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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Correcting the President’s…
    Catscatscats on Correcting the President’s…
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    Propertius on Correcting the President’s…
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Palantiri are dangerous

My favorite tweeters are upset by a new NBC/WSJ poll:

Yes, it is shocking and infuriating but before we take to a bridge in despair let’s remember that the election is still a ridiculous 20 months away. That’s almost 2 years. A lot could happen in 2 years.

We don’t know who’s going to emerge as our front runner. We don’t know how the economy will do, especially since president Giant Orange Marshmallow peanut doesn’t know what he’s doing. We don’t know whether stark, irrefutable evidence of wrongdoing will be uncovered to make him look like the biggest Benedict Arnold in American history.

We don’t know whether the evangelical crowd will suddenly get scared of nukes raining down on them from North Korea. Or whether the prospect of a nuclear holocaust between Pakistan and India will get their attention. Sure, we don’t live anywhere near the Indian subcontinent but that radiation shit travels and we are most definitely downwind. What’s orange peanut going to do about that, huh?? Once upon a time, US presidents were expected to have some “we’re monitoring the situation, sending our best diplomats, and will intervene if necessary” message to reassure the world. Can we get that from the big orange? I don’t think so.

Maybe Bernie Sanders will grow a conscience, come to his senses and realize that he’s taken his followers too far. (Ok, I’m not hopeful about that but it could happen). Maybe the Democrats will crack the code that entrances 41% of Americans. I’ve seen some inklings that Pelosi et al are starting to figure it out.

Maybe the media will start to acknowledge that Hillary voters are THE most important voting bloc in 2020 and if they really want a compelling narrative, they should run with that because we intend to kick ass again like we did in the midterms.

Maybe, maybe, maybe. So many parameters can change, sending Nate Silvers’ models flipping and churning with high volatility. Much of what happens will depend on how well WE can adapt and seize opportunities when they arise.

So, let’s stop psyching ourselves out with images of doom and despair.

Despair is for those who see the end beyond all hope. We do not.

Calm your tits already. You can’t think straight and plan when you’re scared silly.