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       *** MANDOS POST *** I have been thinking about writing another post about Britain and Brexit for some time, but every time I started it, there’d be literally another new dramatic twist, so I’d stop.  But now it seems like a corner is being turned. What the corner really is, we’ll still have time […]
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Trump Recruited for his Shamelessness?

Greg Sargent at WaPo’s Plumline posts about the Access Hollywood Tape days of the 2016 campaign and how Trump defied the news.

The short summary is that he got up in the grill of anyone who would dare to hold him accountable. In a way, it’s almost like Trump set us up. Hear me out.

What if the Access Hollywood Tape was expected? The Trump campaign knew there was nothing specifically illegal about what he said. He did make a kind of a confession about moving on a woman he took shopping for furniture but the other party never said anything. So the whole thing came down to Trump admitting to acting badly. Then he attacked Bill Clinton about his bimbo eruptions.

Don’t ask me why Hillary had to take the blame for this. It never did make a lick of sense but that’s how we roll in this culture.

The fallout of the pussy grabber tape was that Karen Pence wanted Mike to back out of running for VP. The GOP in general was alarmed. But Trump didn’t back down. He reveled in his shamelessness.

And why wouldn’t he? He’s gotten away with everything his whole like. This is a guy who has never been held accountable for anything. If he refused to give in to shame, what was the country going to do about it? He just doubled down on his opponent. It looks strong because as a candidate, no one could stop him.

That shamelessness must have been very appealing to someone like Vladimir Putin. It meant that if he made it to office, he was going to ignore all the unwritten rules. It means thar he can tear apart the fabric of government without getting called on it. He is the perfect person to destroy the country and instigate chaos. Who is going to stop him when the only thing between him and not being president is some vaguely written 18th century prescription for high crimes and misdemeanors.

Putin must have been watching Donald for a long time. It couldn’t have been anyone else.