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Tuesday night ramblings

As per Scrubs57, I have to do penance for my absence, so here goes:

  • Doesn’t this video feel like the way the crazed O fanatics and their Dear Leader stormed the White House?  Rules, schmooles.  That’s so 90’s.   Meet the old boss in a Democratic Blue version.   Wall Street + Chicago Cronies are  the new Halliburton + Oil.
  • Speaking of Chicago’s greatest, one of the last true high profile public servants of our era was interrogated today for the S.O.S. cabinet position (see great recaps from Heidi Li & MYIQ2XU below), yet we all feel some sense of loss of what could have been.   Hillary Clinton made me proud (yet again) to wear my Hillary Supporter PUMA scars.
  • S.O.S. is a very cryptic message.  S.O.S. Hillary Clinton!  HELP US FROM ZOD!
  • As you know, my health-imposed exile wasn’t fun.   And I missed you all very much.
  • One thing that I thought would be as old as 2008 are the Obama trolls.   When I came back last night, I found they are still here!  Why???  It’s over!  Don’t they get the point that we don’t subscribe to Obama Porn?  We don’t get off on seeing Obama playing golf in Hawaii (because you know, he has to rest and perfect his game for world peace before assuming the presidency) or drool while”O” stumbles his way out of a sentence?   Bush had his smirk, Obama has his uhhhs.   But the Corporate Media and Corporate Blogs love it.  They find his “uhhs” thoughtful and conscientious.  Well it’s friggin annoying to have another Teleprompter Jesus for President.  If that Texan Twang and Teleprompter kept Bush in office for 8 years, why not make it work for Obama?  The media kneels  before  Zod.   Swear allegiance to Zod.  Chris Matthews feels the leg tingle before Zod.  Zod can kiss my big ole voluptuous brown butt.
  • I’m late to this great news (I found out last night when I logged in), but I’m proud that The Confluence is nominated for Best Liberal Blog!!!  The other 2 leading nominees are owned by mega-million corps.  We are 100% free, independent of corporate media meddling, Liberal Blog!!!  Thanks to the wonderful and gracious RD & Confluence crew, this Intertubez Tatooine is still here, serving some  hot critical thinking (and some humor) while the rest of them play with their Obama action figures and do tea time with their Obama commemorative plates.

Speaking of which:


Where did I see this before…hmmm…

Meet the new boss, same as the old.  Comes with fully crazed sentimental propagandists.   They became what they were complaining about for 8 years.

Excelon/Hallburton Batteries not included.

89 Responses

  1. Brava!

  2. SM,

    That W plate is a scream! Is that for real?

  3. sm,

    I don’t comment often, but I read The Confluence all day every day, and I missed you. I’m glad you’re feeling somewhat better. Thanks for coming back.

    Great post!

  4. What we need is a BO action figure – the ultimate oxymoron. (Bush has the ‘ultimate moron’ title sewn up for the foreseeable future).

  5. Kat5 — that IS the BO action figure — swear to dog — the description is even harder to believe:

    Product Description
    From the Manufacturer
    In many ways, senator Barack Obama is the closest thing to a superhero, someone who has literally inspired millions of people simultaneously to step past fear, to be brave enough to hope, and to go past cynicism and imagine what we could be if we were at our best. That’s the stuff of legend. And jailbreak toys wanted to pitch in. So in that spirit, they created the Obama action figure, because every superhero should have one. Standing 6″ tall with 8 points of articulation, window boxed and made from phthalate-free PVC. An action figure you can believe in.

    They sell them on amazon.

    And, btw, customers who actually *bought* that p.o.s. also bought the Hillary Nutcracker (surprise, surprise, surprise).

  6. In other good news — I lost 70 cents for each dollar I contributed to my 401(k) last quarter — I should have just wiped my a$$ with the money — would have been cheaper then TP.

  7. LOVE the Cheney “You Don’t Know Dick” figure, sm – gotta have one of those babies!

    But I didn’t see any BObbleFigureHeads?

  8. Eek — I’m in moderation — free me SM!!

  9. The BOAF has no nuts to crack

  10. LOL angie, what a shock. I never would have suspected bo’s supporters are misogynist a——-. I’m in shock.

    Sorry about the 401

  11. Last week I nearly choked on my soup when one of the obots mooned over the Obama commemorative plate…It was chicken enchilada soup and a pice of chicken tried to enter my lung requiring me to discover the hymelic manuver is not a pleasant experience!

    …even though it quickly expelled the piece of chicken and my ability to consume oxygen was restored I banned political talk for the rest of the meal.

    To night I told my favorite obot that I was glad to see his marxist self embrace reaganomics…

    Ok I admittit I ruined his meal and everyone else laughed!

    I told you that the gays are coming around~!

  12. O great Goo is that a bobble-head Obambi?

  13. Hope and hate, the bo formula.

    Hrc has one of those historical action figures they sell at national park service sites. It comes with a little copy of it takes a village.

  14. FUZZY!!!!!!!!!

    😦 Sad to hear you didn’t enjoy that soup.

    But Commemorative Plate Worship???? TOO MUCH.

    Yes, I think many gay/lesbian O supporters are whiffing that Obama is not their friend. RICK WARREN Inaugurating him!?!?!????? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Wow, 2/3 of the kids afflicted with aids in the world get their medicine from the Clinton foundation? Damn.

  16. Conflucians, I gotta rest. Love you all & keep safe from the ZOD-lovers!

  17. Did anyone talk about this yet? Today, I heard that Limbaugh was unexpectedly absent from his show today, because he was “called to DC” after suggesting yesterday that he would be willing to meet with BO anytime anywhere to tell him what to do with the economy (ie: bail out the rich–I’m not kidding). I’m sure Limbaugh was at this meeting too. Is there ANYONE that Obama will not pander to, in order to advance his own career? Of course the Bots will claim that it is all about “inclusion.”

    Obama attends conservative dinner party

    This could ruin their reputation: President-elect Barack Obama Tuesday evening attending a dinner party at the home of conservative columnist George Will, attended by fellow conservatives William Kristol and David Brooks.

    The press pool following the president-elect reported that he left his temporary home at Washington’s Hay-Adams hotel Tuesday evening and arrived a short time later at Will’s home in the Maryland suburbs. A press pool photographer shot a photo of Kristol, an editor of the Weekly Standard, and Brooks, a columnist at the New York Times.

    No other scribes noted.


  18. ‘night SM!

  19. Why are Obama’s arms so long?

  20. fif, on January 13th, 2009 at 10:25 pm

    Barry will be indoctrinated into Skull and Bones? meeting to plan what war to make Barry a ” War Time President ” ?? The mind whirls

  21. angie — you’ve got mail!

  22. nite fuzzy

  23. fif,

    Rush is one person that will not fall for Obama’s BS.

  24. I think he’s just kissing their a*s, and complimenting Reagan over appetizers so they will fall in love with him too. The Narcissist in Chief has an endless hunger to be BELOVED. He thrives on the adoring masses–so he wants the wingers on board too. Campaigning for 2012 already!

  25. Ya know, it’s so great to have SM back. 🙂

    I think my big problem is that I never thought of Obama as a black candidate. I just thought of him as another Democrat when this all started. I didn’t get fixated on his race or skin color because I didn’t think it was important. My main problem with him was the way he always agreed with the right-wingers and the way they framed issues, thus making it very unlikely that he would be a great champion of liberal values.

    What Hillary did today was such a great example of how a superlative politician operates. For example, she thanked Laura Bush because Laura Bush did something she, Hillary, agreed with. She did NOT adopt Laura Bush’s ideology in order to win the praise of The Village. That’s what Obama and his spineless enablers do. Instead, Hillary acknowledged Laura for doing something Hillary believes is right. She would have believed it was right if Barbara Boxer or Phyllis Schafly did it. That is how you build consensus. That is how you get things done.

    Bending over and letting the Republicans Ted Haggard you is not the answer.

  26. I don’t know afrocity: Rush has a huge ego, and If BO flatters him with “I want your input–you are part of my cosmic revolution,” he might just get on board the bus–or at least temper his comments.

    I will be listening to see if there’s a change and let you know.

  27. Well, afrocity, O’s nose grew so long he had to have it surgically altered (the Pinocchio Syndome, don’tcha know). Nature being nature, she then compensated by growing his arms. I’m sure it’ll be all the fashion soon, shirts with arms soooo long, they fall in your soup.

  28. Okay, did you see the latest news that Geithner didn’t pay $34,000 in taxes between 2001 and 2004? The Dems are going ahead with his nomination anyway. Taxes are not for fancy people like Geithner! They’re for suckers like us!

  29. I hope not fif. I listen to Rush faithfully everyday and I will be very disappointed if he changes for the one. Rush is fiercely loyal to the conservative base.

    Meanwhile my future 2nd husband had a great night last night:

    FLASH: FOXNEWS ‘HANNITY’ debuted big at 2.9 million viewers — beating MADDOW & KING COMBINED…

    I knew Sean would do better without the Scarecrow.

  30. How about those big ears on that Obama Action Figure!!!! You guys are cracking me up tonight.

    Post and run…. I’ve been reading so long, had to catch up!

  31. angie — important email in your box!

  32. wow, check out this story……


    an excerpt:

    Tested before taking power, President-elect Barack Obama privately delivered a pre-inauguration veto threat to fellow Democrats on Tuesday, saying they would not deny him use of the remaining $350 billion in federal bailout funds.

    lol!!! the little prince will not be denied!

  33. oh god, another quote from that story……

    “It’s kind of hard not to call him, ‘Barack.’ So he said, `Call me Barack for the next couple of days,'” Levin said with a smile.

  34. kiki — OMG!

  35. gee, Bush had to get all “you’re with me or you’re a terrorist” but Obama just says “I will not be denied!”

  36. Ah, I see it’s no longer being called by its more polite names, we’re back to bailout funds. Wanna’ know where that play money comes from, Big O? The pockets of lots of little people who are about to get really really p*ssed off at you and your games.

  37. Afrocity, CNN is so phenomenal. Cooper smarmily mocked palin for complaning about the media, then did stories about why playing basketball makes Obama a great leader per michelle’s brother and brilliant bobby casey the full suit, and how their decorator worked for famous people, and now is about to do a second full story harping on how palin supposedly can’t let it go. Being sure to mention that her son-in-law is a high school dropout who, I bet, never ever proved himself by shooting hoops.

    Nobody can beat CNN.

  38. Seriously,

    I am a Fox-ette. I only watch Fox News. The only CNN person I watch is Lou Dobbs. The rest are trash. KO is ridiculous.

  39. Seriously: so, should we also judge Anderson because his brother committed suicide? If Palin is responsible for her son-in-law’s choices, then surely Cooper is partly responsible for his brother right?


    Can you believe they are still harping on Paln? It’s a clear sign, like lesions, that it is genuine (P) Derangement Syndrome.

  40. Seriously – I think Cooper has a crush on BO, and not in a hetero “man crush” kinda way either.

    I continue to be appalled at the lack of respect given to Governor Palin.

    Fortunately for me, I don’t get CNN and definitely not MSNOBSOB or whatever it is

  41. Where is everybody tonight? I think they’re all worn out from a full day of Hillary coverage.

  42. SOD — I think I got it.

    What are y’all doing here anyway — should be working on our FABULOUS show — THE VIEW FROM UNDER THE BUS — Tomorrow at 9:30 EST — we’ve expanded to an hour and a half for your listening pleasure.

    Be there or be square!

  43. I’m at someone’s house and can’t escape Cnn. The fact that anyone watches this as if it’s news scares the hell out of me.

  44. Seriously – actual news is very hard to come by. All we have is commentary and entertainment. So many people cite The Daily Show and the Colbert Report as their new sources, it is ludicrous. We have a highly schooled but thoroughly uneducated populace that is very easily manipulated by imagery (hence BO’s election). Most people have no idea about the proper function of government nor even know what are the limitations of presidential power. If they had, they would have blamed Congress more than GWBfor the financial situation, since Congress controls appropriations, tax policy, etc. and did nothing to prevent the financial collapse even though it was foreseen.

  45. Elderj, yeah they showed footage of Anderson lobbing softballs about basketball to bo in the midst of the primary, so cutsey. Then again, the entire media class crushes on him.

    And of course carville and Bennett both agreed palin needs to go away. The republican establishment is almost as bad as the dem establishment in that regard. Grassroots Reagan repubs seem to like her, why doesn’t a reaganite like him?

  46. I saw a picture of Anderson Cooper with his boyfriend – who looks a little bit like Obama. So I think yes, he definitely has a crush on Barky.

  47. DYB – really? where? I thought he was back in the back of the closet where old family photos and cobwebs are kept

  48. DYB — about Geither’s taxes — funny how poor Joe the Plumber’s piddly tax lien was oh so f*cking important — but not this guys, huh?
    The stench of hypocrisy — it kills me.

  49. No sh!t DYB — where is a picture of the Coop with his boyfriend — I, like elderj, thought he was deep in the closet.

  50. Seriously> There’s definitely a disconnect between Republican grassroots and the establishment. Certainly the conservative bloviators. Palin brought out the crowds like no other Republican in recent years. Chambliss asked her to come and campaign in the last days of his Senate campaign (this is after the Presidential election) and she again delivered. So the grassroots love her just fine. And some in the party seem to recognize she’s quite a force in the party. But the establishment and the bloviators want to make her disappear.

  51. A friend e-mailed it to me. His partner is Chinese and saw it in some Chinese magazine. I’ll try to see if I can find it.

    Anderson is in the closet kind of the way Kevin Spacey is. Everybody knows it, but nobody’s talking about it. Perhaps it’s as it should be…

  52. We’re between a rock and a hard place. If the media won’t provide information, very few have time/energy to seek out actual sources. Then the political and media elite sneer at us for not being informed. Sighs. Of course the CNN audience, they have the time and money to cut through this nonsense, but so many seem to think if you have a degree, you don’t need to seek out education, you acquire it by osmosis LOL

  53. LOL, Seriously. When I saw this:

    CNN is so phenomenal.

    I read it as “pheromonal”. (I think my eyes had it right the first time.

  54. Obama looks like Alfred e Newman. Pair him with Anderson and it’s smarm overload. Whatever you do, don’t introduce them to Romney.

  55. DYB — oh, so the Chinese mags must be like the Greek ones — not afraid to print stuff the US mags will not. Hee Hee! Good for them.

    Anyway, gang, I’m off to bed. Don’t forget to watch The View from Under the Bus tomorrow at 9:30 p.m. EST. We are on for an hour and a half & we have lots of surprises in store!!

    Good night all!

  56. “Whatever you do, don’t introduce them to Romney.”


  57. I didn’t know that Kevin Spacey is gay–though it doesn’t surprise me.

  58. Nite Ange.

    I’m off too. Nite everyone.

  59. re: Anderson. I am so out of it on such things, that, if I know it, Everybody knows it!

  60. Joe the plumber, this kid in Alaska, everything they do is a federal case, but for would be public servants, hey just skip half the lines on the tax form. They’re nonbinding suggestions.

  61. Night everyone.

  62. wow everyone turning in early tonight

  63. SM is back! Better than ever!

  64. My battery is about to die, but I watched part of michelle’s speech at the dnc, and they played her off to isn’t she lovely. Okay seriously our party is messed up. Even messiah’s wife gets no respect. Get back to me when biden gets played off to I’m so sexy. Gag.

  65. DYB, on January 13th, 2009 at 10:46 pm Said:

    I not only saw this but perused the news coverage regarding the confirmation – already they are spinning Geithner as a fine public servant who just made an honest mistake for which he should not be penalized. I get very tired of this attitude (which does seem to apply exclusively to men): if they are nominated to something they are presumed entitled unless there is overwhelming evidence of something totally corrupt going on. We saw this with Clarence Thomas – somehow it was as if he was entitled to be a Supreme Court Justice, when in fact that position is an extraordinary honor which one might have thought any taint would have disqualified him. Indeed, this is how I know that Mr. Richardson will NOT turn out to be involved in just a little nothing that will blow over – if that were the case, the same moves to protect Geithner would be pulled.

  66. The “mistake” defense applies to men of a certain class… I assure you none of us would be able to mount such a defense.

  67. Well, HeidiLi, mosey on over to the NYTimes site (if you dare) and read the scores of reader comments about Geithner on the political caucus site. I’d say feeling against his nomination is running pretty high among the little people. And from what I’ve read tonight, including comments from those who have been employed by the IMF themselves, there’s no way on earth Geithner made an innocent mistake on his taxes. No way this guy should be confirmed.

  68. That’s a really good point. Hasn’t just about everyone who’s been caught in a scandal like this who isn’t a white male dropped out rather than try to brazen it out? Gergen was on though assuring us this guy’s motives are pure

  69. Kat5 – I agree! This little person, who is no financial expert, but has done her taxes since age 16, always knew you have to pay SS taxes etc. on a 1099, etc. So, as usual, the 2 choices are – either he cheated on his taxes, or he is too incompetent to handle the position. Of course, the defense is usually – I was stupid.

  70. SOD

    Is there still going to be a conference call?

  71. I can give anyone the benefit of the doubt and usually do until I see evidence of the contrary. What gets me is the “how dare you question me” mentality. This from the same bunch of people who lied, had the lies propagated by the press and then lied about the lies. This type of situational ethics and revisionist truth-telling is not sustainable in the long term. People let these things slide during a campaign, but when it comes to governing, it has a remarkably short shelf life.

  72. SM: I can’t do anything but smile. Your voice is music to my ears.

  73. Fuck off, moron.

  74. They just said on the news that bush declared a state of emergency in Washington DC to free federal money for crowd control at the coronation .
    If this is the beginning of a long long four years, I can not wait until it is over.
    Nothing good for the country is coming out of this mess.



  75. Yet another Obamabot who can’t spell. Hooked on phonics ain’t working, I guess.

  76. I have no patience tonight for these traitors who sold the country down the river.
    They put color before country and were not smart enough to pick someone with honor and integrity no matter what color skin they had.



  77. helenk> I’m not going to have patience or sympathy for them tomorrow or the day after or the day after that.

  78. HillzHatesPUMAz, on January 14th, 2009 at 1:19 am Said:
    “Wait. hold up. afrocity, you ain’t black. If you are , then you should change your name to “Topsey.” ”

    Oh how UTTERLY delicious! A r@cist Obot!

    Who’d a thunk???

  79. Today we saw what we could and should of had as a president.
    Instead we got stuck with a person who has never done anything good for the country or the people he was supposed to represent.
    He has played the race card and set back race relations at least 50 years.
    He is such a nothing, and the fools that follow him do not realize they are going nowhere.
    There are major problems in this country and the world and we are stuck with a selected anti-American racist who is lazy and never did anything on his own in his whole life.
    Tonight I am just angry and fed up with the GD democrats and stay at home republicans the stuck us with this mess.



  80. Not a bad day 1 of your pennance, SM.

    Totally looking forward to the next 6.


  81. No one’s around to get rid of the turd dropped above? Guess iq is resting.

    Okay turd this is for you:

    ‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^›

  82. Good one, Fredster! Took me a moment.

  83. Yeah, it took me a moment, too. Haha!

  84. I got one for the ladies of LATER: the media is now wondering if race trumps gender – as it applies to…Burris vs Caroline!


  85. oops! Help! I am in moderation! I used the word r@ce!

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