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Wednesday: Q & A

I have been preoccupied by a number of ponderables in the past couple of days.  These questions have no clear answers so I’m putting them up with my preliminary speculation for the rest of the Conflucian community to complete.

1.) The Correntian crew has been musing over the interview that Barack and Michelle Obama gave Le Monde about their lives, personalities, ambitions and how they plan to keep their public and private lives separate.  So what, you say, it goes with the territory for a candidate and president elect.  True.  Except this interview was given in 1996.  Why was Le Monde interested in the Obamas in 1996 when he wasn’t even a blip on the radar screen and hadn’t won anything yet?  Let’s think about the implications.  Le Monde would have had to have known he existed.  He was just an obscure Chicago lawyer with no major accomplishments and no election victories under his belt.  Who the f%^* would have cared?  *I* had won more public offices by 1996 than Obama.  Le Monde wasn’t beating my door down for an interview.  So, the question is: who has been grooming him and for how long?

2.) It has come to my attention, don’t ask me how, that Gloria Steimen and Eleanor Smeal are none too pleased that some of us are not embracing the true feminism of Barack Obama.  We who have vigorously protested the amazingly moronic inaugural edition cover of Obama as Superman are making them angry.  And you don’t want to see 20th century superstar feminists angry.  They might just set out to teach us a lesson and elect someone like Myi2xu as the new president of NOW.  But seriously, what do they care whether some of us speak out?  What exactly is their problem?  Leaders lead.  They don’t cave to the gushy enthusiasm of their younger kool-ade drinking staff.  They don’t let mean spirited and spiteful Donna Brazile types wipe women’s accomplishments off the map in order to glorify one of her male proteges.  The pressure they are applying is really sickening and even less likely get them what they want.  Here’s the deal, get Obama off the frickin’ cover and stop acting like fragile flowers who now need a man to save your magazine.  And get rid of your Women’s Studies Scholars.  When it came to trolls, they were the worst.  We still have their email and IP addresses dredged up from our spam filter.  Talk about stupid elitists, they can’t think themselves out of a paper bag and your magazine is full of them.  Get some women from the hard sciences, who really know what it’s like to get through the obstacle course of male academia and industry.  We took out prerequisite Women’s Studies courses *and* calculus.  Ms. needs balance, not more humanities majors with affluenza.

3.) Barbara Boxer, bless her heart.  I don’t know the whole backstory of Boxer’s relationship with Hillary.  It could be that the messy divorce between Boxer’s daughter and Hillary’s brother have given each of them time to see each other off stage more often than working colleagues might otherwise have an opportunity to do.  But, seriously, WTF was that little speech about Hillary putting aside her ego all about?  Like, Obama doesn’t have an ego?  (Go back to item 1 in this list.)  He was giving an interview to Le Monde before he had screwed Alice Palmer out of her Illinois congressional seat or had won a single thing.  *THAT’S* ego, or the mighty hand of someone powerful working on his behalf.  Then Boxer goes on about the plight of women and she makes many good points.  But she has completely undermined Hillary’s ability to do anything about it because she has refused to let Hillary have an ego.  An ego is necessary if you want to get things done, Barbara.  You have to believe you have the abilities and can do it better than everyone else or who is going to listen to you?  There is such a thing as false confidence (see item 1 above) that comes with a personal belief in oneself when there is no evidence to back this up.  Such is not the case with Hillary Clinton.  Time and time again, she has proven herself to be the smartest, most diplomatic, most prepared person in the room.  We saw it again yesterday.

Over the past year, I have struggled to figure out just what it is about Hillary that drives most normal people to absolute paroxysms of spittle flecked insanity over her desire and ambition to pursue a higher office.  If it were really megalomaniacal egotism and  arrogance, I think we would have seen hints of diva like behavior in public.  But what I see, and many of us see, is a woman who is possessed of healthy self-confidence and who doesn’t really give a flying fig what you think of her.  That seems to be the trigger.  She is behaving exactly like a man would behave if he had the heart and mind of a president.  It’s disconcerting to the men, and particularly women like Boxer, Steinem and Smeal, who don’t know what their looking at.  What did they think they’d see when the first woman president presented herself?  Did they think she was going to be more nurturing, her voice more lilting?  Yeah, like that would have gone over well with the Obots.  Maybe it’s a generational thing for the Maureen Dowds, Sally Quinns, Steinems, Smeals and Boxers.  They were raised in a generation before mine and conditioned to think that women were not leaders.  That kind of conditioning can be hard to overcome even if you’re the head of a feminist movement.  It *feels* like the self-doubt you get when you think you’re a fraud and it’s only a matter of time before everyone figures it out.  Were they projecting onto Hillary in spite of all of the evidence they saw before them?  Whatever it was, Hillary Clinton did not meet with their mental images of a president but not because she doesn’t possess those qualities and characteristics essential to the presidency.  It’s just that they never thought that those things would look like Hillary Clinton.

Maybe Obama was on to something when he made that crack about him not looking like the dudes on the paper money.

In other news:

  • Tim Geithner, the incoming Treasury Secretary nominee who for some peculiar reason doesn’t like Sheila Bair, has failed to pay his taxes for several years.  Maybe my ex-SIL, the IRS agent could speculate why someone with Geithner’s money acumen would fail to pay his taxes.  But it sure doesn’t look good for this partiular nominee since all of our taxdollars, but not his apparently, are going to be riding on whatever decision he makes about the worst bailout bill ever.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that powerful Democrats in Congress, who like Sheila Bair and accountability, are starting to balk at Geithner and are threatening to give him a hard time during his confirmation.  Willie Makeit?  Betty Dont.
  • Glenn Greenwald is trying to talk sense into all of the Obots who are ready to slit their wrists over Obama’s “centrist” policies.  Glenn is being a bit disingenuous about it though.  He thinks that Obama signalled to everyone that he wasn’t going to govern as a lefty.  That’s true.  But most rank and file voters missed the part where he said he wasn’t going to govern like a Democrat.  The whole reason he was elected was almost exclusively because he was a Democrat and *not* a Republican.  If he starts to act like a Republican now, with stupid tax breaks and bailouts that favor the bankers and policies that say torture is Ok in moderation, then he is much less like a Democrat and voters will get antsy.  Of course, the Obots had it coming to them for being such belligerent assholes whose candidate could do no wrong.  But the average voter doesn’t deserve four years of Republican Lite when they voted for a revolutionary Change!™ agent Democrat.  (Note:  pay particular attention to the veto threat Obama has issued if the Congress doesn’t approve the next tranche of bailout money.  Overcoming the veto has to be done in a short timeframe with a supermajority.  And Obama was O. K. with this bill when it passed.)

137 Responses

  1. So, the question is: who has been grooming him and for how long?

    That’s the big one, now, isn’t it? The more I delve into Shock Doctrine, the more I have to wonder about those “Chicago school” types. Gives me shivers.

  2. Good morning, Riverdaughter! I’m still reading your post. Great so far! It is very interesting that Le Monde would interview in 1996. Someone on Corrente said it’s because he was the first black president of Harvard Law Review, but I don’t think that’s the reason. Obama isn’t the only accomplished black person in politics or the law. Why him? How did they know him? Someone either in the Democratic Party tipped off Le Monde that Obama was going to be the next big thing and that it’d be a good idea to interview the Obamas and keep the interview for future reference when, oh I don’t know, this random guy from Chicago becomes President of the United States.

    I also thought the responses were very prepared. I liked what they both had to say in the interview but didn’t believe that Obama wasn’t sure where he was headed. He’s had this thing planned out a long time ago. He went to Chicago for a reason and that was to climb the political ladder and someday become President.

    Also, not all Women’s Studies majors are Obots. I was one and I know more than 5 friends and acquaintances who were either women’s studies majors or involved in some way with feminism on their campus and they supported Hillary in the primaries. The ones I still keep in touch with reluctantly voted for Obama but I don’t think they’d ever go so far as recommend Obama as feminist of the year on Ms. I have a feeling this was Brazile’s idea and Steinem and the rest of the staff agreed that having Obama on the cover would increase sales and also show that white feminists aren’t r@cist after all! It’s all about money and perception. Due to their missteps, feminist publications and organizations no longer have any credibility. It’s their own fault they have to stoop this low to earn a profit.

    Okay, back to reading…

  3. Also, did you get any response from Ms.? Where did you hear that they are upset with us? It’s not surprising anyway. They obviously believed what they put on the cover enough to go ahead with the idea without considering the repercussions. You know they are just going to label us as crazy, bitter women like the misogynists have done the entire year. It’s sad to see “feminists” of all people turn their backs on women for money and acceptance from the boyz who never liked nor respected them. Taylor Marsh learned the hard way – they will never accept you or support you in the long run.

  4. so this guy was planning even back in 1996 to rule the world? I know how we missed him…

    We were basking at the height of the Clinton era…we let our guard down becuase instead of looking for threats from within like Pampers Inc we we so distracted by Newt and Rush Inc….that will never happen again I can assure you..more and more this Jacka$$ is looking like the Manchurian Candidate.

  5. RD-In Moderation please release me!

  6. They might just set out to teach us a lesson and elect someone like Myi2xu as the new president of NOW

    My first act as president will be to change the name of the organization to “LATER”

  7. I didn’t watch the hearing yesterday. I just read about it at different websites. I did not know Boxer called out Hillary for having an ego. Wtf is wrong with these folks? All politicians have egos but I think Obama’s ego is much bigger than Hillary’s. And Hillary put her ego aside to campaign for Obama. What other proof do you need? Are only men allowed to have massive egos? These women need to enter the 21st century.

  8. Ladies Against True Equal Rights

  9. I think myiq2xu would be much more successful than NOW’s current president. Really, is there anything significant NOW has done recently? These feminist orgs don’t realize how much of a joke they’ve become to most people as well as feminists like ourselves who are through with their antics. I don’t care if it’s a man, woman, or alien – we need a PUMA in charge of these orgs – someone with the guts to tell it like it is and hold politicians accountable.

  10. Dis: I’m not spilling any secrets. Let’s just say this is a reliable source and it isn’t just us they’re angry with.
    Also, I didn’t say *all* women’s studies scholars are Obots. I am saying that the more notable trolls we got back in May-June were overwhelmingly women’s studies professors and humanities profs at such prestigious universities as Columbia, Boston College and Arizona State University, among others. I was really surprised that I could trace the most deluded Obots back to humanities departments of universities. I never traced them back to chemistry departments. Then, when I was perusing Ms. for an email address so I could send a note of disapproval, I noticed that they have a whole bunch of women’s studies scholars consulting with them.
    I see a connection, especially with this particular cover.

  11. HAHAHAHAHAHH LOL myiq!!!

  12. PUMAs aren’t the only ones who think the Ms. cover is absurd. Feminist Law Profs thought the cover was a bad idea too.

  13. Under my leadership, LATER will be an organization of financially secure (upper-middle class) women with college degrees. It will be open to white women and the “right” kind of minorities (see: Oprah)

    The LATER motto will be “We got ours!”

    Poor, uneducated women can go cheney themselves – they can’t afford to pay dues anyway.

  14. Who’s been grooming him and for how long? This is a question that should also be asked in conjunction with the percentage of the foreign money that went into the billion dollar candidate (who can even aspire to run after this international venture?)
    Some of the groomers got repaid last night – the right wing columnists had dinner with their chosen

  15. Good stuff from Riverdaughter

    But what I see, and many of us see, is a woman who is possessed of healthy self-confidence and who doesn’t really give a flying fig what you think of her. That seems to be the trigger. She is behaving exactly like a man would behave if he had the heart and mind of a president.

    You betcha. Sarah Palin is that way too and says it comes from athletics. I don’t remember if Sarah played against boys, but Hillary’s father taught her to play hardball against the boys in her neighborhood. (Ref “Growing up Rodham”)

  16. RD gone and done it – now I gotta do a snarky satire post.

  17. I too, tuned in late during the Boxer admonition. I saw her plea for additional focus on women’s issues, but she actually asked Hillary to dial back her ego? WTF?

    Yes Hillary, dear, please soften your tone and wear a little more pink and the boys will like you better.

    Boxer should know better. Maybe she starts her morning with a kool-aide latte.

  18. Did the Le Monde interview coincide with the publication of “Dreams from My Father”? Even if true, the question still remains as to why Le Monde would be interested in interviewing its author.

  19. There must be some hostility between Boxer and Hillary. There were accusations that Hill’s brother owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in back child and spousal support to Boxer’s daughter while he lives in a DC townhouse with his new wife. I don’t know which rumors are true and which are false, but I don’t know how anyone can remain neutral to someone whose brother had a nasty divorce with your daughter.

  20. Also, Le Monde is the conservative paper in France – most other publications are of the left.

  21. oops! I am in moderation at 7:09! help!

  22. Women’s Studies where I work were almost, but not quite all, supportive of Hillary. Most voted for Obama. But then Kaine was appt’d as head of the DNC and the head of WS tossed her DNC membership card in the trash. What I witnessed among academics no matter what dept was a Pavlovian slobber over the Precious combined with serious anger when one was not on board. When I saw Larry Summers on TV last night, I was so angry, but it turns out his Harvard colleagues who booted him are not (if you believe CNN).

    But I am mad at Hillary. Not for having an ego. For collaborating with this destructive regime that will undermine our republic. I don’t understand it. I wanted her to fight for us a little more. Maybe that was unrealistic, but I just think BO gets off on everyone giving him a figurative bl*w job and then walking away laughing. He could fire her right after she’s appt’d and she’d have nothing.

  23. Excellent rant — with a lot to think about.

    Women’s studies connection — hummmmm.

    Glad to hear that the faux feminists are pis*ed with the REAL feminists. The true feminists are mad a hornets over that obscene/porno MS cover.

    Those old hags gave The ONE a free pass for being a misogynist.

  24. Myiq2xu-

    Ladies Against True Equal Rights (LATER)

    is that the new feminist umbrella organization NOW?

  25. Riverdaughter, thanks for the LeMonde information. This is good ammo for those of us who question where he came from to those that seem not to care.

    An aside…after reading every word you write since your Goldberry days, I finally have a slight quibble …

    ‘prestigious universities as Columbia, Boston College and Arizona State University,’

    Boston College, Columbia, certainly.
    Arizona State.not. 🙂
    (goes back to quietly lurking)

  26. Now that Donna has “liberated” NOW, her next job is to convince the Congressional Black Causus that their new leader should be a white woman. What, that can not happen?? Sometimes I wonder why equal rights for the majority of our citizens is deemed to be such a quaint idea whose time really never needs to come.

  27. in moderation again….spammy doesnt like me this am

  28. chimera, That’s awesome that the head of your WS department threw her DNC card away. At least she’s not a kool-aid drinker. I have friends who understandably voted for Obama. I personally couldn’t bring myself to vote for misogyny and disenfranchisement but women were led by the media into thinking that Obama would be a champion for women’s rights or scared into thinking that Roe would be overturned. A good number of my friends don’t like Obama but felt like they had no other choice. I think that is different from the Obot boyz and girls at Wankette, TPM and MSNBC who still try to convince themselves that Obama is a Messiah who can do no wrong. Like Bush, Obama won out of fear not hope. Americans are fearful of losing their civil rights, homes, and jobs. If the economy was in good shape, millions more would have voted against the Teleprompter Jesus or stayed home.

  29. Very interesting, RD! Well, the most popular conspiracy theory that I have come across is that Obama met Zbignew Brzezinski at Columbia and was taken under Zbignew’s wing and nurtured by him and other rich and powerful players. That is a credible possibility since that is how Jimmy Carter came out of nowhere to become President. I guess I’d better get over to Corrente and see what they are saying.

  30. BB, I’ve heard many conspiracy theories about Obama’s days at Columbia. Though many of them are probably untrue, I feel that he was somehow molded at Columbia into the politician he is today. He definitely met people during his days there that have benefited him in politics. Someone told me that because the media doesn’t care about vetting Obama, his college years have remained largely unknown but there is probably something on the UWS for an intrepid reporter to investigate either in the yearbooks or records at Columbia or at Bank Street College (where Ayers attended school). Though by now, I’m sure Obama’s sent someone to scour these places and destroy anything that could hurt him.

  31. DV,

    Obama’s records at both Columbia and Harvard are sealed. He has refused to release anything. There is more information out there about his time at Occidental. Reporters have tried to find people who would talk about Obama’s years at Columbia and failed. A few people from Harvard have been interviewed, but people who knew him best have been asked not to talk.

  32. Zbnew Brzezinski endorsement of Obama, Aug. 2007, WP


    Obama “recognizes that the challenge is a new face, a new sense of direction, a new definition of America’s role in the world,” said Brzezinski, who keeps an office at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “Obama is clearly more effective and has the upper hand. He has a sense of what is historically relevant and what is needed from the United States in relationship to the world.”

    Brzezinski, who had a relatively hawkish reputation in the Carter administration but has been an outspoken critic of President Bush and the Iraq war, rejected the notion that Obama’s Senate colleague Hillary Clinton is more experienced in foreign affairs. “Being a former first lady doesn’t prepare you to be president,” he said. “Clinton’s foreign policy approach is “very conventional,” he added. “I don’t think the country needs to go back to what we had eight years ago.”

  33. BB, I can imagine how scary it would be to publicly say something negative about Obama. No one wants their careers ruined or have their family receive death threats. It’s just not worth it. I am still waiting to see something he’s written besides his two autobiographies. His writing assignments in school are no where to be found, and his professors (some of whom worked on his campaign) are keeping quiet.

  34. In his Political Punch article about the Le Monde inteviewI just posted at http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalpunch/2009/01/sacre-bleu-le-m.html?cid=145040308#comment-145040308
    Tapper speaks of Obama ‘winning’ his 1996 Illinois Senate Seat. I posted:

    [Obama]‘winning’ his 1996 race is a euphemism for ‘getting all his opponents knocked off the ballot so he could ‘run’ unopposed.’ He could not have won a vote against the incumbent “beloved elder stateswoman” Alice Palmer, so he made a vote impossible. Just as he could not win a vote against Hillary Clinton, so he maneuvered in the back rooms of Florida and Michigan and Denver to prevent her votes from being counted. (And Hillary still ‘won’ the exit polls; 9.5 million of McCain’s voters preferred Hillary.)
    Ref “Showing his bare knuckles” in a Chicago Tribune profile.

    Easy posting. No login. Went right up at the top of the comments.

  35. Brzezinski disappeared into the background after criticism of him by supporters of Israel. From Politico:


  36. Anyway, back to Ms. – I am interested in seeing how they respond to all of this backlash. I wouldn’t be surprised if they send out Brazile to write an op-ed about how horrible we are and how the new feminist movement like the new Democratic Party no longer needs us. Just because Brazile is an African-American lesbian doesn’t automatically make her a feminist. Shame on Ms. and Steinem.

  37. DV,

    I don’t know if you saw it, but last night I posted a feature story that Obama wrote for a Columbia U. publication in the ’80s. It was very poorly written. I’ll go find you the link.

  38. I already found it BB:

    bostonboomer, on January 13th, 2009 at 8:45 pm Said:

    Ha ha!

    Article in Columbia school publication by Barack Obama. Very poorly written.


    and boring.

  39. Here is the article, posted on-line by Ben Smith of Politico:


  40. You’re quick!

  41. Here is some interesting speculation about Obama’s time at Columbia.


  42. The article was alright. I didn’t think it was bad but it didn’t really capture my attention either. It’s just surprising that there is anything at all out there by Obama (besides his two autobiographies) for us to read. It just goes to show you that you can still find things out there that Obama probably thought were no longer in existence. Maybe someday a journalist will actually do their job and follow the stench back to Chicago or the UWS and do some real research.

  43. Good lord, Obama had dinner last night at George Will’s $19 million house with a bunch of neocons. Unbelievable – these guys have driven our country into a ditch with their crackpot ideology and Obama sucks up to them? When his kids get sick does he consult with Scientologists just to be open-minded?

    George Will has been spreading lies about what led us out of the depression, claiming FDR’s spending didn’t help. Paul Krugman corrected him to his face, pointing out that there was a slump in ’37-’38 due to FDR prematurely cutting back on spending (Will’s approach) but that the economy was still better off than before he instituted his policies. Will had no response because he knew he was lying, but the very next week he repeated his anti-government spin in his column.

    Well, anti-government except for military spending. The conservative spin is that WWII is what got us out of the depression. What they leave unsaid is that while it did help it was because of GOVERNMENT SPENDING on the military. I kept wondering if their implicit message was that the stimulus should be spent on the military. Sure enough, Bill Kristol, who was also at the dinner, said on Chris Wallace’s show that it was spending on the military that got us out of the depression, and that we should do that now because the military is really good at spending government money. No kidding.

    The past 8 years have discredited these dangerous crackpots. NowObama goes out of his way to legitimize them. What a fool!! Batchelor has it right in his last paragraph.


  44. He suffered from big word syndrome. Lots of big words.
    It could have been worse.

  45. Excellent, excellent piece RD. Thanks for the acknowledgment that elitism is a huge part of this groups attitude towards the rest of us. When we didn’t fall in line and buy the bullsh#t I am sure they felt our tiny minds and backward upbringing prevented us from truly comprehending what was good for us. Now they can go on to the next big thing and screw it up also. They are looking co-dependent to me.

  46. I haven’t read MS since the 70s, when it was a real feminist radical mag. I stopped reading it when they started advertising perfume and CoverGirl. But in the old days, they had a feature they called “Click”. On the “Click” page were listed examples of sexism and misogyny. The idea was that seeing these things would make one’s mind “click” into a raised awareness. I have no idea whether this feature still exists in the mag, and I’m sure not going to buy one now to find out.
    But in the old days, the front cover of MS’s inauguration issue would have been on the “Click” page.

  47. Bernie O: I suspect he is kissing up to the Villagers so that what befell the Clintons doesn’t happen to him or Michelle. A for George Will, there’s a brilliant youtube video of Paul Krugman, pre-Nobel, laughing at him on one of the Talking Heads shows.
    Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yAyQV8gOjo
    Too good to miss.

  48. So, the question is: who has been grooming him and for how long?


  49. From RD’s link:

    The interview, entitled “An Intimate Conversation with Michelle and Barack Obama,” was conducted for a book about American marriages and was never published before today.


    So the interview didn’t make the book?

    Side note: Both Steinem and Smeal endorsed Clinton in the primary. Both spoke out against the sexism in the media against Clinton. Steinem campaigned for Clinton.

    Their turnabout to supporting Obama in the GE is no doubt due to the reasons RD and others have given.

  50. Excellent post, RD. The Le Monde interview is amazing. He was nobody! We would be better off to pass out copies of Shock Doctrine than to subscribe to Ms. as was suggested by someone on another blog.

    Re: Geithner, MSNBC is spinning hard for him, pooh-poohing any concern that a man who was too stupid or too greedy to pay his self-emplyoyment taxes and income taxes should, possibly, be reconsidered as the Treasury Secretary who wants a blank check backed by OUR tax dollars.

    They’re also characterizing Hillary’s hearing questions as “easy”. I don’t think they understand the difference between “easy” and ‘hostile”. Hillary was asked difficult questions to which she gave complex answers, in my view. It seems to be an attempt to minimize the respect she has in the Senate and her massive, exceptional understanding of the foreign policy challenges we face.

    Leslie Stahl and Andrea Mouthpiece both minimized Hillary’s ability to positively impact women’s lives world-wide, stating that she would have other bigger problems to worry about. A pox on both of the botoxed, lip-puffed boy-wanna-be’s.

    Myiq, thank you, dear, for the LOL when I needed it!

  51. Excellent post to start my day. I’m so glad I made the Confluence my home page.

    myiq, your satire is dead on. The establishment feminists are exactly that, the establishment. They got theirs and the rest of us need to just STFU and fall in line. What they fail to understand is that PUMAs and like-minded individuals don’t need them, not the other way around.

  52. purplefinn: I don’t care what reason they gave. They shouldn’t have endorsed him without extracting huge apologies and conscessions and promises that he would appoint more women. They got nuthin’ from him.
    That was a wasted opportunity. Then they jumped on the Obama bandwagon and forgot all about the nastiness of the primary and the evil smears against Palin.
    If they’re trying to save their magazine, they have gone about it all the wrong way by appealing to young, affluent Obots who cannot connect to the average woman. We don’t all buy our granola at Whole Foods.

  53. RD, I agree totally with your assessment. I’m very disappointed.

  54. […] was surprised and honored to learn that I am a candidate to become the next president of NOW.  I think it’s a great idea because the organization […]

  55. Isn’t Billionaire Brez the starter guy of the Tri-Lateral Commission? A dangerous, ruinous organization.

  56. gxm:

    It’s bigger and better now:


  57. Everyibody CHEER UP!!!!!

    Hip-Hop Inaugural Events Start TONIGHT (1/14/09)…Ludicras Co-Hosting “Urban Ball”

    Let’s go party!!

    Hey, OG! American Lassie did a great piece on the Trilateral Commission awhile back…


    “Enjoy” (not really, it will get you unsettled)

    Obama and The Chicago Mores
    By JOHN FUND – Wall Street Journal
    March 3, 2008; Page A17
    On Tuesday, Barack Obama may well wrap up the Democratic nomination. Yet how he rose so quickly in Chicago’s famously suspect politics — and who his associates were there — has received little scrutiny.
    That may change today as the trial of Antoin “Tony” Rezko, Mr. Obama’s friend of two decades and his campaign fund-raiser, gets under way in federal court in Chicago. Mr. Rezko, a master fixer in Illinois politics, is charged with money laundering, attempted extortion, fraud and aiding bribery in an alleged multimillion dollar scheme shaking down companies seeking state contracts.

  59. Sorry, that’s “everybody” cheer up….

    Aren’t you happy that Ludacris will be in D.C., that misogynist who called Hillary a “bitch”?? Oh, yeah, the Obama camp at the time said it wasn’t very nice….but the guy is in D.C. doing his “thing” on 1/20.

    I’m a bit nervous today. At the moment, my nephew is in Children’s Hospital in Philly, having heart surgery. His first surgery for a narrow aorta was at 3, now, 21 years later, he’s in the for the, hopefully, final repair. They’re doing a “bypass” rather than reparing the aorta directly. For years he’s been on blood pressure meds, feeling lousy, but still is near finishing his master’s in trombone performance at Temple U.

    I convinced him to go for pre-surgery hypnosis and he did it which made me so happy because, from experience, I KNOW it really helps with pain and rapid healing!

    SO, please say a prayer for Markie, who’s in surgery RIGHT NOW….


  60. According to the LeMonde article, the interview was done by someone who was writing a book on couples in America, but it wasn’t used for anything at that time.

  61. Chimera….as for Hillary getting fired…

    I happened to hear a woman caller to Sean Hannity yesterday on the radio said there were two goods things about HIllary as SOS…1, she was out of the Senate and 2, she could get fired and be gone for good.

    Sigh. So many of us do think something like this will happen, not just a vindictive woman Hannity fan…

  62. you and your nephew are in my thoughts insightanalytical!

    Trombone players are tough! My youngest daughter has taken up the trombone, she’s the only female trombone player in the school and, not surprisingly, she is the best of the bunch!

  63. BernieO

    Dinner with Obama…..I don’t see Limbaugh’s name there…he was saying he was going to DC and would have a surprise to talk about…I thnk that’s today when he reveals it. I half expect him to say he’s going to work in the Obama Administration! Nothing would surprise me these days….sicken me, but not surprise me!!

    Anyway, it’s so obvious that we are so screwed!!!

    As for the Beast.. You beat me to it…(I have a little blurb going up on it tomorrow in a Scanner…which was planned for today until I got the urge to “hip-hop.” LOL!!!!!

  64. The Le Monde “interview” was just a republished version of a photojournalist’s interview for a 1996 book on American marriages.

    As Corrente now notes, there’s no “there” there.

  65. Hmmmm…. In the Le Monde article, Michelle says that everyone at Sidley Austin was so exited about a first year law student. She uses the word “bizarre.” It was unusual that a first year law student would get an internship like that.

  66. I feel like crap today and today’s fabulous post, along with my Book Club group last night, is not helping matters. I think I am coming down with a bad cold and woke up to the temp hovering around 10 degrees.

    But back to the issue: last night my Book Club group got into a discussion about Obama. The age range is between 28 to 60. They are thrilled about his presidency! They chided us for our opposition to a “man of letters”. They can see no harm in the disintegration of “feminism”, calling it “outdated” in their words as we are going forward now. They see him as a man who can meet world leaders and have a tremendous impact. They do not like Hillary and are deeply disappointed about her nomination to SOS.

    I was stunned. These are women! They are non plussed concerning the turnarounds he has already done. The basic answer to his pivoting is similar to Cheney: “so?”

    In attempting to put some degree of insight into their thinking, or lack thereof, I was unable to find even a generational divide. They ran the gamut in age.

    Although we were only 14 members strong, I was distressed by their lack of knowledge surrounding Obama. These are accomplished and educated women overall! What was most disturbing was their apparent ability to distance themselves from feminism because these are outspoken and pretty independent overall.

    It was not for me a good meeting since I was watching the propaganda take hold in people who I thought possessed critical thinking. I can attest to this since most Book Clubs inspire sharp debate.

    Anyway, back to the couch. I feel lousy on several levels. Disappointment being the lead.

  67. JKFriz,

    Silly me. I’d rather decide for myself if there’s any *there* there. I guess that’s why I supported Hillary. I researched Obama myself instead of doing what I was told…..

  68. StaunchWoman, on January 14th, 2009 at 8:26 am Said:
    ……But in the old days, the front cover of MS’s inauguration issue would have been on the “Click” page.

    SW: I saw a post somewhere on the internets where someone submitted the Ms cover to the Ms “No Comment” section! ROFL

  69. If that interview was conducted in 1996, he had only been married to MO for two years. The net was being thrown far and wide if La Monde was interested. This illustrates for me that the Chicago Machine was at work. No wonder he spent little time in both the IL legislature and the US Senate. He knew even back then he had bigger fish to fry.

  70. Pat,

    OMG! I can see why you were stunned. I’ve avoided discussing Obama with anyone around here for ages. Based on what you experienced last night, I think I’ll continue that policy. I hope you can fend off the cold. Drink lots of fluids and rest.

  71. RD, there really isn’t a generational gap when it comes to feminists, but there is an economic gap. As a contemporary of Hillary, I can tell you that she wasn’t the only one who believed women should work and fight for the top spot. Most of us believed that.

    Where Hillary is unusual is that she hasn’t forgotten where she came from. Too many women, regardless of age, lose their feminist fighting spirit once they make it economically. Others traded off their fighting spirit for male approval and acceptance. These changes of position occur in politics, as well.

    That’s why I don’t believe that electing more liberals or “progressives” is the magic answer to our problems. Once these elected officials arrive in Washington, they are pressured to conform if they want to receive any leadership perks, or even help with getting their bills passed. The 30% solution may make a difference there, but only if we see a Women’s Caucus, similar to the CBC. Women need to create their own power structure in Congress in order to form a power base.

  72. Corrente via JKFriz has spoken. Michelle and Barack’s words are meaningless whether from 1996 or today. Pay no attention.

    Then don’t bother coming here regarding such a “nothing” topic. Go “there”

  73. NYC Blue,

    I submitted the cover to the NOW hall of shame. I haven’t heard anything back from them yet.

  74. My question regarding this interview and the Columbia article is where the hell have they be hiding this stuff for the last year?

  75. Pat Johnson, on January 14th, 2009 at 9:12 am

    Have they read Obama’s books? You could suggest them for your next book club meeting

  76. grayslady,

    Hillary is my generation (yours too?). She’s a baby boomer. Gloria Steinem is from the “silent generation,” same as John McCain. She is closer in age to my mom than to me. So there could be something to that brainwashing thing.

  77. Is there some kind of troll-signal that goes up whenever we do a new post?

    “Troll XYZ – rush over to The Confluence and post this comment”?

  78. I do agree with you about the class issue though, grayslady.

  79. myiq2xu, the price of fame.

  80. Happy: indigogrrl was here!!!

    Sad: Pat, what a miserable experience. The highjacking of reasonable thought. Maybe you could try agin three months from now when the shit is flying.

  81. re Geithner
    Whether he prepared his own returns (highly doubtful)
    or had them prepared professionally, the government form he received with his contractor income usually tells the preparer exactly where the income gets reported on the recipient’s tax return, right down to the line number.
    Even the most basic tax software would then open Schedule SE, which then automatically calculates
    the self-employment tax and adds it to the total tax due.
    It’s really hard to believe this was just an “oversight”, especially since after the IRS audited Geithner he
    kept making the same “error.”

    And how did he get all those penalties waived? Not easily done.

    Have past Treasury Secretaries been tax cheats?
    RD, I hope you are right and this man is not confirmed.

    Maybe Obama will amuse us with another tantrum.

  82. Interesting questions, Catarina.

  83. Much of their thinking has come out of 8 years of Bush. That much I can understand. We all loathe that man. It was the feminist position that set me back. It seemed that this did not matter very much to them.

    As I said, these are very accomplished and educated women. They are not shrinking violets. But the divergence from finding common ground and their embrace of all things Obama kind of left me adrift. I even had the feeling that they could very easily become the Obot tr0lls we despise if given a chance. This was how convinced they are of his invincibility.

    They found an excuse for everything.

  84. Pat
    The book club people made you ill, and I don’t mean by bringing germs to the meeting.
    They might never admit it to your face, but at some point they will say, “Wow, Pat knew all along…”

    Feel better, and stay away from those fools!

  85. He probably wasn’t using software.

  86. catarina: I still love them but I will admit to being somewhat distressed about their lack of insight into the area of feminism. But I agree with BB, the more educated, the less inclined to see this sham for what it is.

  87. Well, I’m still annoyed by something brought up in myiq’s post last night, which I missed b/c I was getting my geek on at the Philadelphia Free Library’s Great Poe Debate.

    Angry [sic] Black Guy says “what would Hillary have done about Gitmo had she been elected” (I paraphrase)

    I can’t tell you how many times I was told that I could not ask “What would BO have done if he had been in the Senate and had to vote for or against Iraq.” I was told that I was engaging in relativism.

    What’s good for the goose . . .

  88. Pat, that is so very odd
    Over the holidays I noticed the same syndrome with my relatives.
    The self-proclaimed “smart” ones (all with grad degrees and mostly female) were spouting mindless Obama nonsense. WTF!
    And they all sang “lalalalaaaa” with fingers in ears if anyone tried to speak the truth.
    I don’t get it, I’m done trying to get it, and now I wait for the inevitable ITYS opportunities. Sad.

  89. plural
    Everyone uses software.
    But even if Geithner or his accountant prepared the returns manually the back of the government issued 1099 has instructions (ok, maybe the print is small-now there’s an excuse!)

    The incoming head of the IRS-a tax cheat.
    I’m going to be sick.

    So, if not Geithner, who?? Summers??

  90. Micki, you relativistic (is that a word?) geek, you!
    don’t get ABG wound up!

  91. They might never admit it to your face, but at some point they will say, “Wow, Pat knew all along…”

    catarina, you are so right. they are only so defensive because their own doubt is growing.

  92. “But I agree with BB, the more educated, the less inclined to see this sham for what it is.”

    why is that exactly?. this one is my primary head-scratcher

  93. I wonder if the outcome would have been different had Obama run, pushing his “white” half instead of his black half. Methinks he may have been relegated to the sidelines very quickly.

  94. Pat, with regard to your book club: Yuck! I don’t know how you were able to sit there and listen to educated women defending Obama. If you can’t disband the club for 4 yrs, then you might have to stay away from books about strong and smart female characters.

  95. jules: We meet again on Feb 3rd an have invited a speaker so the topic will be benign. This author wrote of her time in Africa while she was in the Peace Corps.

    However, even against the odds, I could not be swayed by their aruguments. This either says I am still committed or stubborn as a mule!

  96. Pat: Stubbornness is a desirable character trait when it comes to resisting brainwashing! Stay warm this week — we’ve got some frigid temps coming.

  97. Did everyone use software in 2001?

    We forget I think how recent the dependence on computers is.

  98. From my view I see the hatred of Hillary as a reaction to what the public thinks is her easy life, brought about by her husband’s success.

    He is hated by just as many, I’d guess, and I believe (fervently) that the hatred of Bill C. by men results from one thing:jealousy. Here is a great looking guy, brimming with charm and intelligence, a great talker and speaker, thoughtful, youthful in attitude and appearance, and certainly appealing to women. Hell, they threw themselves at him. To top it off, he handled the job of Prez with success, even at times with Monica as an appendage. He made it all look easy.

    Now, contrast Bill C. with his most well-known haters. There’s the slim, suave Henry Hyde. There’s Mitch McConnell, another slim sophisticate, yeah, as anally retentive as a human can be. And there’s Lindsey Graham, seemingly gender challenged (and about whom rumors swirl), and Ken Starr, sounding pretty effeminate himself. And beyond the politicos, there was the Cindy Crawford look-alike, Linda Tripp. I particularly remember that when she appeared on my 32″ screen, my 30-day grandfather clock stopped daed!.

    I’ve nothing against those who aren’t beautiful, but the charges against Clinton were brought by a particularly unattractive group of people, and in my long life I’ve often, very often, seen the hatred of ordinary guys I worked with toward an ultra-handsome guy having extraordinary success with women. Real hatred, that is. And I believe this hatred by a jealous public easily converted towaed the woman whom the public believes had “everything handed to her” just because of her husband’s positions. As if she could never have made it on her own.

    I could continue, but enough.

  99. Joaniebone,

    I think the more affluent, educated people, including women, aren’t worried about the safety net. They would just as soon get rid of social security and medicare. I know that’s true of the Cheeto bunch.

  100. Pat–

    Africa? Watch out. More opportunities to bring up the anointed one.

  101. bb: Good point. Groan………….

  102. Difficult to research-try Wall Street Journal Archives-but there is a sliver in my memory that says the Carlyle
    Group(aka G. Bush senior and others) were inerested in the ownership or majority share of Le Monde back in the 90’s.
    I’m from Boxer’s generation-HAD to work sine 1961 to support my family. Turned very successful for me through luck, hard work in a man’s world of computers. Boxer and others like her are simply jealous of Hillary. They have not walked the walk.

  103. But seriously, what do they care whether some of us speak out? What exactly is their problem?

    I think their problem is their ego. They are so used to being the final word on feminism–how DARE we question their decision to proclaim BO the new feminism?! They have a younger generation of readers to pander to after all. Well, just like the media, and the DNC: f*ck ’em. We know what is true in our experience, and you are violating your most fundamental principles for political expediency. Seems to be epidemic. They could have used this historic opportunity to educate women (and men) about the core issues of feminism. Instead, they are begging for crumbs, and acting out of fear. The criticism stings, because they KNOW they are selling out. We are pointing it out to them, and it’s infuriating. Those doggone PUMAs, speakin’ truth to power again. Like Hillary, who cares what they think? We know who we are.

    Side note: It’s not that Steinem couldn’t see HC as president–she was a supporter of hers until June. They silence re: the sexism, however, is inexcusable, and the hypocrisy re: BO is a different issue.

  104. If he starts to act like a Republican now, with stupid tax breaks and bailouts that favor the bankers and policies that say torture is Ok in moderation, then he is much less like a Democrat and voters will get antsy.

    Did you see the link last night about his “secret” dinner party with George Will, Bill Kristol, and other unnamed wingers? Oh, I know, I know: more “inclusion” right?

  105. this is a most excellent post ever but you forgot about the Soros money. From Ann at the reclusive leftist:
    Anne says:

    Follow the money: Ms Magazine is owned by the Feminist Majority Foundation. George Soros, through his Open Society foundation, donated $770,000 to the FMF between 1997 and 2004. I don’t have figures on how much he has donated since then.


    He has donated huge sums of money to all sorts of progressive organisations (e.g. NARAL, MoveOn) all of whom came out in support of Obama. This is about who George Soros supports and who he can pay to agree with him.

  106. “So, the question is: who has been grooming him and for how long?”

    David Axelrod, Obama’s political mastermind since his Harvard Law School days, continues to play the US media like a fiddle.


    from Andrew Stephens, New Statesman,UK

  107. Soros is using Ms. as a dumping ground for all the pseudo feminist he used to campaign for BO — that is their reward to keep them working the propaganda machine

  108. As for the MS cover, I have the sneaking suspicion that it is all part of an orchestrated marketing campaign representing BO as a superhero.

    Angienc posted this last night

    Kat5 — that IS the BO action figure — swear to dog — the description is even harder to believe:

    Product Description
    From the Manufacturer
    In many ways, senator Barack Obama is the closest thing to a superhero, someone who has literally inspired millions of people simultaneously to step past fear, to be brave enough to hope, and to go past cynicism and imagine what we could be if we were at our best. That’s the stuff of legend. And jailbreak toys wanted to pitch in. So in that spirit, they created the Obama action figure, because every superhero should have one. Standing 6″ tall with 8 points of articulation, window boxed and made from phthalate-free PVC. An action figure you can believe in.

  109. They can market him all they like as a superhero, but at some point reality is going to check in, and people will notice whether the superhero has performed or not.

  110. Why do you say Steinem and Smeal ? Those are two totally different animals Smeal being someone who sold her soul a long time ago and Steinem someone who tries to do what she sees as good for women.

  111. Smeal, Steinem, Gandy and others endorsed Hillary Clinton in the primary.


  112. Greenconsciousness, on January 14th, 2009 at 11:02 am Said:

    It’s always about the money isn’t it? Thanks for that info.–explains a lot.


    three I wish I’d never voted in, RD & Co.


  114. As I live in Illinois, I have been wondering for some time how did an unknown Barack Obama become our senator and then presidential candidate, and then president? This has been in the works for a long long time. When he ran for our senator, no one heard of him. I was surprised that he got elected as I did not vote for him in the primary (neither did anyone I know), but was told he was endorsed by our beloved long-time senator Paul Simon and his family. This proved not to be true and Obama scammed his way into the senatorship by exposing the Republican and forcing a scandal for him so he had to step down and Alan Keyes took his place. Alan Keyes was so bad a candidate even the Republicans would not vote for him. Then suddenly after two days in office as our senator he decided to run for President. I found it very strange and kept wondering where this guy came from, what was going on. As time went by and I saw the FIX that was in by the DNC, media and others, I realized someone was driving the bus and there was/is a big cover up going on where Obama was concerned. IMO, just like Blagojevich’s Pay to Play scheme, someone paid for Obama to be our senator in 2006, there would just be no other way for an unknown, inexperienced, congressman to become our senator. Then the massive fortune he made during his campaign, and buying the election from super-delegates. Questions about his ineligibility to be president under our constitution still haunt him, but I fear he will amass another cover up and 90% of the American people will never know what a complete and utter fraud he is. He is the biggest con around, even bigger than Madoff. Hillary was and still is demonized by the press, while Obama is sainted. Somehwere in the middle lies the truth. Thank you RD for this blog, and others who continue to speak truth. Keep up the good work!

  115. plural, on January 14th, 2009 at 10:11 am Said:

    Did everyone use software in 2001?

    We forget I think how recent the dependence on computers is.

    yes, even dinosaurs like me with tiny tax practices used software
    in 2001. Electronic filing was fairly new but tax prep software was common.
    I doubt a financial heavy like Geithner was filling out his own forms using a pencil.

  116. Yesterday, I read here that it was Feinstein who made the remark about ego. I wasn’t able to see the hearings, so I’m only going on what I get online. Does anyone have a link to the ego comment? It seems unlike Boxer.

  117. sera – It was Boxer. I saw it on C-Span.

    Boxer was on Racheal (MSNBC) last night – I don’t know if she repeated the “damning with faint praise” ego bit again.

  118. Hey RD, the reason for this:

    “I never traced them back to chemistry departments.”

    is because, sadly, women professors are still barely existant in chemistry departments!

  119. Hi, I am one of those old hags that still feel strongly about feminism and didn’t and Don’t go along with those you speak of, I literally get sick to my stomach upon hearing what they have to say…………..Since I am older, maybe you all don’t remember a book written by Taylor Caldwell? It’s about this world wide elite group that collectively choose a person {man} from a very early age and groom him to become president to their standards and that basically it overcomes anyone else in the running…This has been in the back of my mind since OB came on the scene,everything from his Chicago years, the times no one can account for his time ,the control on his information on his past etc. etc. ,unlike the Clintons who have been grilled about everything they can throw at them………YES ,they are jealous ans Hillary shocked the heck out of them in spite of their plans she did so well. Just think, if it would have been fair? They hate her because she is STRONG and more intelligent than any of them. Actually I worry about her in this position , you know how conspiracy theorys go………….These so called women seem to have forgotten how women were the last to get the vote etc………. why isn’t this important history and their story or maybe the American Indians? I was going to vote for OB in the end because I didn’t want Mccain, BUT when I got in the booth ,I couldn’t ,so I did what I said I would just put Hillary’s name in even though it wouldn’t count but I felt i didn’t cave.

  120. Pat
    Do you find that people who have never faced adversity and had to find their own inner strengths are more likely to be followers.?
    They never question or want to have to think and look for the easy way all the time.
    From what i have seen the obots think he is going to solve their problems and take care of them.
    They can not see that he has taken care of no one ever and is carried along by others.
    What ayers couldn’t do with a bomb to hurt the country he will do with obama.



  121. apachegrl@1:48p
    I have read all of Taylor Caldwell’s books and you are right.



  122. What’s the name of that book, do you remember? Sounds interesting. There is an interesting series of books out recently by Stephen L. Carter about a group of wealthy black families who do something similar. Very interesting reading. One book is called New England White.

  123. Was it Captains and Kings?

  124. Is there any doubt about what the Ms magazine cover and all the hoopla over the inauguration is about? There is no new and different policies coming out of Washington, Its all about the money. Haven’t we all got our coin sets from Montel yet? You better hurry. Only 20 million of these sets have been minted. They will escalate in value just like your house.

  125. apachegrl, I’ve never heard of this author but I am making a note of it the next time I go to the library to look for her books.

  126. Just got on to read today — but In regard to “Maybe it’s a generational thing for the Maureen Dowds, Sally Quinns, Steinems, Smeals and Boxers. They were raised in a generation before mine and conditioned to think that women were not leaders. That kind of conditioning can be hard to overcome even if you’re the head of a feminist movement.”

    I don’t know whether their attitudes are generational or not. I cannot understand them at all and I know quite a bit about that generation first hand, believe me! I have known many women leaders and, in fact, I took it for granted that women could lead. Still do. Perhaps it is a western and southwestern sort of thing. I don’t know. Except that nationally strange forces keep shooting women down based on silly and ancient stereotypes that were long ago invalidated (yes, by science). At the moment, I can’t help but think of the woman doctor in 19th Century Texas who made a necklace of bullets she excised from all the men she saved after they shot themselves in bar room brawls. She rode the rail cars and her horse (alone) out into wild lands to save them, too.

    I guess we, too, now have to ride the wild lands alone. But the Steinems et al., regardless of generation or age, no longer are our leaders.

  127. And one other thing, I do wish allegedly powerful women would stop giving high school sorority advice to Hillary on how she could be “softer” or about her ego. She’s just fine just as she is! And she’s leading the way for many women to break out of the hypocritical trap of not being allowed to just be themselves. Ah, how refreshing!

  128. I used personal tax software starting in the late 80s.

    susan h, Don’t forget that Obama’s main Dem challenger and Republican challenger both had their sealed divorce records revealed, which led to
    The One “winning” yet another office without opposition. (Keyes was brought in from out-of-state weeks before the election.)

    The only real opposition Obama ever had was from Bobby Rush and Hillary

    I never thought we’d have a president as bad as Bush 2 again in my lifetime. Having another empty suit sold by the MSM following Bush 2 is scary. I guess the good part is that everyone is so brainwashed the country won’t realize it. If they do, they must be racists. Who is the puppeteer? Soros?

  129. The Salon comments are hilarious. Lots of pre-PUMA sentiments. They finally realize Obama will be worse than Bush. Glenn is a PUMA but doesn’t know it.

  130. I posted his PUMA comments here.

  131. Obama has always been talking to my demographic, tho I’m on a herb tea budget. So I was charmed by his famous ‘story’ at first, and thought he’d make a great VP for Hillary and perhaps POTUS in 2016. And some of my best friends are Boomer and pre-Boomer koolaid drinkers.

    I soon looked deeper and decided Obama was a con artist; remember “The Music Man”? He pretends to offer something wonderful. People can’t refuse that, they want to believe that if they do believe, it can all happen.

    Stone soup. Someone said that it was said of Woodrow Wilson and the League of Nations, “Even if Wilson is wrong, the concept is so good that we all need to get together to make it happen.”

    Imo Obama is a vicious snake, but the bots I know are not going to believe me if I try to tell them right now; they are too busy trying to make the vision come true anyway — or saying thank God Bush is gone.

    I’m keeping my own sanity and sticking close to others keeping theirs. But no point in driving ourselves more crazy by getting involved with the bots, old and new….

  132. Taking a quick saunter around the web before trying to wind down- term has started and I’m not in the new routine yet. This piece is the best I’ve read – the only point where, sadly, i find I must differ is that I fear when it comes to Geithner Betty Will. Already the Democrats in the Senate are mouthing the lamest excuses for why tax evasion is no problem in Secretary of a Treasury. Eesh.

  133. Heidi, that would be a bad mistake. The guy should withdraw his name before the Democrats make a horrible mistake.

  134. Call and email the Senators of your state. Zoe Baird didn’t make it and neither shoud geithner

  135. “before the Democrats make a horrible mistake.” That’s funny Katiebird.

  136. Heidi,

    If Geithner is rejected, who will be named Treasury Secretary?

  137. […] Wednesday: Q & A I have been preoccupied by a number of ponderables in the past couple of days.  These questions have no clear answers […] […]

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