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Troll Bashing Open Thread


Have fun!

202 Responses

  1. Yay! It’s like bring your tr0ll to work day!

  2. If no tr0lls show up do we just do some (t)role play?

  3. I’d rather bring my possum.

  4. LOL. Nicely done, myiq!

    Do the tr0lls not get that they are just giving us tons of hits? We don’t give a rat’s *ss what they say about us!

  5. there’s at least one in the last thread. Go play with him.

  6. Dakinikat just asked who is Eric Holden for AG?

  7. who makes up those graphics ?? way too cool — I love the talent here

    so – does this mean I can say anything I want about the trolls?

    I think they are the ones who are racists and stupid — like Sarah Palin says – they live in their parents basements like sponges raiding the fridge while wearing flannel pj bottoms from target. They jack off to Obama girl because that’s the closest they’ll ever get and they secretly come here because they worship angienc.

  8. regency, is a possum related to a troll, or do they just breed and have sterile offspring??

  9. ok – I gotta check out for a few — gotta get on a conference call with a customer and to my job — breaks over.

  10. Eric Holder – another ex-Clintonite and a guy who was influential in the pardoning of Marc Rich…something the fauxgressives always hated Clinton for.

    Change that isn’t! And poor Janet Napolitano – no AG for her!

    So far every confirmed Obama appointment has been a male.

  11. aq simofish!! I heart you!! 😉

  12. that was supposed to be:

    AW simofish!! I heart you!! 😉

  13. Swannie: I just like possums better.

    Mad: Wow, that’s change you couldn’t see coming from a year away. *places Obots in dunce hats* I don’t wanna hear another thing about how bad Bill was. This is Bill’s f-in administration all over again.

  14. Except without the charming, brillant silver fox at the head.

  15. So far every confirmed Obama appointment has been a male.

    well of course madamab — it is the Year of the Penis.

  16. When I picture the tr0lls I always imagine them as the comic book store guy from the Simpsons.

  17. We should move some of the list (OUR version) from last thread up here, just to taunt the tr0lls. I think that is what was pissing them off.

  18. britgirls — I’d bet a million dollars that is exactly what they look like.

  19. I have a poster of all the Marvel superheroes on the wall in my dorm. I iz comic gurl but wif more hawtness.

  20. jeebs
    i go out to get my hair done and holy hell breaks loose here 😉

    The Year of the Penis???? eewww!

  21. hey twin! I haven’t seen you in forever (I’m going to be early).

  22. Regency and angie – Indeed!

    Britgirls – I always picture them like this, except with pimples and covered with Cheeto dust.

  23. Regency — I have a Wonder Woman coffee cup at work. I understand.

  24. The trolls are gnashing their teeth and wailing that they elected Republicans. Hahha!

  25. Had to go pick my son up to tag along as my avatar for one day.

    Regency: I just picked his comics up to send to the desert.

  26. Ange: I have a wonder woman t-shirt as well a one with all female super heroes on it that says “Girl Power.” I don’t really know why.

  27. what is up with fuzzy?

    fuzzy don’t you dare leave us!!!!

  28. The term for cheeto dust is “cheet”

  29. My son is a wolverine freak.

  30. Eric Holder was deputy attorney general.

    Yes, he was involved in the Marc Rich pardon. Lordy, these scandals evaporate when they touch the “wrong” people, don’t they?

  31. Hello there twin. Quiet night shifts without you, doll.

    Okay, from the thread below, to try to entice some tr0lls over. These were Sophie’s:

    – What if McCain was tired after just half of the primaries; so tired that he likened it to the Bataan Death March?

    – What if Hillary was BFFs with Ayers or Rezco?

    – What if Hillary had said Barack was “qualified enough?” Would that have been considered a code word?

    – What if McCain smoked?

    – What if Sarah Palin claimed there were 57 states or that she saw dead people at the rally?

    – What if Hillary had promised Canadians that her NAFTA language shouldn’t be taken literally since it was said in the heat of the campaign.

  32. ugsome — do you really think they are acute enough to have realized that by now?

  33. TRK: I hope he enjoys them!

    I love graphic novels myself. I own a 1990 edition of V for Vendetta the graphic novel. Cost $2.00. I could probably sell it for more.

  34. myiq – my post went to moderation. Could you please rescue it? (Not sure why, either.)

  35. That was quick!

  36. ugsome – Obama said he would. Why didn’t they believe him? They believed everything else he said!

    Teh One only speaks truth!!!111!!!

  37. Should we put up a sign?



  38. Eric Holder was Clinton’s deputy AG in the second term. A strong clintonite, except this cycle – he went for Obama (Hodler is AA). If Hillary had won, he would have been strong candidate for AG also.

  39. Regency — I have a Wonder Woman t-shirt too!! Don’t have the “girl power” one though.
    I’m not a comic book lover in general — the two characters I like are Wonder Woman (obviously — she is “Beautiful as Aprodite, Wise as Athena”) & the Pink Panther — I have a couple of Pink Panther t-shirts as well. I think it is the music with Pink Panther.

  40. unbelievable-not a tr*ll in sight.


    I’m gonna hold my breath until you come back, i’ll do it, I’m crazy!

  41. catarina – Fuzzy usually drops in at lunch – he is probably back at work – please don’t hold your breath!!!!

  42. Can I use the spray on MessNBO?

  43. damn, madamab
    i think i broke a blood vessel

    fuzzy don’t make me come down there

  44. MABlue — those blood suckers at MessNBO are immune. Try garlic though.

  45. What if Hillary had brushed Obama off her shoulder and then wiped her feet as if to get the dirt off?

    It’s impossible to even imagine as she’s a class act. She’d never dream of doing such a thing.

  46. Obama & The Inconvenience of Truth TRUTH SQUAD Part 1

  47. Angie: I have Pink Panther socks as well as the last two seasons of WW on dvd. I ♥ Lynda Carter.

    I’m actually not much of a fan of comics either but there are certain characters I just identify with. Wonder Woman is one.

  48. Logistics is NOW DNC Reform
    Support AMERICA Defend The Vote Welcome to DNCReform

  49. Regency: Can you recommend some graphic novels to send him. He loves Wolverine and anything Marvel and also Bleach. There isn’t much I can send him for Christmas, so I am sending some books and a Hunter S. t-shirt from CafePress.

  50. OMG Regency…swooooon….

    I love Wonder Woman too.

  51. Regency — exactly — I identify with Wonder Woman — I was a little girl when that show was on & I adored Lynda Carter — my mom made me a kick-ass Wonder Woman costume for Halloween when I was 6 years old complete with a golden lasso (jump rope she covered in gold satiny cloth). My fav. costume ever.

  52. What if Hillary &/or McCain had actually said r@cist stuff?

  53. I gotta get back to work guys! Take care — I’ll try to drop in the Tin Foil Hat thread tonight, but will probably be late.

  54. TRK: There are these Marvel anthologies, thick graphic novels, that he’d probably love.

    here is the graphic novel section of a store I visited when I was in CA this past summer. It’s called Things from Another World. They specialize in comics, posters, action figurs, manga graphic novel series and the like. They have a ton of marvel gn’s that I’d never seen. I think he’d appreciate anything from there.

    Since I can’t vouch for the prices of anything, your best bet would probably be to see if there’s anything there he’d like then look for it elsewhere but the selection is amazing.

  55. Angie – if Hillary does get a Cabinet position, I am going to post all the BS that Obama’s campaign said about her – and that the Bots believed – and explain carefully how Obama clearly meant absolutely NONE OF IT.

    It will be a whole lot of fun.


  56. A little OT but do you think we will ever get any type of health care reform. We have a client that was thrown from a vehicle. He was transferred 25 measly miles by helicopter and they are charging him almost $16,000. It is ridiculous.

  57. madamab — that would almost make her leaving the senate worth it! LOL

    See y’all later!!

  58. Bye, Ange!

    What the hell, there’s a Spider Girl now? When that happened?

  59. Thanks Regency, I have bought him a couple of Tom Robbins books, hoping he will like those also.

  60. I like Storm and Catwoman and

    Aphrodite , the Goddess . I like Turan
    Turan was the Etruscan goddess of love and vitality and patroness of the city of Velch. In art, she was usually depicted as a young winged girl [1].

    She was commonly associated with egg-laying birds such as the dove, goose and swan. [2] Her retinue were called Lasas. Turan may be quite ancient but does not appear on the Piacenza liver nor in Martianus list of Etruscan deities. The Etruscan month of July was named after her, although we only know the Latin word for it, Traneus. [3]

    She was seen as the equivalent to the Roman Venus and the Greek Aphrodite. Her name is derived from the Etruscan verb turan “to rule

    ( oddly enough, Turan is an ancient name for Iran )

    and am devoted to Kuan Yin

  61. TheRealKim

    The Watchmen by Alan Moore is a fantastic one and the movie is coming out next year.

  62. Kim — btw — my brother always loved Daredevil — you might want to check those comics out for your son if he doesn’t have them already.

  63. Yes, it was all politics.

    The “new” politics, same as the old politics.

  64. TRK: I think he will. Depending on his sense of humor, think about getting him some Terry Pratchett too.

  65. Holder as AG? Aren’t the Obots lamenting over the choice due to his role in the pardoning of Marc Rich? To be an Obot is to be schizo.

  66. 1959 graphic novels to choose from. Yikes. That’s not even counting just plain comics of which there are 915.

  67. Yeah, digby is saying what we are saying.

    I’m not going to concern myself over this until something REAL is actually announced.

    Back to Wonder Woman!

    How about Xena? I luuuurved her TOO.

  68. Small quibble; Valerie Jarrett is a woman. And are they confirmed or announced?

  69. “Good Omens” by Terry Pratchett rocked my world. Loved it! Then again, I’m fascinating by the end of days, disobedient angels in Jaguars, and weird baby mix up that ed up with the spawn of Satan being kind of a nice kid actually.

  70. myiq – Digby is cheering CDS because she thinks it will benefit Obama.

    Ah, how the “mighty” have fallen.

  71. roofingbird – What position is Valerie Jarrett taking? I wasn’t aware that she had definitely accepted something.

    When I say “confirmed,” I mean “out of the rumor stage.”


  72. Thanks guys! I know he loves anything Hunter S. Thompson and I remember him saying something about the Watchmen, but I also remember him saying something in the same conversation about being too mainstream. Don’t know if he was talking about the Watchman or something else.

    Has anyone read The Road by Cormac McCarthy? He mentioned that once.

  73. The new DNCReform site is too hard hitting…I didn’t see all these other videos and some are no longer available.

  74. Why did I need to read that? I was never a Digby fan but I’m really not now.

    Xena was my first big crush. Her yelp and her war cry. HOTTTT.

  75. I think it is funny how all these Obots were hysterically denouncing all things Clinton, but when the mighty O chooses a former Clintonite, it becomes the best pick evah!

  76. Agreed on Digby. Truly nauseous.

  77. Isn’t Valerie Jarret the one with that made-up sounding title?

  78. Howie D just announced Obama wanted Lieberman left where he is.

    I guess all those cheetoville posts about holding Dems accountable if the let Holy Joe keep his sub committee chair will go down the memory hole now.

  79. All this change must be giving the Obots goosebumps.

  80. Digby is the one who needs one of those Palin shirts about her! Christ that was just ugly!!

  81. I stole this from the comments section over on Mountain Sage’s blog:

    “There’s an old sea story about a Marine lieutenant who inspected his men in the field, and told the ‘Gunny’ that his men smelled bad.

    The lieutenant suggested that the men should change underwear. The Gunny responded, ‘Aye, aye, Sir. I’ll see to it immediately!’

    The Gunny went straight to the squad tent and announced, ‘The lieutenant thinks you guys stink, and wants you to change your underwear.

    Smith, you change, with Jones. McCarthy, you change with Witkowsky. Brown, you change with Schultz. Now get to it!’

    The moral of this story:

    A candidate may promise ‘change’ in Washington, but don’t count onthings smelling any better”

  82. Reread what Digby said – she wasn’t bashing Hillary, she was bashing the HillaryHaters

  83. I disagree. She is saying that Clinton-bashing is good because it takes the pressure off Obama.

    And she says the Clintons thrive on being bashed, which is MSM drivel.

  84. myiq – We knew that already, didn’t we? I’m glad Hero Howie confirmed it for the slow learners out there.

    TRK – Nope. Health care reform will be all talk, no action.

    I hate Obama and the DNC. Have I mentioned this lately?

  85. Healthcare is dead in the water for the forseeable future.

  86. plural – Yup. Myiq, I agree that she was also bashing the Hillary Haters, but in the end, her conclusion was that the hatred was good for Obama.


    Must go now – have a great rest of the day, everyone!

  87. I find the overwhelming majority of CDS to be just plain misogyny. Obamanation uses CDS asa smoke screen for being card carrying members of the He Man Woman Haters Club.

  88. Later, Mad!

  89. That troll spray works great!

  90. angie:

    Can I sue the spray at least on Arianna? I just watched an excerpt of he show filling in for Maddow: It was hilariously dreadful.

  91. I’ll be back later!

  92. What happened with the troll? I deleted all his comments but wordpress seems to be having problems.

  93. I could play the roll of a troll, I would do it just so you folks can keep your snark and troll removal skills sharp!

  94. i am in moderation!!!!!!!

  95. He saw Captain Spaulding and got scared

  96. taggles,

    I’ll try to get you out, but there is something wrong with wordpress and it keeps throwing me off the dashboard. Sorry.

  97. BB:

    I went through that earlier today

  98. TheRealKim,

    If he likes Wolverine, he’ll like the current “Old Man Wolverine” series. It’s set in the future and it’s very good. It’s probably the hottest book out there now. So far, there have been 4 issues of it. You can get them and send them to him or wait until it wraps and they put the whole series into novel form.

    Also, for something offbeat but very good as well, check out John Romita’s “Kick A$$” series.

  99. taggles:

    Do you really want Spammy to grab you by the neck and toss you in the cesspool?

  100. Shall I begin the roll?

  101. Obots are cultists — they are not rational.

    Are paid Obots still blogging? — or are we just seeing the “true believers”?

    Then there are the hundreds or thousands of Obots who went to O-camp and were trained in community disorganization tactics — used in the Caucuses and wherever needed. These “trained” disruptors will continue to grow like a cancer.

    Seems like the rational, reality based blogs (like this one and NQ etc.) have resident Obots who work diligently to shift the conversation away from any observations of the current flip flop of the O. NQ has one — who claims that Ayer’s isn’t so bad — just a guy from the neighborhood.

    Of course there are Obot central blogs — the leftist Authoritarians — most of us bailed out as the Obots became delusional, vindictive, and just plain insane.

    Actually each Obot has willingly placed an alien life form in its ear — a maggot creature which takes over the brain of the Obot. These alien ear maggots live on Cheetos — that’s why the Obots must have a constant source of Alien food. ( I THINK that this is a snark — but it could be true.)

  102. or troll role. I use to be a good speller. now i mix everything up.

  103. is the word tr0ll getting me put into moderation?

  104. taggles, yep. tr0ll is a trigger word. Just put the zero in the middle and you should be fine. Kinda appropriate, eh.

  105. ooo, well Captain Spaulding is a scary guy! 🙂

    TRK If he’s into mysteries, my husband really likes Harlen Coban’s books

  106. Man, I leave for an hour, and Regency starts talking about my favorite book? How did I miss this?

  107. Northwest Rain, At first I read that as “Actually each Obot has willingly placed an alien life form in its Rear.” Shows you where my mind is!

  108. BTW- if we’re still talking Comics, I’m really enjoying Runaways, and the Joss Whedon parts of Astonishing X-Men (and everything else Jossy). The Sandman stuff is also awesome. I like Transmetropolitan. I hear good things about Watchmen, but I haven’t gotten there yet.

    If he likes Tom Robbins, he might like Kurt Vonnegut?

  109. Sandra: You like “Good Omens” too? Love that book. Bought it-along with “Coraline”–this past summer. It was a great book.

  110. over heard conversations :

    ” I think Obama is all the reparations we need “

  111. no trolls today? bring up hillary’s name and they’ll climb out of their dark holes to comment.

  112. gxm17, on November 18th, 2008 at 4:36 pm Said:
    Northwest Rain, At first I read that as “Actually each Obot has willingly placed an alien life form in its Rear.” Shows you where my mind is!

    it is ok obots cannot tell the difference 🙂

  113. I love that book. I love all of the Terry Pratchett and all of the Neil Gaiman I’ve read, but that one is a personal favorite. I’m rereading it right now, actually.

  114. ks: I am picking up the new Wolverine series, Manifest Destiny.

  115. I hadn’t thought about Vonnegut. But I did see Gaiman-Sandman series and it looked like something he would like.

  116. I’ve never read the Discworld Series. Is that good?

  117. I like the idea of buying Vonnegut, sending him some classics to read.

  118. This is what I imagine the Obots look like:

    It’s the 1908 Alfred E. Newman.

    But he might look better with a rising sun button–or is it a setting sun. Or maybe with Shephard Fairey colors.

  119. He has ordered so many movies and not one of them is something I will watch when he gets back. He loves anime and I just can’t get into it. I guess I am too old.

  120. It’s not just you, TRK. With certain exception i really can’t stand anime myself. Many of my friends love it so I’m familiar with it though.

  121. I don’t think there are paid B0bots anymore. The number went down at my blog after the last paycheck cleared. From now on, it’s just the hobbyists and amateurs – the professionals are probably working the tubes at FISA

  122. Regency – Discworld is fun! And I loved Good Omens!

  123. EOF – Now that’s a scary thought!!!

  124. Mad: I though it sounded fun but there seem to be so many books in the series. I dont know where to start.

  125. He only has certain ones he watches, Death Note and Cowboy Bebop, I think.

  126. Terry Pratchett is very funny. I don’t particularly enjoy fantasy novels because they seem to take themselves very seriously, but because he’s so clever I’ve read a great many of them. The ones with the witches are my favorites along with the one where Death’s nephew was to take over for him. That one might be called “Mort” but
    the titles elude me at the moment.

  127. I keep forgetting to log in and the avatars change if I am not logged in.

  128. I don’t read any of the books you guys are referring to, I guess the farthest I will go with fantasy is Alice Hoffman

  129. Regency – Start at the beginning, with “The Colour of Magic.” Then, if you hate them, don’t read any more!


  130. TRK: Does he read the Christopher Moore books (not Michael!)? My best friend loves them and says they’re muy divertidos! There’s one, if you can have a sense of humor about that sort of thing, called “The Gospel According to Biff” about Jesus’ best friend. It basically chronicles them growing up together and doing hilarious things right up until Jesus crucifixion. It’s pretty moving actually.

  131. Oh lord, I just sent my daughter the pics my son sent us and she is howling, she is crying so hard.

  132. Has Pat left us, I really miss Pat, Mawm and Gary.

  133. Oh, and Douglas Adams! Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is a must read!

    I keep thinking up new series to like. I really don’t need to buy more books.

  134. TRK – I’m not sure where Pat is…I miss her and Mawm and Gary too….

    So sorry about your son and daughter TRK…

  135. I don’t think he has read them, but he is agnostic, so. . .what do you think?

  136. TRK: I think he’ll enjoy it for humor then.

    I don’t know where Pat is right now but if she’s not at this blog she’s probably at Gary’s. I see her there quite a bit.

  137. I love scifi/fantasy and highly recommend Connie Willis. “To Say Nothing Of The Dog” is more on the lighthearted side. But “Doomsday Book” is great for anyone who can handle the depressing subject matter.

    Hmmmm, I’m feeling the urge to buy some books.

  138. He read Hitchhiker’s. It is okay, madama. They are only two years apart and when he was home, they argued like crazy. I am hoping this has brought them closer.

  139. Nope, Regency, Gary hasn’t posted since Saturday. People over there are asking him where he is.

  140. This my last post (I’m such a thread killer) but Chris Moore also has a book called http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Dirty_Job“>A Dirty Job in which a newly widowed dad has to take over for Death.

    And of course: Lamb: the Gospel According to Biff, Christ’ Childhood Pal

    Those seem good to me.

  141. gxm17 – I love her too, and have read both books!

  142. Doomsday Book, he might like that. I remember when I took his sister to see the Break-Up with Vaughn and Aniston, she came home and said it was depressing because they broke up. My son said, Jeez, that is real life, maybe I will like it. One kid (daughter) is the peppy cheerleader, the other is a realist, that wants to be constantly challenged.

  143. TRK: I could be remembering this out of nowhere but I wanna say he was sick at one point. Maybe it’s cropped up again.

    Gxm: I have the same urge to buy books! Discworld, Christopher Moore, Neil Gaiman, and Douglas Adams. Why not Connie Willis? I haven’t heard of her but seems worth it.

  144. He was sick but I thought that was a few weeks ago, before the election. He left the day after and that was exactly two weeks ago.

  145. Strange how much a brother and sister can be so different.

  146. SOD – Myiq postponed it till 7 pm so you could attend.


  147. myiq changed it to 7 just for you

  148. I have to work tonight at the other place. But it is right beside Books A Million

  149. Bye guys, maybe I will check in later. I logged on for a moment last night, which I rarely ever do, was a little dead. Are tinfoil nights better?

  150. Bye Kim!!!

    I think this is our first tinfoil hat night, so who knows?

  151. Tinfoil pantsuit here.

  152. TRK, “Doomsday Book” is about the Plague. It’s a great book, but we know how it ends. Very moving but incredibly sad.

  153. I have a tinfoil t-shirt with Hillary’s picture on it! LOL

    I probably won’t be here much longer as hubby is due home any minute…but I hope it’s a fun night!

  154. I love “Neverwhere.” It’s my fave Gaiman book with “American Gods” running a close second.

  155. Today’s book recommendation is Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita. The devil comes to Moscow. It’s a classic and you might as well read it now before you get to see the production in your nearest State.

    The old HHG to the G was MUCH better than the “new” one in which I fell asleep….

    All that aside, which book would you make it compulsory (at gun point if need be) for school age kiddies to read prior to graduation, which, if had been required prior to this “election” charade”, would have preempted our precious state from having been put up for auction? Also, please include reasons as to why your choice is deserving of nomination. And, you can nominate no more than 4.

  156. Does hiring ex-Clinton staff garantee that Obama’s administration will be successfull? Is anyone even certain that Hillary would have chosen the same people since this is the excuse most of his supporters use. Hillary would have done the same. Hillary would also have chosen Rahm. Where did they get that info from?

  157. I read your positive comments on the last thread and I may have been harsh(OK I was)…It is just I am frustrated over this whole thing…

    We all know that Hillary is not only the best foriegn Policy Wonk out there; we also know as outstanding as she is in this field she is 10 times better at domestic isses.

    I think it very sinister that the one job Mr Obama offers Hillary is the one job where she will have no imput on the domestic issues. We all agree that domestic/economic issues are going to be the focus of this administration she is the better at these than anyone else that Obama could tap.

    Do you see where I am going here. Mr Obama is offering her a job with high visibility but at the same time nuetralizing an adversary who would have been a powerful counter wieght in the senate on domestic issues.

    He knows she could be a thorn in his side so it makes sense to move her out of the Senate this way. I am angry because a powerful voice is being moved and beguiled into a position that will not use her tallents in the best way.

    The SOS has been a grave yard for many aspiring politiians think General Haag and Condoleesa Rice and even Senator whats his name under Bush? See what I mean…

    sorry that is just how I feel this is a cynical and sinister plot to keep Hillary from embarassing the Democrats (Read Mr Obama) on domestic issues.

    Or am I wrong here?

  158. My favorite comic is Lenore. My husband bought me a Lenore doll AND a Lenore lunchbox for the holidays a few years back. I have a helluva time trying to keep the grandkids away from them.

  159. Oh I am also baking dark choclate brownies with walnuts tonight for our thanksgiving/fall luncheon tommorrow…baking puts me in a good mood…

    I also had a friend dump on me last night during my walk so that could have contributed to my bad humors!

  160. I wish I could send one to madamab as a peace offering! Dark chocolate brownie with new england walnuts….

  161. Fuzzy – Lynette Long says that she is maneuvering for autonomy right now.

    I am frustrated that you give Hillary no credit whatsoever. I think she knows what is going on a whole lot better than we do. And after 35 years in public service, I trust her to do what is best, not just for herself, but for our country. I think she deserves that.

    If you don’t, that offends me, and I don’t think it’s fair AT ALL. And I am personally very tired of your constant harping on this issue.

  162. fuzzybeargville, on November 18th, 2008 at 5:39 pm

    I agree. I wish Hillary would stay in the senate for the reason you offered. She is great with domestic policies and there is a lot of work left to be done. Hillary is needed more in the senate. Obama can find someone else for SOS. Whoever takes Hillary’s seat won’t have the same drive and passion for issues like Hillary does.

  163. maybe you’re right, Fuzzy, maybe I need a brownie!

    grump grump grump

  164. “Does hiring ex-Clinton staff garantee that Obama’s administration will be successfull? Is anyone even certain that Hillary would have chosen the same people since this is the excuse most of his supporters use. Hillary would have done the same. Hillary would also have chosen Rahm. Where did they get that info from?”

    By seating chloroform and a sock at the table Obama might have a decent term.

  165. fuzzy, as I’ve said before, I’m with ya on this. I don’t like it. It stinks to high heaven. It’s most definitely a move to control her. But I’m just going to close my eyes and hope that Hillary comes out on top.

  166. A key to good baking stirr never mix!

  167. gxm17, on November 18th, 2008 at 4:36 pm Said:

    Northwest Rain, At first I read that as “Actually each Obot has willingly placed an alien life form in its Rear.” Shows you where my mind is!


    The alien maggot in the ear — was from a SciFi tv series ages ago. Politics was also involved — politicians were getting the maggots.

    However — in the REAR — the image flashed in my mind of the removal process as from the Obot’s rear.

    Seems like SciFi has already explored the O — and their story didn’t end with hopey changey. SciFi is really philosophy.

    Battlestar Galactica — last seen the evil guy with connections to the Cyborg won the election. . . . . . .

  168. Northwest – I was thinking Star Trek!

  169. Speaking of Trolls?


    I think.

  170. JVSP
    My pick would be 1984.
    Because the doublespeak is coming here now and most do not recognise it.

    Also books by Taylor Caldwell.
    she has a realistic take on people.



  171. I think so too KB…

    HelenK – I would agree. I would also recommend Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, so people realize how big a factor corporations play in this messed up world…

  172. madamab I am trying to make up here..I was also trying to state my case and yes she has 35 yrs of public service I do not have but I hve spent alot of my life working in govterment and as a gm15 who had 49 yrs of US civil service once said to me….

    “political appointees come and go but old Roy is still here democrat republican doesnt matter old Roy is still here”

    Roy retired after over 50 years of civil service from 1939-1990…his audit service office racked up over a billion dollars in savings in the last 7 years for the taxpayers in the Navy Department.

    My point being is I trust Hillary but I also trust my own intuition and experience in federal service too. I also truust yours Madamab I will let this play out…we really have no choice on this.

  173. MadamaB — I’ve sprayed her down…

  174. Oh good!!!! I have friends with kids, a family with 5 and another family with 4 all under the age of 4. I’ve been thinking about this question of what to read. So, thus far we have:
    Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
    What book specifically by Caldwell?

    Any others? I think I will send the list on to me friends!

  175. madamab did I ever tell you I love the snarling puma avatar but some times I think it looks like a yawning puma to!

  176. anyone have a post ready?

    This one is getting full

  177. Love Battlestar and I love Gaius Baltar. James Callis plays him beautifully. Very complex… is he insane or is he a visionary. Hmmmm, I think you’re on to something there. The first line of the character’s bio: Baltar is a brilliant but narcissistic…


  178. madamab
    Confessions of an economic hitman is a great pick.
    What do we have to do to get schools to teach critical thinking again?
    I went to high school in the 1950s. everyone has the idea that those were the slumber years. They were not.
    I had a teacher tell us to pick a religion other than our own and learn about it just to teach tolerance.
    I was taught how easy facism could come to this country and to be aware at all times.
    I was taught to really listen to what was said not what I thought was said.



  179. Now they are trying to pin the automotive mess on the UAW. That stinks to high heaven to me…sure the union may share some responsibility but I was always taught in business the buck stops with the CEO.

    Also the automotive industry problems started in the late 60’s early seventies when the Engineer groomed/CEO’s were replaced by Accountant-Finiancial groomed/CEO’s.

    I dont believe any automobile company has had an Engineer Promoted to CEO in the last 35-40 years.

  180. 1984 is a great suggestion.

    My nomination goes to Candide.

  181. Mr I acocca at Chrysler is an exception…he was the consumate Engineer/CEO the Ford Motor company still produces the Mustang-originally consieved by Mr Iacocca’s Division.

  182. JVSP
    I don’t think those books are for very young children.
    I misunderstood and thought you were talking about high school not kindergarten and grade school.
    For small children any book that teaches how to be a friend, how to try always to do your best, and stand up for what you think is right.



  183. A new story from Politico:

    Hillary Rodham Clinton isn’t certain she would accept the Secretary of State post even if Barack Obama offers it to her, several people close to the former first lady say.

    Press reports that portray Clinton as willing to accept the job – once the Obama transition team vets Bill Clinton’s philanthropic and business ventures – are inaccurate, one Clinton insider told Politico.

    “A lot of the speculation and reporting is out ahead of the facts here,” said the person, who requested anonymity. “She is still weighing this, independent of President Clinton’s work.”

    Clinton, the person said, remains deeply “torn” between the possibility of serving in Obama’s cabinet and remaining in the Senate to “help pass health care and work on a broad range of domestic issues.”


  184. Fuzzy,

    I understand your reservations. I totally trust Hillary, its just that sometimes I think that her loyalty gets in the way of her doing what’s best for everyone in the long-run. I’m about ready to trade some short-term gain (the good she’d do as SoS), for some long-term gain (the pressure she could bring to bear in the Senate, and the possibility of her in 2012). It isn’t that I don’t trust her. It’s that she’s so altruistic that I don’t always trust her to look out for Her Own best interests.

  185. helen
    Ideed! Not for your children… However, when I was a kid, having my parents books lying around for me to just thumb through provided opportunities. Hearing my father speak of one particular book and seeing him put it away was very important. Seeing my mother up every morning with a book and often reading a bit with me, or talk about it, meant everything, because in later years I was curious, very curious. I read books that were “beyond” me just because they were there, and I got lots from them even if it was a paltry morsel or all wrong, or just new vocabulary words along with a good hiding. That is only one facet, but There is so much more. There are so many books and yet so few seem to read, so few agree on what are necessary reading for the maintenance of our way of life, the good life, etc.

  186. New thread

  187. I’m going to head home. Hope I catch you all later. If not, enjoy Tinfoil Hat night. I’ll be with you in spirit.

  188. “On A Clear Day You Can See General Motors”….

    is an excelent book writen by John Delorean…before his life went in the toilet…

    It cronicled the decline of America’s premiere manufacturing corporation…GM and it doesnt lay blame on the hundreds of thousands of UAW members who worked for the company…He puts the blame right on managements shoulders.

  189. It’s that she’s so altruistic that I don’t always trust her to look out for Her Own best interests.

    Sandra S – I totally agree with you on this. I want her to think of Hillary first and if she did she would see that the SOS job isn’t right for her. She can’t trust Obama not to fire whenever he pleases or to continue his disrespect.

  190. addendum: you mention 1984, but how about Animal Farm? Many books are like Beethoven’s 5th: a “simpleton” can fully enjoy it recognizing it as a work of genius, while the “connoisseur” recognizes it for what it is, AND nonetheless fully enjoys it toooooo.

    Personally, I nominate geometry books with their multitudes of proofs that require attention, LOTS of attention!!!! LOL! 🙂

  191. gxm17, on November 18th, 2008 at 6:05 pm Said:
    Love Battlestar and I love Gaius Baltar. James Callis plays him beautifully. Very complex… is he insane or is he a visionary. Hmmmm, I think you’re on to something there. The first line of the character’s bio: Baltar is a brilliant but narcissistic…


    He is my favourite character in that show. He is such a fascinating and complex character and I don’t understand why so many people hate his character. Gaius Baltar is the best thing about BSG. I forward through most of the others’ scenes. James Callis is so underrated. He should have been nominated for emmys for the role of Gaius.

  192. jvsp
    I am sorry if you were insulted by my choices of books at different age levels.
    My children and grandchildren all read a lot of books.
    When they were young I got them books at their age level as they grew so did the level of the books.
    I took them to the library before they started grade school and made reading a part of their lives.



  193. fuzzy!
    glad to see you-I have to run out now but please don’t go away, k?

  194. “I am sorry if you were insulted by my choices of books at different age levels.”

    Oh no, not at ALL!!!! LOL! Thanks for sharing!

    “I took them to the library before they started grade school and made reading a part of their lives.”

    I hope your kids know how lucky they are, so truly blessed!

    I really do see that there is something desperately wrong with today’s up and coming (and might I add that I am one of those 30ish and younger kids). I really wonder what the matter is. My mentor beat it into my head that there were copiers/libraries/etc. and that the library was home to where the best and brightest lived. My what wonderful characters i have met there both “dead” and “alive”. That said, I don’t look to my “own”, but to those who came before them for wisdom. Perhaps they will share.

  195. Since many of you here talked about 1984 and compared it to the Obama “movement”. Last month I decided to “read” it(I listened to some guy reading it). It was my first ever audio book. I don’t know if it was the way this guy read or it is just me but I didn’t find it as interesting as I had hoped. I thought the lead character was a wimp. So he knows everything big brother was telling people were lies. Some country not fighting the other country and then they are fighting but not really fighting although everyone thought they did. The concept was great but this guy instead of trying to find some old humans who still remembered how everything was before the war, all he did was whine. I thought that when he talked to that old man in the bar, he would surely try talking to him again and get him to remember more about the old times.

    When he decided that he wanted to rent the room with the old furniture in it, I though he would maybe ask the owner of the shop to tell him more about the old times. But he never did.

    Smith spends half of the time talking about how he wanted to know what it was like before and about the resistance group(sorry forgot the name) but he really does nothing to find the information he is searching for. He wants to break free from Big Brother but he really doesn nothing.

    And in the end he just accpets his fate. He accepts that Big Brother controls everything. He never even tried to do anything about it except write in his stupid diary. I think I just expected more and found it unsatisfying although I did like the double speak. War is peace, Freedom is slavery etc.

  196. Downticket
    As for 1984, for the “real deal”sardonically you ought to give Solzhenitzen’s Gulag Archipelago a read. You will NOT be disappointed. Sincerely, I believe his book compulsory reading. For the sake of comedy/ grotesque/satire/ read Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita. I would love to hear someone’s thoughts these days when it comes to these reads. All the best!

  197. Downticket, I’m sure you can rent the movie – it’s not a dry

  198. The trolls are not still being paid are they?? I know some of them actually believe their stuff…… some is just reaction they’ve got to go through withdrawl of some sort and perhaps we all….Dam the Media.

  199. A couple days ago I wasn’t sure if accepting a cabinet position would be degrading for HRC.

    However considering that she may need Obama supporters for a future campaign, I think it would be astute of her to accept the offer.

    What do you guys think?

  200. “Has anyone read The Road by Cormac McCarthy?”

    I have tried to read McCarthy, but even I (as voracious, ominivorent, and dedicated a reader as you will ever find) cannot stomach him. He’s vastly overrated.

    If we’re talking comics, excuse me, graphic novels, I’m still a sucker for the Sandman and the Hellblazer series, especially the earlier Jamie Delano ones–not a big fan of Garth Ennis, an opinion which I’m sure will earn me a troll rating or two 🙂 I even liked “Constantine.”

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