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Trump Recruited for his Shamelessness?

Greg Sargent at WaPo’s Plumline posts about the Access Hollywood Tape days of the 2016 campaign and how Trump defied the news.

The short summary is that he got up in the grill of anyone who would dare to hold him accountable. In a way, it’s almost like Trump set us up. Hear me out.

What if the Access Hollywood Tape was expected? The Trump campaign knew there was nothing specifically illegal about what he said. He did make a kind of a confession about moving on a woman he took shopping for furniture but the other party never said anything. So the whole thing came down to Trump admitting to acting badly. Then he attacked Bill Clinton about his bimbo eruptions.

Don’t ask me why Hillary had to take the blame for this. It never did make a lick of sense but that’s how we roll in this culture.

The fallout of the pussy grabber tape was that Karen Pence wanted Mike to back out of running for VP. The GOP in general was alarmed. But Trump didn’t back down. He reveled in his shamelessness.

And why wouldn’t he? He’s gotten away with everything his whole like. This is a guy who has never been held accountable for anything. If he refused to give in to shame, what was the country going to do about it? He just doubled down on his opponent. It looks strong because as a candidate, no one could stop him.

That shamelessness must have been very appealing to someone like Vladimir Putin. It meant that if he made it to office, he was going to ignore all the unwritten rules. It means thar he can tear apart the fabric of government without getting called on it. He is the perfect person to destroy the country and instigate chaos. Who is going to stop him when the only thing between him and not being president is some vaguely written 18th century prescription for high crimes and misdemeanors.

Putin must have been watching Donald for a long time. It couldn’t have been anyone else.

24 Responses

  1. Or, Trump was just abiding by a principle that has served him well his entire life: there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

  2. When this tape came out, I was not happy. Hillary was doing well, and this was a distraction. Then of course Wikileaks started dumping Podesta mails. While of course the tape showed Trump to be a prime jerk, I agree that this was no more than most at that point knew him to be, and did not cost him more than a few votes. I don’t know if the whole thing was a set up by the Trump side, but it certainly could have been something that was expected. In the novel “All the King’s Men,” Willie Stark, whose re-election is at risk, manages to plant a false story against himself, then refutes it, and shoots up in popularity to win again. The Access Hollywood tape was jumped upon by the media, for a few days, and then the media jumped on the leaks of Clinton campaign mails, as if to say, “Well, this is much more serious.”

  3. Of course, he knew the tape was coming out. This is when he called in the Russians to release the emails again.

  4. Soggy morning in Pittsburgh. Flash flooding happening during morning commute to 10:30am. Several roads local to my house are closed or dangerous. There are multiple routes home so I’m not too worried. But my usual route is through a “hollow” with steep sides and a ravine. Soooo, yeah, not going that way. There have already been some minor landslides in that area this year. Our rainfall this year has been ridiculous.

  5. Whelp, nearest through intersection close to my house is flooded. Fun fun. Must take alternate route home.

  6. BTW, I live on top of a hill. There’s little chance that my street will be flooded but the side streets will torrents and waterfalls. My backyard is graded towards a French drain system so the basement and foundation will be ok. I think.

    • I hope that you and your house are okay. Where I live, the streets somehow do not have good drainage, so that when we occasionally (should be more often!) have a lot of rain, the streets all flood and they are almost undriveable.

  7. This is obvious, but I still think it needs to be emphasized: We’ve got two parties in this country, and one of them refuses to concede on anything, while the other tries to behave in a fair manner. It’s been this way for quite a while, but it is accentuated now. In 2000, the Supreme Court ruled that vote counting in Florida must stop, even though previously it had held that the states had the sole power to determine voting rules in their states (the Court just reaffirmed that to help the Republicans gerrymander everything), so that Bush wins. Then they said that whatever they decided is only limited to this one case, has no precedential value. Gore said that we will accept that ruling, as Democrats are supposed to do, the way things are played here.

    Recently, Republicans in Congress voted hundreds of times to overturn the ACA. It finally got to the Supreme Court, which ruled that most of ACA was constitutional. Republicans refused to accept that, and once again tried to stop the ACA, but the Senate did not give them enough votes. Now, with the House in Demoratic hands, they can’t do that another hundred times, so they tried once again to go through the courts, and it is pending, again. Because they never relent. Now, on the census question, the Supreme Court ruled that their made-up rationale for adding it, was insufficient. So now the Republicans, who basically win on every major issue which comes before the stacked Court, are going to try to ignore that body, and call it an Executive Order. In other words, THEY WILL NOT LOSE, EVER. They grind and push and cheat and lie, and ignore every institution which votes or rules against them. You know that with the Court’s imprimatur on immense gerrymandering, they will fix states so that they have maybe two blue districts and 25 red ones. In the blue states, the Democrats will try to draw districts mostly fairly, have already passed laws in some of them which mandate an independent commission to draw the boundaries. So we mostly play fair, they don’t, and unless we somehow win big in state races next year, we’ll lose 30 or more Congressional seats in the next decade, due solely to gerrymandering. Because Republicans will never compromise, never accept any kind of defeat.

    I turn on MSNBC briefly, see Stephanie Ruhle, who means well, ask Joyce Vance, “If the President does one thing, and the Court does another, who wins?” Gee. At that point it comes down to, “What side is the military on?” As in 1930’s Germany and other European countries, the only question is, Fascist Dictatorship or Democracy? If the Republicans ignore their own states’ rights arguments to win the Presidency, then advance them again to be able to gerrymander; when they have stacked all the courts and districts; when they simply ignore any of the few decisions which go against them, what do people who believe in democracy do? Something, one would hope. But whatever one’s views on starting impeachment hearings, that is not going to change the disparate number of chips on each side now. We’ve got one chance only, and that is to somehow overcome the vote suppression, Russian interference, and everything else, and win big enough to take the Presidency, and many of the state legislatures. It is a more than daunting task. AOC and her three Justice Dems calling Nancy Pelosi a racist, will obviously not help, not that they care at all.

  8. If amoral chutzpah could react chemically with carbon dioxide, trapping it in solid form, the American Conservative Fascist Movement would not only have solved global warming, it would have overshot the mark so far we would be fearing the next Ice Age. 😛

  9. “It’s not a lie if you believe it when you say it.” – George Costanza

    “It’s not a lie if you really, really, hate Donald Trump.” – Trump Haters

    • Why would we believe any of your sources, dinosaur?

      Your masters command a propaganda network which would make Goebbels, and his Communist counterparts, weep in envy.

      Your cult is founded on lies, most particularly the lie that inequality is just, and the lies of the inherent superiority of white humans as such, male humans as such, and rich humans as such.

      I am also white and male, yet I no longer feel any loyalty to white people as such, or men as such. Rather, I feel like a Marvel Comics mutant, who has decided that Magneto is right about you normals.

      I look forward to the metaphorical asteroid named “Demographic Change”, which will finally give our great country a chance to live up to its ideals.

      Be off with you, dinosaur.

  10. My thought for the day: Democrats absolutely have to go head-on against the narrative that “this is a great economy.” I hear that narrative every day from the general news media. If the average voter accepts it, Trump will win, despite all his personal awfulness, and the many dreadful things he is doing. People usually vote their pocketbook, as it is said.

    So we have to go right at this, and not look like we are trying to talk about other subjects while conceding the economy. The only so-called positive things are the stock market and the unemployment numbers. The job creation numbers had been going up more in Obama’s last year than now. This is just a continuation of a long-term trend, as are the unemployment numbers. The stock market has gone up lately, because Trump somehow intimidated the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates, which ordinarily would be unthinkable, after rates had been near zero for so long, and then slowly climbed up a little. And actually the Fed’s ostensible rationale for cutting rates again is a worsening economy. Only about 10% of stocks are held by regular investors, the other 90% is hedge funds and machines playing around.

    The key point is that wages adjusted for inflation, are up about 1% from last year. The average person is no better off. And with the Republicans trying to get rid of ACA, 13.4 million people may lose their health insurance, which among other things, will virtually bankrupt them.The rate drop will temporarily artificially stimulate the economy, which is Trump’s goal, to make him look good. It cannot sustain. The debt is larger than ever; people are working two and three jobs; the infrastructure is collapsing. The tariffs ruined the farmers, so Trump is buying them off through socialism, just so they can vote for him this time. Democrats have to convince at least some people that this is not a great economy at all. It really isn’t. But for various reasons, the media is eager to concede him that point. We’ve occasionally seen booming economies, as under Bill Clinton, and this is not one of them. I shudder to think what is going to happen in a few years to our economy and finances, if Trump gets a second term.

    • Maybe some members of the Federal Reserve Board were also guests at Ecchstein’s “special” parties, or have other kompromat in their personal histories, and Benedict Donald’s master Sith Tsar Putin knows these things?

    • Something is seriously fundamentally wrong because the last time we had these UE numbers the wages at least here in GA were going up every few months and business owners were complaining about how much they were having to pay people. So it would not be out of the realm of things for Trump to actually be making up the numbers somehow. The wage stagnation is a HUGE problem everywhere I guess. And I work 2 jobs myself. The Trump Tax Deform killed us. So we’re making the same or less money and paying more in taxes.

      • All during his campaign, Trump kept saying that Obama and his cabinet were making up the jobs numbers. That of course was ridiculous. But knowing his propensity for projection, this may well have been a signal that he was going to make up the jobs numbers. He makes up everything else. Why should we believe these figures? 39,000 or so new jobs in May, and then 205,000 or so in June? And as you point out, it the labor market were that tight, employers would have to pay more, but they are not. And personal debt is ballooning. These are all signs that either the jobs numbers are fake, or that people are taking multiple jobs just to stay above water. At the least, there should be questions and research into all of this, but the media, apparently feeling guilty that they blast Trump on his personal conduct, lavish praise on him for the stagnant economy, which is pathetic journalism.

  11. Hellooooooo, Double Standard! 😈

  12. Trump has a low cunning, which tells him that if he makes AOC and her three other “Justice Democrats” the focus of the election, he will win.Attacking them in racist way will not lose him one vote, plus it will compel some Democrats to defend them, which is also a plus for him. Get enough people to think that the Justice Dems are the spokespeople for the Democratic Party, and he will win easily.

    All he needs is one of the three Midwest states which were either rigged, or handed to him by Russia inundating social media with fake stories. Another unfortunate fact is that a recent study showed that while Evangelicals make up 16% of the population by identification, they make up 26% of the voters, because they always vote, and en bloc. So we have a minority running the country.

    A set of polls today showed that in hypothetical matchups, Biden leads Trump by 9 points, Warren leads Trump by 5 points, Harris leads by one point, Sanders by 5. Now, such early matchups mean that much–except that Trump is probably unlikely to do worse in the election than he is doing now. That is, those who hate Trump already hate him, it is not too likely that a bunch of people who now say that they will vote for him, will decide not to later on. Finally, Democrats are likely to have to win the popular vote by 4%, to win the electoral college., the way this is all stacked up. The exception might be if the Democrats nominated someone who had more than usual strength in the key Midwest states. This is not a push for Biden or Klobuchar, it is just a fact that if Democrats nominate a coastal candidate, they will be hard-pressed to win all of those three key states. And if they don’t, where is the substitute state? Arizona? Possibly, but unlikely. Iowa/? Florida, if someone or some organization will pay the poll tax the crooked right-wing Floridians enacted on the felons who were given the right to vote by recent referendum? These are absolutely crucial concerns. The focus on the four antagonistic “Justice Democrats” is absolutely inimical to Democrats winning the election, which is why Trump does it.

  13. Trump has a low cunning, and he’s got the media behind him. The goal is to convince many voters that AOC and her three other “Justice Democrats” represent the Democratic Party, so that the election and dialogue is between Trump and those four. The more the media excitedly runs with their favorite narrative of “Democrats in disarray,” and keeps talking about four radical frosh Democrats, the more gleeful the Republicans are. It is “as if” there are constructed narratives which start on Fox, and go out to all the media, and everyone follows them.

    My feeling is that the “Justice Democrats” are self-absorbed people who are in because they won in vastly blue districts. They don’t represent anybody but themselves, and of course the destructive part of the Left which would rather burn down the entire country rather than try to help the only feasible party win. And rest assured that AOC will never stop, she lives for attention. Four extreme Representatives should mean nothing, but Trump will run his whole campaign against them. And the shield of crying the “r” word, insulates them. And now Trump has managed to insulate them from criticism by their own party, which is his goal. He can’t run on issues he can only run on hate, attacking “the other.” AOC and her little squad present a perfect “other” for Republicans. The Left likes it, too, because their favorite thing is to have Democrats lose, and then be able to blame “corporate shills,” “neoliberals,” and any moderate Democrat in office for it. Some day, they imagine, AOC and Sanders and Talib and Omar will take over the party, and then the revolution will begin! The truth, of course, is that we will never have that kind of revolution; what we would have is a total fascist state, with a few dissenters kept around for the propaganda advantage, as in “1984.”

    • I doubt any significant percentage of the Mediocre White Folks who deserted (or whose parents deserted) the Democrats in the late ’60s, BEFORE the economy started turning sour for MWFs, would ever come back to the Democratic Party, anyway. Hence, I think William is worrying a bit too much here. The vast majority of the people the Four might alienate (admittedly, I am not one of those people) would never vote for Democrats, anyway.

      I increasingly think the results in 2020 will be first, and foremost, determined by the question, “Will enough Mean Stupid White Geezers die off first?”

      After all, almost enough had done that by 2016, and we did make net gains in 2018. 😈

      “Progress moves at the speed of a hearse.”

      (Tch, I’m becoming a nasty SOB in my late middle age.)

    • By any means short of shooting war, we must punish Russia for this effrontery. 😡

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