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“The role of Paul Manafort Will now be played by Lindsay Graham”

I’m not particularly interested in Lindsay’s motivations. Let’s just chalk it up to intense partisan loyalty and a win at all costs mentality. There’s a lot of money involved.

But what he’s doing by blocking the vote in the senate for release of the full Mueller report because he’s not done with Hillary’s email server, reminds me of what happened about 10 years ago in another country, specifically, Ukraine. Continuously bringing up Trump’s female rival with accusations of illegalities and calls to lock her up is exactly what Victor Yanukovich did to Yulia Tymoshenko.

In 2010, Tymoshenko lost the Ukrainian presidential election by 3.5%. Looks like it was right about the margin of error as these things go. Hmmmm…

Tymoshenko spent time in prison before her conviction was overturned. That was the result of an intense smear campaign orchestrated by…

Are you ready?…

Paul Manafort.

Yes! The man with the “blameless life” worked for Yanukovich and made sure that whatever little peccadillo that Tymoshenko did was blown up to be the greatest malfeasance in history. He probably had a Lisa Page-Peter Stzrok conspiracy as well and some dorky Sean Hannity type hyping the “scandal” 24/7.

Eventually, the people of Ukraine had enough and mounted a Euromaiden Revolution in 2014. Yanukovich was driven out of office and fled to Russia into the open arms of Vladimir Putin. Yulia Tymoshenko was released from jail, in poor physical shape, if I recall correctly, and Paul Manafort beat a hasty retreat leaving documents behind listing all the money Yanukovich paid him for his “help”.

So, we’re seeing a repeat of that play. Lindsay keeps putting Clinton’s email scandal out there, firing up the faithful to “lock her up”. But I’m betting the final act will be the same. Once Trump’s crimes are exposed, the mounting evidence will be harder to ignore. Add in some economic instability from his moronic trade deals, tariffs and “tax cut” that only went to the super rich, and we might see a Orange or Americamaiden Revolution in Washington.

Actually, I prefer green. It’s spring after all. We should wear green baseball caps with wind mills on them. You know, to own the MAGATs and just piss Trump off.

As for Lindsay, tarring and feathering is too good for him and probably illegal these days. But I wouldn’t mind if he was forced to leave Washington and back into the loving arms of whoever is leaving money on his dresser.