life involves but you can bet in a New York minute that someone was ready to reveal all the details which is something one must expect to happen when you make an appearance on a national stage.

    As for John John, it was being said back then that his marriage was already in trouble at the time of his demise so who knows where he would be at the time he chose to announce. Personal lives, unfortunately, are up for grabs. And if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen because everything will come out whether it is fair or not.

  94. thanks SHV….I live in Gville I am lucky to get any animal protien…

    Damn Food Police

  95. DYB — just got home from work, but I second the motion to rename the Tunnel of Doom to the Tunnel of Love! LMAO!!

  96. poor Caroline well she has had a life as ruff as her step sister Kristina Onassis….

    give me a break!

  97. Every 10 years or so it snows here but the stuff melts as soon as it hits the ground.

  98. Angie “Tunnel of Love”and looks like 4000 were run over by the Love Train….more like “Tunnel of Obama Porn”…scrape ’em up off the floor just scrape ’em up off the floor and try not to breathe!

  99. I thought “Tunnel of Love” was a reference to Ana Marie Cox?

  100. That’s not a Tunnel of Love — that is a Tunnel of Sh!t — which funnily enough could apply to both Ana & the Tunnel of Obots.

  101. Waaa? were is the post by myiq to which I just replied?

  102. actually if you believe gary’s latest thread it was a “Tunnel of Lust”(cover Rev. Rick Warrens ears) all them obots were in that tunnel cold and board so they started making babies….we will know in nine monnths if that is true!

  103. Greta is reporting that Gillibrand will be the Gov.’s choice, noon tomorrow in Albany. I think Maloney is needed in Washington as the Chair of the bi-cameral committee on economics. with Schumer as vice-chair.

  104. However, the House is up to old tricks, passing bills with embedded provisions we need to be concerned with:

  105. The marriage problem for CK isn’t the marriage per se, it’s her affair with the publisher of NYT. We know lots of pols, good & bad, have affairs within bad marriages, but it’s certainly not a good way to start your poli career. Not to mention questions re NYT.

    My main curiousity is with Obama. He has all the clout in the world right now, surely even in NY. If he wanted, he could have promised something or threatened something or had the media sway any bad info. Why didn’t he?

  106. fuzzybeargville, on January 22nd, 2009 at 7:00 pm Said:

    thanks SHV….I live in Gville I am lucky to get any animal protien…

    Damn Food Police
    Now I have lamb curry on the brain…I go through cooking cycles, must be time for Indian again.

  107. Washington AP Wire-For Immediate Release:

    Obama to come out of closet do a 180 on Gay marriage and announce his divorce from MO and engagement to Rev. Rick Warren….

    A stunned Chris Mathews and Keith Olberman will be left at the altar it appears.

    Mr Obama has asked “for understanding and privacy on this matter, because he will not have to deal with his new found gayness but also the stigma that surrounds same sex inter-r@cial couples.”

    Michelle O has said ” thank god faking orgasms for that man for the last twenty years has been a real pain in the A$$. No leave me alone so I can catch up on what is happening on the L-word!”

    Rick “teddy bear” Warren said ” when Barry came clean to me about his feeling I knew my ‘purpose driven life’ had come to a close and I walked away from it all…I mean who wouldnt for this guy”

    There is a Boston Mass Wedding planned for then end of June and the couple will honeymoon in Providencetown during ‘Bear Week” at ol’ mariners clothing ooptional B B.”

  108. britgirls’ link has a great new word: Obamageddon.

  109. POE — what I meant is that if it is true she is having an affair with NYT editor than I feel sorry for her for being in a bad marriage. I re-read what I posted & it was totally not clear. Sorry for the confusion.

  110. Parentofed,

    Surely you jest. The reason is obvious. Obama has gotten all he needed from Caroline and Ted. They are both under the bus now.

  111. Fuzzy:

    You put the gay in “gay”

  112. Angie,

    That would certainly explain the slanted coverage at the NYT.

  113. my last was for bostonboomer who has better Gaydar than me!

  114. I am not happy that a conservative Dem (Gillibrand) will be appointed to Hillary’s senate seat.

  115. Dee:

    Who is your choice and why?

  116. Obama: “Caroline was not the person I thought I knew. And I wish the press would make a template of this comment since I intend to be using it a lot in the future.”

  117. Hold on a minute. You mean to say that the NYT practically outed McCain and the lobbyist back last Spring for having a supposed affair while all along the owner was having a fling for himself with CK?

    The Newt Gingrich strategy lives on even among the pages of the NYT!

  118. Actually I would not be suprized to find out that MO has mor Penis years than Pampers…they fit the profile…bet MO has a drawer full of “penis years” she uses on barry all the time.

  119. Mickie> Yep, I’m the Wagner nut with the “Tristan” tattoo.

  120. sorry about my last hope I did not offend any delicate ears out there listening!

  121. If the rumors are true of Caroline’s marriage problems – I hope hope hope it’s with some big cheese at the NY Times. In light of the coverage she was getting there this would be a huge blow to them. And I’ll be dancing in the streets, not at Caroline’s misfortunes but at the NYTimes!

  122. angie …you have G-mail! urgent.

  123. Does “G-mail” have anything to do with “G-spot?”

  124. You’ll have to ask angie that one myiq2xu

  125. SOD:

    All she ever tells me is “Shut up and keep going”

  126. It’s “shut up & go faster!” God, you never listen to me!

  127. LOL Angie….

  128. As to the Mexico City Policy…
    President Obama voted ‘Present’

  129. Well, I have a gmail and a hotmail, so..

  130. myiq – carolyn maloney.

  131. The Lily Ledbetter bill has passed – without Hutchison’s amendment.


  132. I always thought Caroline married the older man with money. Maybe she, like her mother, needed security.

  133. Well now that Carlos the Slim is taking over the Times, she can have an older man with mucho money from an exotic foreign land.

  134. was caroline having an affair with an editor at the NYT?

  135. I hear Caroline had an affair. Is it true?

  136. Wonderful news GAgal! Way to go Sen. Mikulski!

  137. Thanks, Fuzzy. I think I’ll pass on the “clothing optional” P-town wedding. LOL!

  138. taggles & afrocity — the word on the street is that her affair with the NYT editor is the “real” reason she withdrew from the Senate appointment contest.

  139. and, btw — in case you don’t know “word on the street” = rumor.

  140. afrocity — “is having’ not “had” btw.

  141. Gawker says she had an affair with the publisher, Arthur Sulzberger. I had heard that a few weeks ago too. I don’t know if it’s true.


  142. Well it’s certainly the reason the Times mentioned the name Caroline a bzillion times over the past month.

  143. I think Gawker let go of their entire fact checking staff, so it’s even harder to know what to believe with those kids.

  144. Caroline Kennedy needs to eat more. She is so scrawney that her face looks like a skeleton.

  145. I’m of two minds about political infidelity.

    I don’t give a flying fig about rumors, but if a politico gets caught red-handed with his/her hand in the nookie jar it shows bad judgment and skills.

  146. Great news! Thanks, GAgal!

  147. It’s a lot of pressure and I feel for her, but what did she think, after laying down for Barry the way she did, then having the nerve to think she could just saunter into Hill’s job. It’s called PUMA blowback, but since no one wants to acknowledge PUMA, sail at your own risk.

  148. Wohoho – hope the rumor about CK and Sulzberger is true. If it is, won’t that make a satisfying story in the check-out tabloids. The NYTimes did everything it could to sucker punch Hillary after endorsing her, not to mention kissing the O-butt every chance it got while very selectively reporting the “news”. Then it began pushing the princess, knowing damn well that there were far more deserving candidates out there. Maybe they were hoping for a bailout from Uncle Teddy?

  149. Cinie, I asked you this on HBuzz, don’t know if you saw it, but is there a horn on that horse in your avatar, like a unicorn. Just let’s me have a better idea of where you’re coming from. Btw, love your blog, and love your six. Has RD fessed up to her six yet.

  150. I wouldn’t put too much faith in the Unity Pony. Clintonistas vs. Obacrats part deux has gone underground, not away. Obacrats tried to do what Obacrats always do, Astroturf an idea through, to get one of their own in Clinton’s seat, but, like I said before, HRC is from Chicago, too.

  151. Waaah – why am I in moderation again? Help!!! Wha’dye say?

  152. Three Wickets, my Unity Pony is a unicorn, because everybody knows they don’t exist, either.

  153. HRC is from Chicago, too.

    Hillary may have been born at night, but not last night.

    She knows where the bodies are buried too!

  154. Hillary grew up in a suburb of Chicago – not the same thing at all as being from Chicago. Just ask John Kass.

  155. DYB, on January 22nd, 2009 at 7:48 pm Said:
    If the rumors are true of Caroline’s marriage problems – I hope hope hope it’s with some big cheese at the NY Times. In light of the coverage she was getting there this would be a huge blow to them. And I’ll be dancing in the streets, not at Caroline’s misfortunes but at the NYTimes!

    exactly. I don’t give a hoot if Caroline is having an affair with three men and a nun at St. Marys…. The fact that the NYTimes has all but coronated her and then driven her up to her Senate office, writing all sorts of sticky dribble about her and her “definitely” getting the nod surely proves (if she is sleeping with the publisher) just what a filthy rag the once magnificent newspaper turned into. However, if she is NOT having a thing with the publisher then there is no excuse for what that paper has become….

  156. Sing it, ainnj! Yah!

  157. Kat5,

    Obama isn’t from Chicago either. He’s from Hawaii.

  158. But Obama is of Chicago, BB. He fits right in, ya know?

  159. Confirmed: Kirsten Gillibrand Chosen to Fill Clinton’s Senate Seat


  160. Still not confirmed, if you read the whole story, briana (apparently there’s still ‘infighting’ going on). But here’s hoping it will be soon.

  161. It’s always the money. The financially strapped Times needed more ad revenue, thought that by targeting the younger Obot demo, they could capture a new generation of high value eyeballs. But the problem is that this new demo doesn’t have the spending power of the boomers when they were coming of age a generation earlier. Plus, the millenials don’t get their news from printed matter. NYT pulls a huge audience with their site online, but they haven’t been able to monetize that traffic at the levels they need.

  162. Kat5, Hillary grew up in the 60’s when a lot of “getting to know and understand your pain” was going on between the races. Political awareness was an adolescent growing pain for black and white. Being a Republican had to make her even more aware of the doings of Dems, they’ve had a 90% lock on the city forever. She was also an Alinksy acolyte, worked on the Watergate trial and was a Goldwater girl. If she doesn’t know how the game is played on both sides of the aisle, who does? I spent a lot of time on “L” trains going to Boone’s Farm bong parties in the late 60’s, early seventies. She’s about 7 years older than me, but so were a lot of people I hung out with. I was what they called “fast.”

  163. Hello, Senator Caroline Kennedy. Oh no. Bye, bye. That was easy.

  164. OMG! A woman graduate student at Virginia Tech has been decapitated by another student who attacked her in an Au Bon Pain restaurant. That school has had a lot of trouble.


    Sorry for the OT story.

  165. bb you should post that in the woman lynching forum on puma pac.

  166. Thought I saw that on the wire earlier BB, hadn’t seen the details. That’s awful.

  167. I’m exactly the same age as Hillary, cinie, so I identify a great deal with her story (grew up in a Republican household about 100 W of Chicago, went through a lot of similar changes). Hill, however, has been just a tad more successful than moi. What younger voters don’t begin to realize is that Hillary came of age in a time when classified ads for jobs were listed under ‘male’ and ‘female’ and practically no one thought to question why.

  168. Kat5, 100 W street, or 100 miles west? I’m from the South Side.

  169. Wow – Interesting.. Didn’t see that coming.

    Maybe Paterson doesn’t give a care about The Powers that be.

    I am liking him more and more.

  170. Don’t know if I’ll always like Paterson, but he seems to have a sense of humor, and that’s a good start for me. Holding it together while Wall Street falls and state revenues tank takes moxy. I imagine Spitzer might have over-reacted in the same situation.

  171. Three Wickets, I forgot to say, “thank you.”

  172. Sugar speaks. Thanks Liberty Belle.

  173. Uh oh, Obama is going to be furious if he finds out the Chairman is cheating on him. You’re still his true love, don’t worry.

  174. I grew up about 100 miles W of Chicago, cinie, in a small town. But I lived in the Windy City for about 7 years in the late 60s and early 70s. Spent some time hanging with my then boyfriend and his rock band on E. 72nd Place, which was a bit hairy (it wasn’t unusual to hear gunshots while walking home from my short-term gig as a waitress in a greasy spoon). It wasn’t all that far, as you know, from Hyde Park, where said b’friend was getting his masters from the U of Chicago. I loved spending time in the area around the university. I love the whole city, but it’s too dang cold.

  175. lol, I’m listening to Patsy and Sugar and this ad is on the page:

    Cravings for Sugar?
    Stop fighting your cravings – solve the underlying cause.

  176. Seriously> Do you mean the Chairman of the NY Times? There’s plenty of willing takers at the NY Times. Barky will hardly miss him!

  177. “There’s a facebook group called Survivors of the purple Tunnel of Doom now with 600 members”

    LOL. They need a support group for surviving being the world’s most pathologically self centered twits. And they talk about the Boomers!

    Next thing you know they’ll be trying to kick out survivors of sexual assault, domestic abuse, cancer and the Holocaust so they can hold meetings. 😉

  178. Hey everyone. Funny, it don’t feel like we have a President…and that’s a good thing.

    Unfortunately it means we woke up in Czarist Russia.


  179. Who will Paterson appoint to Gillibrand’s seat?. Maybe the Mayor Buffalo Byron Brown

  180. The picture of Barky at the desk in the Oval Office…I thought to myself: “He looks so tiny. Little little man.”

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