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Tuesday: The Trouble with Women

It sure seems like Obama is serious about putting Hillary Clinton in as Secretary of State.  It would be a sure signal that there won’t be any significant changes on health care or equal pay.  {{Sigh}}

We’re pretty confident that Hillary would bring her same standard of excellence to whatever job she chooses.  But the Obama administration attitude towards working with women leaves a lot to be desired.  The NYTimes reports that Obama’s hesitancy in offering the position to Clinton hinges on Bill cutting his ties to foreign business associates.  I suspect Bill would have had to take care of this if Hillary had been elected as well so this burgeoning scandal sounds like a non-starter, just like all of the other scandals.  When will the media get a clue and find a different scapegoat?  After 15 years, the crying wolf routine is getting really old, especially when there’s no payoff.  It’s like one of those annoying traffic jams where you wait forever to see the car wreck and when you finally get to it, it’s just a guy with a flat. It’s just incredibly unsatisfying and I wish they’d stop already.

ANYWAY, Obama really does have a problem with women, as does some elements in his support base.  So, maybe it’s time for a Presidential Commission on Women. From Pat Bakalian, of the Campaign for Gender Equity comes this:

In July 2008, because of the experiences of the 08 campaign and a belief that we needed to keep the issues that effect women in the national dialogue, myself and a few others formed the Campaign for Gender Equality (we are new but growing) and set out to identify a longer term strategy to deal with issues of gender inequality. We decided that the next President should establish a Presidential Commission on Women to serve as the vehicle to address the gender issues that we all know are still with us. This is also a great vehicle to bring people together and to organize around.

We recognized that this would require a nation-wide effort. I have a background in grassroots organizing and coalition building and believe strongly that working collaboratively with other women’s organizations would increase our collective power therefore we decided to go to WomenCount to talk about working together on this campaign.  Since then the Campaign for Gender Equality and WomenCount have been working  to develop and implement the petition drive asking that President-elect Obama establish a Presidential Commission on Women within his first 100 days. We are grateful to WomenCount whose experience and expertise made the nationwide launch of this campaign possible.
Getting the word out is what is important now. We have contacted over 700 organizations and hundreds of individuals and are getting a great response. As a part of this grassroots outreach effort thank you for signing the petition and forwarding the attached information and/or the email below on to your network. Please delete my note to you and add your own personal note of support.

If you have any questions or just want to talk please email or call me at 831-566-0448. It would be very helpful if you would let me know how many emails you sent out.

All my best,

Pat Bakalian
Campaign for Gender Equality

Women Count has more on the background of the Presidential Commission on Women:

In 1961, as the nation grappled with the issue of women in the workplace, President John Kennedy convened the first Presidential Commission on the Status of Women and appointed Eleanor Roosevelt as its chair. Kennedy recognized the moment was right.

That was 47 years ago, and it’s time to do it again. As in 1961, women are at the forefront of our political discourse – and we are committed to keeping them there.

47 Years!?!  I don’t know if we can exclude Bill Clinton from the shame of th 47 years without a Presidential Commission, but them, Hillary was a walking, talking role model for us (unlike SOME First Ladies who prefer we give up our jobs to don our aprons and become Mom-in-Chief)

Yes, it is time.  Waaaay past time.  I doubt that Barack Obama has an enlighted Human Resources director like the one above.  More likely is he has a bunch of Samantha Powers types who call Hillary types “monsters”.  Hmmm, maybe Hillary had some conditions of her own for taking the position of Secretary of State and raising Powers’ consciousness is at the top of her list.

It could happen.

60 Responses

  1. Good grief – I think I’m getting paranoid – it just struck me that if he names a Presidential Commission on Women he may think he’s done with “women’s issues” altogether.

    We will need to hold his feet to the fire and I’m not so sure women’s issues (Human issues) are high on his list of priorities. The Commission would need some autonomy and pretty precise focus to actually achieve anything.

  2. I join you in the big sigh re: Hillary as SOS. Can’t stop thinking now t Biden’s “mark my words” predictions and how they will all now be blamed on Hillary.
    The only bright spot – at least for this moment – is watching B0bots heads exploding

  3. the only reason obama and his team have even asked Hillary about the SOS job is to get a bird’s eye
    view of all the donations to Bill, that he wouldnt let them see during the campaign, i truly feel like they are out to destroy any reputation the clintons still have, period.

  4. RD, great post.
    I think HRC knows what she’s doing ; I only hope she doesn’t underestimate BO’s pettiness and hatred of women.

    FYI — the link to the gender equality site doesn’t work (I think bec. it has the confluence url in front of it)

  5. If in fact B0 is seriously considering Hillary for SOS (which I kind of doubt since he didn’t even vet her for VP & I tend to think this is a way to distract the press from his other appointments & give them someone to hate on while he scrambles to raise MORE money for his “transition”) it shows that at least he has the good sense to know he is unqualified (unlike the a$$hats who voted for him) and needs someone who is to run things for him. It also gives him a good scapecoat for when things go wrong (and they will). Things must be worse then they appear.

  6. It is interesting how Bill’s “business dealings” are always claimed to be potentially scandalous, while everyone else is allowed to pursue whatever without any comment at all.

  7. BO’s friends are domestic terrorists! They gave him money, he gave them money. He’s got to be less judgmental.

  8. I agree with Angie on this. I’m still not convinced BO will appoint HRC, but if he does, the decision will not have been based on any honorable motivations. It would get her out of the Senate and out of his face on any economic/healthcare issues. And, since he is always looking for someone to blame when he screws up, she would be there to catch the flak for his sure-to-be horrendous decisions — or indecision — in international affairs.

  9. According to a poll conducted for the Daily Beast, women are REALLY angry about the sexism in the media. Less than a third thought Palin was treated fairly and less than half thought Hillary was.

    Now is the time to harness this anger. A commission is a good idea, but I think putting pressure on media and advertisers would be a powerful message. It is time we stop allowing ourselves to be pushed around.


  10. Time Person of the Year Voting

    Last night, I followed the link from Ace’s place to vote for Time’s Person of the Year. At 12:15 this morning, Barack Obama had 28K votes and a “9” rating. Sarah Palin had $35K votes and a “6” rating. At 12:30 am when I refreshed, Barak Obama had $33K votes. 5,000 votes in 15 minutes!?

    This morning, that page was opened so I refreshed…. he now has 143K votes and a “10” rating! They are even gaming the Time Person of the Year voting! Absolutely incredible.

    Sarah Palin has 49K votes and is down to a “5” rating. So, while she is still getting some votes people aren’t sliding the bar to a “10”.

  11. I think that HRC should say NO. Obama likes to have women around to stab in the back. Remember Alice Palmer. Did you see McCain with him yesterday? McCain was feigning smiles. I hate the way the mainstream media is framing this as Obama being like Abe Lincoln and keeping his enemies closer. Actually, I see it as him trying to pick their brains because he is inexperienced.

  12. The “bigger” they are, the harder they fall. Too many people are slow to the game, but they’ll get there.

    He’s going nowhere but down. We just have to get past the end of January. It will be sickening between now and then.

  13. whoops…. ignore the $ signs. No idea what I was thinking!

  14. Joanie, you are so right…. I was thinking the same thing–let me get past January.

  15. Re: Person of the Year-propping up the limp d*ck, as usual.

    But limp d*cks tend to frustrate and anger people eventually. First comes the surprise, then the excuses, then the anger.

    The limp d*ck life story.

  16. Ann- You don’t honestly think that there is any other possible ‘Man of All Times’ do you?? I wouldn’t be surprised if they just decided to put his mug on the cover of every edition. It works for Oprah.

  17. Head down, afrocity, you’re in ground bzero.

    Can you make holiday plans with any PUMAs around there? You need to have a cocktail group 🙂

  18. Joanie,

    I am swimming in Kool Aid. I think my skin is purple at this point. 😀

  19. Somehow I have the feeling that a commission on women isn’t going to tell us anything that we don’t already know. Will the press pay attention? Nah, I don’t think so. Will Congress pay attention? Well, did the Lily Ledbetter Act pass?

    Frankly, after 40 years of working for equality, I’m tired of sitting politely with my hands in my lap asking for favors. Personally, I’ll be very sad if Hillary accepts SoS. She was the only one fighting for women in the Senate. All this country seems to understand his high drama. If it means marches and protests, sit-ins, whatever, we need to call more attention to how women are perceived in our society, because the perceptions are what translates into the poor treatment. We need to fight on all fronts.

  20. I really do not want her to be SOS, so I am resigned to the fact that it will happen! 😥 My only thought is that Hillary knows that Obama will be so ‘in over his head’ that she can run the State Department . She may also realize that the Global Credit problems will need a global solution and that it may be the most powerful job out there right now.

  21. I think Hillary knows exactly what she’s getting into and I’m guessing she has negotiated the terms to her advantage. And, I’m betting she doesn’t trust BO any further than she can throw him.

    Neither do I.

    She will be brilliant in the position and if any shite comes down the pike, I want her running things…

  22. If you want to see how Obama got elected:


  23. I know, honey. I’m just wondering if there are a few local PUMAs you’ve managed to connect with.

    Seattle is a satellite location for the Chicago Kool-aid machine–I can relate.

    But there are always a few folks out there that don’t like politics–period. There has to be someone.

  24. off to work—see you tonight!

  25. Joanie,

    I’ve got you guys and that is good for me. I have my under Kool Aid breathing apparatus on.

  26. I agree with Old Coastie.

    I agree that Hillary knows what she is doing, and that IF this happens, she will turn it to her — and our — advantage.

    It looks to me like the Boys Club in the Senate is pushing her out of health care and domestic issues, so foreign policy is a good option. She’d be great at it, of course, and when she leaves the office, she can work on philanthropy, like Bill.

    One of the things I admire most about the Clintons is their resourcefulness — they just don’t give up. Some idiot blocks them, and they keep looking for another way to make things happen.

  27. BTW – Tin Foil Hat Tuesday is scheduled for 5pm est tonight.

  28. I don’t agree Old Coastie. Sorry. Again you underestimate BO. How many times does it take to get burned before anyone realizes it? Stop underestimating him. The is method to the madness her taking SOS is not the way to go. Mark my words.

  29. myiq- The Cannonfire cite is chilling.

  30. When Putin and the Arab show Obama complete disrespect (and they will, trust me on this one) he won’t know how to respond since he has always been handled with kid gloves by MSM. It’ll be even worse if a successful terrorist attack is implemented against us. He may start to place blame everywhere but at the top. Just say no, Hillary.

  31. BernieO- thanks for the link- from the poll:
    “Only 20% of women are willing to use the word “feminist” about themselves. Only 17% of all voters said they would welcome their daughters using that label.”
    Wow, do we need to change perceptions about feminism-major PR work.

    “Women over 50, the first generation to have a majority in the workforce, see far more discrimination in every area of life than younger women.”
    Explains why the some in the third wave are not up in arms over what just happened to Clinton and Palin,
    I’m willing to see if asking for a Pres. Commission does any good. My first instinct is to say no way, not with this guy.

  32. I love Cannonfire. Joseph is one of the most principled and thoughtful bloggers around. He deserves a much wider audience–but oddly says he doesn’t want that and doesn’t even like being linked to from other blogs.

  33. DO:

    If Joe Cannon doesn’t want attention he should stop writing so well.

  34. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2008/nov/17/hillary-clinton-secretary-of-state

    Hillary to accept the SoS position…

    I am upset that she is accepting but know she will bring the same quality of excellence to the job as always.
    Also, it makes it almost worth it knowing that Chris Matthews asshole is spitting mad over it.

  35. I don’t understand why Hillary would put herself in the position of Colin Powell. Why would she risk her reputation to be part of an administration that is bound to f#ck her? Why would she give up a senate seat for a position where he could fire her the next day? He will be her BOSS! Is this self-abasement really necessary?

    Doesn’t she realize what a pig he is?

  36. I do agree with the other comment that we need to keep an eye on his other cabinet positions as this is a way to divert attention.

  37. Morning RD — Great post. It’s good to see there are some organizations out there picking up where NOW, NARAL, and Emily’s List failed. They’re still swooning over the divine one while these women are rolling up their sleeves.

    Thanks RD, for the FAV article and for letting the ‘wimin folk’ know it’s been 47 long years, since our government has taken a look at the status of women in America. I have been a supporter of WomenCount because while being in the crock pot of liberal politics they came into the awareness that it DIDN’T INCLUDE WOMEN!

    When the calls came for Senator Hillary Clinton to DROP OUT (even by a women in the party) they began their campaign and began running the ads across the country which made more women aware of the travesty in our midst of the party that calls its self Democratic.

    As SOD states, while some fell in line others continued to organize, because of the realization that they want some thing better for the next generations of women here in America and around the world.

    Don’t give up, the struggle continues…

  38. Holy f*ckberries!

    Obama has made clear that he wants a bipartisan look and cast to his administration. The transition team has been told to hire Republicans at all levels of government, not just as token cabinet appointments.

    I didn’t think he would come out of the closet this quickly. From Digby:

    “Combined with the Republican operatives the Bush administration salted throughout the civil service, there will be many, many Republicans still running things, so the villagers should be able to relax a little bit and enjoy their holidays. (Too bad for all you Democrats who thought you’d be getting jobs in a Democratic government, though. Maybe when the Republicans take over again, they’ll hire you as a gesture of similar good will. They’re very fair that way.)”


  39. What ever happened to reading? I think part and parcel of the problem is the education system and this sorry excuse of the media/press in this country. The media should not decide what information the citizens have access to and they should not decide for the masses who is to be elected by censoring out critical information. 😦


  40. I’m still curious why people are basing their emotions on ONE article (repeatedly might I add) that does not quote Hillary or Hillary’s people and that hasn’t been confirmed by anyone else. I’ve watched that same articl be linked over and over again for the last 18 some odd hours and I just don’t get it.

    I thought we’d learned lessons about unnamed sources and blind citations. No?

  41. I went and signed the WomenCount petition! And put a link on my teeny little lj.

    The video on Cannonfire just made my incoming migraine worse, I swear. The media must be so smug about its power. Ugh. Pravda.

    (PS. Should I get a blog? I have an old one I haven’t used in years — is there need for any niche of blogging that would help us overall? I wouldn’t mind just doing one specific categeroy.)

  42. Obama has never done anything with the good of the country in mind. Everything he does is for his own good. That includes Hillary as SoS. There is no way in he11 he wants her front and center to make a positive impact on either foreign affairs or the country. Standing next to him , she would make him look like the minor player he really is.

    Obama is one of those people who can only look good by making others look bad. His only reason for considering Hillary, McCain is so he looks good. No cheetoheads will explode. They will be entranced with his righteous inclusion and unity and hands across the aisle.

    Heard Bob Beckle this am. Thought for sure Summers would prevail over womens groups in getting nomination for Treasury. That he is even still in the running should give a pretty clear picture of where women really stand with Obama.

  43. Sarah’s Book Deal: A Cool $7 Million

    I think Billy Jeff got $10 million for his book. And he won his elections.

    Methinks we haven’t seen the last of the Governor.


  44. Go Sarah! I’ll buy it. When can I pre-order?

  45. New post up!

  46. Don’t do it Hillary! Just say no deal to sos!

    As far as a Presidential Commission? Anything Obama does “for” women will be just lip service. No substantive and in the end he will say no one has done more for women.

  47. votermom
    so funny you should mention the “m” word.
    Finally thought I got rid of the migraine that’s been haunting me for days.
    I watched that vid and got an instant pain in my eye.

    Chants of “O-BA-MA” are a migraine trigger. It’s official and Web MD should be immediately notified.

    Need four year Axert supply.

  48. After watching that video that blue morning and muiq2xu posted today, it is more important then ever that we make our displeasure with the media known.

    Awhile ago I asked if everyone would boycott the sponsers of the msm this holiday season.
    The most effective weapon we have is economic. It is the only way to get there attention and effectively make a change in how women are perceived in this country.

    That video show the harm the msm has done to this country and they should pay for that

    Do not shop at stores who advertise on msm
    Support small local businesses who do not advertise on msm
    Instead of gifts give to charities that help women and children
    Other ideas on this would be welcome
    If enough of us do this all over the country we can make a difference.

    remember that old saying
    Money talks, bs walks



  49. So…BoBots need to “vet” Bill becasue of the contributions to his foundation from foreign sources, BUT baby jesus’ campaign contributions — you know the one he removed the security features from his website to allow– don’t need to be vetted? Huh? Seems to me like the ethics of the POTUS are more important to investigate than those of the spouse of the SOS. Guess Ozombies disagree.

  50. Methinks we haven’t seen the last of the Governor. -wdupray
    Methinks that too!

  51. Oh dear Gawd…just watched to Cannonfire video.
    Going to beat my head against the wall now…

    Great post RD, some pudits this a.m. talking about BO alienating his “base” by picking Hillary for SOS, I don’t think most of them know what an SOS is. 😦

  52. Good ideas helen- I think I will boycott stores advertised on the MSM-
    and try to shop local. Like you said, money talks.

  53. A great point StaunchWoman. And just because this salient point will be ignored by the deaf ears of the Obots, doesn’t mean it isn’t true or that sane people don’t mark it!

    I am already boycotting the msm. I’ve been madder than a wet hen all year. I think at this point I am a single issue voter and that issue is women.

    My nightmare of a presidential commission on women is that the whole event will be run by Pelosi, Brazile and First Lady Obama. Brazile already was having forums on ‘womens issues’ here in Virginia. Ugh!

    For xmas I will pre-order the not yet penned Palin bio. My little contribution to the Piper college and grad school fund.

    Oh I am also boycotting my female misogynist co-workers. I am a one woman force against women hating on women.

  54. though I appreciate the irony of my own post saying ugh to a commission on women headed by three women I am not personally enamored of.


    but I won’t revile them.

  55. I don’t know what I think about appointment of a new Commission on Women under Obama. It all depends on who is appointed to head it; how strong and independent that they are, and how independent he “allows” the commission to be. If formed, the commission needs to be more than just one more nominal group.

  56. Nice to see someone is on that. Again. After all we just saw happen. I think Hillary would be used. Not a good idea. The whole thing reminds me of those middle managers (usually no talent) who use everyone around them — except that finger was all we needed to see.

    She should be 2012.

  57. Holy f*ckberries is right. (no pun intended) I sure hope there are a lot of obot heads exploding over this.

    Well, now we know for sure that the same people who brought us the last terrible administration are, indeed, bringing us the “new” regime. Same ol’ shIt in a brand new wrapper. The only question is whether they’re gonna toss Obama out in 4 years or let him have the full 8.

  58. I agree with so many comments this morning.

    Hillary shouldn’t trust Obama as far as she can throw him. He’ll just use her as a doormat when his feet start to get dirty.

    And an Obama “Commission on Women” is frightening. He’s a misogynist for heavens sake. Can you just imagine how he’d rig such a PR stunt? I don’t even want to think about it. It’s too damn scary.

  59. I love the video that you put with your post. It really says it all. Thanks for the post.

    I am the ED of the Campaign for Gender Equality that is a supporting organization of the call for a Presidential Commission on Women. I am also one of those older women who worked my a_ _ for Hillary for over a year. I have been a proud feminist all my adult life – a long time!

    After scanning the comments I have to say that if we as women can’t focus and unite we will never get anywhere. There are no guarantees. This is going to take work to make this a success. We will have to make sure that the Commission has the right members and that the issues are addressed and acted upon, that the media covers it, and people are educated etc. But we can do it because we are women!!

    Let’s stop whining and get to work!! Sign the petition at http://www.womencount.org and email me at pat@campaignforgenderequality.org if you want to help.

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