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I have the right to remain silent, but not the ability


This kind of statement seems to be common in the Kool-aid Kingdom:

Just please shut the fuck up until he actually does something you disagree with, you WATB. Hillary Clinton wouldn’t have been any better. We are at the end of an eight year nightmare and you loudmouth morons are cutting off Obama at the knees before he even sets foot in the damned White House as President. Wankers.

Here’s a different perspective from Bernard Weiner of the Crisis Papers at After Downing Street:

Already, Obama’s initial appointments and economic advisors and most of those talked about as possible Cabinet officers seem to be within the frame of “middle” or even “middle-right” Establishment mode. (Some of the economists meeting with Obama are even partially responsible for the deregulationist attitude that led to our current recession.)


This doesn’t mean we on the left should be unmindful of the political difficulties facing the new president. He may have to compromise, tack right, on occasion, and we understand that. But we need to exert a strong, forceful, constant pressure that keeps him mindful of the correctness of many progressive and liberal policies. In other words, we must create an antidote for rightwards drift.

Among the STFU contingent there are two modes of thought.  The first is that those of us who opposed Obama “lost” and therefore have no right to say anything about how he governs.  This is the “elections have consequences” argument.  It is complete and utter bullshit.

I think Obama will be a bad President.  Unfortunately, for at least four years Obama will be the only President we have.  He will not be President of Obamanation, or just the states that he won.  He will be President of all 57 states.  If he fails, we all suffer, so I want him to make good decisions and appoint competent, experienced people to run our government.  God forbid he appoints guys like Markos Moulitsas or gives them any responsibility or authority.  So I have every right to express my opinion.

The second STFU mode of thought is the one expressed by John Cole.  It is also complete and utter bullshit.  If we wait until Obama does something we disagree with it may be too late.  Chris Matthews has already stated that he feels it is his job to help Obama succeed, and you can bet that cheerleader sentiment will be shared by most of the so-called journalists in the media.  That was exactly what they did at the beginning of George W. Bush’s administration too.  How did that work out?

As for the current buzz about the possibility of Hillary Clinton being nominated to be Secretary of State, I will believe it when it is officially announced.  Obama seems stuck in the campaign mode of trying to dominate news cycles and he loves playing mind games with things like this.  F*ck him, I ain’t playing. 

However, if Hillary is offered the job I trust her judgment as to whether or not she should accept it and I believe she would do a great job.  She would be serving our country if she accepted the job, not serving Obama.  Not only that, but it would be fun to watch the HillaryHaters’ heads explode.

Josh Marshall reacts to

Josh Marshall reacts to Hillary's nomination as Secretary of State

131 Responses

  1. I was doing so well until the pic. Ewwww.

  2. I love your snarkiness, MyIQ, LOL.
    Great post!

  3. Regency:

    It’s not real. WKJM’s head would be empty, like a balloon.

  4. MyIq: I know. Isn’t it from “Palindrome”?

    Hey, that’s got Palin in it!

  5. Did you see how the media was wondering about access? What for, Why, they don’t report anything except how wonderful he is and they are busy covering Bill Ayers NOW, but clapping at his speeches while doing it.

    All of this was conducted for a forthcoming documentary on how the news media impacted the 2008 election. Please get on our mailing list and return to this website in the coming months for more information on the film, “Media Malpractice… How Obama Got Elected”

  6. I posted this below but it belongs up here too:

    Obama has made clear that he wants a bipartisan look and cast to his administration. The transition team has been told to hire Republicans at all levels of government, not just as token cabinet appointments.

    I didn’t think he would come out of the closet this quickly. From Digby:

    “Combined with the Republican operatives the Bush administration salted throughout the civil service, there will be many, many Republicans still running things, so the villagers should be able to relax a little bit and enjoy their holidays. (Too bad for all you Democrats who thought you’d be getting jobs in a Democratic government, though. Maybe when the Republicans take over again, they’ll hire you as a gesture of similar good will. They’re very fair that way.)”


  7. Was Digby surprised? We knew he would do this. ITYS does not feel sweet.

  8. Yup, thanks for pointing our the ‘serving our country’ bit, as it does my head ill to think that she would want to work for him if he was a private company.

  9. Regency:

    It’s from Scanners, a movie that’s older than you are.

  10. MyIq: Right! Okay. I just remember a head exploding on one of those “Scariest Moments” countdowns on Bravo.

  11. That Obama, just can’t stick to his stories…all these people running to get jobs with their HOPE and CHANGE ideas and he is going to hire the same people, including the same ones responsible for the mess! CHANGE MY FOOT.

  12. Great post myiq. I have heard so many people say this presidency is going to be different becuase he is in touch with the people and everyone can go to his website and put in their opinion and he will listen and ohmygodiamgonnafreakingpukeallovermyself
    because he is teh one.

    Do they really think this is going to happen?

  13. The Obot spin on Obama’s bipartisanship will be great fun.

    How long till they say, “see, he’s healing and bringing us together!”

    Which would be great if that’s what’s really going to happen. I’m not convinced.

  14. Pesident Wanker
    I like that .. oh… there was a period in there … well I will just take that little thing out I like it better that way ..

    That old head exploding thing ! LOL WOULD YOU BELIEVE long ago and far away on an old music bb someone had that animated head exploding thing as their avatar and people wnt on for weeks , months even, about how inappropriate it was

    Obama seems stuck in the campaign mode of trying to dominate news cycles and he loves playing mind games with things like this.

    This is my impression as well , after all, it is really all he knows how to do .

  15. darn I think i need a new keyboard …

  16. Love that praying picture, reminds me of me as a kid ; ), the head explosion picture…not so much :0

    Personally, I would feel much more confident about my country and my children’s safety if Hillary Clinton were to become SOS. However, like you I won’t believe it until I see it.

    Bottom line for me now is that Obama cannot possibly be as bad as Bush, and hopefully he will be much better. I don’t think there will be much room for him to do a helluva lot, good or bad, other than be mired in this financial crisis for the next few years so he better be choosing some experienced “old-timers” and not just a bunch of hopey changey fluff ball newbies. As far as the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, I expect policy there will continue to be mostly reactive for some time to come. Our Congress will probably continue to be nothing more than a giant partisan jam session.

  17. MyIQ – I totally agree:

    However, if Hillary is offered the job I trust her judgment as to whether or not she should accept it and I believe she would do a great job. She would be serving our country if she accepted the job, not serving Obama. Not only that, but it would be fun to watch the HillaryHaters’ heads explode.

    And I really don’t see how someone who serves her country as seriously as Hillary AND someone who’s husband was President of the United States could possibly turn down the offer of being Secretary of State.

    Look at the list of past Secretaries of State — how do you turn down the opportunity to be a part of that?

    (PS – MyIQ, you’ve got mail)

  18. If SOD can post a picture of an elephant taking a dump, I can post an exploding head!

  19. This Politico report seems somewhat believable, especially the part about Hillary being “conflicted”

    another Democrat said she’s said Clinton is personally “conflicted.”

    One person who apparently has shown no ambivalence: Obama. “It’s not like he hedged his bets in conversation with her,” said a person involved in the process. While both sides say the situation
    remains fluid, this person said Obama was quite direct: “He offered her the job.”

  20. katiebird:

    The problem went away on it’s own

  21. I was willing to go four years with no prez – just to see how that works for us. We haven’t had much luck with them doing what is right for the American people.

    When I say Hillary on PBS and she said that she thought the “interview process” with the American people should be hard – I thought, wow! – we finally may have a chance to have a prez who will put our country first and is actually smart enough to know what to do!

  22. If Josh Marshall’s head hasn’t exploded yet, then Lieberman keeping his chairmanships will do it.

    I don’t like Hilllary at State. I keep thinking back to Obama saying “I’m looking forward to having you advise me, Hillary.” Smug SOB.

  23. Obama has skidmarks in his drawers. Sorry.

    Including Republicans in his administration will prevent them from escaping blame when it hits the fan.

  24. OT I had a funny thought this morning … the youtube presidential address thingy that the obot in chief president wanker is going to do ?
    From that he can get stats on everyone that clicks on, how long they watch ; their ip ; their referring page , how many downloads all kinds of stats , and you had better believe they are tracking that , and already have on his campaign website .

    And as for him being a good president ?? When bush was running both times I had such a bad feeling about him , i knew he was going to be terrible, I knew it ,possibly the worst ever president , and that there would be some horrible scandal .

    With this wanker , my feelings are far worse than they ever were with bush . I am hoping that the ultimate effects of his being a horrible president will be minimized , but his actual term will be bad . I think he will be an embarassment like bush is; but worse .

  25. I think I’ve figured out why BO wants Hillary to be SoS — so he’s got an excuse to call her at 3 am.
    Maybe he won’t even have to call her, he’ll just have all his calls automatically forward to her office.
    And if he makes McCain his Sec of Defense, he has two number to call-forward to.
    “You have reached the Oval Office.
    If you are calling regarding Foreign Policy, please press 1 (dials HRC’s extension).
    If you are calling regarding current military engagements, please press 2 (dials JM’s extension).
    If you are calling regarding energy policy, please press 3 (dials office of Alaska’s governor)
    If you are calling regarding Credit & Banking, please press 4 (dials office of VP)
    If you are calling regarding fashion advice, please press 5 (dials Michelle Antoinette’s extension)
    If you are calling regarding Domestic Policy, please call back later … much, much later, say in 2011.
    If you are calling to donate a large sum of money, please stay on the line and the President will be happy to speak with you right away.”

  26. If Obama appoints Hillary and then fires her in a year or two he better hope his approval ratings are high 3 years from now cuz there will be nothing to stop her from challenging him in 2012.

    Even in the Senate she’s a threat, but as SoS she can’t really run against him.

    If they try to humiliate her they better pack a lunch cuz she’s impervious.

  27. http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/white_house/jan-june08/clinton_02-27.html

    “You know, this is like a job interview. We’re asking people to hire one of us to contend to have the toughest job in the world. So it shouldn’t be handed over; it should be the result of a vigorous contest.”

  28. LOL vm-no wonder you have a headache!

    But no, I won’t be asking M. Antoinette for fashion advice any time soon..

  29. myiq2xu, on November 18th, 2008 at 10:21 am Said:
    If SOD can post a picture of an elephant taking a dump, I can post an exploding head!

    The animation was far worse ,

    and it was ridiculous how some people went on and on … over an avatar LOL

  30. Something to ponder as you wonder who will be doing the leading in the next 4 years:
    “30 reasons for Great Depression 2 by 2011”
    by Paul Ferrell via Marketwatch

    And why did the Dems want to win this election ??????

  31. Okay, daytime peeple, I have to run but while I’m gone tell me what you know about the National Center for Policy Analysis.

  32. I don’t think Hillary will qualify for SOS because of Bill. Too much of a Conflict of Interests!


  33. That pic of a grinning pundit is a bit jarring next to his predictions of economic doom.

  34. catarina, I took an excedrin. Hopefully that will work.
    Hmm — maybe I should buy stock in Excedrin — goodness knows I will probably be taking a lot more of it in the next 4 years!

  35. I must say how much I’m enjoying the spectacle of Obamabot Hillary-haters freak out over their Messiah’s incomprehensible selection of Hillary for Sec. of State. Now they know how it feels to be under the bus!

  36. The Real Kim — is that you? Your pic is RADICALLY different.

  37. Scanners is that old? Makes me feel ancient.

    Could this be a back door ploy to get rid of the Clintons? BO appoints Hillary, knowing full well that she will not be approved because of Bill’s business dealings.

    The Obamanation would remember that over Ayers, Wright, Rezko and on and on.

  38. Yeah this is the pic from my blog, if I don’t track from my blog, for some reason my old pic shows up.

    I am not this greatest at this wordpress stuff, so I have no idea why this happens, it just does.

  39. Ok. I was worried for a minute that someone was impersonating you again.

  40. Excellent post.
    I especially appreciate the observation that if Senator Clinton takes the job, she will be serving the country not the personal wishes of the President. I have been distressed at the lack of realism on the part of people who dam’ Senator Clinton whatever she does. She is NOT going to walk away from the Democratic Party, whatever people may have dreamed about that. So, the question for the Party and more importantly the country, is: how do we ensure that the smartest politician I can think of gets to exercise as much power as possible over important matters?

  41. Great post myiq — I love exposing the hypocrisy, ’cause you know all those who voted for B0 now shut their mouths when W won in 2000 & 2004 & “gave him a chance” before bashing him.
    Also, thanks for the link to the video on Cannonfire on the other thread — glad to know I was right — the B0 voters don’t know the first thing about B0 or his policies, but they all know how much Palin’s wardrobe cost.

  42. ainnj, on November 18th, 2008 at 10:18 am Said:

    What ainnj said. She’s right, as she so often is.

  43. Heidi, I think for a lot of us, the concern is that BO somehow stabs HRC in the back when she is his SoS.
    I have just observed such pettiness and meanness of spirit in him throughout this campaign that I worry about that.
    If she does accept the SoS position, I hope that we can al continue to defend and support her against any possible scapegoating or treachery that BO may have in store for her.

  44. ainnj @ 10:18 a.m. — don’t be so sure — things can always get worse.

  45. WordPress is having the vapors this morning

  46. Nah, the impersonators use standard avatars. It is me.

  47. My avatar just changed on it’s own

  48. My avatar looks just like me.

  49. Before I head back to the work from which I am taking a quick break, let me observe that there is a long history of great leaders who do not like each other working together, when necessary, for the good of the country, dating back to the Founders – Jefferson and Adams spring to mind. I’m not talking the “team of rivals” kumbayah song (of which I am heartily sick of hearing about). I am talking about the fact that if you love your country – and I have no doubt, none, that Hillary Rodham Clinton loves hers – you may choose to serve it even if not in the capacity you would have most preferred. Politicians make and remake alliances – President Clinton discusses this in his autobiography. They are a different breed. And even those I admire most, like Senator Clinton, are politicians.

  50. I see two pics of TRK – one next to her comments and one under recent comments.

    The second one makes her look younger and very butch

  51. Myiq2xu,

    Thanks for the info, I was thinking something was up, as my comments didn’t appear.

  52. I keep hoping i am wrong about obot in chief ,because I cannot imagine anyone worse than shrub , but i just cannot shake the feeling …
    it feels like Cassanrdra Syndrome ………..

  53. The Obama love continues. I was glancing at the tv schedule in this morning’s paper and the topic on Charlie Rose tonight – Obama and Lincoln.

    Next up – Obama and God

  54. Don’t shoot me for saying this, but if things are as bad or possibly worse than we are being told and if we are truly headed for a major depression, maybe it is better that HRC didn’t win.

    We all know that it doesn’t matter who caused the meltdown, it is always blamed on the person in office at the time of the meltdown. And it sure sounds like nothing short of a miracle is going to get the economy in order.

  55. Well, I am still purple and round…chosen by wordpress…waving a hand at someone…

  56. Swanspirit, I think that BO is quite capable of being worse than W in terms of looting the treasure for personal gain. His personal history of money money money makes me think so. I hope he proves me wrong.

  57. Woman voter, you are absolutely lovely, adore the color.

  58. Morning everyone!

    If Hillary actually is offered the job and takes it, it could be the one bright spot…

    Oh yes, and heads exploding? Priceless!

  59. votermom, on November 18th, 2008 at 11:06 am Said:

    I share that worry, but i also think that Senator Clinton has to protect herself – weigh the risks of Obama undermining her versus the advantages of the position, particularly depending on the promises she can extract from him about giving her independence.

    Being stuck as a junior Senator surrounded by a bunch of old guys who refuse to surrender one jot of power conferred on them by seniority is not very good situation for Senator Clinton.

    She does not have perfect choices now.

    If BO stabs her in the back she must step down immediately – assuming, again, that she is actually offered and actually accepts a cabinet position.

  60. Just saw this headline on a right-wing blog:

    Clinton Ascending: Obama supporters surprised, confused.

    Just wait until someone tells them about the Easter Bunny.

  61. Heidi Li I , think if Hillary is the SoS, she will be the de facto president; because I think he is weak .
    That would bode well for the country, and mitigate some of the effect of his lack of leadership.
    I trust her , I do not under any circumstance s trust him .

  62. Heidi, That’s true. It also occurs to me that if she becomes SoS she WILL have access to very confidential information … which will give her leverage over BO in any backstabbing scenario.
    As a citizen, I definitely would feel much safer with HRC as SoS than with anyone else in that position. There’s no one I trust more.
    Plus, exploding cheetoheads ….as jjmtacoma said — priceless!

  63. Great post, myiq. I know the phrase shoud be getting trite by now, but it never fails to amuse me, especially when integrated into the text in such a flawless way: “He will be President of all 57 states”. What a fool.

  64. BTW, that is my son as my new avatar. It is a photo from his last mission.

  65. Another thought 💡
    ,,, Paulsen is now opposing the auto industry bailout , which bo has gone on record as supporting .
    If bo changes his position , 😯 as he has so often done in the past, perhaps we will need a picture of a head spinning rather than exploding . 🙄

  66. I changed it this morning when he sent me new pics, I was seeing the old avatar and I quess you guys were seeing the new one. Jeebus wordpress is bloviating. But he is much better looking than me.

  67. I don’t support the war, but I am proud as hell of him.

  68. It never ceases to amaze me how Obamanation all claim to be progressives but continually take every opportunity to chill free speech. And in some cases violently. Actually, they believe in free speech so long as you agree with them. That sure isn’t the Constitution I grew up with. I am absolutely disgusted with the “New and Improved Democratic Pary.” I don’t see us getting out of the nightmare started by Bush II 8 years ago. We are only changing the lead players, but the nightmare continues. In the end, how many rights will the people of this country lose?

  69. Barry’s promises aren’t worth spit and he’s made of jello….can’t see him standing behind anyone when the heat turns up. But those in the Senate made it plain to Hill she would not get much scope there….also the Kennedy’s want that NY Senate seat. They mean to have it. Hillary is all about knowing what is before her is a trap( primary anyone? ) but walking in anyway and making a helluva lemonade. Even if she knew the nomination was fixed…she went ahead , redoubled her efforts and now may be in the position to be SOS. If she saw the trap and just quit in Feb…we would not be having this discussion… Only Hillary Clinton could be where she is given all those who were and are against her. She’s amazing.

  70. Kim, I can hardly belive you have a son old enough to be in Iraq. (I can hardly belive I have a pre-teen, so maybe I’m just in denial altogether). Pic is so teeny though.
    How’s he doing? I hope he’s staying safe.

  71. Kim, he’s a babe

  72. Damn they are showing two pics, wtf?

  73. Cool Pic KIM Handsome young man !!!!

    hugs to the proud MOM !!and sending lots of protective energy to him too!!

  74. I am old enough, believe me. Yes he is a babe, my babe and he is staying safe.

  75. Hiedi li
    I understand what you are saying about Senator Clinton getting promises from backtrack.
    What happened to his promise to pay off her debt?
    Backtrack’s promises are like the guy who promises you he is sterile and you wind up with triplets.



  76. He can’t come home for Christmas and I suggest sending cards to the guys over there for moral support during the holidays. I offered to send him a small tree, but he wants to forget that is even Christmas.

  77. btw, what’s the advantage to having a wordpress account?
    (curious if I should sign up for one)

  78. It’s not going to be just the idiots in the blogosphere who are going to be very embarrassed by having Obama offer Clinton the SoS position, it’s also going to be all the idiots in the media who pushed their Clinton hate to the hilt, and slathered praise on Obama.

    Think Frank Rich, for example. Or Jonathan Alter. Where do they go to pretend that they have any dignity left after their crude displays of CDS and slavish devotion to Obama?

  79. My son was over seas for years…. I know how you feel, , and they do things differently “over there” > Luckily they have their buds for support. My son always said you dont have to ” do “that ” but he loved it when he got stuff.

  80. Re: Obama’s quote: “57 states … and one more to go.”

    Why do you think he said that? Tired? Confused? He’s obviously not joking. Do you think he really didn’t know?

  81. Even if Hill knew Barry’s promises aren’t worth much, she would go forward because she is a very great patriot and if she could help one area as SOS , she would trade in her career to do so . That’s one of the reasons the Upper Crust hate her so much, even as they cannot understand it….unlike them, her career is a means, not an end .

  82. Kim, hugs to you and your son

  83. britgirls, I think he was tired but still? Even counting DC and Puerto Rico, how the heck did he come up with 57?
    Did he mean 47? Who knows. Just proves that he’s someone who makes stupid mistakes when he’s tired and stressed. Just the guy we need at the helm, right?

  84. Bill Clinton’s Foreign Affairs Could Cost Hillary Cabinet Post
    The former president’s current foreign and financial affairs could be problematic for Sen. Hillary Clinton as President-elect Obama considers her for the secretary of state job.

  85. Votermom: not really necessary to have an account, unless you want to blog. I have one and rarely ever post a thread, I am too busy over here.

  86. frankly0, on November 18th, 2008 at 11:32 am Said:
    Think Frank Rich, for example. Or Jonathan Alter. Where do they go to pretend that they have any dignity left after their crude displays of CDS and slavish devotion to Obama?….

    It puts them in an awful bind…. I’m steading a tear! lol!

  87. If people are interested there is a website called
    to any soldier.
    Where you can get information about sending things overseas to different outfits in Iraq and Afganistan.
    You must be so proud of your son.
    You did a good job raising him.



  88. Thanks Paper Doll.

    I don’t get it, Big Dawg’s foreign affairs could cost her the SoS position but BO can have Ayers, Wright, Rezko. What am I missing here?

  89. So the LA Times has decided to explore Obama’s short law career, now that he is safely elected.


    There are some real eyebrow raisers in here. He billed about 3700 hours – in four years. What? Talk about an underutilized HLS grad.

  90. paper doll

    It puts them in an awful bind…. I’m steading a tear! lol!


    Yeah, why does The Good choose of his own free will to rely on the judgment of The Evil?

    What a philosophical pickle!

  91. Copying a comment i just made at The New Agenda:

    The rumor that Palin will get a big advance on a book deal makes me wonder about books — does anyone know if there are any books being written now about the appalling public display of sexism during 2008?
    Also someone (Anna Belle?) had a post about where are the parenting books on how to raise feminists. Any thoughts on that?

    (I would love to help on a project to write one of these books. I can proofread, edit, copy-edit — whatever. No writing or publishing experience but I am a fast reader and a picky proof-reader — except when commenting on blogs, that is.)

  92. Perries – that is only 18 billable hours a week. I don’t know of any law firms that allow that. Hell, I am a paralegal and I have to pay for myself in billable hours.

  93. That’s amazing — a part-time lawyer. Will he be the next part-time president?
    What on earth was he doing the rest of the time?

  94. britgirls, on November 18th, 2008 at 11:34 am Said:
    Re: Obama’s quote: “57 states … and one more to go.”
    Why do you think he said that? Tired? Confused? He’s obviously not joking. Do you think he really didn’t know?
    I think he was tired and made a mistake. I think there are 57 caucus/primary entities (think Guam, PR, etc. that are not states, but get have a contest anyway).

  95. Kim — your son is gorgeous & so are you.

  96. perries — 3700 billable hours in 4 years is a farce — I don’t know a firm in the entire country that doesn’t require at least 2100 hours a year from its associates. Just more proof that he never held a full-time job until now (and if HRC is SoS, he still will not have one).

  97. frankly0, on November 18th, 2008 at 11:44 am Said:
    ……Yeah, why does The Good choose of his own free will to rely on the judgment of The Evil?
    What a philosophical pickle!

    lol! True! and how do you lavish praise on the Good without trashing the Evil the Good is relying on??
    The Obot praise must have an Evil counter point…. Barry was loved because of what he isn’t , not because of what he is. They haven’t a clue about that. Plus the Obama love slaves in the press will feel jilted…. They trashed Hill for Barry and he picks Hill? However Hill as SOS maybe too much reality at once for the Obamanation, and he may draw back. Time will tell .

  98. I know – it’s incredible – everywhere one looks into his past says – not a hard worker. Maybe I need to change my sn. Normally junior associates are slaving away over a hot desk nights and weekends and one from HLS would normally be given many opportunities to shine. So what’s up with that?

  99. Also, how could he keep a job for 4 years part-time? How much did he earn at it — part-time wages or full-time wages?
    Either he was doing something else for the firm that was not billable (fund-raising?) or he had a really influential patron … can’t think of any other possibility.
    Or maybe it’s a typo? Could it be an average of 3700 hours/year?

  100. angienc, on November 18th, 2008 at 11:56 am…. Just more proof that he never held a full-time job until now (and if HRC is SoS, he still will not have one).

    That’s the main thing that makes me think the offer is really out there . Barry loves not to work! lol! ….but Hill does

  101. I think Barry has been groomed since Columbia.
    Bill Ayes and Zbigniew Brzezinski were there at the same time. So he wouldn’t have to work to get ahead ( clearly) It would be interesting if we were allowed to look at Barry’s Columbia. records…but no can do!
    They are right next to baby Bush’s arrest records in Dick Cheney’s man size vault! lol!

  102. votermom: he was probably just on the phone with Ayers and Rezco all the time.

  103. If Hillary accepts the SOS position the message is that Hillary has decided to become the supportive spouse.

    Remember when she said “I could have just stayed home and made cookies”?

    I am afraid she is about to become that person – that woman.

  104. Jjmtacoma — maybe he was writing his first autobiography?

  105. One thing that has struck me is the notion that Obama is floating that he’s going to bring in a whole gang of very divergent points of view, on the model of Lincoln, and somehow use them to run the government. Apart from the grandiosity required to think that he’s anything like the equal to Lincoln, it just strikes me that the man clearly has no concept of what running an organization really involves, and the need for coherency in the vision and message.

    He probably thinks that running the most complex government and organization in history is the equivalent to conducting a lively graduate seminar entertaining all points of view.

    How clueless can you be?

  106. 2100?

    Iffen you wanna make partner you’ll log a lot more than that.

  107. Hey everyone – call one of Hillary’s senate offices and tell them what you think. I did.

    Be respectful – I am sure they are getting a lot of calls from all over the country.

  108. Secretary of state is hardly making cookies.

  109. Yeah, Obama probably imagines he can put in 2100 hours of work Presidentin’ and manage to control strong and diverging points of view in his cabinet.

    I repeat: he has no clue.

  110. plural – it is a career ender

  111. Presidenting used to be a career ender.

    Bill and Jimmy Carter have proven that untrue.

  112. frankly0, you mean 925 hours a year Presidentin’.

    You are right — he has no clue.

    Well, Big Dawg already told us what Obama’s refrain will be: “Just tell me what to do and I’ll sell it (to the public)”. He’ll be the Talking-Head-in-Chief.

  113. plural – I don’t see the correlation.

    Also, I need to amend my statement. It is a “political” career ender.

  114. I don’t expect Barry thinks he’ll run squat…. in fact is counting on that he won’t. He hated the primary because he had to work far more than he was promised. Seems to me he’s all about taking orders…from where is the troubling part. Barry’s genius is in making many feel he’s taking direction from them alone.

  115. Obviously, given the hours Obama put in in this job, he seems to think that his hours are like an academic’s hours, no matter the actual position. That is, the hours of an academic who has tenure and no inclination to do anything beyond what is absolutely required.

    He has always been amazingly low energy. The Clintons simply put him to shame in their ability to do campaign events in contrast to him.

    But he imagines himself fully capable of running the US government and controlling a strong willed cabinet, and with the slightest resume in the history of the modern Presidency.

    Delusional is the word that comes to mind.

  116. People were asking Condi to run for president. It was her choice not to.

  117. I would love to see Hillary in the national spotlight. However, if so, we had better put our waders on, because if we thought the primaries were tough, SoS will be just as bad.

    Bro’s before SoS?
    Bin Laden should take her behind a barn and only one come out
    Iron my burkka

    I don’t know if I can take it.

    This may help.


  118. I know it hasn’t happened since the 19th century, but SoS used to be a stepping stone to the presidency.
    Arguably, Kissinger, if he had been natural-born, might have run for president — what do you guys think?

  119. I’ve already said this a couple of times, but I hope Hillary does take Sec. of State. It would be much better than being VP, and I don’t think she will accept unless she has some assurances that she will have real authority and power. I’m conviced at this point that the Dem leadership will not let her get anything accomplished in the Senate, so let her deal with foreign affairs and enhance her reputation around the world.

    Although I’ve been feeling very sad the past few days, I have decided to take the glass half full approach. Selfishly, I want to see Hillary on TV making news, and I think SOS will help her career, not hurt it. My big concern is that Obama will pull the rug out from under her and the women who want her to represent us in the administration. But I’ve heard he has offered her the job and it’s hers to refuse. I think she is just trying to work out the details that would allow her to accept it.

    I don’t know why I’m so sad–could it be delayed reaction from the election? I’m also worried about my aunt who broke her leg and my sister-in-law who just lost her stepfather in a tragic accident. So not sure which is the source of the sadness. But it feels to me that it is about the election and what has been done to women and to Hillary. I would like to see her and us rise again!

  120. New thread up

  121. bostonboomer, on November 18th, 2008 at 12:33 pm

    hugs to you. It’s amazing how personal sadness will sneak up on us and often it opens up the sadness at a national event we steeled ourselves against .

  122. swanspirit, I’m with you.

    Had a terrible feeling about Bush and the same feeling about Obama except worse. I think he’ll be horrible and even his gift for wiggling out of responsibility won’t save his sorry a$$. President Wanker is going to get caught with his pants down. And we’re all gonna pay for it.

  123. ((((((((BB))))))))))))

  124. votermom, on November 18th, 2008 at 12:24 pm Said:
    frankly0, you mean 925 hours a year Presidentin’.

    You are right — he has no clue.

    Well, Big Dawg already told us what Obama’s refrain will be: “Just tell me what to do and I’ll sell it (to the public)”. He’ll be the Talking-Head-in-Chief.

    Voter mom you nailed it !! with the possible amendment of “Talking Snake Oil Salesman in Chief”

  125. swan, yes, that’s perfect!

  126. gxm17, on November 18th, 2008 at 12:41 pm Said:
    swanspirit, I’m with you.

    Had a terrible feeling about Bush and the same feeling about Obama except worse. I think he’ll be horrible and even his gift for wiggling out of responsibility won’t save his sorry a$$. President Wanker is going to get caught with his pants down. And we’re all gonna pay for it.

    I am hopnig that this feelingg will be more abuot HIM than the damage he does ………..

  127. Thanks, votermom and paperdoll!

  128. swanspirit, And I hope you’re right! I’m just having a hard time finding anything optimistic about our next four years of President Wanker.

  129. Why does anyone think they can influence him? Just before the election, he openly A HREF=”http://thisnewmillenium.blogspot.com/2008/11/democrat-kill-first-in-infinite-series.html”>laughed at the base:

    The other day, Rachel Maddow sat down with “our” candidate for a chat. Let’s review some highlights.

    She starts with a question that’s been on the minds of real Democrats coast to coast. Get a load of his answer.

    RACHEL MADDOW, HOST: Senator, you criticize the Bush administration frequently. But, you almost never criticize the Republican Party itself. Other Democrats —


    Ha ha ha, ain’t that a kneeslapper? The idea of a candidate addressing his base with basic respect is just so highlarious!

    So now that he’s been elected, what chance is there for any influence from anywhre? Bueller? Anyone?

  130. Sorry for the busted link. I meant to say openly laughed

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