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The “Is it bigger than a Breadbox?” hearing

Media reactions have been pretty consistent in complaining that the Mueller hearings before the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees were not “must see TV”. We have to consider the possibility that our TV anchor/pundit class is over represented by psychopaths who are bored when they’re not preying on someone. I listened to a little of the hearings and was riveted.

Yes, the Democrats sounded like they were playing 20 questions. But they managed to extract a ton of damning information and defined the boundaries of the counterintelligence operations.

Yes, the Republicans indulged in pointless, off-topic conspiracy theories. But they also clearly showed the content of their character because the evidence and facts are not in dispute. The thing that seems to animate the Republicans was how those facts were discovered and exposed. (Legally as it turns out) They seem perfectly fine with what happened during the 2016 campaign season.

They really need to drop the flag waving and patriotic jingoistim. There’s not a single patriot with character among the Republicans. They’ve exposed themselves. That is the real story journalists seem to be missing.

Did Democrats do the committees and the Mueller Report volumes in the wrong order? For the average American that insists on being spoon fed, this is a possibility. Why obstruct justice if you have no reason to? What is Trump’s motivation to obstruct? What is he trying to hide? The motive is in the first volume of the report on Russian interference. Mueller was far more animated and clear about Russian meddling and Trump campaign cooperation when he was talking to the House Intel committee.

Now we can see what Mueller is all about. He’s a prosecutor. Obstruction of justice is clearly a crime but probably one that he’s dealt with all of his professional career. It’s what the typical criminal does. There are processes to follow and interviews to conduct. All very routine and not particularly memorable. Trump is just another criminal in Volume 2. The parameters are standard and predictable.

But voluntarily cooperating with a foreign adversary to steal an election? That got his attention. Here was Mueller, decorated war hero whose dedication to his country is beyond question and who appears to derive self-actualization and satisfaction from intrinsic drives and rewards, staring at a guy who is completely deficient in any honorable actions or motivations as he puts his own wants in front of the good of the country. Cadet Bone Spurs looks like a pretty disloyal piece of sh*t who didn’t think twice about swapping business deals and election assistance for dropping sanctions and betraying more than half the voters in this country.

Mueller’s disgust was palpable. Unprompted, he called some actions crimes and and that his problematic reaction was an understatement when listening to Trump’s praise of Wikileaks.

There is plenty here that is revealing. And even more that is damning in Mueller’s second hearing. It’s bigger than a breadbox. He’s warning us to take the threat seriously.

Meanwhile, the Senate continues to vote against the Federal Elections security bills that the House sent them. Mitch and his droogs are naive if they really believe that the Russians are going to help them win in 2020. The point is not to leave the status quo in place no matter how much we may hate it. The point is to reduce the US to a dysfunctional system whose credit and faith is destroyed internationally.

Stabilization no matter how loathsome won’t accomplish that. Even Mitch will do the right thing about the debt ceiling. How does that ensure that Putin and his crime family don’t encounter anymore sanctions or Magnitsky Acts? How can China call the shots on trade? How can “name your self motivated country” take control of the US and direct it as it chooses?

If I were a hostile entity, I’d increase the chaos and internal instability. That might mean the Republicans have to feel the pain and anguish of losing a couple of close presidential or congressional elections to improbable candidates. Like imagine Marianne Williamson getting the nomination and Trump losing to her by 14,325 votes in a reliably red electoral college state like Idaho. You KNOW that something’s messed up but you spend four years trying to prove it. It’s frustrating and destabilizing. Meanwhile, Williamson struggles to govern and instead spends each press briefing trying to spread love.

The above scenario is unlikely but you get my point. Our elections are not secure anymore and we can no longer guarantee that the will of the American people is going to be followed.

These hearings made clear that Republicans don’t care about that. Republicans are more concerned with silly conspiracy theories than actual conspiracies that rob their own constituents of their votes. Go back and watch the second hearing and ask yourself if Republicans care about your vote.

They are calculating that their base will care more about depriving those they hate of their votes than protecting their own votes.

Well, Ok, then. Thank you, Mr. Mueller for showing us who the real flag burners are.