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The Prodigal Conflucian, i.e. me!


Well, will you take me back???

Beforehand, I desperately and profusely apologize to everyone who’s tried to contact me and me (the jerk) not respond back.  I know, I suck. (I’ll explain later why.)  One of the awful things about being a Juanita Lunchbucket Scorpio is that when we have problems, we like to crawl under a rock and either:

A)  Hope that the rock falls on you and reincarnate into something with wings, OR…

B) if the rock doesn’t fall on you – let the whatever-is-wrong-with-you- heal until you can wag that spiked tail up in the air again like nothing happened.

My dearest and esteemed Conflucians, please accept my apologies for disappearing into thin air.  No, I did not get appointed for an Obama admin position.  No, I did not fly back with all my little belongings to Dominican Republic after the election hoping to come back whenever the Mayan Calendar kicks back to Baktun 1.

This is not an attempt to muster pity or anything of the sort, but I’ve had a crappy 2 months.  Let’s start out from around my birthday (a couple of days after Election day).  I started to feel weird, like something wasn’t right.  I thought a good night’s sleep would take care of it, but alas, each day became more physically and mentally gruesome to withstand.  I’d feel OK for a couple of hours and then my energy reserves went splat on the ground.   With no health insurance, (DAMMIT, where’s my friggin Universal Healthcare???????), and a minimum wage earning PT job which I was able to wring from my little advertising account (thanks to Mr. Bailout in October),  there wasn’t much I could do except hope that CVS would have a 2 for 1 sale on iboprofen and cheap Inglenook Chardonnay just to feel a tad bettter.

Finally at the recommendation of a coworker, I went to a public clinic & got the meds I needed for severe strep throat and anemia.   I think it was my body reacting to the stress from losing my 2-month assignment, economic woes, etc.   About 2 weeks after my clinic visit,  I’m feeling a little better to the point where I get out of bed, but my throat still looks like it needs it’s own HAZMAT team.  I go back to the clinic and doctor says “uh, you need a tonsilectomy.”  Now, I had to hold back my ghetto-bitch instincts to shove his stethescope up his nostrils due to his nonchanlance (did I just make up a word?)

I replied “I don’t have health insurance.”  Doctor says, “well get some.”

I think that whatever red blood cells were depleted came back to life right then and there.   I applied for the county health insurance to see if they’d cover me.  In the meantime, I asked my doctor to up the medication to see if by chance I can beat this strep-throat-on-meth-and-steroids that makes me feel like I”m being strangled whenever I speak.

To add to my freakdom, I am allergic to penicillin which would kill the streptococcus right away (or Lysol – and yes, that did cross my mind, hey, it’s healthcare-on-a-budget!)  So they gave me a higher dose of cephalosporins (sp?)

Thankfully, I started getting better around the holidays.  No tonsilectomy, although I should get one once I get some insurance.

Also about a month ago after I got a wee better, I enrolled in an online course which will certify me in a (hopefully) recession proof industry.   Now my fellow and dearest Conflucians, I’ve been out of school for at least a decade and a half.  Try running 10 laps around a track course after a relatively sedentary 10+ years of  TV, Florida living & blogging.  IT SUCKS.  Whatever energy I have left, I’m cramming and studying to take the state exam which will be very soon.   I’m getting there, little by little.

There’s more crap to complain about, (my ex-husband trying to make a comeback – ha!  Big family dispute which broke me to pieces), but I’m done for now.   I’m even embarrassed I’ve rambled on this way.   I just wanted to check in with you and let you know I’m still alive and hope to be commenting and posting more often.

So…will you let back me in?  Pretty please?

141 Responses

  1. SM!!!!!!!!!! you were SO missed!

  2. You shoulda just said “Don’t pay the ransom – I escaped!”

    Welcome home!

  3. MYIQ: You know NOBODY’s going to pay ransom for a brown, loud Latina!


    Missed you guys like CRAZY!

  4. Thank you KIK!

    MYIQ: I shouda checked your previous post, sorry – got out of the habit.

    I don’t even think Somalian pirates would kidnap me, let alone demand a ransom.

  5. You know NOBODY’s going to pay ransom for a brown, loud Latina!

    Then you don’t know us.

  6. {{{{{SM77}}}}}}

    You didn’t even need to ask, of course,we still love you.

  7. Don’t worry about my post – it was just a snarky space filler

  8. {{{{ hugs}}}} Welcome Back…and I sooooo empathize with you on the Phys. Ed stuff.

  9. you know, that’s just wrong that someone needs a tonsilectomy and can’t get one. too bad war’s a bigger priority than our health.

  10. I was mainly lurking when you “went away,” but, I missed the heck outta ya too. Checked for you every day. You’ve got friends you don’t even know about, and we all wish you the very, very best, and so much more.

  11. {{{{SM77}}}}

    Of course we still love you and are super excited to have you back.

  12. MYIQ: LOL! True, true. I cannot underestimate Conflucian power.

    CWaltz – HUGS BACK TO YOU!!!!

  13. so glad to have you back.
    Is there anything I can do to help you?
    Ask riverdaughter for my e-mail.
    You were really missed.



  14. you know, that’s just wrong that someone needs a tonsilectomy and can’t get one. too bad war’s a bigger priority than our health.

  15. Welcome back SM. You’ve been missed. So glad to hear you’re doing better and didn’t need surgery. And since you’ve been on heavy duty antibiotics, make sure to take your probiotics to get your insides back on track!

  16. take you back? I’m slaughtering the fatted calf as we speak!

    Welcome back SM!!! It hasn’t been the same without you & pumacub’s cute little face!!!


  17. You don’t owe anyone an explanation. All you have to say is – I’ve been sick and have no health insurance. All I want to know is who took care of you while you were sick and taking care of your family? Be careful not to over-do so you don’t set yourself back. Glad you’re okay.

  18. Welcome back!!!

  19. Eek — double post — I’m so happy to see SM back I don’t know what I’m doing.

  20. sm77: I would pay the ransom for you! I really missed you and I’m so glad you’re back.

    Kill the fatted calf!

  21. Whew! When I saw ‘prodigal’ I was afraid you’d succumbed to obotitis! There’s no known cure, I was quite frightened for you.

    Welcome back! I hope your health care cr*p resolves itself soon, or somehow, or you win the lottery and never have to worry about this stupid stuff ever again!

  22. The WordPress just freaked out on me – does it have anemia & strep throat & allergic to penicillin too????

    YAY ANGIE NC??? So did MYIQ pop the question or what?

    Thank you helen & Cinie – glad to see you’re posting!!!

    GXM: Thank you for your wonderful thoughts!

    Probiotic? Educate me on this. Is that like Activia or something? That wasn’t the orifice I had the problem with (LOL!)

  23. oops sorry about the double post, kids, don’t know what happened there!

  24. Valhalla!!!! Hey you!!! I know, the word “prodigal” can lead to that – but no, eww, gross. I don’t subscribe to Obama Porn.

    AngieNC – BBQ fatted calf! With all respect to the vegans, of course.

  25. well, myiq did tell me that Cpt. Spaulding wants to see my kidneys — I think that is about as close to a proposal as I’m going to get. LOL

  26. Valhalla — same thing happened to me with the double post — I think the problem was with wordpress not us.

  27. Welcome back, sm!! As it happens, I’m just finishing a course of antibiotics (abscessed tooth, ouch) and getting over viral gastroenteritis (preceded by a bad cold)…. so the dentist recommended probiotics (opposite of anti-biotics, get it? took me a while). Anyway, probiotics is the uh, good bacteria which your friend the colon needs to keep you, uh, regular. And alive. It’s like 200 cartons of yogurt in one small pill. Or something like that.

  28. AngieNC – Kidneys = the true path to the heart. Ok, maybe that’s too literal.

    Did you get the “2” because of some username hijacker?

    Does Confluence still have Axelrod turf-bots still? SHESUS CRIPES!

  29. SM, missed you, welcome back — the great thing about good friends, you can be gone for ages and it’s like picking things up from yesterday. Glad you are feeling better.

  30. Kat2 – so I was right about the Activia thingy (see above to my response to GXM.) Good poopy bacteria is better than “I’m going to take your azz down and strangle you” kind. Thanks for the advice. Is this something I can get over the counter?

  31. HOLLA!!!!!!!!!

    SM IS IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!

    Who are you asking to be taken back–you are a lifelong honorary member after the brilliant creation of the PUMA moniker (and your many other wonderful qualities).

    I just asked about you recently–missing the void of SM-ness. Sorry to hear about your trials, but glad you are on the mend. Be gentle with yourself. So good to see you. xxoxoxoxoxoxo

  32. SM — I got the 2 because wordpress kept messing up my avatar pic (of course, that one could be human error, but I’ll stick with blaming the technology!)

    We’ve had a tr0ll storm recently from wankette because we were beating their a$$ in the weblog awards (right hand icon on top of page) until they started freeping the poll for themselves & TPM.

    But angry/hopeful black guy is still around like that nagging cough that will not go away.

  33. Yup, sm – around $6.99 for, I don’t know, 30 or 40 of them, at CVS. There were several brands available, but smart poverty stricken) shopper that I am…

  34. Why do you guys hate Hillary so much?
    Odd. Wasn’t this once a liberal site?

  35. I’m sure you’ve heard every “home remedy” there is — but have you tried steaming hot tea with a shot of whiskey, lemon juice (about 1/2 a lemon) & 1 tablespoon of honey? The tea has got to be so hot you literally spoon it into you mouth one spoon at a time (try to tilt your head slightly so it hits the back of your throat first). I will not “cure” you, but it will make you feel lots better.

  36. Does Confluence still have Axelrod turf-bots still? SHESUS CRIPES!

    A few stragglers who are still trying to convince us that all of BO’s Reaganesque qualities are not really what they appear to be…

    but lately we were infested with a swarm of “Wankers” from a putrid little site called Wonkette. Long story…not worth your energy.

  37. Speaking of non sequiturs….heeeer’es ModDem!

  38. ModDem:

    Kool-aid kills brain cells. You should quit before they have to water you twice a week.

  39. ModDem, on January 12th, 2009 at 11:15 pm Said:

    Why do you guys hate Hillary so much?
    Odd. Wasn’t this once a liberal site?

    Whaaaaa??????????????? If you are lookin’ for Hillary haters, you took a wrong turn at Obot-lane.

  40. ModDem — why do you think you are a Dem when your leader is Bush 3?

    Now run along & go play with the other neo-progs.

  41. No apologies necessary, sm. I’m so sorry that you’ve been having a bad time. I see the virtual fatted calf has gasped his last breath. That’s good. You need iron!

    As long as you haven’t been messing around with that man from Chicago…..

  42. Prolix & FIF: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like the late and brilliant Richard Pryor said, I’m not dead yet, M-Fer!

    AngieNC: Fer goodness sakes, can’t they just go play with their Obama action figures already and leave us alone?

  43. sm — Obama action figure! I know!! Sadly, I’m sure they all have at least one. LOL

  44. The Obama action figure comes with Hillary’s delegates

  45. If you need a tonsilectomy and can’t get your insurance, put up a pay-pal button. I’ll chip a bit in, and I bet a lot of other ‘Flu folk would too.

  46. The action figures are fun, but you can only watch so many back flips.

  47. What’s funny is that as I was reading ModDem’s comments I was listening to Abba’s “Hasta Manana.” Serendipity! “Hasta manana, baby!”

  48. Angie: Yep. Except the Whiskey made me a tad mouthier than what I already am! I even did the red onion, aloe vera gel and honey. Worked somewhat, but I had ghetto-strep throat. Resistant to whatever they threw at it. Never been so sick in my life. This is from me, who at the 5th day of my C-Section, I was mopping floors. Not used to it, but if it didn’t kill me, I’ll live.

  49. The Obama action figure comes with Hillary’s delegates

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 to be exact…

  50. Sandra S. – THANK YOU! I’m ok, and I’ll get it eventually, but not now. If I’m posting today, it’s because I’m much better. I really appreciate your concern.

  51. SM, so so so happy you’re here. I was hoping you’d come back. I boasted to all my friends that my latina brethern had coined that Puma phrase.

  52. Good to see you back SM!

  53. FIF: Obama action figures with a Kung-Fu Hope Grip!

    MYIQ: Complete with Hillary Delegates = Genius. LOL!

    WDIB, thank you!

  54. sm — if you even did the red onion, aloe vera gel & honey & you didn’t get better, then you are right: it IS ghetto strep! LMAO!!!!

    It really sucks about the insurance thing — I’m Sandra though — I’d be happy to chip in a few bucks towards the surgery.

  55. Feel better, sm.

  56. {{{SM}}}

    I’m so glad you’re back — I’ve missed you so much!

  57. Maybe after Obama signs an order to create a “blue ribbon panel” to “look into closing Gitmo” he can create a “blue ribbon panel” to “look into UHC.” In both cases, don’t expect to see any resolution.

  58. I LOVED WONKETTE when Anna Maria Cox was the main editor.

    I still like Wonkette, except for the fratboy commenters.

    Why don’t they play Tea with their Obama commemorative plates?

  59. HRC sighting!

    Clinton to promise ‘smart power’ renewal of US leadership

    Hillary Clinton is set to promise a renewal of American leadership and revitalized diplomacy at her Senate confirmation hearing Tuesday for her new job as secretary of state.

    The former first lady, who is giving up her post as New York Senator will say she favors the use of “smart power,” transition officials told AFP.


  60. Is Hillary’s confirmation hearing going to be on C-SPAN or anything, and if so, when does it start?

  61. AFrocity: THANK YOU!!


    Missed you too! I’m alive. Not dead. Here. Home.

  62. It looks like Obama is going to spend his Presidency convening panels to decide when to hold meetings to discuss important issues and figure out when they can hold their next meeting to decide when it might be appropriate to act on these important issues.

  63. sm: Wonketters have been awful here, posting the most vile, hateful comments and organizing a rigged campaign to defeat TC in the Web Awards. Cheating/rigged selection–sound familiar?

  64. DYB: you forgot the limited-question press conferences and Speech-A-Day diet to explain the myriad of positions he holds on any given issue at any given moment. Must feed the Obot-denial & rationalization hordes who need Axelrod to compose a new excuse for each lie/flip-flop to soothe the cognitive dissonance.

  65. fif — don’t be so hard on them — without their “virtual popularity” they have nothing. LOL

  66. Fif: NOT SURPRISED. They are used to that. That’s the only way they can win.

    I’d love to see Mr. Big-Bad-Multimillion-$-Wonkette pick a fight with the Confluence.


  67. angie: your understanding and mythical unavailability only makes you that much more irresistible to them!


    See? That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Missed you SM!!!!!!!! 🙂

  69. DYB & FIF: LOL!!!!!

    We seriously have the Dem version of Dubya. Oy vey!

    I’m bittersweet about Hillary as SOS.

    Hmmm….S.O.S….could that be a cryptic message there?

  70. Wooooohooooooo, you’re back!

    Glad it was tonsils and not you working for Barack. I got those transition team request e-mails, too, you know.

    We have missed you dearly. Check the archives – you get mentioned most days, sm.

  71. Welcome back SM77 – If you ever disappear like that again we’re gonna come find yer ass, nurse it back to health and then spank it.


    G’night all!

  72. Nite myiq! You naughty clown you…

  73. And I will also donate to your tonsillectomy fund.


  74. SM, thank god you’re back. It wouldn’t be Puma without you.

  75. Nite, myiq – see you on the zombie shift later.

  76. Scrubs: I love you & missed you too, but….

    I don’t subscribe to Obama Porn!!!!!!!!!

    I was sick as a dog, but not THAT SICK.

  77. Your pennance is posting one of your rock-on threads every day for the next week! I can’t wait to read them.

    (Now how do I do one of those little devil smiley-face thingies?)

  78. sm

    If I am not mistaken you hail from just north of me, the tampa area? Stay out of the rain tomorrow. At least the weather has been decent this week, but rain tomorrow.

    I understand how the financial stress affects the physical. I am fighting with myself to stay on top of it all. My political views- very calm and understated to Obots – have apparently taken out about half of my income. This from a company run by four women, all professionals, that I have bent over backward for, for ten years!

    Two support me, two, the two who determine my workload, were koolaid drinkers. Instead of just saying they are pissed because I didn’t fall in line…they tried to make up reasons for not using me. It really hurt my feelings, then I got mad. But you can’t just lose it with people you work for. So, I am trying to keep it all on a business level, and try to not give them a good reason to push me out. I suppose they will push me out eventually, and I sincerely hope it is to their loss.

    One of those weeks when you really want to win the Powerball, just so you can say,”Na Na Na” Childish? Yes, sure, but I’d do it anyway.

  79. MYIQ: LOL! I know, I deserve it. but it’s great to be home again.

    Scrubs: THANK YOU, I’m much better, I think it was a combo between the anemia (which I’ve had for most of my adult life on and off) and getting strep. I’ve had strep before, but never anything that’s lasted that long.

  80. I don’t know why but, this story and the photo made me laugh. Obama love in the extreme!

  81. fif, on January 12th, 2009 at 11:41 pm Said:

    angie: your understanding and mythical unavailability only makes you that much more irresistible to them!

    LOL! {{{fif}}}

  82. SM: Oh lord thank you and welcome back. I have missed you so much and was so worried about. If there is anything I can do please, PLEASE call me. I love you and now my world is right again.

  83. Warrior Princess – yes, Tampa is where I reside, the changes in weather haven’t helped me either. One day it’s 50 degrees, then the next 90, then the next 40.

    Don’t let them get to you, just leave the politics at the door and do the best job you can do to your highest ability. There’s always a labor attorney waiting to take a case like that if shit hits the fan. DOCUMENT EVERYTHING, just in case.

  84. The hearing airs on CSPan at 930 EST tomorrow morning. Enjoy!

  85. SM! Great to see you again!

  86. Thanks Reg. I can always count on my HRC-lover sistah for Hill news!

  87. sm77, it’s good to “see” you again.

  88. KB – that story made me laugh out of pity that the “journalists” have been reduced to this type of story. Ick.

  89. SM
    Im so glad youre back. I m glad you feel better.

  90. PUMA-SF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs to you and Rose!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!! I will call you soon – glad to know things are a-ok.

    KATIEBIRD: Now, WHY did you show that? LOL! I’m sure Larry Sinclair has fond memories. (I know, low blow, but f__k it, it’s midnight.)

  91. REG????


  92. sm77

    Welcome back home!

    I need to run out the door to pick up my son so I’ll be brief.
    Make sure your doctor tries to find out why you have anemia. There are many causes.
    Good luck, and Happy New Year!


  93. Scrubs & SM, they showed it on TMZ (the same photo) And I just knew it would be appreciated here.

    (grinning) SM, I’m just so glad you’re back. It’s like a chant running through my mind.

  94. SweetSue & Olive: Thank you!!


  95. Fif: You know it.

  96. Time for some shut eye. So good to have your voice back in the threads SM! Don’t overdo it as you recover.

    Nite peeps.

  97. SM: Not as much as you do!

  98. Delurking to say:

    Yay! You’re back! And sassy as ever. I thought you must’ve tossed your computer out the window after the election results came in.

    Welcome back!

  99. Amazonia – thank you, I’ve had anemia since I was young on off. I just have to do more iron & folic acid intake. But I don’t at times, then ka-blooie. I’m sick for a while.

    Katiebird: HUGS!!!!!!!!! I swear, I need to read your Eat for Today blog more. I slacked on the healthy protein rich foods. I’ve been eating liver & brocolli at least 3 times a week. YOU KNOW WHAT GETS ME, I didn’t lose weight, UGH! That was bad, I know.

  100. Am sending healing love and HUGS

    and AM SO relieved to see you posting ………..

    ok more hugs

    email me if you like


  101. britgirls: THANK YOU! Ay, the sassy comes with an absent and arrogant father, 2 out of control brothers and North Eastern breeding.

    Sarcasm is the ointment for dysfunction. It doesn’t cure it, but it feels a little better.

  102. SM, I’ve let my blog slide a bit (my mom has some health problems) but, if you mean it, I’ll get back on the ball.

  103. Swanspirit – many blessings and love to you back!

  104. Katiebird: WHAT”S WRONG WITH MAMA BIRD?

    That’s another addition to the stress thing, Grandma PUMA’s getting surgery on the 20th. At least she has Medicare – thank GOD.

  105. Night fif!!

  106. SM, she’s got a kidney stone as big as the tip of your little finger. And she’s been in the hospital (this was the first 2 weeks of December) with associated infections. Then when they sent her home it was with a resistant infection. So, they can’t blast the kidney stone until she’s infection-free. She’s 84 and this has been going on for ages.

    Your mom is sick too? I’m so sorry. (sending strength and good wishes. And prayers)

  107. Obama pre-selects journalists to ask him questions:

    “The press corps, most of us, don’t even bother raising our hands any more to ask questions because Obama always has before him a list of correspondents who’ve been advised they will be called upon that day.”


  108. Also, recommend the story (top right corner)



    Kidney stones, yikes! The worst part is that infection -what are the docs saying? Is it going down? I hope she recovers soon to get that stone outta there! Big hugs to you & MAMA Bird.

    Going to bed now – thank you to all and good night. Thank you everyone for this heartfelt & treasured welcome!

  110. Welcome back!

  111. hate to be the wet mop now that we FINALLY have our sm back, but I’m beat — good night all!!

  112. Clinton will be on C-Span 2 tomorrow morning:

    Congress will continue confirmation hearings for Pres.-Elect Obama’s administration this week. Nominees attending hearings on Tuesday include Hillary Clinton for Sec. of State (9:30am ET), Dr. Steven Chu for Sec. of Energy (10am ET), and Arne Duncan for Sec. of Education (10am ET).

  113. sm77! So glad you’re back and now on the mend. Sorry to hear about your illness, but glad you are back here!!

  114. ((((Sm)))))

  115. Happy return!

    And continued good health to you!

  116. Any zombies awake?

  117. I’m here freezing cojones off! It’s cold tonight in the south and gonna get colder later this week. An air temp of 14F and 0 wind chill is not for southern boiz!

    And I’m cold cuz I can’t stand running this electric heat for long; it dries me out.

  118. Fredster, dude. That sounds COLD! Here in Oz, it’s a tropical 33 degrees C (hot).

    I miss cold winters.

    I know what you mean about electric heaters. Dry mouth, mate.

  119. At least there is no snow forecast with this weather. However, with temps that cold it will be pipe-bursting cold for the older types of homes built raised up, unless they have wrapped those pipes.

    re the electric heat. Oh yeah you wake up in the morning with a mouth full of cotton and nose clogged up. Bleh!

  120. Oh yeah you wake up in the morning with a mouth full of cotton and nose clogged up. Bleh!

    LP heating ain’t much better, and them cotton balls ain’t reuseable.

    Try to increase the humidity with plant life, an aquarium and/or a vaporizer.

  121. (((((SM)))))) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    really made my day

  122. Welcome back, SM!
    Oh, and let’s squeeze a bit more merriment out of the Burris/Blago saga

  123. Delurking. Welcome back SM, so glad to see you. Oddly, I was over at your blog yesterday looking for you, but alas, you weren’t there either. So good to read you again!

  124. SM!!!!!!!

    Why did I have to go to bed early last night and miss you? Never mind. I’m just so happy to see you. I hope you will check in again today. Hang in there. This too shall pass. As far as I’m concerned, you never left The Confluence. We’ve been with you in spirit. You are that important to us.

  125. yes SM WELCOME BACK!

  126. Break out the fattened calf, ‘cos I surely do love veal! Welcome back, SM!

  127. Welcome back, SM. Glad that you are (for the most part) ok.

  128. SM, what a great way to wake up this morning knowing you have returned. But you were always in our hearts!

  129. SM!! Welcome back!

    But you were never far from our thoughts and our hearts.

    beautiful post by the way.

    like Pat said, so nice to pop over here this morning and see your byline!

    This is more how I see your homecoming however:

  130. SM!!

    So nice to see you again! Best of luck back to school! You’ve been missed so much. 🙂

  131. sm, so good to hear from you! Glad your feeling better. Do get plenty of sleep.

  132. SM!!!!!!! My Juanita Lunchbucket sistah!!!

    What a happy surprise to see this post this morning. I’m so thrilled that you’re well enough to come back.

    Sending you lots of good healing thoughts and encouragement, and selfishly hoping that you will come back more often…

    XO MB

  133. It is great to see you back SM!

  134. Good to see you SM!

  135. Good to see you SM and glad you are back. Hope you are feeling so much better.

  136. Welcome home from another vanisher-in-the-mist! I’m so happy to see you!


  137. Hey, I’d pitch in for the ransome too! Missed you a bunch! 😆

  138. SM! Welcome back. I just saw this. So good to have you on here again, and as you can see, you’ve been sorely missed. No questions asked!

    I’ve been posting sparsely, still trying to orient toward work, but have been working on some new, big articles that will go up soon.

    Glad your voice (pun intended) is back in the mix. 🙂

  139. RD, LadyBoomer, MadamaB, PAT, BB, Chatble, Murphy and everyone – thank you all.

    Fer the true realz. So happy to be back, I can finally type & think without feeling like I’m about to pass out.

  140. […] night ramblings Posted on January 13, 2009 by sm77 As per Scrubs57, I have to do penance for my absence, so here […]

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